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After a week on #COVID19 service, I have some non-clinical reflections for #hospitalists. This is NOT your regular ward time. I’ll be honest, it was a tough week. I’ll start with the tough stuff. But stick with me – ending with more positivity and some helpful hints.
The need for constant vigilance was exhausting. I felt pretty safe in patient rooms with gown, mask, gloves. But on unit, constantly reminding myself to open doors with a paper towel, wipe computer/phone with bleach before using, not touch face: v. tiring.…
The frustration of knowing certain patients were going to deteriorate and not being able to do anything about it except watch it happen was very tough emotionally. I’ve been spoiled by modern medicine – in general, I’m not used to feeling quite so helpless.
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So what's the whole #ILookLikeASurgeon thing about?

Let me tell you a bit what it is like not only being a female physician, but also a female surgeon.

1. Yes, this is a “thing.”

2. Every day of my life I am assumed to be someone or something I am not based strictly on my appearance.

3. Yes, I introduced myself as "Doctor".
4. Yes, I am wearing a coat that says Dr. on it.

5. Yes, I am wearing my name badge that has MD after my name.

6. Yes, my name badge even comes with a separate badge that lives below my name badge that has MD in large letters.
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“What does a surgeon look like?”

A story for all ages, written by @JJcolemanMD , illustrated by @gracie_leo

#ilooklikeasurgeon #womeninmedicine #medtwitter #meded #foamed #storytime
Story thread below...
She woke up one morning and asked the Mirror, “What does a surgeon look like?”

But the Mirror did not answer.

She asked the World and asked “What does a surgeon look like?”

And the World did answer.
The World said,

“He is TALL and NOT small.”
“He is not too young or too old.”
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I was hesitant to post this story, but I feel as though there is a young female resident out there who needs to see this today. #WomenInMedicine #BlackWomeninMedicine 1/
I'm a chief surgery resident, meaning I lead teams of interns, residents, and students. But even after years at my institution, people sometimes have a hard time seeing me as a doctor. 2/
While my white male colleagues can wear scrubs and patients and staff will call them doctor even if they're a student, I always wear my white coat. I even personally purchased one with thick fabric and fancy buttons with my institution's logo to look as legit as possible. 3/
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@smartlikemum 1- All male panels #manels are unacceptable now. Many resources & support for this. #PLOSCompBio’s “Ten Simple Rules to Achieve Conference Speaker Gender Balance” should help:… @RACSurgeons @NeelaJan @csl888 @DrRachelleENT @drnikkistamp @TimesUpHC @ranzcog
@smartlikemum @RACSurgeons @NeelaJan @csl888 @DrRachelleENT @drnikkistamp @TIMESUPHC @ranzcog 2-“If you ignore 50% of the population, you’re never going to achieve what is potentially possible. It is absurd to suggest any enterprise that intentionally excluded half the talent pool could thrive”–@Scott_Gilmore… @DrKatrin_Rabiei @LiangRhea @dr_ashwitt
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I have been a loyal #tweep now for over 5 years. I have obeyed, I have promoted, I have taught, I have listened I have helped those who misunderstood and tried to convince those who did not believe in #twitter. I believe and I want others to believe in its #freedomtotweet
I have done my best as a #physician #surgeon and communicator to help other doctors learn the benefits of #twitter - I have talked at over 20 local, national and international meetings about the benefits of this incredible application #twitter - recruiting #doctors - #meded
I have been loyal to #twitter defend it. Investing in it when the chips were down and speaking of it in the highest regard - #tweep #meded #medtwitter
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@DrKatrin_Rabiei @ManelWatchUS @_WomenSpeakers_ @LoggheMD @JusticeInMed @WomenSurgeons Ideas – multifaceted approach:
1. Need to Increase awareness; call it out each time. Use #manel alerts – i.e. let Twitter friends know of #manels and they can tweet about each one. Allies can work together. @DrSinhaEsq @JulieSilverMD #ILookLikeASurgeon #genderequity #inclusion /1
@DrKatrin_Rabiei @ManelWatchUS @_WomenSpeakers_ @LoggheMD @JusticeInMed @WomenSurgeons @DrSinhaEsq @JulieSilverMD 2. Are there women in Neurosurg groups? Women surgeons group in Sweden? Create @swedish_s manel #genderequity subgroup? #WomenInNeurosurgery #ILookLikeASurgeon
3. First panel okay with one woman (not ideal, but to help make change); clarify must be > 1woman on panels in future /2
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From the first woman President of the Royal College of Surgeons (England) to the first woman who takes up the new chair at General Medical Council UK, you’re one of my role models @claremarx!
So proud that we went to the same school @cheltladiescoll and that I’m currently training with Consultant Surgeons who used to be your colleagues/juniors! Incredible woman 👏🏽👏🏽#independentwomencan #ILookLikeASurgeon
Definitely an ‘Iron Lady’ of surgery. 👩🏻‍⚕️
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I always knew that I wanted to become a doctor when I was a little kid. I would play with the doctor’s kit (including stethoscope and scalpel) when I was a little girl and pretended that my Barbie doll was my patient. Little did I know that I’m now living my dream!
Training to become a Consultant Surgeon is indeed very challenging, physically, mentally and emotionally. The long hours, the on call shifts, weekends and nights, clinics, monitoring your juniors, research and postgraduate exams and degrees, PhD.
The never ending work-based assessments, exams, and so forth. There is no end to gaining knowledge in medicine and surgery, every day is a new learning experience. It challenges your patience and virtue, your ability to work under pressure and stressful environment.
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