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@amitmalviya 1) Dear Amit

Pakistan responsible for the attack as per you, where is the investigation report

Balakot & Pakistan hitting back was fixed

Read what Sushma Swaraj has to say+…

@HasibaAmin @KimHaokipINC
@chinmoyee5 @MahapatPravat
@RK_Insight @geetv79
@amitmalviya @HasibaAmin @KimHaokipINC @chinmoyee5 @MahapatPravat @RK_Insight @geetv79 2) Now Let's do a Chronology of the #PulwamaAttack

A convey had to go from Jammu to Srinagar

The GOI had advance intel about the attack,

CRPF Made request to be airlifted, why was it refused,

Once refused to be airlifted the Battalion had to move by Road+

@amitmalviya @HasibaAmin @KimHaokipINC @chinmoyee5 @MahapatPravat @RK_Insight @geetv79 @RanjitOne 3)Was the road Sanitized & Secured with armed guards as per Standerd Operating procedure

If the same was done, how did a Pvt vehicle laden with explosives get on to the route

Moments after the attack News channels started planting news that 350 Kgs of RDX used in the attack+
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What is relationship between Prime Minister #ImranKhan of #Pakistan & #Rothschilds? Why did Kissinger refer to him as "Our Boy" to the Foreign Minister of Pakistan? Isn't it true that his wife wrote in her memoir that he owes his career to the #Goldsmiths?…
Its FAILED Kissinger policy of carpet-bombing nations backfiring in #Syria. They supported #Kurds later dumped them when they were of no use. Aligned with Pakistan to dismember #India AGAIN during 1971 War & dumped them as well. Now is it #India's turn?…
How #India became the target of Pakistan's Information Warfare after #Pulwama attack and during the #BalakotAirstrike…
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#OpSwiftRetort air strikes - plausible scenarios:

1. PAF intended to strike Indian targets with aim to cause damage but missed due to inherent system limitation, poor execution or timely counter by IAF

2. Action was only to signal capability (stated reason)

3. Both

Analysis is complicated due to:

1. High disinformation level by Pak military establishment. Not just in present scenario but historically as well.

2. No official comment by #IndianArmy or #IndianAirForce on the efficacy of the strikes.

3. No anecdotes from history

@joe_sameer goes with scenario #1 basis high variation in targeting error. But then 2 different types of weapons and platforms were employed and both are relatively unknown as far as efficacy is concerned. Neither is PAF known for air strikes.

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#Thread #BalakotAirStrike
1. IAF strikes JeM terror camp( JeM later acknowledges). Non operational strike on Non Military target.
2. Panna pramukhs jumps in declares 300 400 500 700 terrorists dead.
3. Pak Air Force strikes back on Indian Military targets. 1/n
5. Abhinandan counters, strikes Pak F16, gets hit MiG goes down, taken PoW.
6. India does NOT retaliate despite Pak aggression on our Military targets.
7. Media changes tune. Focus shifts
8. Pak releases Abhi, under US pressure.
9. World media mocks India 2/n
9. Posters Pilots pop up.
10. Yeddy scored self goal
11. Only BJP has copyright over politicising. 3/n
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1/8 Thread with 8 messages

The Truth on #BalakotAirStrike & Pakistan retaliation Feb 27

During Pakistan retaliation to Indian strike at Balakot terror base, US monitoring agencies knew as soon as the F-16 was shot down by #Abhinandan
America was upset with it's use on India
But per US it was necessary to save Pakistan from India's anger because as soon as the Indian pilot was captured by Pakistan, India had prepared the BrahMos missile to carry out large & grueling action on Pakistan. As per US, the plan was to finish Pakistan Air Force at night
America immediately warned Pakistan that the pilot in possession should not be harmed, otherwise, it would be impossible to stop India & warned that in the event of war, it will lock the F-16 engine of all 45 jets given to Pakistan by the US
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Pic 1: Image of JeM terrorist facility from Firstpost Article…

Pic 2: Dated Google satellite image of building @ 34.433055, 73.324516

Pic 3: Today's satellite image of same building.

Notice any difference? #BalakotAirStrike
Here are the 2 satellite images, old and new, side-by-side, for comparison.

Left: Dated Google satellite image of building @ 34.433055, 73.324516

Right: Today's satellite image.

The building's pulverized. Roofing's gone. Terrain is pock-marked with craters. #BalakotAirStrike
Israeli S-2000 PGM bomb: "It first penetrates through the roof, then enters the building and explodes after a delay ... It does not destroy the building."


That's PRECISELY what you see in the latest image.…
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1. Friends, Imran Khan is not a nice guy, he is no great statesman. In Pakistan he is known as 'Taliban Khan'. The only reason Pakistan has agreed to handover Wing Commander Abhinandan so fast, is because it wants to appear to be the reasonable and peace-loving party.
2. India clearly lost the psy-ops war and the global PR initiative when Abhinandan's parachute landed on the PoK side. Pakistan faced absolutely no pressure from India. It had the upper hand for the past 24 hours.
3. India could not lose the strategic advantage we had achieved through the #BalakotAirStrike. Therefore, to expect the GoI to thank Pakistan for returning Abhinandan, or agreeing to talks immediately is utterly naive. Doing that would be a psychological defeat.
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Note on possible #IAF #airstrike today. There is NO SUCH THING as "terror camps". These aren't concentrated like schools or colleges. These are disaggregated and dispersed AT ALL TIMES. If targets were struck they would be military targets
.2n this IAF Embraer 145 AWACS was patrolling since the early hours. Watchers know this is an unusual pattern, although it did come close to the area of the alleged strike, it patrolled South as well. The plane has since returned to base. Source: @zone5aviation #IAF #airstrike
.3n for is where balakot is
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