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I’m covid+.

My precautions have been extreme.

I’m immunocompromised, functionally impaired, & medically complex. My husband has diabetes, & nervous system/vestibular damage due to a bad med reaction. I’ve been concerned about outcomes for both of us. 1/ Image
I’ll try to answer the questions here that I always wonder abt when I read others who have tested positive after saying they’ve been “so careful”. Diff ppl have different ideas of “careful”.

All in all, we have all the conditions to protect ourselves.

We have no kids. 2/
I can’t imagine losing more function to my already compromised life, so I’ve worn n95 & safety glasses w side shields. I actually wear a double cloth mask over my #envomask to be less conspicuous.

Since 3/20, all med appts have been online, except for 2 derm visits long ago. 3/
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@MondayNightIBD @JosephHabibi_MD @VictorChedidMD @ManuelBragaMD @doctornikkid @agoldowskymd @DougSimonetto @dr_chhabrag @DrMalSimons @TolgaGidenerMD @HowardTLeeMD 1/🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️#LGBTQ+ includes many diverse groups.

🔖Helpful reference from @FenwayHealth:…

👥Definitions vary across communities
💬Terms change frequently
⭐️If unsure, ask what terms someone would like you to use.
@MondayNightIBD @JosephHabibi_MD @VictorChedidMD @ManuelBragaMD @doctornikkid @agoldowskymd @DougSimonetto @dr_chhabrag @DrMalSimons @TolgaGidenerMD @HowardTLeeMD @FenwayHealth 2/Ask all patients verbally or on registration form:
✅Pts expect to be asked
✅Pts think it's important for HCP to know
✅Gender identity & sexual orientation affect care

⚠️Don't assume pronouns from appearances


#Genderbread👇 Image
@MondayNightIBD @JosephHabibi_MD @VictorChedidMD @ManuelBragaMD @doctornikkid @agoldowskymd @DougSimonetto @dr_chhabrag @DrMalSimons @TolgaGidenerMD @HowardTLeeMD @FenwayHealth @theNASEM 3/#LGBTQ+ health #disparities

-13% LGB+ ppl uninsured
-25% trans ppl had insurance deny gender-affirming care in last yr

-33% trans ppl had neg experience/harassment/refusal in healthcare in last yr
-LGBTQ+ ppl delay/avoid care b/c fear of discrimination Image
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@MondayNightIBD @DCharabaty 1/12
📣#GITwitter #IBDTwitter

Welcome back to #MondayNightIBD #Back2Basics w @dunleavy_katie @john_damianosMD

🎯How do you approach a pt w #IBD in remission who has new or persistent #GI symptoms?

Check out our review📜…

#NeuroGI #GastroPsych #DGBI
@MondayNightIBD @DCharabaty @john_damianosMD 2/12 #MondayNightIBD #B2B

👩🏼‍⚕️have been studying “IBS-type symptoms” in #IBD for 30 yrs. But there is more work to be done to help characterize cohort & dz mechanism!

It’s important bc:
👨‍👩‍👧‍👦Affects pts QoL, mental health, sleep
🥼Causes ⬆️HC utilization, ⬆️MD visits & 💊narcotics Image
@MondayNightIBD @DCharabaty @john_damianosMD @MarcelYibirin @VictorChedidMD @LauraRaffalsMD @Spencerkelley7 @RomyChamoun @JosephHabibi_MD @ayshaslam999 @GroverDheera @yaransarkis @BassiMehak 3/12 #MondayNightIBD Persistent/New GI Sx in #IBD
1⃣R/o active🔥/#IBD complication (abscess, stricture):🔦, 🩻, CRP, FCP, ⚠️R/o infx like C. Difficile!

2⃣🤔Consequences of✂️: adhesion, bile acid diarrhea

3⃣🤔 #DGBI
🚩25% pts w #IBD in endo remission have #IBS @LancetGastroHep Image
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June is #OralHealthMonth.
Oral health's important but don't push #fluoridation.
It saves maybe 1 dental cavity after many years adding extra #fluoride to drinking water.
The evidence of harm from this practice is now overwhelming.
Post a study-I'll start
Can #fluoridation be fatal?
It sure can be.
A study recently published showed increased fluoride in drinking water increased hip fractures in post-menopausal older women.
#IsSaving1CavityWorth Grandma breaking her hip and dying? (survival is low after hip fractures in old age). Image
Can #fluoridation be fatal?
Yup. Here's another example. A fluoridation overfeed accident killed a truck driver in Ontario Canada involved in a pile up on the highway when he was doused in fluoridation chemical.
#IsSaving1CavityWorth Ian Melville's life? Image
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Wieder eine verdienstvolle Analyse des Feldzugs. Deutlich wird: Das #VGKöln hat keine wirkliche Begründung für seine Behauptung gegeben, das Ziel der @JA_Deutschland u. (hoffentlich) der @AfD, die #ethnokulturelleIdentität des deutschen Volkes zu erhalten, widerspreche dem GG. 1/
Was das #VGKöln anstelle einer Begründung bringt, sind Hohlformeln, Phrasen und bloße Behauptungen. Saubere Argumentation gibt es nicht in der Urteilsbegründung. Von juristischem Nachdenken keine Spur. Das Urteil ist ein Dokument des staatlichen #Antifaschismus, weiter nichts. 2/
Die einzige mögliche tragfähige Verbindung zwischen ethnischem Volksbegriff und GG-Widrigkeit wurde vom BVerfG im 2. NPD-Urteil hergestellt: Sie setzt voraus, daß das ethnische Volk mit dem Staatsvolk identifiziert wird, mit der Folge der Entrechtung ethnisch Nichtdeutscher. 3/
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ICYMI, here are the slides of my #IBD #PTSD talk given at #DDW2022 yesterday. Feel free to use if you'd like to help spread awareness and educate (1/25)
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@MondayNightIBD @BassiMehak @abbvie @JanssenUS @ferring @TakedaPharma #PreConvo #IBDPoll1⃣


25y/oM w refractory #UlcerativeColitis undergo colectomy w IPAA. Takes acetaminophen PRN headaches & drinks a🍷glass w dinner. Presents for a routine f/up visit. labs: Alk Phos 250. What is the most likely cause of this AP?
@MondayNightIBD @BassiMehak @abbvie @JanssenUS @ferring @TakedaPharma #PreConvo #IBDPoll2⃣


What is the most common extra-intestinal manifestation #EIM in patients living with #IBD?
@MondayNightIBD @BassiMehak @abbvie @JanssenUS @ferring @TakedaPharma 1/⬆️ EIMs in #IBD
⭐️ CD > UC.
⭐️ Colon involvement

💣 Pathol:
⭐️ Direct result of bowel disease (e.g kidney stone from oxalate malabsorption )
⭐️ Influx of mononuclear cells activated in the intestine➡️another organ
⭐️ Systemic Immune activation independent of gut🔥 Image
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@MondayNightIBD 1/📢#GITwitter"There are two main mistakes in treating #IBD pts - the undertreatment and the overtreatment"-Prof #Rutgeerts!

Let’s talk about surgery & post-op surveillance in #crohns

@GroverDheera and I will #MakeItSimple in prep for #MondayNightIBD w @BattatMD4IBD @DCharabaty Image
@MondayNightIBD @GroverDheera @BattatMD4IBD @DCharabaty @JosephHabibi_MD @KanikaGargMD @Spencerkelley7 @BassiMehak @jalpa_devi @Empoweringpts9 @ayshaslam999 @RomyChamoun @JHaydek 2/ #MondayNightIBD
Journey of #Crohns disease:
🎢 Relapses & remission
🔥 Inflamm can leads to fibrostenosis, fistula and abscess
🚧 25% have complications at dx
✂️ 26% require surgery despite biologics Image
@MondayNightIBD @GroverDheera @BattatMD4IBD @DCharabaty @JosephHabibi_MD @KanikaGargMD @Spencerkelley7 @BassiMehak @jalpa_devi @Empoweringpts9 @ayshaslam999 @RomyChamoun @JHaydek @BettenworthDb @MaiaKayalMD @IBD_FloMD @APandT @debby_keller @ibdseb @IBDJournals @ezzatali64 @PracUpGastro @TwittyWhitty22 3/ Today’s focus is on surgery for #Crohns ileal #stricture

🌟 Indications: obstructive symptoms, stricture associated with abscess, suspicion of malignant stricture
🪄 Surgery🚫curative : #Crohns often recurs above IC anastomosis

#MondayNightIBD #Back2Basics
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#2 B-COMPLEX/MULTI VITAMIN. Buy a liposomal or other form that increases bio-availability. Take 1 capsule w/Breakfast and Lunch. If you have stomach upset, try sublingual (under tongue) EZ Melt B-Complex in AM & Multi w/iron for Dinner.…
#3 OMEGA 3s. Fish Oil, Krill Oil, Algae Oil are all good sources of Omega 3. Be careful the EPA/DHA ratio. EPA helps with inflammation/DHA helps with cognition. You need both! Opt for a 1:1 or 2:1 ratio of DHA to EPA (2:1 ratio eg. 800 DHA/400EPA)…
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1) Welcome to a new #accredited #tweetorial about an important complication of #pulmonaryembolism (#PE): chronic thromboembolic pulmonary hypertension #CTEPH. Follow this thread to earn 0.75h CE/#CME #physicians #physicianassociates #NPs #nurses #pharmacists.
2) I am Jason Weatherald @AlbertaPHdoc of @UAlberta and you may recall my previous tweetorial in this feed. It's still available for credit at @cardiomet_CE is your ONLY home for earning CE/#CME entirely on Twitter! Howdy to @vic_tapson @lauralynndonah1 Image
3) This program is intended for #healthcare providers and is supported by educational grants from Actelion, Bayer, Chiesi, & AstraZeneca. Faculty disclosures are listed at Prior programs, still available for credit, are at
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@MondayNightIBD @DCharabaty @BonumCe @pfizer @JanssenUS @TakedaPharma 3/ Social determinants of health #SDOH
👉Conditions in places where people live, learn, work, & play shaped by 💰wealth, power, & resources that affect a wide range of health risks/outcomes
📌SDOH can lead to unfair & avoidable differences in health status w/in pops #disparities Image
@MondayNightIBD @DCharabaty @BonumCe @pfizer @JanssenUS @TakedaPharma 4/ #SDOH impact health outcomes
📌Unemployed >6yrs👉2x⬆️mortality
📌Chicago area👉16yrs⬇️ life expectancy
📌Social isolation👉2x⬆️ risk of CAD
📌Unsafe childhood👉5x⬆️risk mental health disorder
📌Dual M/M ins👉24%-67% ⬆️readmission
📌Language services👉60% ⬆️risk ED utilization Image
@MondayNightIBD @DCharabaty @BonumCe @pfizer @JanssenUS @TakedaPharma 5/ How do #SDOH impact pts w/ #IBD?

📌 Low socioeconomic status (SES) in pts w/ IBD 👉
⬆️ICU admissions
⬆️hospitalizations 🏥
⬆️mortality risk
⬆️use of steroids >2,000mg/yr
⬆️outpatient visits
⬆️narcotic/psych med use

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@MondayNightIBD @DCharabaty @pfizer @JanssenUS @TakedaPharma @BonumCe 3/ 👋@MondayNightIBD crew
#MentalHealth in #IBD:
⬆️Anxiety & depression
✅Patients experience medical trauma & Post-traumatic stress symptoms (PTSS)

👉Treat-to-target approach inc.⬇️disability & ⬆️QoL
⚠️Yet #MentalHealth is often overlooked in #IBD
#MondayNightIBD #GastroPsych Image
@MondayNightIBD @DCharabaty @pfizer @JanssenUS @TakedaPharma @BonumCe 4/ 📌#Depression in #IBD
👉 21% of #IBD pts vs 13% healthy pts

⬆️ 90-day readmissions
⬆️ Surgeries
⬆️ Unnecessary CT-scans/CLN
⬆️ ED visits
⬆️ Annual cost ~$18k

🚨Bi-directional effect
⚡️Poor #MentalHealth 🔁 Poor self-mgmt
⚡️⬆️ inflammation 🔁 ⬆️ depression
#MondayNightIBD Image
@MondayNightIBD @DCharabaty @pfizer @JanssenUS @TakedaPharma @BonumCe 5/ #Anxiety in #IBD
👉 19% of #IBD pts vs 10% healthy pts

🚨Bi-directional effect🚨
⬆️Anxiety = risk factor for IBD & IBD = risk factor for anxiety
⬆️Inflammation 🔁 ⬆️Anxiety
#MondayNightIBD #GastroPsych Image
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Thrilled to share our work on fine-mapping of immune-mediated diseases (IMD) using regulatory quantitative trait loci (QTLs) finally out in @NatureGenet…

@SoranzoTeam @sangerinstitute @Cambridge_Uni
#immunediseases #autoimmune #GWAS #QTL
🧵 1/14
Here we extended the evaluation of regulatory QTLs generated as part of the @blueprint_eu project to systematically map molecular mechanisms and causal variants at 12 immune-mediated diseases with publicly-available summary statistics. 2/14
📢 The BLUEPRINT "phase 2" genotype data and regulatory QTL summary statistics are available in the @EGAarchive ( under accession codes EGAD00001005192, EGAD00001005199 and EGAD00001005200.
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Interested in #phages, #metagenomics and #microbiome? New method out to bin #phages from shotgun metagenomics data by @jojohansen from our group. (1/12)…
Discover and analyse #phages in any #Metagenomics shotgun dataset by:

1. Bin and identify high quality phage bins
2. Automatically defines viral populations across samples
3. Analysis of viral-host interactions within samples
Using two paired #metagenomics and #metaviromics datasets:

17-36% of HQ viruses in metavirome was found from metagenomics samples using PHAMB

46-89% of HQ viruses found by PHAMB in metagenome data was not found in the metavirome
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Today marks 20 yrs of #remission from #Crohns. For some #IBD patients, remission feels like an elusive thing. I get it, I’ve had my share of time in the #ICU. I’m extremely fortunate that #Remicade has worked this long. Many people must switch meds to find a lasting solution. 1/n
The last 20 yrs haven’t come w/o complications. A sustained high quality of life was worth the trade offs that come with #biologics. I lived with recurrent infections and a #cancer diagnosis. Was it challenging? Yes. Was it better than living with flares? Absolutely. 2/n
There isn’t a day that I don’t think of those that weren’t as lucky. Alex Davidson, Ty Redler, Lacey Conners and Lindsey D’Ercole were younger than me and have since passed from IBD complications. In spite of some survivor’s guilt, I do my best to keep their memory alive.💜 3/n
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🧵12 scientific Twitter accounts you should go follow for the latest updates on #GutMicrobiome-host interaction research: 🦠👩‍🔬🧪⬇️

#aging #immune #nutrition #probiotics #brain #SciComm
1/12. @bykriscampbell - Kristina Campbell, MSc, is a #SciComm extraordinaire. Her tweets give excellent summaries of cutting edge #GutMicrobiome-host publications primarily #FMT #probiotics and #Disease
2/12. @john_damianosMD - Dr. John Damianos tweets about all things #Microbes and #Medicine. We're talking #Probiotics, #IBD, and more, from the prospective of a clinician.
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@rebelliousgut @MondayNightIBD @southasianIBD @ibdesis @Empoweringpts9 @DCharabaty @crohnsbabble @LivingWithUmeed @vkckiranpullela @TheMaveilousGut @dunung_ruchita 1/ I'm Tina from 🇺🇸 co-founder of Team @ibdesis. We are proud to lead #PatientExperience on @MondayNightIBD to discuss specific aspects of #SouthAsianIBD experience. We hope to improve care & reduce disparities in our community around the 🌍 thru @southasianIBD. #MondayNightIBD
@rebelliousgut @MondayNightIBD @southasianIBD @ibdesis @Empoweringpts9 @DCharabaty @crohnsbabble @LivingWithUmeed @vkckiranpullela @TheMaveilousGut @dunung_ruchita 2/ Even though my dad suffered from #Crohns, when I presented with #IBS #constipation, #GERD, joint pains & eye issues as a child, no one made the connection or escalated it to a gastroenterologist. #MondayNightIBD #SouthAsianIBD
@rebelliousgut @MondayNightIBD @southasianIBD @ibdesis @Empoweringpts9 @DCharabaty @crohnsbabble @LivingWithUmeed @vkckiranpullela @TheMaveilousGut @dunung_ruchita 3/ When my dad passed from #CRC, my family went into poverty & couldn't afford health insurance. Though I was symptomatic as a child, I didn't have a #colonoscopy until 22 when I got my 1st job. That's when I received my very delayed #IBD diagnosis. #MondayNightIBD #SouthAsianIBD
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@rebelliousgut @MondayNightIBD @southasianIBD @ibdesis @Empoweringpts9 @DCharabaty @ownyourcrohns @crohnsbabble @LivingWithUmeed @vkckiranpullela @TheMaveilousGut @dunung_ruchita 1/People told me 'nothing's wrong, everything will be fine,’ like it was in my head. When I developed full-body psoriasis from Cimzia, someone from my culture told me to dab whole milk over the skin as a home remedy. Guess what - it didn't work! #MondayNightIBD #SouthAsianIBD
@rebelliousgut @MondayNightIBD @southasianIBD @ibdesis @Empoweringpts9 @DCharabaty @ownyourcrohns @crohnsbabble @LivingWithUmeed @vkckiranpullela @TheMaveilousGut @dunung_ruchita 2/ I also deal with the unsolicited advice of eating “healthier” and people trying to tell me what to eat or how to gain weight, preferably by eating more roti/wholemeal carbs as if they know my body's ability to tolerate food better than me... #SouthAsianIBD #MondayNightIBD
@rebelliousgut @MondayNightIBD @southasianIBD @ibdesis @Empoweringpts9 @DCharabaty @ownyourcrohns @crohnsbabble @LivingWithUmeed @vkckiranpullela @TheMaveilousGut @dunung_ruchita 3/ Whenever an #ostomy was mentioned, my parents + I saw them in a negative light, I wish there was more support & positivity was provided on this during my paeds care so that it wouldn't have been a last resort for me. #MondayNightIBD #SouthAsianIBD
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@rebelliousgut @MondayNightIBD @southasianIBD @ibdesis @Empoweringpts9 @DCharabaty @ownyourcrohns @crohnsbabble @LivingWithUmeed @vkckiranpullela @TheMaveilousGut @dunung_ruchita 1/ I'm Surakhsha from🇬🇧, co-founder Team @ibdesis. We are proud to lead #PatientExperience on @MondayNightIBD to discuss specific aspects of #SouthAsianIBD experience. We hope to improve care for our community around the 🌍 #MondayNightIBD
@rebelliousgut @MondayNightIBD @southasianIBD @ibdesis @Empoweringpts9 @DCharabaty @ownyourcrohns @crohnsbabble @LivingWithUmeed @vkckiranpullela @TheMaveilousGut @dunung_ruchita 2/ Pre #Crohns dx was a hard fight to get any HCP to listen to me/my mum. The first GPs I saw were #SouthAsian, maybe they had no understanding of #IBD as it wasn't 'common' back then or seen in British Indians or #SouthAsians ... #MondayNightIBD #SouthAsianIBD
@rebelliousgut @MondayNightIBD @southasianIBD @ibdesis @Empoweringpts9 @DCharabaty @ownyourcrohns @crohnsbabble @LivingWithUmeed @vkckiranpullela @TheMaveilousGut @dunung_ruchita 3/ I was fobbed off with indigestion medication, even when I was rapidly losing weight. It wasn't until the family GP (who wasn’t SA) saw me + immediately referred me to the paeds unit at the local hospital as an urgent matter. #MondayNightIBD #SouthAsianIBD
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@rebelliousgut @MondayNightIBD @southasianIBD @ibdesis @Empoweringpts9 @DCharabaty @ownyourcrohns @crohnsbabble @vkckiranpullela @TheMaveilousGut @dunung_ruchita Although I had the support of some friends & family, the taboo & lack of knowledge about #IBD meant not many knew how to support me. I found it difficult to educate loved ones & am thankful for more resources that are available now. #MondayNightIBD #SouthAsianIBD (1/ )
@rebelliousgut @MondayNightIBD @southasianIBD @ibdesis @Empoweringpts9 @DCharabaty @ownyourcrohns @crohnsbabble @vkckiranpullela @TheMaveilousGut @dunung_ruchita At the same time, I've also met people who couldn't understand how someone my age (17-23) could have such a #disability. The invisibility of #IBD added to this. As a result, my struggles with #IBD were downplayed, minimized & ignored. #MondayNightIBD #SouthAsianIBD (2/ )
@rebelliousgut @MondayNightIBD @southasianIBD @ibdesis @Empoweringpts9 @DCharabaty @ownyourcrohns @crohnsbabble @vkckiranpullela @TheMaveilousGut @dunung_ruchita Given the stigma around #digestive dx & #disability in #SouthAsian community, I felt like I had to make my condition as invisible as possible. These internalized social norms meant I also downplayed my UC to make others more comfortable. #MondayNightIBD #SouthAsianIBD (3/)
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@rebelliousgut @MondayNightIBD @southasianIBD @ibdesis @Empoweringpts9 @DCharabaty @ownyourcrohns @LivingWithUmeed @vkckiranpullela @TheMaveilousGut @dunung_ruchita 1/ When I transitioned to adult care at 17, I felt like I was stuck in a constant loop of tapering off prednisolone, flaring, and then ending up in hospital on IV steroids only to end up on another course of steroids for my #IBD.
#MondayNightIBD #SouthAsianIBD
@rebelliousgut @MondayNightIBD @southasianIBD @ibdesis @Empoweringpts9 @DCharabaty @ownyourcrohns @LivingWithUmeed @vkckiranpullela @TheMaveilousGut @dunung_ruchita 2/ After speaking w/ a friend who knew someone w #Crohns, I decided to try #CAM. I didn't know what else to do. The promise of a "cure" & feeling defeated by the constant steroid cycle I was prescribed drove me to seek out another option. #MondayNightIBD #SouthAsianIBD
@rebelliousgut @MondayNightIBD @southasianIBD @ibdesis @Empoweringpts9 @DCharabaty @ownyourcrohns @LivingWithUmeed @vkckiranpullela @TheMaveilousGut @dunung_ruchita 3/ Family had planned an 🇮🇳 trip. The journey to an ayurvedic clinic took hrs & we waited ~6 hours only to spend 5-10 mins w/ the #ayurveda specialist. Nothing was asked about my history w/ #Crohns; I was sent away w/ tablets wrapped in newspaper. #MondayNightIBD #SouthAsianIBD
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@rebelliousgut @MondayNightIBD @southasianIBD @ibdesis @Empoweringpts9 @DCharabaty @ownyourcrohns @LivingWithUmeed @vkckiranpullela @TheMaveilousGut @dunung_ruchita 1/ I'm Sharan from 🇬🇧, co-founder Team @ibdesis. We are proud to lead #PatientExperience on @mondaynightibd to discuss specific aspects of #SouthAsianIBD experience. We hope to improve care for our community around the 🌍. #MondayNightIBD
@rebelliousgut @MondayNightIBD @southasianIBD @ibdesis @Empoweringpts9 @DCharabaty @ownyourcrohns @LivingWithUmeed @vkckiranpullela @TheMaveilousGut @dunung_ruchita 2/ My initial diagnosis came after months of going back & forth w my GP who was reluctant to refer to a specialist because they were certain that my symptoms couldn't be due to #IBD. In their own words, "#SouthAsians don't get IBD" #MondayNightIBD #SouthAsianIBD
@rebelliousgut @MondayNightIBD @southasianIBD @ibdesis @Empoweringpts9 @DCharabaty @ownyourcrohns @LivingWithUmeed @vkckiranpullela @TheMaveilousGut @dunung_ruchita 3/ This delay led to extreme weight loss and worsening of symptoms to the point where I was unable to get myself out of bed. I was admitted into hospital with my weight down to 28kgs, from 38kgs just months before.
#MondayNightIBD #SouthAsianIBD
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@rebelliousgut @MondayNightIBD @southasianIBD @ibdesis @Empoweringpts9 @DCharabaty @ownyourcrohns @crohnsbabble @LivingWithUmeed @TheMaveilousGut @dunung_ruchita 1/ Even when I was not on biologics, buying medicines was a financial burden. As I was never
in remission, I got fed up & stopped medicines altogether. Instead I explored #ayurveda which
was relatively cheaper.
#MondayNightIBD #SouthAsianIBD
@rebelliousgut @MondayNightIBD @southasianIBD @ibdesis @Empoweringpts9 @DCharabaty @ownyourcrohns @crohnsbabble @LivingWithUmeed @TheMaveilousGut @dunung_ruchita 2/ I knew even at that time that ayurveda won't "cure" me. But seemed to help initially & it made
me believe that #ayurveda might work, while being easy on my pocket. Also had perianal
#fistula repaired through #KsharSutra. But didn't last long
#MondayNightIBD #SouthAsianIBD
@rebelliousgut @MondayNightIBD @southasianIBD @ibdesis @Empoweringpts9 @DCharabaty @ownyourcrohns @crohnsbabble @LivingWithUmeed @TheMaveilousGut @dunung_ruchita 3/ Stopping my medicines proved to be a very costly mistake. I had the biggest flare up of my life. I still struggle with the effects of that flare up even today.

#MondayNightIBD #SouthAsianIBD
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