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#Rome Fell Once.

1000 years was added to our timeline to make the #HolyRomanEmpire seem more ancient than it was.

The #PhantomTime added by the #Usurpers has been well documented [read my timeline]

...Let Go..

30k 'Roman' sites and NONE are built on earlier Roman sties?👇
For this time period [800-900 years] #Strata MUST BE in this order:

Late Antiquity > Antiquity > Early Middle Ages.

Yet with over 5k Early Middle Age sites and 30k Roman sites found-dead by the #Usurpers..

There is a clear pattern of attributing Early Antiquity 'Roman' sites to later 'Middle Aged' Roman sites

When they obviously used the same building style, roof tiles, glass, Architecture, and material FROM the same designs 800 years earlier?

With NO evolution of building ?
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The boat in distress at sea was known to the authorities and ended deadly. While the Italian government obstructs civil sea rescue, and its own Coast Guard is visibly overwhelmed, distress calls go unanswered. #Italy watched 30 people drown!
A thread

(1/8) Photo of the boat in distress. Text: "Italy watched the
Saturday morning, 10.32 am: 9 hours after @alarm_phone reported the first distress call, our Airborne crew sights the boat with 47 people on board. 2 minutes later, #Seabird2 sends a Mayday Relay to all stations. The coordinates are given. A rescue is urgent.

@alarm_phone Immediately two emails are sent to the Italian rescue coordination center in #Rome. As the boat is in the Libyan search and rescue zone, #Italy wants nothing to do with the rescue and refers to the so-called Libyan Coast Guard.

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In 205 BC it (#Rome) announced that the #Sibylline books for-told that Hannibal would leave Italy if the #Magnamator, a form of the goddess #Cybele should be brought from #Phrygian pescemes to Rome.
Atlas king of Perhamom consented. The #BlackStone which was believed to be incarnation of the Great Mother was shipped to Austia where it was received with impressive ceremony by Scipio Africanus and a band of virtuous matrons.

Cesar to Christ

The Senate was shocked
to find that the new divinity
had to be served
by self emasculated priests.
Such men were found
but no Roman
was allowed to be among them.

The High Preist / Priestess
of #Cybele:
Called the #Galli

#Phrygian hat
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El Circo Máximo

El Circo Máximo, de unos 600 metros de largo y 150 de ancho, podía albergar quizás -según las estimaciones de Plinio el Viejo- a 250.000 espectadores (entre un cuarto y un quinto de la población de la ciudad en la época imperial)

y sigue siendo el mayor edificio de espectáculos jamás construido por el hombre. Se dice que el emplazamiento del circo fue el de la famosa carrera que distrajo a los sabinos mientras se producía la violación de sus mujeres.

Según Livio, las primeras estructuras de madera se remontan a la época de Tarquinio Prisco, y en época republicana se construyeron varios edificios para conformar el circo, primero de madera y luego de piedra, hasta que lo completó Augusto,

Tarquinio Prisco

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#Zoroastrian #Kurdistan
Hi all, so I realized I haven't been posting about Zoroastrianism in #KRG (South #Kurdistan) lately, so here are some latest videos, got them from Zoroastrian organizations in KRG.
Zoroastrianism is a recognized religion within Kurdistan & has grown (1/?)…
.. grown considerably in recent years. Zoroastrians have always existed in Kurdistan ever since Iranian peoples has settled. Not even islam was able to kill off the religion in the region (they tried), and as late as the 1200s there were Zoroastrian principalities fighting islam Image
From the Tayrãhids of the 1200s to now, Zoroastrians survived in hiding, in fear. However, in supreme irony it was islam and the evil it brought in the from of #ISIS that created a modern "revival" of the faith as many people were repulsed by the face of islam presented by isis Image
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🇮🇹⚡️Roman statue of Hercules pops up during sewer repairs in Rome

An ancient Roman statue of Hercules has been discovered during repairs to the drains under a park in Rome. The statue is possibly 2,000 years old.
#rome #roma #archeology #hercules
It was the archaeological park itself that shared the discovery on Facebook. “The domain held a big surprise for us,” it sounds. “It is a life-size marble statue that we can identify with certainty as Hercules because of the club and the lion's cloak.”
The impressive find is believed to date back to Roman Imperial times (27 BC to 476 AD), and was found around the second mile marker along the ancient Appia Road, a famous historic road.
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#Dominion-#Scytl #Italy revisited.
- Swiss-American author and researcher Neal #Sutz has revealed that not just #Switzerland but also Italy played a major role in stealing #votes.
'All Roads Lead To #Rome.'
- #Italy interfered with the #US #Elections. Let's first look at the possible players involved. #Obama and former PM of Italy #Renzi. The Story is developing. ImageImageImage
#SCOTUS declines longshot 2020 #electionFraud challenge | -4h
Supreme Court declines to hear another longshot 2020 election fraud challenge.…
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Oh, Rome, the eternal city, the magnificent place, the capital of the mighty #RomanEmpire. Right?

Wrong. Ok, right, but only partially.

The capital (s) of the Roman Empire (as there was more than one) and the shift to the East.

A thread 🧵
A town founded in 753 BC at the banks of Tiber, by the first century BC, Rome turned into the most important city in the Mediterranean. Its optimal location, in the middle of #Italy, right in the centre of the Mediterranean basin, resulted in the rapid growth of the city. /1
It also helped that #Rome was the capital of the rising power, the Roman Republic, which by the end of the first century BC, defeated all its major rivals, including Carthage and the Hellenistic Kingdoms in the East. /2
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Le corps de l'ancien #pape #BenoitXVI est exposé dans la basilique Saint-Pierre au #Vatican 🇻🇦 ce lundi et pour trois jours. "Les autorités estiment qu'environ 30 000 personnes par jour vont venir se recueillir", explique Natalia Mendoza, correspondante à #Rome
"La cérémonie sera solennelle mais sobre", les funérailles de l'ancien #pape #BenoitXVI 🇻🇦, prévues jeudi, seront moins fastueuses que celles de ses prédécesseurs. Explications avec Natalia Mendoza, correspondante à #Rome
Le corps de l'ancien pape #BenoitXVI a été transféré dans la basilique Saint-Pierre 🇻🇦, afin de permettre aux fidèles de se recueillir jusqu'à mercredi soir.

L'actuel pape #François présidera les funérailles de son prédécesseur, une première depuis le Moyen-Âge
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Καλή χρονιά με υγεία!

Happy new year ppl!

#σημερα εκτός από Πρωτοχρονιά στα κράτη που ακολουθούν το #gregoriancalendar και την #japan είναι η δεύτερη μέρα του #hogmanay στη #scotland, τελευταία μέρα του #kwanzaa για τους Αφροαμερικανούς, ημέρα Σύνταγματος στην #italy,

ημέρα ίδρυσης της Σλοβακικής Δημοκρατίας στη #slovakia, ημέρα αποκατάστασης της ανεξαρτησίας στην #CzechRepublic, ημέρα απελευθέρωσης των σκλάβων στις #usa και μερικά κράτη της #carribean, ημέρα της σημαίας στη #lithuania, ημέρα ίδρυσης στην #taiwan,

#παγκοσμιαΗμεραΟικογενοιας, ημέρα ανεξαρτησίας σε #brunei, #cameroon, #Haiti και #sudan, #kamakuraEbisu στην Ιαπωνία και ημέρα θριάμβου της επανάστασης στην #cuba.

#σανσημερα το 45 BCE η υιοθέτηση του Ιουλιανού ημερολογίου στη #rome, προκαλεί την πρώτη Πρωτοχρονιά.

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🧵 With New Year approaching, I thought I'd share some of my favourite moments and photos from my 2022 archaeological travels, which have seen me travel to Egypt, Turkey, Hadrian's Wall and Algeria.
#Throwback2022 #archaeologytravel #FollowingHadrian Image
Sailing on Lake Nasser in Egypt between Aswan and Abu Simbel and visiting the temples that used to lie on the banks of the Nile but were moved when the Aswan High Dam flooded the region in the 1960s.
#Throwback2022 #archaeologytravel #Egypt ImageImageImageImage
Visiting the relocated Wadi es-Sebua temple with its beautiful avenue of sphinxes. The temple was built during the reign of Ramesses II and was dedicated to the deified pharaoh, Amun-Ra, and Ra-Harakhty.
#Throwback2022 #archaeologytravel #Egypt ImageImageImageImage
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When Vittorio Amedeo II from #Savoy, the 24th of #December 1713 was crowned King of #Sicily (as seen in the relief from #Palermo's cathedral) he reached the Royal title, a dream his dinasty was seeking for centuries. #Utrecht #Spain #France #Italy Continue #thread 🧵
What he could not know is that in #Sicily he found something maybe more precious, for sure a longer lasting asset than his title as King of Sicily: an #architect from #Messina called Fillippo Juvarra. Continue #thread
Juvarra already worked in #Rome and Naples, pupil of the famous Carlo Fontana (see pic), an #architect from #Ticino, hence of Lombard culture, of paramount importance for Juvarra. In #Messina the sicilian architect was able to offer his services to Vittorio Amedeo II. Continue
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#Thread 🧵The Roman villa of #Carranque (Toledo) was built in the 4th century AD on top of the remains of an early imperial rural villa. The building is organised around a #peristlye and has #mosaics, 4 of them figured, in the majority of its spaces #Rome #history ImageImage
One of the mosaics was displayed in a #cubiculum identified by an inscription and had a numbed female bust (probably an allegory of 'Felicitas') in a medallion, a scene of love and metamorphosis and other characters. The #inscription was displayed at the entrance of the room and Image
said "Ex Of(f)icing Mas[---]ni/ pignut Hirinius / utter Felix Materne / hune cubiculum" (H Epigr 177) Image
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The #Milan-#Rome high-speed rail: one of the busiest long-distance routes in Europe.

A mini-thread about evolution of supply before&after #covid.

This is the current weekly timetable: 89 trains/day per direction (of which 84 HS), for two companies, @lefrecce and @italotreno
Peak frequency is quite incredible. For example btw 5pm and 6pm there is a HS train every 5 to 15 minutes (per direction)!

2019 supply was... a bit lower, approx 85 trains/day. This is a good news.
For comparison, 2008 (before HS) trains were 27/day/dir, of which 18 fast.
The evolution is interesting: the chart represents supply (ball size) and speed (x axis) from 2008 to 2022.

Supply grew since 2012, when competition started.

Comm. speed has been constant until 2019.
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Ik ben van #Utrecht naar #Rome gefietst en dan kom je nogal veel fietsinfrastructuur tegen. Buiten Nederland en vooral in Italie wil dat nog wel eens opvallend en bizar zijn.

1) Het werkelijk prachtige fietspad op de foto is de route waarmee je uit het noorden Rome in fietst. Image
2) Aan alles komt een eind en in dit geval is dat een trap, overigens zonder waaschuwing, maar wel dicht tegen het centrum van Rome. Elk voordeel zijn nadeel. Image
3) Verderop kun je wel weer langs de Tiber fietsen. Ook een mooi fietspad. Er is alleen een maar. Het fietspad heeft ter hoogte van het centrum geen toeritten meer en tegen de hoge trappen zeulen mensen hun fiets niet op. Het resultaat is een stil fietspad in wereldstad Rome.
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A year ago I boarded a train in #Istanbul to investigate one scientist's claim of rediscovering Silphion, a legendary herb thought to have gone extinct 2,000 years ago.

It still grows in the heart of #Turkey—and it's delicious.
More in my @NatGeo feature:… ImageImageImage
All involved were able to keep this secret for a year while the Nat Geo team put together this amazing
package. Thanks to @kristinromey @_alicezoo @mallorybenedict Nirupa Rao
For space reasons, this was removed from the article:
"One of the only things silphion wasn’t used as, surprisingly, was a love potion. A close reading of Greek and Roman texts shows no evidence of it being prescribed as a contraceptive or aphrodisiac...
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Design your transit, service, and emergency vehicles to fit your city—not the other way around.
Tiny buses serve narrow streets of #Rome's centro storico. #Roma
Small fire trucks serve narrow streets of #Tokyo.
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- Legionaries VS Iron-men 🧵 -

In 21 AC under the reign of Tiberius the Roman had to fight an enemy they had never seen, an enemy seemingly invulnerable to their attacks (1/8) #svagaiature #SPQR #Roma #Rome @SNicotinus #History #Historia #Trivia
In Gallia Belgica e Gallia Lugdunenese, due to the heavy taxation, a
rebellion was burst, lead by Julius Floro and Sacroviro two Gaul noblemen that served in the Roman auxiliary army as officers (2/8)
While legions moved to the area, the rebels had time to pillage some cities and villages while freeing some new allies. Between them, from a gladiators’ school, they freed a great number of “crupellari” (3/8)
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- Agrippina the Immortal 🧵-

Agrippina is known in history to have been an incredible political strategist and for being the main reason of Nero’s rise to Emperor (1/14) #svagaiature #SPQR #History @SNicotinus @ItaliaStoria @Varangian_Tagma #Roma #Rome #Historia @ancientwarfare
She was known as a poisons expert and was believed to have assassinated her husband Claudius with a poisoned mushrooms’ soup to open the road to the throne to his son Nero (2/14)
Agrippina had planned his son’s entire life, she even find him a wife, Octavia, who came from an important family and would’ve been fundamental in the political games of power. Of course Nero wasn’t happy of his mother’s interferences (3/14)
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Nationale Notenbanken haben um 2010 HEIMLICH Geld 'gedruckt'. Aufgedeckt hat es v.a. #DanielHoffmann/#TUBerlin."EZB sieht tatenlos zu
..historische Entscheidung..
Erstmals [sagte] die #EZB.., wie viel Geld sie in die Finanzmärkte zu pumpen gedachte,
>um die lahme Konjunktur und die äußerst niedrige Inflation anzukurbeln.

..1,14 Billionen #Euro schweres Anleihenkaufprogramm..
neue geldpolitische Ära..

Tatsächlich hat diese Ära schon Jahre zuvor begonnen – nur hat das so gut wie niemand mitbekommen[!].
Die Notenbanken des #Euro-Systems kaufen schon längst in großem Stil Wertpapiere auf. Und dabei macht das erste kleine Staatsanleihen-Programm der EZB aus dem Jahr 2010 nur den kleinsten Teil aus. Denn zusätzlich haben die nationalen Zentralbanken in Frankreich, #Italien
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Formidable #G7 !
Rappelons que les pays du #G7 ont déjà éradiqué :
➡️le terrorisme international (1980)
➡️la pauvreté (années 1980 et 1990)
➡️a dette des pays du Sud (1999)
➡️le risque nucléaire (1986, 1996)
➡️le réchauffement climatique (2009)
➡️les paradis fiscaux (G20 - 2009)
#G7-#G20 sur #Climat
➡️1987 #Venise #G7 : "agir sur le climat"
➡️2009 #Laquila #G8 : 2°C max & 80% de baisse de GES d'ici 2050
➡️2009 à #Pittsburgh #G20 : fin des sub aux énergies fossiles
➡️2021 à #Rome #G20 : 1,5°C & #NeutralitéCarbone

Entre temps, les émissions de GES : +70%
Un mot sur la promesse de ne plus financer des projets d’énergies fossiles à l’étranger avant la fin de l’année 2022 : 6 des 7 pays du #G7 avaient déjà pris cet engagement lors de la #COP26. La nouveauté ne concerne donc que le Japon.

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Peekabo! Examples of epitaphs in situ in the catacombs of #Rome (examples are from Catacomb of Priscilla, open to the public). In 3 cases, hidden behind later retaining piers; last one is painted on wall of a chamber within a tabella ansata. Source: ICS, #DAPICS #EpigraphyTuesday
more frequently, epitaphs & other funerary artifacts in catacomb settings secured in modern displays - first & foremost, so that they stay there. Displays tend to be clustered in accessible areas so that you & I can see them. All catalogued in @EdbUniba. #EpigraphyTuesday
examples I've shared are older, grimier versions of many epitaphs on marble, which have since been cleaned & documented in better lighting than a flashlight beam. Virtually all found in disturbed context, making it necessary to remount them, often thematically #EpigraphyTuesday
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Prof. Vincenzo Fiocchi Nicolai of @unitorvergata on French historian Paul-Albert Février's studies of catacombs of #Rome & other physical contexts of #Christian burial: catacombs in particular a "singular novelty" in Late Ancient era.
Fiocchi Nicolai sees distinctions between hypogeal burial for intimate groups of people & open-ended gallery grids laid out w/option for safe & pragmatic expansion in successive phases. Was necessary to find solution for collective, extra-familial burial arrangements
Fiocchi Nicolai evidences that different tombs of popes & others venerated by name by Christians in literature of era use same location "in Calixti, in Priscilla, in Praetextati" for different areas of a cemetery, not seen as separate parts. "Incontestable" coemeterium means all.
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@CatacombSociety It's starting - will stay on as long as I can before teaching classes this p.m. @Ist_Svizzero #sharingcatacombs
@CatacombSociety @Ist_Svizzero PhD candidate Caroline Bridel speaks about work on iconography and expression of identity at the grave. She defines "sharing" in space (proximity) and sharing of tomb, legally possible for all in #Rome, just law of propriety in terms of possession.
@CatacombSociety @Ist_Svizzero Bridel moves into topic of shared tomb design, architecture and objects, decorations (although we don't in fact know if the original developers of the "pagan" hypogeum at Vigna Randanini were in fact pagan - @archeoappia!).
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