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I'm sure you heard people saying you don't need school anymore

You can learn anything on your own but how can you do it?

Here's a step-by-step guide on how to learn any skill using ChatGpt 👇 Image 🔸 Choose your mentor

You can choose any successful person in the world dead or alive and ask ChatGpt to give you personalized training from him


I want to learn [skill], please mentor me, using [mentor] as your model.

Example: Marketing from Gary Vee
Jun 3 11 tweets 4 min read
Ordinals, inscriptions, BRC-20, Xverse, and more

If you're still confused about any of these terms, I've got you!

Here's everything explained like you're 18, not 5 C'mon Image Stop now, please!

Bookmark this thread because you will need it later on and you won't remember who wrote that simplified thread about ordinals!

let's dive in!
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#BULLMARKET is here guys, we are finally getting that #BULLRUN we've been waiting for! #Capo was wrong, so let's go crazy #bullish

Waiiit a minute, is it true? What about #FOMO?

Here is what every #crypto trader/ investor should know about FOMO 👇 In this thread you'll learn:

• What is FOMO?
• How do you know that you got FOMO?
• What causes FOMO & what's the psychology behind it?
• Is FOMO always bad?
• What's happening now?
Jan 13 10 tweets 4 min read
I'll tell you the whole #Gemini & #Genesis story & what the #SEC did to protect people in short bullet points to save you time.

Here's what every #crypto trader/investor should know!

A thread 🧵 • Cameron Winklevoss a founder of Gemini, an American regulated exchange send a public letter to Barry Silbert the CEO of DCG one of the biggest crypto investment companies, it owns Grayscale, Genesis, coindesk & more
Jan 12 29 tweets 6 min read
What's the difference between average and top traders?


I devoted 124 hours to mastering it, so you don't have to

Give me 10 minutes & I will show you how to stay focused for the rest of your life (Complete Guide) Image ◻️ Overview ◻️

In this thread you'll learn:

• How can focus change your life?
• How long can your brain maintain intense focus?
• 10 ways to approach your current daily habits to optimize your focus.
• 10 new techniques to improve your concentration.
Jan 12 18 tweets 1 min read
17 sentences that are worth 4-year experience in #crypto: Risk Only What You Can Afford to Lose.