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24 Jun
#Thread on BJP narrative building on China & the need to counter media.
Two points from PM speech
1. No Chinese incursion
2. Our soldiers fought back.
Modi undertimated public anger on lying about incursions. Satellite images can’t hide incursions so that was a self goal. 1/n
Clarification put up MEA was in response to public anger.Had it not been for satellite images in public domain about Finger 4,the issue would have died down.
Soldiers barbarically killed. No condolences from Surrender. Chinese Amb not summoned,yet BJP&media buried the issue 2/n
SM trends & media highlighted the gallant fightback by our soldiers and attributed that to Modi. So the call for revenge died down. Essentially, Modi’s army avenged. Why did this happen? Because only a few Cong handles counter media. Hijack of polls is the only media attack 3/n
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28 May
How did the unplanned lockdown damage India ? #Thread

Intl flights imported the Chinese virus but tubelight was busy organising Trump election rally and purchasing MLAs in Madhya Pradesh.

Most intl flights land in Mumbai & Delhi. While the virus made inroads, India celebrated thaali festival followed by four hour notice lockdown. Net effect, virus spread in dense urban areas.
Delhi marginally benefitted from the chaotic exodus of migrants in the initial days. Lack of money, jobs and expenses to meet made lives of migrants miserable and they moved on foot.
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27 May 19
From a neck to neck race to one sided contest in just a few months. From Rahul rising & Modi dropping, how did things reverse in just a few months ?
It’s a long #Thread.
14 Feb, the worst terror attack on security forces happened killing 44 soldiers. Congress supported govt on any impending action, media looked for opportunities to blame Congress. Key question left unanswered.
Amidst mounting pressure govt promised action, says No to dossier diplomacy. In the following days India lost 7 more soldiers in anti terror operations. Media shielded govt & attacked all & sundry. No accountability for Pulwama sought.
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23 May 19
Lessons for Congress from Kerala. Despite the massive Sabarimala agitation by BJP/RSS Congress swept the state why ?
1. Within hours of the verdict when everyone was in a dilemma @Oommen_Chandy came out against the verdict.
2. Left went against the verdict & RSS resorted to violence.
3. @ShashiTharoor read the popular sentiment & has been vocal in going against the verdict. RSS filing the petition for permitting women & Congress going for review petition was percolated on ground 2/n
4. Unlike most North Indian liberals believe, Sabarimala is not about women empowerment but faith. My sister is ready to wait & she is a liberal.

Why did @ShashiTharoor win for the third consecutive term & that too with bigger margin despite BJP going all out ?3/n
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4 Mar 19
#Thread #BalakotAirStrike
1. IAF strikes JeM terror camp( JeM later acknowledges). Non operational strike on Non Military target.
2. Panna pramukhs jumps in declares 300 400 500 700 terrorists dead.
3. Pak Air Force strikes back on Indian Military targets. 1/n
5. Abhinandan counters, strikes Pak F16, gets hit MiG goes down, taken PoW.
6. India does NOT retaliate despite Pak aggression on our Military targets.
7. Media changes tune. Focus shifts
8. Pak releases Abhi, under US pressure.
9. World media mocks India 2/n
9. Posters Pilots pop up.
10. Yeddy scored self goal
11. Only BJP has copyright over politicising. 3/n
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2 Mar 19
@TimesNow When is the eye not on poll for the Booth Commander?
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2 Mar 19
@IndiaToday The unanswered questions
@IndiaToday Flopped water spin
@IndiaToday Booth Commander swings into action
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17 Feb 19
Yes India must analyse the #PulawamaTerrorAttack . Let’s check out the sequence of actions.
Terrorist Azar Masood freed- Jaish born. That’s where it started.
The disastrous biryani #ExposeDeshDrohis
What comes next ? Red carpet welcome for ISI, the dubious first.
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