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1/ Market makers are vital in the crypto ecosystem, enabling liquidity and efficient trading. Amid regulatory scrutiny, @PhotonsHedge looks into a @binance case study to exemplify how market makers adapt, thrive, and provide liquidity for investors.

🧵A Thread
@binance 2/ Regardless of a temporary $USD deposit ban by @SECGov, starting from June 13 @BinanceUS will transition to a crypto-only trading platform. This thread showcases how @PhotonsHedge navigates these regulations, providing seamless and profitable trading functionality.
@binance @SECGov @BinanceUS 3/ Amidst SEC scrutiny in the US, one key factor contributing to the resilience of market makers is their ability to adapt their business models. As a market maker, @PhotonsHedge excels in adjusting business models to guarantee continuity for our investors.
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🚨 Attention! 🚨 #Bitcoin, the US government and #ETFs

Here's a thread 👇

US goverment owns 207,189 bitcoin, worth $5 billion, more #bitcoin than any other country……
On March 14th the U.S. sold 9,861.1707894 of the 50,000 of bitcoin, it seized in the case of a hack of the Silk Road marketplace.
The government raked in $215.5 million after transaction fees. The per-coin sale price of about $21,877 was $2,000 less than the going rate on that particular day. The sale didn’t appear to impact bitcoin’s price, which gained 2.43% the day of the transaction.
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@BlackRock the world leading providers of investment, advisory and risk management solutions based in New York City, filed for #BitcoinETF in push into #crypto

A thread 🧵 Image
This thread comprises 👇

1. What is #EFT
2. What is #BitcoinEFT
3. #BitcoinEFT Regulation
4. Advantages & Demerit of #BitcoinEFT
5. #BitcoinEFT or Owning #Bitcoin which is better.
What Is an #ETF?

An Exchange-Traded Fund (#ETF) is a type of security that can be traded on a stock exchange. #ETFs typically track multiple underlying assets, such as an index fund, stock, commodity, bond, or other asset, but can be structured to track anything from a Image
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1/ How did the SEC's lawsuit impact the prices of cryptocurrencies?

After the SEC lawsuits were announced, the prices of cryptocurrencies listed as securities fell by varying degrees. Here's a look at some notable examples. 🧵

Read the full study: Image
2/ $SAND suffered the most severe decline among the listed assets, with a -11.4% drop on June 6.

This downward trend continued, and by June 12, SAND had fallen by a substantial -35.0%.
3/ Notably, $SAND was named in both lawsuits as it is available for trading on both #Binance and #Coinbase.

This dual exposure likely contributed to the sell-off and subsequent price decline experienced by $SAND.
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Los documentos sobre Hinman en el caso de la #SEC 🆚 #Ripple fueron publicados, brindando grandes revelaciones sobre #Ethereum 👀


INVIERTE 3 minutos en esta lectura (IMPORTANTE) 👇🏻

#HinmanEmails Image
𝗣𝘂𝗻𝘁𝗼𝘀 𝗮 𝗰𝗼𝗻𝘀𝗶𝗱𝗲𝗿𝗮𝗿 🤓

🔻 Hinman AFIRMÓ que el discurso era su opinión personal.

🔻 Su actuar fue extraño pero de momento no hay pruebas de corrupción o sobre qué pudo haber influido.

🔻 Varios altos funcionarios de la #SEC tenían dudas.

E-mails y borradores del discurso de Hinman (exdirector de la División de Finanzas Corporativas de la SEC) fueron PUBLICADOS, conmocionando la industria #cripto 🪙

El 4 de junio del 2018, Hinman escribió que no veía una "necesidad de regular #ETH como security (valor)"

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Guys arguing BTC can be classified as a security under Howey test.

1/8: Let's explore why #Bitcoin and similar #cryptocurrencies aren't classified as securities under the Howey Test. This test assesses whether an arrangement involves an investment contract. #Crypto #HoweyTest
2/8: The Howey Test has 4 key points: an investment of money, expectation of profits, a common enterprise, and efforts of a promoter or third party. Let's break these down for Bitcoin. #CryptoRegulation #Bitcoin
3/8: Investment of Money: Yes, Bitcoin miners invest money in hardware and electricity, but they're not buying an investment contract from a third party. They contribute resources to validate transactions & secure the network. #CryptoMining
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这几天除了 $BTC 和 $ETH ,其他山寨币全线暴跌,平均都跌了 20 个点。

最大的客观原因大家都知道了, #SEC 起诉了币安和 coinbase,把很多 #crypto 定义成了债券。其他原因又如传言说做市商大量抛售山寨币,撤出流动性。Robinhood的一些“债券”币将被强制出售...
1. 没有人可以预知接下来的剧情,但我倾向于认为「合规」的问题会长期存在,


先说说被 SEC 定义某个代币是「证券」意味着什么。

这次 SEC 起诉币安美国站,定义 SOL、ADA、MATIC、FIL、ATOM、SAND 等币是证券.
2. 注意,这是 SEC 的「定义」,而不是说 SEC 已经像对待其他证券一样对待了这些币种的交易,否则这可是重大利好,相当于这些币合规了,机构可以大规模入场了。

SEC 把某个代币「定义」为证券,通俗来说就是要清退这个币,毕竟证券可不是任何人通过任何途径就能进行交易的。
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In #Crypto, everything happens at lightning speed, and sometimes we miss very important news that could affect our portfolio.
So, here is a list of all the important news of the past week, which I have compiled 📰🗞️

#CryptoNews #cryptocrash Image
🚨Nigeria regulator says local Binance operations 'illegal'.

🔔 #TUSD temporarily stopped issuing TUSD through Prime Trust.

🔔 #Robinhood will no longer support #Solana, #Polygon and #Cardano after June 27, 2023.
💥 #OKX burns 5.5 million #OKB exchange tokens — worth roughly $244 million.

🔔 Binance_US suspends all USD deposits following SEC lawsuit.

💥 #Kraken launches its NFT marketplace on #Polygon.
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🚨Pourquoi parler de "SOLDE" lorsque le prix d'une crypto baisse est DANGEREUX 🚨

Je vais encore être à "contre-courant", mais désolée il faut vraiment en parler 👇

#cryptocrash #SEC Image

Inutile de rappeler le contexte, la guerre de la SEC contre les cryptomonnaies fait rage et le prix de nos cryptos préférés en paient le prix fort :

🔴 -23% sur Cardano
🔴 -15% sur Cosmos
🔴 -25% sur Matic

(ça fait mal au portefeuille)😭 Image

En bourse on dit "qu'il ne faut jamais attraper un couteau qui tombe".

Le marché des cryptomonnaies reste un marché jeune et volatile.

Mais surtout IMPREVISIBLE.
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In my 10+ years of Crypto experience, I have never seen that kind of market condition where #BTC is down only 3%, and major #altcoins are down 20-30% 😱😳

Let's take a deep dive to know what's going on in the #Crypto market 👇
🔻In the past few hours, the #altcoin market has crashed like there is no support.

🔻So let's take a look at the factors crashing the market, which also include some #FUD.
1. #Binance is selling its holdings.

🔻An account started the rumour that @binance sold mass amounts of coins over the last few months, which caused the market crash.

🔻He also claimed that Binance moved a large chunk of its reserves. Image
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The recent #SEC scrutiny on #binance has sent ripples through the #crypto industry

Time to dissect the potential implications of this development for Binance and the broader crypto market📈

🧵Follow this thread for key takeaways
#BinanceSEC #CryptoRegulation
Increased regulatory scrutiny:

The SEC's move on #Binance hints that the days of laissez-faire for crypto exchanges might be over

Exchanges should expect tighter regulations and intervention which means its time to rethink strategy and operations

Loss of trust and reputation for Binance:

In finance, trust is everything. Binance's run-in with the SEC could impact its standing among users

Damage control through transparency and customer focus is the key
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A beginner's guide to securities in the world of #crypto! 🚀

🔒 What is a #security?

In simple terms, a security is a type of financial asset or investment instrument.

It represents something of value that you can trade, like stocks or bonds. 📊💰
🔒 How is a #crypto determined to be a security?

Well, it depends on its characteristics and how it's offered to investors.

In the US, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) uses the "Howey Test" to evaluate this. 🧪
🔒 The #Howey Test asks:

Does the investment involve putting money into a common enterprise with the expectation of profits primarily from the efforts of others?

If the answer is yes, it's likely considered a #security. 📝✅
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2018年11月,#SEC 起诉EtherDelta(交易平台);
2020年12月,SEC起诉瑞波( #XRP ); Image
2/ 2022年8月,#SEC 下令 Bloom Protocol 注册Token;
2022年10月,SEC调查Yuga Labs(无聊猿、APE);
3/可以看的出来 #SEC 在一定程度上影响币市趋势。



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1. Unfortunately, my prediction yesterday proved correct. The #SEC has filed a motion for a preliminary #injunction and a temporary #restraining order to „freeze” Binance’s assets in the US. It won’t block withdrawals, but please be aware that you may @AshBennington @RaoulGMI Image
2. experience longer wait times, particularly for withdrawals exceeding $100,000, due to additional rules imposed on #Binance.US.

The rule stipulates that in order to move customer funds exceeding $100,000, written approval from two of the company’s senior #executives is Image
3. required, creating a significant inconvenience. Is the #SEC really acting in the interest of consumer safety and protection of their #financial wellbeing? On a positive note, this will only affect #Binance.US for now.I hope the issue does not spread to other Binance entities.
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With all the #SEC drama around #Coinbase, Binance, etc., many people say this is the "big opportunity" for DEXs to become mainstream.

While that is the future I envision, we're still far from that being a viable possibility. 🧵 Image
There are multiple key differences btwn a DEX vs. a CEX:


- Order matching is near-instant
- More robust order types since the exchange can execute trades for you (Limit, Market, Stop-Loss, etc.)
- Perps (futures) are more viable thanks to order-matching engines & speed
- APIs are faster (or exist at all in some cases) and make automated trading way simpler
- Finality and execution speed are near-instant
- Charts are more reliable
- Data is aggregated across multiple centralized order books

Decentralization isn't always simple.
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Short summary of the Cake DeFi Twitter Space on 6 June: 1/11 📢 In a recent @cakedefi space, @julianhosp & @andreattafab discussed the current state of the #cryptocurrency industry. Key focus: the SEC's lawsuit against Binance and its impact on the crypto community. #CryptoNews
2/11 Notably, they shed light on the difference in allegations against #Coinbase and #Binance, suggesting the latter's case might be more severe. Discussion ensued about potential regulatory actions of the US government. #CryptoRegulations
3/11 The hosts also dove into the lawsuit implications for coins like ADA, SOL, and BNB. Despite some fear in the community, they reminded listeners that being classified as a security doesn't spell the end for a coin. #CryptoInvesting
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1. What a mess these two #SEC lawsuits have created: first, the one filed yesterday against #Binance, and second, the one today against #Coinbase! What are the reasons? The SEC has deemed 12 #crypto tokens as securities, namely: Image
2. BNB, BUSD, SOL, ADA, MATIC, #FIL, ATOM, #SAND, #MANA, #ALGO, AXS, and COTI. Because of this, the SEC is accusing both crypto exchanges of running illegal exchange operations. How might this affect the broader crypto market? First of all, we have an increased risk associated Image
3. with #altcoins. Therefore, building a crypto portfolio using blue-chip coins like #Bitcoin and #Ethereum would be much more sensible under these circumstances (however, please bear in mind that ETH is not entirely outside the possible #SEC regulatory purview). Image
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2018年11月,#SEC 起诉EtherDelta(交易平台);
2020年12月,SEC起诉瑞波( #XRP ); Image
2022年8月,#SEC 下令 Bloom Protocol 注册Token;
2022年10月,SEC调查Yuga Labs(无聊猿、APE);
3/看了这个,如果说 #SEC 没有操纵或影响币市趋势,我不太相信。



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🇺🇸 SEC says #Coinbase made "billions of dollars unlawfully facilitating the buying and selling of crypto asset securities."

#SEC sues Coinbase in NY federal court for offering unregistered securities”

Full disclosure I’m a shareholder… via @Cointelegraph
I’ll be reading the Filing here & I’ll do a similar analysis like I did for #Binance earlier today:…
4 key complaints from the @coinbase lawsuit:

1. Coinbase has operated as an unregistered broker since at least 2019, evading the disclosure scheme for securities markets.

2. Coinbase has deprived investors of disclosures and protections that come from registration, exposing……
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1/ Affected by the #SEC suing #Binance, there is a lot of #FUD in the market.

However, we have noticed that some institutions, whales, and SmartMoney seem to be buying from the bottom.
2/ After the news of #SEC suing #Binance, Cumberland withdrew 67.9M $USDC from #Circle and deposited 67.1M $USDC to #Coinbase.…

FalconX received 37M $USDC from #Circle and deposited 29.5M $USDC to #Binance.… ImageImage
3/ FBG Capital deposited 44M $USDT to #Binance after the #SEC sued #Binance news reported.
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OK. Had some time to read the #SEC charges against #Binance.

First, I believe they are trying to get ahead of any issues rather than waiting for the issues to cause a blow up like FTX / Celsius. SEC has learnt from mistakes. I’m not staying Binance will blow up as they probably……

Binance publicly claimed that U.S. customers were restricted from transacting on Binance dot com, Zhao & Binance in reality subverted their own controls to secretly allow high-value U.S. customers to continue trading on the Binance dot com platform.



The SEC alleges that, while Zhao and Binance publicly claimed that #Binance US was created as a separate, independent trading platform for U.S. investors, Zhao and Binance secretly controlled the Binance US platform’s operations behind the scenes.


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🚨Breaking news🚨: Settlement reached between Ripple and the SEC! 🎉🎯 Full details expected by June 14th. 🗓️ Could this be a new chapter for crypto? 🚀💫 Stay tuned! #Ripple #XRP #SEC 🙌💥
Source: At the moment, the details are highly confidential and I am unable to disclose them. However, rest assured that as soon as information can be shared publicly, I will provide an update. Thanks for your understanding and patience. #Ripple #XRP #SEC
Thanks for all your comments and feedback. My primary intention was not to gather likes but to share information I believed to be crucial for the #XRP community. I apologize if my tweet created any misunderstandings.

To clarify, I am an XRP holder and supporter, like many of……
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#Crypto Roundup: Top #CryptoNews This Week!

1/ #OKX, a leading crypto platform, is making a bold move by establishing a strong presence in France.

2/ The CEO of #FTX, a prominent #cryptocurrency exchange, has hinted at a significant update called '2.0 Reboot.'

3/ Hong Kong is defying regional crackdowns and embracing #cryptocurrencies.

4/ The #SEC is taking a controversial step by scrutinising #cryptomining equipment.

5/ Troubling allegations surround #Binance Exchange, suggesting the commingling of customer funds and company revenue.

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1/10 🧵🔮 #CryptoNews: Gemini's latest update states that Digital Currency Group (#DCG) missed a $630M payment due to Genesis last week 💔

🤔 As complex as it sounds, let's break it down in #crypto language


2/10 Gemini is now working alongside #Genesis, #DCG, and their creditors to provide some leeway to DCG to prevent a default. This could be a game-changing move in the crypto lending space. 🎲
3/10 Both Genesis and #CoinDesk are owned by DCG. This is significant because it means there's a lot of interconnection within the crypto industry, and one misstep can cause a domino effect. 🌐
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