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Delhi High Court is hearing a plea moved by Advocate CR Jaya Sukin seeking directions on Election Commission of India to stop using electronic voting machines (EVMs) and use ballot papers instead, in all forthcoming elections. Image
Advocate CR Jaya Sukin appears as petitioner in person.

#delhihighcourt #EVM #BallotPaper
Sukin: I filed a writ petition in Supreme Court. After arguing at length, liberty was given to me for approaching the High Court. Hence, a petition was filed here.

Sukin is reading the order of the Supreme Court.

#delhihighcourt #Evm #Ballotpaper
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We are delighted to announce #neon, an Ethereum Virtual Machine (evm) scalability solution built on @solana. Neon lets developers take advantage of the #Ethereum and #Solana ecosystems, as easily as deploying to existing eth Layer 2 scaling solutions. /1
As fans of both #Ethereum and #Solana, we believe scaling transactions and reducing cost is critical to unlocking the next revolution in blockchain adoption. Neon’s decentralized cross-chain solution gives developers flexibility when building dapps and unlocks liquidity /2
Today Neon is live on the #Solana testnet, check out to learn more, and get started programming at /3
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0⃣#ZKRollup aşağı #OptimisticRollups yukarı herkesin dilinde 😉 Peki işin aslı astarı nedir merak ediyor musunuz 🤔 Haydi gelin her zaman ki gibi işin mutfağına bakalım👇

#Ethereum’u L2'de Ölçeklendirmede Optimistic Rollups ve ZK-Rollups Nedir?
1⃣Öncelikle Ethereum için gelecek vaat eden Katman 2 (L2) çözümüne genel olarak bakalım;
Merkezi Olmayan Finans (veya #DeFi) ve getiri çiftçiliği (#YieldFarming) çılgınlığı yeni kullanım durumları geliştirdi ve yeni oyuncular getirdi. Bu sayede Ethereum ağına daha yoğun akıllı ++
2⃣sözleşmeler uygulandı. Yeni DeFi uygulamalarının piyasaya sürülmesiyle ve Uniswap ve benzeri merkeziyetsiz borsaların artan popülaritesiyle, harici akıllı sözleşme çağrıları 2020'nin başlangıcı ile Ağustos arasında iki kattan fazla arttı. Daha fazla yoğunluk zincir üzerinde ++
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What is Celo (@CeloOrg $CELO $cUSD)? 📲

Crypto payments to phone numbers. In 5 tweets 🧵👇
Celo is a smart contract capable blockchain optimized to easily provide access to financial services with the lowest possible entry barriers.

The protocol includes stablecoins, on-chain governance, and uses phone numbers as addresses.
Users can associate their phone number to an address. Others can see they've done that and can send transactions to that phone number without knowing the address.

Phone numbers are not visible on the blockchain, but the repeated use of an address can itself be a privacy issue.
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The foundation of any #blockchain is in its Virtual Machine.
What is a Virtual Machine and how is @ElrondNetwork’s VM different in the blockchain field?
Thread 👇
Essentially, a blockchain’s Virtual Machine is the computational layer of a blockchain. It allows code to be read, relayed, and executed. It is the ‘World Computer’ component of #Ethereum. It allows a #blockchain to act as a virtual computer and executes smart contracts.
Elrond’s Virtual Machine, #Arwen, uses is own custom-built K Framework back end and is built on WASM. This allows it to support three assembly languages: #IELE VM (LLVM built in K), #KEVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine built in K) and #WASM… Image
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(1/6) Arbitrum live for developers, Gitcoin introduces token, RenVM integrates Fantom, and a lot more in this edition of #DeFiWeekly! 🔥

Take a look 👉

#DeFi #Staking
(2/6) To bridge the scalability issues on #ethereum and relieve users of high gas fees, Optimistic Rollups solution @arbitrum is live for developers.

Over 150 projects, including @Uniswap and @MakerDAO, have requested launch day access. ⏩⏩
(3/6) Optimistic rollups support #EVM and scale smart contracts directly at a bytecode level and use $ETH for gas.
Layer 2 is an umbrella term encompassing several approaches like sidechains, plasma, and state channels, with rollups being a prominent option. 🔹◽️
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Irrespective of the outcome, elections in India lacks credibility because of #EVM. Is BJP’s victory just because of #andhbhakts & money ?
Swamy was the first to raise EVM issue. 1/n
EVM took a lift in a private vehicle that belonged to BJP candidate in Assam . 2/n
The above is just a sample. How many Indians are aware that there is a mismatch in 370+ constituencies in 2019 Lokh Sabha polls ? 3/n…
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In the light of recent reports on EVMs during #AssemblyElections2021, we are reposting The Quint's extensive coverage on EVM-VVPAT vulnerabilities from our archives.
Thread ⬇️
Repost | An expert committee report recommended EC to redesign #EVMs and facilitate audit of EVM-VVPAT votes to address concerns related to voting system.
@poonamjourno detailed in Jan 2021.
Repost | "#EC should count 100% #VVPAT slips. Time to count VVPAT slips is equal to the time it takes to count #EVMs," former Chief Election Commissioner, SY Quraishi told @poonamjourno in this Dec 2020 interview.
(From the archives)
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Ok, so out of 850 followers only 5 have replied in affirmation. Some seniors and blue tick handles might be aware but as I realise an overwhelming number of millennials who grow up in cities aren’t aware of the entire process. The aim of this thread is to make u understand basics
As, I have grown up in a village, as a child I would see many relatives go on election duty. So, automatically the interests pick up and I was briefly told the process each time. However, in this thread first I will tell u about the current practice. So, once the election is
scheduled, Election commission will intimate to state election commission and then the process of training the personnel begins. The entire process is guided by The Representation of People Act.…
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(1) Reef Finance is launching the #ReefChain Testnet on 31st March 🥁

We're excited to share with you the main features of ReefChain on the Testnet.
(2) 1️⃣ #Solidity Support - Developers will be able to seamlessly migrate #DeFi apps from #Ethereum to #ReefChain without any change in the base #Solidity code

#ReefChain will maximize the potential of all your favorite DeFi dApps.
(3) 2️⃣ Scalability - ReefChain will offer much higher transaction throughput and scalability esp compared to #Ethereum

Developers will be able to get a seamless DeFi experience by porting over.
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"हमारी पार्टी #दिशा_रवि के और #ग्रेटा_थनबर्ग का हमेशा साथ देगी:- अधीर रंजन चौधरी (काँग्रेसी नेता)😠
☝ये पार्टी हमेशा #गद्दारों😠 के साथ ही खड़ी रहती है और जब #जनता इन्हें #चुनाव में इनकी #औकात दिखाती है तो कहते हैं मोदी ने #EVM हैक करवाया है...

Read👇👇👇 ImageImage
अबे गद्दारो तुम खुद #देश_विरोधियो के हाथों हैक हो गए हो😠😠
☝अब सुनो सच्चाई...
👉दिशा रवि *"जोसेफ"*है😠
👉निकिता *"जैकब"* है😠
👉शोभा ओजा *"थामस"* है😠

☝बात आ रही समझ में?😠
और हाँ ये तुम्हारी आका और आपा
👉प्रियंका भी *"वाड्रा"* ही है😠
👉सोनियक भी *"एंटोनियो_माइनो"* ही है...
👉इन चर्च के दलालों से सावधान रहना👈

☝याद रखना पूरे विश्व में जितने भी #नरसंहार हुए हैं...
☝जितने भी 👊#तख्तापलट हुए हैं,जितने भी #मूल_निवासियों को मारा गया है और #सत्ता पर कब्जा किया गया है उन सब के पीछे #चर्च का हाथ है😠😠😠

☝सबसे हाल में यानी 1994 में अफ्रीकी देश #रवांडा
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#देश_की_विडंबना क्या है इस वक़्त जानते हो आप सभी?
हमारे बहुत से भाई-बहन समझ भी गए हैं और बहुत से अभी भी समझे नहीं हैं?
शुरुआत अब #बिहार_चुनाव से ही करता हूँ जहाँ पर अधिकतर सबका ध्यान चुनाव की जीत पर था तो मेरा #हैदराबाद की एक औवैसी😠 की #कट्टरपंथी_पार्टी😠😠😠 पर...
👇👇👇 Image
जो #सोच रहा था वही हुआ,मुस्लिम बाहुल्य इलाकों से ओवैसी अपनी 5सीट से जीतकर उसने अपना प्रदर्शन जाहिर कर दिया।
जहाँ-जहाँ मुस्लिम वोटबैंक थे वहां वहां सभी ने औवेशी को ही वोट मिला इसका सीधा सा उद्देश्य आप सभी समझ सकते हो!कि इन लोगों का लक्ष्य क्या है।😠😠😠
वहीं दूसरी और हम अपनी-2 मैं
में लगे हुए हैं और आलू-प्याज पेट्रोल पर सरकार गिरने की बात करते रहते हैं।😠😠😠
क्या दोनों ओवैसी के द्वारा कही हुई वो 15मिनट😠 वाली बात भूल गए हो?
उसका #वन्दे_मातरम और #भारत_माता_की_जय ना कहना भूल गए हो क्या?😠😠😠
सब कुछ हमारे आँखों के सामने है लेकिन समझ नहीं रहे क्यों?😠😠😠
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#BiharElectionResults2020: Over one crore votes counted so far and the EC hopes to finish the counting process by tonight…

#BiharPolls #BiharElectionResults
#BiharElectionResults | RJD's Lalit Kumar Yadav wins Darbhanga- Rural.

Track #BiharResults here:…
#BiharElectionResults | Mishri Lal Yadav of Vikassheel Insaan Party (@VIPPartyIndia) wins #Alinagar. Counting is still underway, a look at trends at the moment, as per the Election Commission of India.

Track #BiharResults here:…
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1/ Practically all L2s so far have been designed with payments as the use case and most of them are UTXO based. UTXO based L2 are highly unsuitable for trading. Some explanation here:…
2/ When we started there was no account based L2. Recently, MATIC (similar to Gluon) has proven to be a good account based L2. OVM is another solution like MATIC that tries to create an entire EVM on L2. There are some impedance mismatches using an EVM based DEX.
3/ An #EVM based #DEX needs to write most of its logic in solidity. Upgrading this is not easy, since the upgraded logic could do anything with the funds. @dydxdigital for example has this issue. The admin key can arbitrarily upgrade contracts.
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Thread — This is an analysis of the data from #EVM ‘s using ONLY the data officially released by the Election Commission of India as final by @Vidyut you can read the entire analysis here…
Data of total EVM votes counted in each constituency has been painstakingly compiled from the official Election Commissions result page.
”While this data is not adequate to investigate mismatches on a constituency level, it is indeed sufficient to establish that the EVMs do not represent the votes cast correctly.”
This is no about who won or who lost. It’s about transparent, free and fair elections.
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#YesEVM #EVM #EVMHacking
M3 Control Unit of EVM has Radio Frequency transmitter and receiver
It has been installed since 2013
Gopinath Munde was in charge of it.
We cannot blame @narendramodi or @BJP4India
Since 2013, it has been Munde way
Now onwards, it will be Syed way
2019 Elections will have many surprises
One group is to make money out of elections
Price will be calculated on real time based on demand
If there is a neck to neck competition
in that case, even a single vote will be expensive
This group has list of serial number of Control Unit
If you give your constituency and the candidate name
they will find out the serial number of the candidate
and transfer votes to the Control Unit

It is like Western Union money transfer
This group has no moral value
just want to make money

You could pay them in BitCoin
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Will be reporting live for @TheQuint from a press conference in London at 5:30 PM IST (12 noon GMT) where a US-based tech expert claims he will be able to prove Indian #EVMs can be hacked. Will he be able to back up his claims?…
We will be going live on @TheQuint 's YouTube channel at 5:30 PM IST…
And here's the @TheQuint 's live blog with updates, reactions, and more on the press conference. Stay tuned as we find out whether Indian #EVMs can be tampered with.…
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#EVM is not reliable. Our votes are not captured accurately.
All the data is from CEO MP website.
Votes Polled:…
Votes Counted:…
Comparison between votes polled and votes counted in MP assembly election:
The votes matched only for 26 out of 230 constituencies.
If there is more votes in EVM than polled, EC blames presiding officers for not clearing mock votes. I disagree because minimum 50 mock votes are polled on each booth (ECI Rule), there is no explanation if difference is less than 50 votes.
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Why did Election Commission share secret EVM code with Microchip & Renesas. Why cant BEL & ECIL 'fuse' it onto microcontrollers in their own premises in a secure manner or get it done anywhere in India? Why do this in a foreign country - USA & Japan?…
Heres the new 'tamper-proof' Electronic Voting Machines 'Mark-3' launched by GoI to be used at 1800 centres in Karnataka elections for trial & entirely during 2019. Interestingly still the EVM code suppossed to be secret was fused by American Microchip & Japanese Ranesas?
#EVMs like all other machines, are prone to errors and malfunctioning. No machine ever made anywhere in the world is infallible. Machines are also prone to manipulations. Indian electronic voting machines are no exception.

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#EVMs like all other machines, are prone to errors and malfunctioning. No machine ever made anywhere in the world is infallible. Machines are also prone to manipulations. Indian electronic voting machines are no exception.

In crucial confidence vote to decide fate of MMS govt in Sept 08 whole nation witnessed on live TV how as many as 54 elected members of parliament failed to register their votes electronically. Utter chaos & confusion prevailed & finally these MPs were allowed to vote manually.
If India's 543 lawmakers themselves have difficulty in voting on electronic system installed in parliament isn't it nonsensical to ask if India's 714 million electorate – many of whom can neither read nor write – have any difficulty voting on electronic voting machines #EVMs?
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