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Pleased to meet a delegation from @FESonline in London last night to talk about the rights and future of @the3million at home in the UK. People were shocked to hear about the problems with settled status and the recent revelations about the possible deportation of EU citizens.
One main question was why the UK Govt chose an application system instead of a simple registration. I explained that this is clearly a result of the #HostileEnvironment and that settled status is sucking EU citizens into the hostile environment.
Delegates found it incomprehensible that the UK would choose to close itself off in this way, and treat people already at home here with such contempt. They expressed solidarity with EU citizens at home in the UK and recognised, and were impressed with, the work of @the3million.
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Just a little summary of the past two years.
"My mental health has deteriorated. There have been days when I’ve woken at 5am, my heart racing, and thought: What should I do? Are they going to deport me? Am I going to be detained?"

#hostileEnvironment #inLimbo…
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THREAD: The Naga Munchetty affair has prompted debate over how the BBC applies its balance and impartiality guidelines when it comes to matters of race.

This reminds me of a show the BBC commissioned earlier this year entitled "Who Should Get to Stay in the UK?" (yes, really)
In this clip, Dillian, an asylum seeker has a conversation with an anonymous man on the street who explains that "we have let in too many who are committing terrorist acts."
Not only does the BBC platform this racist view, they also fail to challenge it, simply asking Dillian, "It must be different from home?"
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THREAD: Top 5 negative comments I get when speaking or writing about EU migrant rights. (+ my reaction)
5. 'Why should you have more rights than my non-EU friends?'

I am also outraged about the #hostileenvironment affecting non-EU friends. But the solution to making policy fairer for non-EU migrants is not to reduce the rights of EU migrants, but to improve everyone's rights.
4. 'You're scaremongering, they just have to complete a bloody form!'

I am glad to hear if the EU migrants you know had an easy time to apply for settled status. However, we need to recognise not everyone has the same experience and no application system reached 100% of people.
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Settled Status - we EU citizens must get physical documents.

The Home Office is saying online is simpler, online is the future.

Compare and contrast the process employers will have to go through to check status of EU citizens.

Make up your own mind.


With the new online only immigration status the Home Office are forcing employers to go through a 10-step process (which includes googleing Govt website, no kidding) to check right to work of their future EU citizen workers.


With a physical document for EU citizens to prove their right to work it would be a simple 1-step process for employers.


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EU citizens in the UK are your:
🏠 neighbours
👫 friends
👩‍❤️‍👩 lovers
👨‍👨‍👧‍👦 family
The UK is our home. But the Govt’s reckless no-deal plan sucks millions of us right into #HostileEnvironment
Please say #HandsOff & become an #EUcitizensChampion…
If you’re not sure what this is about listen to @antoni_UK explain the impact of the new no-deal plan to end freedom of movement on 31 Oct.
All donations made to the @eucitizenschamp campaign go directly to @the3million to support the group’s vital work: to protect EU citizens at home in the UK and their rights. Thank you.
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Dear @ukhomeoffice,
It's been 3 days now since Priti Patel's plan to abruptly end Freedom of Movement has been leaked. In the last two days we have raised major concerns, of which none were appropriately addressed in your latest 'factsheet'

We raised the issue of the over 2 million EU citizens who will not have obtained a new immigration status by Oct 31st. You claim that saying that these citizens, once you remove their EU status, are in legal limbo is 'inaccurate reporting'.

Could you please clarify for us what legal immigration status those over 2 million citizens, who have not yet applied for Settled or Pre-Settled Status and who you are stripping of their current status will have after Oct 31st? We would love to tell our followers.

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Why abruptly ending Freedom of Movement via secondary legislation as proposed by Priti Patel is reckless politics.

Part II - the legal aspect.

Another thread...

As shown yesterday in above linked tweet ending freedom of movement abruptly on Oct 31st will lead to mass discrimination against potentially over 2 million EU citizens who won't have been able to successfully apply for a new immigration status through the Settlement Scheme

The concerns we have though are not only in practical terms though regarding ending freedom of movement without protecting the rights of all EU citizens already in the EU. There are legal severe concerns too.

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Why are we EU citizens calling ending Freedom of movement on November 1st reckless politics?

Afterall, it should only affect EU citizens arriving after Oct 31st.

A thread...

Ending freedom of movement = switching on the #HostileEnvironment for anyone who cannot prove the right to stay in the UK.

Both the EU and the previous Govt under Theresa May were aware of the consequences ending freedom of movement would have on EU citizens already living in the UK.

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The Department of Health has sent a directive to NHS Trusts telling them "new visitors from [countries in the EU] to the UK will be chargeable at the standard NHS tariff" from Oct 31st (thread)…
#HostileEnvironment #PatientsNotPassports
We've been campaigning against NHS charges since the 2014 Immigration Act, which introduced new immigration health "surcharges" - increasing the costs of visas for non-EEA nationals working, studying, or visiting families for longer than six months… /2
Since 2014 the Immigration Health Surcharge has been doubled. The costs were already prohibitive. It is a form of "double taxation" as @SatbirLSingh @JCWI_UK explains here:… /3
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I have warned for months that the UK Govt wants to suck all of us EU citizens at home in the UK into the #HostileEnvironment. It has been clear that the Govt would use no-deal to speed up that process. And today it begins with our access to the #NHS.…
Those of us already here shouldn’t have to pay the charge, but how are we meant to prove our eligibility? Settled status is not yet a requirement now. Less than a third of EU citizens currently have it. So how are those who don’t have it yet meant to prove their status? 2/
It would be impossible to differentiate between someone like me who has lived in the UK for over a decade and a new arrival. So @maikebohn from @the3million is absolutely right: this is outrageous! 3/
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Do you think this is good enough for your EU citizen neighbours, colleagues, friends and family? For them to have to rely on the Govt “signalling an intent to protect” our rights when, at the same time, “the current legal framework does not offer much” actual legal protection. 1/
A signal of intent, ultimately, means nothing. Especially when it comes from a Prime Minister who’s already chosen to break the promise he made in 2016 — even though, now that he’s in power, he could deliver it easily. 2/
Like May, Johnson too is making choices to the detriment of EU citizens at home here. To be in this situation now, and with more evidence emerging daily of how EU citizens are being sucked into the ever expanding #hostileenvironment, the road ahead remains dark. 3/3
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On Thursday @ukhomeoffice told @MayorofLondon’s Migrants and Refugees Advisory Panel that the new Rough Sleeping Support Service has been created to ‘help’ migrant rough sleepers and is ‘not a hostile environment measure’. These claims are at odds with FOI data we've seen:
Everything we've seen about the RSSS so far supports the claims made in @TownsendMark's article in @ObserverUK - that the 'service' is in fact a new attempt to 'turn charity workers into border guards'.
We hope the migrant and homelessness sectors will join us, @libertyhq @migrants_rights and @streetskitchen in keeping the Home Office and their partners @StMungos @ThamesReach @MayorofLondon honest when it comes to rough sleeper rights #hostileenvironment
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Today is possibly .@theresa_may's last day as PM, if .@BorisJohnson can command a majority (which is in some doubt...)

So it's a great opportunity to look back at some of the *highlights* of Mrs May's premiership in memes👇
13 JUL 2016: May was appointed as PM and named her Cabinet shortly thereafter, surprising many by giving 3 of the top #Brexit-related jobs to arch-brexiters Boris Johnson, David Davis & Liam Fox. Sheer folly, or genius in making them own what they'd sold? Sadly, the former😢
5 OCT 2016: With such a narrow result, the country could be forgiven for expecting May to propose a consensual solution, as Norway PM Erna Solberg had done in a similar situation. Most Remainers would've accepted #Norway.

May's #CitizensOfNowhere speech crushed all hope.
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And so it begins.
This isn’t a surprise, but it still is very worrying. In essence this is the extension of digital IDs — pretty much untested — from EU citizens (we get them as part of settled status) to all future immigrants to the UK.
An ID, digital or otherwise, for a select group of people only is entirely unacceptable. But that’s not the only problem. Here we can see that rights of people are likely to be tied to trade deals ... Real risk of yet more game-playing with people’s lives if circumstances change.
And it will be based on algorithms and automatic checks. Even if more sophisticated, this raises serious questions about potential bias based on race and nationality.
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Powerful Home Affairs Committee Report on the EU Settlement Scheme.
A lengthy report looking at EU #citizensrights post Brexit, the Settled Status scheme & the risk of creating another Windrush Scandal of the Govt does not act now.…

The @CommonsHomeAffs report includes 9 pages of conclusions and recommendations.
We are trying to pick the highlights in this thread.

The Committee criticises the Govt for not answering the 181 questions on the Settled Status scheme we, the3million, have asked the Home Office over 12 months ago. We are still awaiting those questions.

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I have a heart.
It bleeds for those whose lives @Theresa_may chose to devastate with her #HostileEnvironment:
- the Windrush generation
- the 3.6 million EU citizens she made sure now have to apply to stay in their own home
- the Skype families separated because of her 1/
- the 1000s of International Students falsely accused of cheating, and the many lives ruined as a result, some deported, many outcast by their families at home
Twitter can be harsh. And sure, abusive tweets are, of course, never ok! But @theresa_may sowed the seeds of hate 2/
in every office she held. Liberally. Constantly. She, her express choices, affected so many people so negatively, most recently when she chose not to prevent #DeniedMyVote. That, and more devastation to many more groups of people, is the track record she created for herself. 3/
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On a human level, one of course has sympathy.

But we will not learn or change if we aren’t honest.

“Burning injustices” were the bookmarks of her premiership, with nothing of substance in between.

Grenfell? A union of people, compromise?

It’s hard not to be deeply cynical.
Her wish to be portrayed as someone who compromised, and as someone who governed for all, is the final act of delusion in a Prime Minister who did neither.

She will be remembered for making a bad situation undoubtedly worse.
She will be remembered for carrying the legacies of her anti-immigration obsession into No.10, and into Lancaster House, the author of the #HostileEnvironment for which she never apologised, for #CitizensofNowhere, for subjecting half the country to a place out of sight & mind.
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For those who are attacking @LordCFalconer (especially his fellow Jews or Lords) for trying to help solve an issue such as #Antisemitism in @UKLabour or elsewhere in society reflect upon what this suggests about your own attitudes:
1) Do you want antisemitism to be tackled?
2) Why can't fellow Jews, such as Falconer (within the party) or @BoardofDeputies (wider engagement/healing) be part of the process ... without being attacked without tropes that hint at 'wrong sort' being used?
3) If you are a Lord or MP are you asking about ...
or tackling the significant rise in hate crime in UK over the last 8 years (@Conservatives government)?
4) Would you be advocating people to leave the UK due to its institutional #racism? The #HostileEnvironment and #Windrush crisis was caused by government policies and money.
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holy ish...Q posts blasting off at rapid pace...will try to decode once all posted...
Lots to this one...not sure who a lot of these initials referring to...
Declas of FISA will initiate resignation or recusal &/or removal of Rod Rosenstein (why [RR] continues to appear... [ ] = removal/ending soon)
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1/ On the Immigration Bill committee the immigration minister @carolinenokes shows that she does not understand differing immigration systems. When asked about #Windrush & EU Settled Status she is saying that declaratory system does not work. This is wrong...
2/ Windrush was not about a choice of people needing to apply for rights (constitutive system) or were entitled automatically by law (declaratory system). It was a problem of not having documentation to prove status. A declaratory system can still issue documents.
3/ @Stuart_McDonald points exactly this out to @carolinenokes. The lack of documentation was the issue not the way people obtained the new status.
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A quick THREAD on the contradictions of the home office and @sajidjavid over the stripping of #ShamimaBegum's British citizenship.
It's a MUST READ to see just how @theresa_may's old department's #hostileenvironment appears to discriminate against BAME people... 1/n
So currently there are international laws which state that when a citizen commits a crime in a foreign country, that country has the right to deport the person to their home country. This is accepted, and not a contentious issue. 2/15
In fact, the British gov't loves using these powers.
It regularly deports British residents of Caribbean descent. People who moved to Britain as toddlers and have British kids have been taken away from their families and sent 'back' to the Caribbean. 3/15…
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Useful clarification by the @ukhomeoffice following a Guardian article on the Settled Status application system yesterday.…
Why the Home Office uses the emotionally loaded word "Accusation" in its clarification on an article written by a concerned EU citizen is difficult to understand. Articles like the one yesterday simply show that there is still a lot of work to be done to inform EU citizens.
3.6m EU citizens going through a change process that creates understandable anxieties. Especially after the experience many had through the permanent residence process that was not handled in the same way as Settled Status.
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Coming soon to your childrens’ school playground?

Go Home vans are a bit messy so... here, have some Stasi informers for £58.20 an hour. Recoup the cost by letting some brown people die.


Brexit is a disaster. Election coming. Shit.

I know! Mike, go hang at the hospital. Turn away some people. Harsher the better. Soft lefties @Guardian will write stories. Pictures of dying brown faces. Get some UKIP votes. Sorted!


@guardian Mike, it’s called the #HostileEnvironment for a reason. Stop whinging. More babies sleeping on buses is awesome. Cause more people up in arms = more votes. Plus council does the dirty work! What’s not to like?!


@maybulman writes.

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