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1) As we read more about @kava_platform we see more risks. Here is an outline of some of those early concerns for the #cosmos ecosystem. #defi #evm #atom #akt #bnb
2) 2 validators could shut down Kava’s entire chain anytime. While unlikely they are very centralized.
3) Kava dilutes the holders by 100% a year and even stakers only get ~21% of that. The rest goes to programs like bribing projects through Kava Rise.
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👋Hello Biconauts,

This week’s glossary covers EIP-4337, a proposal meant to handle a top preoccupation of the #Ethereum community: 𝐀𝐜𝐜𝐨𝐮𝐧𝐭 𝐀𝐛𝐬𝐭𝐫𝐚𝐜𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧.

We’ll go over why the proposal was necessary and what solution it offers.🧵👇

First, a quick note: #accountabstraction allows a contract to become the top-level account that handles fees and starts the execution of the transaction.

Ethereum developers have been preoccupied with account abstraction for a while.

The goal is to use #EVM code not just for implementing the logic of applications but also for the verification logic of individual wallets – nonces, signatures, etc.
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Lobster Daily #493 – Daily Recap – 4 August:
1. Slope app broadcasting the seeds, wallets security, how private keys are used by apps and more on the past hack in the Solana eco.In
Link 👉
Link to discussion…
Link to discussion…
2. An explainer of the different types of ZK-EVMs and ZK-EVM-like projects out there, and the tradeoffs between them
Link 👉
Link to discussion 👇…
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#Cardano in 2022 Thread👇🧵1/12

✔️#ADA is a Launchpad Token 💫
✔️ISPO "Airdrops" are a game changer
✔️Our protocols will be an eUTxO rebirth for crypto
✔️Community is everything
✔️We are stronger together. #Cardano is a people.

Hope you enjoy!
So let's do it!

Cardano's staking turns $ADA into a launchpad token. Simply stake and get "airdropped" tokens to projects with insane potential🤯

Check out @lss_cardanopool rewards:
- Lifetime 4.127% APY on ADA
- @ArdanaProject $DANA
- @Indigo_protocol $INDY

uh... SIGN ME UP🤘
Here's a shoutout to @InglesAlbert who helps run LSS. Your thoughts caught my eye for their insightfulness & quality content.

Your community involvement is how I found LSS and I'm thrilled to redelegate a fat stack of my ADA to y'alls pool for them JUICY rewards

Thank you!
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GTON Capital: reimagining the #utility and #scalability of #Web3

1/⚜️ The @GtonCapital team is building an ecosystem of innovative web3 infrastructure and products by synergizing the best achievements of decentralized web technology a brave little baby is expl...
2/⚜️ The vision of the $GTON team presents a new phase in the evolution of the #cryptocurrency landscape, with decentralized #stablecoins and scalable #smartcontract execution layers at its core, enabling millions of #dApps to improve the lives of billions of users
3/⚜️ We are currently facing a "Cambrian explosion" of alt-L1 and L2 protocols, #DeFi dApps and #NFT, #GameFi and X2Earn business models, and #Metaverses
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Decoding #Ethereum Rollups: zk, zkVM, zkEVM

Last week, a trio of @Scroll_ZKP, @0xPolygon, and @zksync announcements had something in common:

Each company implied it would be the “first” to bring a zkEVM to market.


➚➚There are several applications for zero-knowledge proof in blockchain scaling and privacy since it can ensure computational integrity, accuracy, and privacy.

➚➚Both zk-SNARK and zk-STARK have advantages, but their combination offers more possibilities.

➚➚ZkVM provides zero-knowledge proofs for applications, and it can be divided into the mainstream, #EVM, and newly-built instruction sets.

➚➚Equivalence, specification-level compatibility, and EVM compatibility are all types of EVM compatibility.

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1/ Hoy en dia existe una demanda tremenda por desarrolladores Blockchain y gente capacitada en este espacio. En este pequeño 🧵 ¡quiero compartirte algunos de los lenguajes de programación que debes aprender para empezar tu camino como blockchain dev!
2/ Primero quiero aclarar, que no es obligatorio saber todos estos lenguajes, sino que dependiendo de cada uno y el lugar/proyecto/area donde se trabaje, seran de mayor o menor utilidad. Empecemos entonces:
3/ Solidity es el lenguaje mas popular hoy en dia para desarrollo blockchain, y en el que personalmente recomiendo adentrarse si estas buscando trabajo, ya que es el que mas se solicita.

Saber sobre Solidity te permitira desarrollar para cualquier blokchain EVM compatible.
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@avalancheavax was built to address issues of scalability prevalent in top protocols. And, with rapid popularity, Avalanche moved a step ahead to cater to its ballooning users by introducing Avalanche Subnets.

What is it?

How does it work?

Let’s Dive in👇🧵 Image

Before we dive into #subnets
Let’s first understand Avalanche.

#Avalanche is a Proof-of-Stake smart contract platform for #dApps powered by the snowman consensus protocol with near-instant transaction finality. It has been the most successful EVM chain after #BSC. Image

@avalancheavax launched its mainnet in Sept 2020 & Avalanche Rush - a Liquidity incentive Program in Aug 2021. This was a huge success & led to many #dApps migrating & bringing a lot of capital onto the platform.
Total Value Locked had reached $24B at its peak. Image
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It always takes time for new technologies to reach critical mass.

Some of the major developments in crypto are only now gaining traction, and up to this point, no project has realized the full, combined potential of these innovations.

A 🧵.

New technologies are built on the shoulders of giants!

A great example is #BTC, the first truly decentralized electronic currency, which was created from a set of components that were already available.

#Ruby uses a number of components too that together form something greater than the sum of their parts.

Putting them all together in a beautiful, elegant UX with an integrated bridge, trader-friendly charts, and LP position management dashboard.

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EVM is the defacto standard among blockchain developers with a huge community for support. This has led other EVM-compatible chains to explore this system and non-EVM chains to buidl EVM-compatibility layers on top of that.

Let’s take a deep dive into this 🧵

After launching with limited success, the so-called “Ethereum killers” are building solutions on top of the chains to support EVMs. For instance, Polkadot’s Moonbeam, @NEARProtocol Aurora, @cosmoshub Evmos & @solana Neon.

What is EVM?

The Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) is responsible for defining the rules for calculating a new valid state from block to block. The #EVM is a robust sandboxed virtual stack within each Ethereum node, responsible for contract bytecode execution.
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.@kava_platform is becoming a #Web3 interoperability powerhouse, thanks to the successful Kava 10 #CosmosEVM launch

We're excited to integrate Kava’s #YieldFarming features via its easy-to-use app. Our simplified dashboard is about to give Kava its next greatest power-up! (1/6) Image
The #Kava ecosystem is attracting dozens of protocols, thanks to the possibilities opened by #EVM compatibility.

Kava is the fastest-growing blockchain for developers for good reasons. (2/6)
For us, partnering with Kava increases the reach of our all-in-one secure #DeFi platform for crypto investing, growing total users and TVL. (3/6)
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1/22. Deep dive to @zksync
2. #zkSync Overview
3. Features
4-6. #zkSNARKs
7. #zkPorter
8. zkSync 1.0
9. #zkEVM
10. Zinc
11-13. zkSync2⃣.0⃣
14-15. #Ecosystem
16. Skininthegame
17. TVL
18. Roadmap
19. Wen token
20. Backers
21. Audit
22. Comparison Image
2/22. zkSync Overview
@zksync is a zkRollup Layer 2 scaling solution on Ethereum developed by @the_matter_labs. It offers low gas and fast transactions, without compromising on security. Image
3/22. Features
- Ultra-low tx fees
- 2k TPS (20k TPS w/ zkPorter)
- Based on Eth security
- Users control of their funds
- No requirement for operational activity to keep the funds safe
- Withdrawals to mainnet in ~10 minutes
- Multisig support
- Permissionless smart contracts Image
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Reasons we are bullish on @Polkadot & @MoonbeamNetwork, ESPECIALLY in #bearmarket


(Alert: Long Thread🧵)
#Polkadot is multi-chain. Single chains are popular BUT problems are cropping up. #Ethereum: high gas fee, low speed. #Solana: high latency, questionable security. Feel free to name others.

Being multi-chain allows Polkadot to solve the blockchain trilemma. Now parachains can be scalable, secure AND decentralized.…

2/7 Image
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Histoire de facilement tout retrouver, voici mes threads dans l'ordre de publication ! 🥳

Design by @CryptoLidl 🔥

#ERC721 #Solidity #EVM #Eth #Crypto #Dev Image
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1/ With recent $OP #airdrop, we present #visualguide for #Ethereum Layer 2 #Rollups Solutions. Why it's needed? How does it work? and the future of #scaling in Ethereum

#DeFi #Crypto #Bitcoin #Ethereum #Arbitrum #Optimism #L222 #ZKSync $ETH Image
2/ L2 rollups work by executing transactions outside of Layer 1, #Rollups #solution has two methods, Optimistic and Zero-Knowledge.

#DeFi #Crypto #Bitcoin #Ethereum #Arbitrum #Optimism #L222 #ZKSync $OP $ETH #Airdrop Image
3/ Optimistic rollups don't do any computation by default, all transactions are legitimate. #Fraud-proof #mechanism is set as a preventive measure.

#DeFi #Crypto #Bitcoin #Ethereum #Arbitrum #Optimism #L222 #ZKSync $OP $ETH #Airdrop Image
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🧵on all IBC connected chains in Cosmos and how we came from no #IBC to around 48 active IBC chains and 70%+ in developer growth in 2021. We explore all #Cosmos IBC chains in an easy to digest thread. Or through Medium… #IBCGang #ATOM @cosmos
2) #Cosmos has been having rapid growth over the last couple of years. To give a little context Inter‐Blockchain Communication protocol (#IBC) was only approved on March 29th, 2021 from governance proposal #41.
3) According to a report by Electric Capital Cosmos had a 70% growth in developers in the #Cosmos ecosystem in 2021. This will only continue to grow as Cosmos technology improves and more tools come such as EVM-based chains.
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1 - An emerging player in interoperability is @ComposableFin who unites the #IBC, #EVM, & #XCM ecosystems. Connecting the fragments that today make up DeFi, Composable aims to achieve composability through a system wherein the whole of DeFi is greater than the sum of its parts 🧵
2 - At the core of Composable's innovation is its Cross-Chain Virtual Machine (XCVM). Through natively cross-chain smart contracts, true composability across multiple ecosystems is achievable.

This is a big, what they're setting out to do even exceeds @LayerZero_Labs's offering
3 - As solutions like LZ's achieve interoperability via trusted relayers & oracles, it's through a reactive approach that smart contracts on different apps/chains can interact. Since devs still need to choose a "home", it forces them to have to make a difficult decision
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[#THREAD] Déployer et tester son premier smart contract

Difficulté technique : ★☆☆☆☆

La dernière fois on a développé notre premier smart contrat…

Aujourd'hui on va faire en sorte de le déployer sur la blockchain !

#Web3 #Solidity #SmartContract #NFT #Crypto #ETH

Pour commencer, n'oubliez pas d'aller lire / appliquer tout ce qu'on a apprit dans le dernier thread sur comment développer un smart contract ERC721, vous pouvez le retrouver ici :


Si vous voulez tester par vous même je vous conseille de repartir du code présent sur mon #Github :…

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In Simple Terms, What is a Raywallet?
Raywallet is a multi-chain decentralised wallet + NFT Storage that will allow investors to monitor cross-chain investments and balance, all in one platform.

With Raywallet, investors will be able to store, swap and most especially stake their crypto in @Polygon @gnosischain
@ethereum etc. (any #EVM compatible chain) without any intermediary.

Solidray ICO is live. First-round is almost sold out.

Click here to buy a Solidray token (SRT)
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🚨 NFT & Gaming Security Alert for #EVM / #solidity projects 🚨
🧵 time on why weak PRNG can lead to technical users winning everything…
First, we're excited to announce our audit of @exiledracers' smart contract - in the lead up to their mint on May 31. ✅
Our work together helped identify this ecosystem-wide issue of a weak pseudo-random number generator (PRNG) + Signature frontrunning/replay
The weak PRNG issue is way too common in the #gaming ecosystem. If you are not using @chainlink VRF and want to generate a PRNG, never use msg.sender or a controlled address in the generation.
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(1/11) @vyperlang is a great language for writing smart contracts. Vyper is a Python-inspired #EVM programming language w/ a primary focus on creating readable smart contracts & enforcing advanced security invariants. A thread 🧵 🪡 on why builders should explore using #Vyper.
(2/11) A little bit of history 📜: Before Vyper, there was a language called Serpent. Vyper started out as basically Serpent but better. According to @VitalikButerin , Vyper quickly became the successor of Serpent because serpent was “outdated tech.”
(3/11) Vyper is an elegant 👗, lightweight, Python-derived language that compiles to EVM bytecode. One of its main goals is #auditability. The language should be very readable for security professionals 🔐and researchers📊 who are very familiar with Python.
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1./ Adding some $EVMOS to my portfolio. Why? 👇

@EvmosOrg is both #IBC connected as it is #EVM compatible. This means dApps written in Solidity (the @ethereum coding language) can launch in @cosmos ecosystem without having to change their code!
2./ Why does this matter? Well, just compare the number of protocols of the top-5 EVM compatible chains with the top-5 non EVM compatible chains. I think @EvmosOrg could be the trigger for many protocols to start migrating to @cosmos.
3./ I've been told protocols like @AaveAave and @compoundfinance are already working on this.

This would not only be a boost in #IBC connected protocols, but also in the number of users.
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1/ 🧵
#danksharding, #PBS, #crList, #blob transactions...

Seems #Ethereum has an affinity for making up words these days! And it all starts with (the normal sounding) #calldata

Let's figure out why, define some of these ridiculous terms, and see how #ETH can get even better
2/ #Rollups (RU) post their compressed L2 batched transactions as calldata onto mainnet Ethereum. But what does that mean and what is calldata?
Calldata (CD) is a specific form of read-only memory data used by smart contracts to call external functions. Image
Once a RU has batched enough txs, it posts this state transition change in a compressed form to the L1 via CD.
RUs currently utilize L1 CD for data storage, which is limited to ~10KB per block. This is so anyone has the ability to reconstruct the chain & verify the latest state Image
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