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Fighting xenophobia, racism & borders in the NHS that restrict access. Join the #PatientsNotPassports campaign #ScrapTheSurcharge
21 May
Whilst we welcome news that the Immigration Health Surcharge (IHS) will be scrapped for NHS and social care workers - WE MUST GO FURTHER ⬇️⬇️ 1/
Since it’s introduction in 2015, we have called for an end to the IHS for ALL 2/
It acts as a form of double taxation on people who already pay to use the NHS through their taxes, penalising people simply because they weren’t born here 3/
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4 May
On the 12th March we outlined our position that the Immigration Health Surcharge should be scrapped, not increased - read our statement at:… (1/THREAD) #ScrapTheSurcharge #PatientsNotPassports
This was the day after @RishiSunak announced that the Immigration Health Surcharge (IHS) – paid at point of visa application/renewal would rise from £400/year to £624/year (disgustingly, as he announced Coronavirus measures)

2/Thread #ScrapTheSurcharge #PatientsNotPassports
On 12th March we said:
* #ScrapTheSurcharge in its entirety
* Charging for NHS access is about govt tearing up universal care, not raising money
* IHS is an additional tax on migrants
* The IHS is motivated by furthering xenophobic & racist narratives /3 #PatientsNotPassports the Immigration Health Surc...
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2 Apr
THREAD on our latest blog

Doctor and member of @DnCGlasgow, Anna O’Neill, asks "How many more crises will it take to get the message across?"… #PatientsNotPassports (1)
We'll be joining #ClapForOurCarers tonight at 8pm, but we'll be chanting - as loud as we can
📢Test, test, TEST!
😷 PPE!
💙 Keep Key Workers Virus Free! (2)
Last week @BorisJohnson joined #ClapForOurCarers-applauding NHS staff on national TV outside No.10.

As leader of @Conservatives - the party that has systematically undermined the health & social care sectors for a decade under austerity cuts - this could not be more ironic (3)
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9 Dec 19
NEW: "I nearly died but was still presented with a £93,000 bill for my treatment" - Simba Mujakachi writes in @MetroUK on how the #HostileEnvironment has affected him - and many others… (thread) #JusticeForSimba #PatientsNotPassports
@MetroUK 2/
Simba had a stroke
His family were told he only had a 30% chance of survival
Simba survived the operation, which involved removing a piece of his skull, but was left paralysed on his left side

In the stroke rehabilitation unit, Simba was presented with a bill for £93,000
@MetroUK 3/
As part of the ‘#HostileEnvironment’, the Conservative govt changed the law in 2017 so that ‘ineligible migrants’ have to pay up-front for ‘non-urgent’ care.

Yet even though Simba's operation was needed to save his life, he has to pay for it.

Free at the point of need?
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14 Aug 19
The Department of Health has sent a directive to NHS Trusts telling them "new visitors from [countries in the EU] to the UK will be chargeable at the standard NHS tariff" from Oct 31st (thread)…
#HostileEnvironment #PatientsNotPassports
We've been campaigning against NHS charges since the 2014 Immigration Act, which introduced new immigration health "surcharges" - increasing the costs of visas for non-EEA nationals working, studying, or visiting families for longer than six months… /2
Since 2014 the Immigration Health Surcharge has been doubled. The costs were already prohibitive. It is a form of "double taxation" as @SatbirLSingh @JCWI_UK explains here:… /3
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