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30 Mar 19
Fantastic presentation on current and possible applications of 3D printing in healthcare by Prof Gordon Wallace from the University of Wollongong.
Some advantages of 3D printing
An amazing array of potential “inks” both synthetic and biological.
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11 Sep 18
Beyond RCA. #Quality2018
Aviation analogies! #quality2018
The @hsib_org and learning from other industries. #quality2018
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3 Jul 18
As a doctor, i've always been aware of the importance of exercise. I was never of fan of exercise for exercise's sake, but i'd stay fit by playing sport, bushwalking, chasing after the kids etc. But now that i'm a doctor living with cancer, it's much more complex. 1/8
All at once, exercise became more important, yet harder to do. There is new research popping up all the time about the benefits of exercise for cancer patients, but with all the new #PatientWork i have to deal with such as appointments, scans, blood tests & procedures etc...2/8
...it's harder to find the time. Add in multiple surgeries & hospital stays & I deconditioned pretty quickly. So I have less time to do exercise, & as I'm less fit it feels like more of a chore. Then some weird & not so wonderful immunotherapy side effects... 3/8
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