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Archaeology PhD (2022); Leon Charney Fellow at @YUNews Ctr x Israel Studies; executive director of North End HS; @bostonathenaeum proprietor; license to teach
Apr 7, 2022 10 tweets 6 min read
Prof. Vincenzo Fiocchi Nicolai of @unitorvergata on French historian Paul-Albert Février's studies of catacombs of #Rome & other physical contexts of #Christian burial: catacombs in particular a "singular novelty" in Late Ancient era.
#ClassicsTwitter Fiocchi Nicolai sees distinctions between hypogeal burial for intimate groups of people & open-ended gallery grids laid out w/option for safe & pragmatic expansion in successive phases. Was necessary to find solution for collective, extra-familial burial arrangements
Apr 1, 2022 30 tweets 40 min read
@CatacombSociety It's starting - will stay on as long as I can before teaching classes this p.m. @Ist_Svizzero #sharingcatacombs @CatacombSociety @Ist_Svizzero PhD candidate Caroline Bridel speaks about work on iconography and expression of identity at the grave. She defines "sharing" in space (proximity) and sharing of tomb, legally possible for all in #Rome, just law of propriety in terms of possession.