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28 Oct 18
1/ I refrained from responding with the level of vitriol I felt last night because I was at a lovely same-sex marriage and wanted to celebrate the beautiful day/night with the wonderful people there.
But not tonight...
Follow the thread for some FACTS....
2/ Let's start with this excellent article summarizing some FACTS we know.
And as a reminder: FACTS don't give a DAMN if you believe them or not.
And the FACTS tell us that more guns = higher rates of murder and suicide...…
3/ In fact, as the article above discusses, people w/guns at home for self-defense had a 40-70% INCREASED CHANCE of being murdered at home. This went up to 270% INCREASED chance of being murdered if the gun was loaded.
Guns at home also = a 3-6-times increased risk of suicide
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25 Oct 18
1/ LOVE the guys .@tntradioempire: they make poop in a box as funny as dick in a box. Listen live, online, or via your favorite podcast.
Covered a few things, but NE!!! Please take note of thread for info on Medicaid-SPREAD FACTS.
Then: get out & vote FOR 427 Medicaid Expansion
2/ No, no, NO—Milk’s NOT racist! You know what’s racist? NAZIS.
Up to 75% of the world’s population has lactose intolerance-but most can tolerate limited amounts of dairy; & dairy is GOOD for you! And it does NOT cause cancer!…
3/ Scientists did find (in a MOUSE model) that THC fits in receptors in the olfactory bulb, causing increased smell & increased food intake. The same group also found that regular chronic marijuana use affected short-term memory. So…eat up—again.…
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17 Oct 17
1/ Folks-I brought this up on @tntradioempire this am, so a little explanation of Trump's sabotage; read thread if interested
2/ First, Trumps exec order (EO) allows small employers to get health plans that don't meet ACA’s essential health benefits requirement.
3/ As a reminder, Essential Health Benefits are the following--and they're called essential for a reason!
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