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#NYDFS issues USD backed #stablecoin guidance; must be fully backed by an asset reserve; issuer must adopt a clear redemption policy, approved by DFS in writing (!!!) redemption at par in fiat; reserve must be held in custody with /1…
US state/federally chartered depository institutions and/or asset custodians. Reserve must be held in govt treasuries "subject to DFS- approved reqs re: overcollaterialiation." Reserve must be subject to independent audit 1x month by independent CPA under AICPA attestation /2
standards. DFS may also impose obligations regarding cybersecurity and IT standards and evaluate issuer BSA/AML & Sanctions compliance, safety and soundness of the issuing entity; and the stability/integrity of the payment system, as applicable on Issuers. /3
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#Gemini Archetype, The Rival

*Can also be looked at as the “sibling, cousin, aunt or uncle” archetype.
*While Fire is most known for competitiveness #Gemini can embody the opposition, stimulation, & contrast as well as mentorship, fellowship, & support associated with extended family members. a close community, or classmates.
*The desire to be right can bring out #Gemini’s opinionated side or spark some passion in this normally logical or indifferent sign.
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Got some TEA for you ☕️ … #Aquarius #Gemini #Libra #AirSigns

So let me keep it real bc that’s what I do. It seems lately you have been feeling a little tried, people pissing you off left and right right and just aggravating. You seem like your doing everything right and
getting nothing in return. I’m gonna let you know that your gonna have to take some accountability. You need to stop helping everyone and help you. You helping will not make them change. Your only stressing your own damn self out and that’s why your so easily triggered.
You got people are you who just want to take bc your heart is big and they know they can. You gotta set boundaries baby. You are the fucking goat. You are the 1. You better quit letting folks walk all on you. But not just that you gotta put your foot down and set somethings
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What you need to know right now.. #Aquarius #Gemini #Libra #AirSigns

You are in this stage where your going back forth between what you feel and what you know. It’s time for you to use your intuition. Just give it a chance and you’ll quickly notice how it might be trying to get
your attention. It’s all about choice and decisions from here on out. In the past you could have been very conflicted about things, but now your no longer held prisoner by this fear or the constraints of old beliefs. Don’t let it change you, remember who you are, the effort that
it took to get you to this point, and the gratitude you need to show to the people who helped you. Stay on your spiritual path and it will guide you to where you need to you. You have all the wisdom and will learn more on your journey. You never ever really stop learning things,
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💭💔 If your in separation from a #Aquarius #Gemini #Libra #AirSigns

This air signs has been watching you. You could’ve even realized fake pages in your views and blocked them. This person just won’t stop. Always looking through your comments and likes to see who you may be Image
dealing with. It seems lately you may have been keeping a low key profile, not really bc your trying to hide anything from your person but more so just because your trying to heal from this air sign and thief confusing ways. Your person may even be riding past your place or
asking people about you. Your person fell in love with you the moment they saw you and now it’s hard to let you go. You were more than likely out your person league. Now your air sign feels it’s just better to be alone bc it’s nobody like you.
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Your person current thoughts/feelings for/to: #Aquarius #Gemini #Libra #AirSigns

Your person can’t forget you even if they wanted to. Your person is gonna come back to you and work on this. Your person is seriously in love with you and gonna take action towards you soon. Your Image
person wants it all with you. A successful, a marriage, kids and just to be happy and committed to you. Whatever your person left you for couldn’t ever in a million years compare to you. Your person tells everyone that their still in love with you. You may be getting a sign from
your person soon. Or possibly your person will be getting some kind of sign to make their way back to you. Your person never really put forth the effort towards you bc they knew deep down they didn’t deserve you anyways. Your person could have been showing insecurities towards
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💌 Message for #Aquarius #Leo #Capricorn #Virgo #Gemini
( s m r v ) 🤦‍♀️🔒💓…..🏃✨

There’s someone who has love for you, but they’ve expressed it the wrong way. This person might’ve been codependent, or a bit controlling, when it came this connection. They might’ve projected…
their insecurities onto you, and jumped to conclusions, which then created arguments. This person is unclear whether you even want to be friends at this point, but they feel bound to you regardless. If there are any secrets that need to be revealed, they’ll come to light, but…
this person plans on reaching out to fix this. You might feel like this connection is constantly trying to reach peaceful ground, and you might not be so willing to move forward with this person. Some of you will choose to explore your life purpose and happiness without them…
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💌 Message for #Libra #Pisces #Aquarius #Taurus #Gemini
( s m r v ) 🙏🏾😨…..❤️‍🩹✨

Someone plans on getting back on your good side, but careful, this person might be coming in with more promises they can’t keep. You might have found proof that this person wasn’t…
as serious about this connection as you were, and even after their deceptive ways they want you back in their energy. This person finds themselves daydreaming about you and sends love from afar, but they want to close the gap they feel is keeping you both apart. They might’ve…
devoted a lot of time to you, and then all of the suddenly stopped putting in effort, and they fear that you have moved on. They know you are someone with options, but they don’t want anyone coming in-between this. This person is not over you, and they want to talk…
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💌 Message for #Gemini #Virgo #Pisces #Aquarius #Aries
( s m r v )…..🥺💭💍🛐

Someone’s waited quite some time to make a significant move towards you, and they are tired of putting their life on hold thinking about what to do next, and not acting on it…
This person will finally be taking charge and moving swiftly in your direction. This connection was meant to come together, but someone didn’t allow it to unfold naturally. This person now wants it all, and they are re-evaluating a long term commitment with you…
They know you are the one for them and wonder if you might still be feeling this too. This person was afraid for you to get to know the real them. They were afraid that if you got to know who they are inside and out that you might not accept them…
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Day 1 after EU Crypto Catastrophe:
A post-mortem & How to win the war!

Yesterdays battle for EU crypto, for privacy, for Web3 & for DEFI was lost.

It left big & bleeding wound. Few won, only winner was FUD

Future of EU crypto will be determined by what we do now...

A 🧵
The spill-over from this EU crypto crisis on other jurisdictions will harm all. We needs to stand together.

Save Web3, Defi, DAOs, Metaverse & everything crypto by countering this sneak-attack on privacy & freedom to transact

Let’s quickly look at status quo & what happened:
The Positive:

😀 Huge progress in support among politicians in last 72 hours. Rare to see something like this. CT succeeded!

😀 Crypto giants #Coinbase, #Gemini & #Ledger stood up & raised our key concerns.

😀 EU crypto networks entered CT dog-fights towards the end
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💌 Message for #Pisces #Aries #Leo #Scorpio #Gemini
( s m r v ) 🥴❤️‍🔥….💭👫

Someone is trying not to feel the passionate and intense energy this connection brings when you are in communication. This person might turn to drinking every time they begin thinking…
or daydreaming about you to numb their feelings. You seem to be the escape from this persons everyday life. This individual is discontent with the current circumstances they find themselves in and they feel a life with you would have the capability to take them…
away from it all. This person might have already been in the swing of life before you came along, but everything changed for them when you did. They are struggling to understand why the feelings with you are so intense, and why shaking them has become nearly impossible…
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💌 Message for #Scorpio #Gemini #Virgo #Cancer #Leo
( s m r v ) 👀😔❤️

There’s someone who’s acting cold and detached, but they are watching you carefully. They appear to be over this connection but they really want commitment. This person is hoping that you’ll begin to…
build again. They will be making an offer but they know you’ll be guarded. Spirit is asking that you soften your approach when it comes this individual. Right now your defenses might be up but this cycle of push and pull has to end. There needs to be some clear communication…
without the ego and pride involved. Your higher self wants to be in a more positive position with this individual, and if you’re being honest, you might be missing this person too. The communication coming in will be swift, and it may be a bit short, but someone…
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💌 Message for #Libra #Capricorn #Gemini #Pisces #Taurus
( s m r v ) 😭💬….😍✨

Someone couldn’t let go of other interests and now they’re upset that you’ve left them in the cold. This person is overcome with grief and uncertainty because you’ve cut cords with them…
This abrupt ending has caused a shake up within them and they are feeling the rejection. They don’t understand why you aren’t fighting for their attention or love like you used to. You’ll be receiving some form of communication that will bring attention to what’s…
going on with this person. This could be gossip that makes its way to you, or this person will reach out themselves to let you know that they want you back, but while this is all occurring there will also be incoming communication from a new love interest…
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💌 Message for #Cancer #Gemini #Libra #Leo #Pisces
( s m r v ) …..🧘💗🧘‍♀️

There’s a connection that is currently in the middle of a transition. There might be some bickering and conflict that is currently keeping you both at odds, but there will be a coming together…
The time spent alone has allowed your person, or you both, to recognize how powerful this connection is despite you not seeing eye to eye. This person might’ve been weighing their options, but with your boundaries set in place, and time spent with themselves…
they realize your love feels too good to keep at a distance. Strength has been built between you both, and the bond you share is a spiritual one, so the lessons you learn within this connection help to facility growth not only within you, but between you…
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✉️ Message for #Sagittarius #Scorpio #Capricorn #Gemini #Aquarius ( s m r v ) 🥳📮✨🎁

You might be feeling on top of the world, and if you aren’t, you will be soon. There’s an offer coming in that’ll bring the happiness back where you’ve been feeling a bit heavy…
You might’ve had your eye on something from the past that you thought wouldn’t come your way, or you might be feeling like an opportunity was missed, but it’s here. It might be something you’ve given up on, or even forgot about, but this needed to show up at the right time….
This will be a victory for you and recognition will be given. There might be some temptation that suddenly arrives to try and deter you from accepting and entering this joyous time, but don’t fall victim to these lower vibrational energies. You haven’t gotten this far…
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💌 Message for #Aries #Capricorn #Libra #Gemini #Sagittarius ( s m r v ) 💙✨📖

A connection is now evolving in the right direction. Someone has wished for better days and hoped for much needed progress, so a brand new beginning within a connection will soon present itself….
There is so much love and attraction between two people, but someone, or something that was said, might’ve came in between this. Someone might’ve withdrawn their energy from the other making the longevity of this connection unclear. There’s been a switch in this…
persons energy though. They are missing this connection and the comfort of your presence so they’re hoping you can both whether the storm and get back on track in the direction towards a powerful union. They fear you might have your guard up when they reach out, but this…
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💌 Message for #Scorpio #Cancer #Virgo #Capricorn #Gemini ( s m r v ) ……😳🥰🏡

This will be true love, and it will feel amazing on the inside when it arrives, but this person might not be exactly what you envisioned as your future partner. This individual…
will be different from what you’re expecting, and they’ll be everything you didn’t realize you need. Spirit is asking that when they arrive that you make an effort when it comes to growing this connection. This is someone you can build and evolve with, but it involves taking…
a risk, and having faith on your part. At times true love requires you to step outside of your comfort zone and this match will ask you to do exactly that. There is also a need to let go of whomever, or whatever you’re holding onto at the moment. There could be someone…
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✉️ Message for #Virgo #Gemini #Sagittarius #Libra #Leo
( s m r v ) ….🍀✨🤑💞

A streak of good luck and fortune is headed your way. You’ve seen slow progress and very little reward for the efforts you’ve put into something, but that steady progress has led to a bountiful…
reward. This could be in regards to finances but an opportunity will lead to a period of stability and relief. This could be an offer coming through that someone has been waiting for. You might’ve held back from doing certain things or cut back from spending but this time…
is coming to an end. The sacrifice will be worth the payout. Spirit is proud that you’ve chosen to stay focused, and diligent in order to reach this goal. No more imbalance, it’ll be smooth sailing for you. There might also be a connection forming on the horizon...
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💌 Expressions from their heart for #Cancer #Libra #Gemini #Aquarius #Capricorn #Scorpio ( s m r v ) 💭

✨ “Would you be able to handle loving me as I am?
✨ “I don’t mean to confuse you with my hot and cold behavior. I just wake up everyday with a different perspective.”
✨ “I know that you are bottling up how you truly feel inside. I can sense that you have so much more to say.”
✨ “I know you are just trying to look out for me and I honestly appreciate everything you do.”
✨ “I am not blaming you for anything. You are not the only person I’ve messed things up with.”
✨ “It triggers me when the universe bombards me signs and synchronicities about you. It makes me wonder wtf is happening.”
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💌 Message for #Taurus #Pisces #Virgo #Gemini #Aquarius
( s m r v ) 🙇💭💏

Someone has been juggling between their heart and their head when it comes to a connection. The question they continue to ask themselves is, should I stay or should I go? You, or the person…
you are in connection with doesn’t feel this connection is thriving in the best way, and there could’ve been heartbreak in the past that they can’t seem to get over. Someone feels like there hasn’t been enough growth or forward movement to keep this thing going, but…
there is something keeping you both attached to one another. There’s been so much time and energy invested in this, and you might even have children with this person, but someone, or both of you, might be going back and forth internally about whether to quit, or fix it….
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💌 Message for #Capricorn #Aries #Scorpio #Gemini #Aquarius ( s m r v ) …..🥺💻❤️‍🩹

There’s someone watching you online, and they are hurting from the last conversation they’ve had with you. This feels like a third party energy who felt this connection…
was right person, wrong time kind of thing. A door to this connection might’ve just opened and someone is racking their brain about how to return. They might be discussing this situation with others around them, but this person is contemplating settling down with you…
They want stability and consistency, but the feel it won’t ever happen when it’s supposed to if they don’t act quickly. In the past this person put up a wall, and has closed themselves off to this connection because of the feelings that are involved, and someone might’ve been…
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✉️ Message for #Gemini #Scorpio #Capricorn #Virgo #Aries
( s m r v ) 😅👣🌍✨

There might be what feels like a sudden upheaval in your life soon, but this is exactly what needs to occur for new doors to become available in your life. This will be the crumbling of…
all faulty circumstances, people, and situations. The blessings that are coming your way are hidden at the moment, but there will be a lot happening that rearranges things in order for them to get to you. The events that unfold in front of you will help build your…
confidence and will be the push you need to take action towards something you are trying to obtain. Your divine team wants to unravel the multiple ways that are possible in order to claim these blessings, but this does require a bit of action from you. Life might be…
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💌 Message for #Leo #Sagittarius #Virgo #Gemini #Capricorn ( s m r v ) 😳🗞🥰✨

You might stumble upon some news from the source itself, or from someone you know, but there has been a separation between two individuals who have been together for awhile. There was a lot…
occurring behind closed doors, as in every relationship, but someone felt stuck in a connection that they didn’t want to be in any longer. There was some spying on another individual, I’m assuming this is your energy, that was occurring while this past connection…
was still in progress. Someone felt there was a block to you, and they couldn’t express the way they felt about this connection and the bond you both shared. They were looking for signs in regards to you and the direction they should take, and at the time…
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💌 Love Message for #Scorpio #Pisces #Cancer #Libra #Gemini ( s m r v ) 💭

✨ “Something you said lingers in my mind.”
✨ “I can’t imagine life without you in it.”
✨ “I feel your anxiety.”
✨ “I play the same song over and over because it reminds me of you.”…
✨ “I will do anything you want me to.”
✨ “I am grateful to have your love.”
✨ “I know the current connection I’m in isn’t right for me, but I haven’t found a solution yet.”
✨ “I’m waiting for you.”
✨ “I don’t feel ready for physical intimacy yet.”
[ Virgo / Libra / Sagittarius / Aquarius / Cancer might be significant. Only take what resonates.]
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