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8 Dec 19
up bright and early to hear @IDpharmresearch, Dr. Jennifer Le, and Dr. Tom Lodise to go through the new #vancomycin guidelines at #ASHP19
@IDpharmresearch 61 years of vanco and "we are still not confident the best way to dose" #ASHP19
@IDpharmresearch AUC/MIC is the PK/PD target for all lipoglycopeptides, including newer agents #ASHP19
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26 Oct 19
Antifungal Stewardship in Solid Organ Transplantation presented by @JGPharmD at #ACCPAM19
@JGPharmD hard to follow the CAP guidelines, but Dr. Gallagher starts with a nice overview of the kingdom myceteae #ACCPAM19
@JGPharmD incidence of fungal infections in solid organ transplant patients: small bowel > lung> liver > panc > heart > kidney #accpam19
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26 Oct 19
starting #ACCPAM19 with the amazing @emilylheil presenting an update on the recently-published community-acquired pneumonia #CAP guidelines
@emilylheil So what actually causes CAP? @emilylheil states "the pathogenesis and etiology of CAP has changed over time with increased rates of vaccination and better diagnostics." Jain et al 2015 unable to identify a pathogen in > 60% of patients, viruses most common
@emilylheil Since etiology a great unknown, do we need to cover atypicals? Garin et al found BL monotherapy NOT non-inferior to combo, but on flip CAP-START suggested atypical coverage perhaps unneeded...
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3 Sep 19
my grandpa has been in the hospital for the past week w/ Acinetobacter baumannii bacteremia.

I keep deleting this, but I think I need to share what I learned about antibiotics and fear, and reinforce the life-saving nature of stewardship [thread] 1/
First, I just want to say my grandpa is the best human. From a tiny town in WV. He started the cable company back in the day bc "people deserved to know the news" Sold it for a song once it was established because he had achieved his goal. Help people, at no personal gain. 2/
He stopped driving ~1 yr ago. Sometimes he’s frustrated by this.

“I am sure people in town would drive you, Grandpa”

Grandpa, sincerely, “I’d rather give than take.”

He’s the kind of selfless we don’t deserve.

He is also hilarious and a great drinking buddy. 3/
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6 Dec 18
Round 2 of the Great ID Debates of #ASHP18 @ASHPOfficial comes to us from the brilliant minds of @SIDPharm members @TimbrookTT and @julie_justo. To start us off, Tristan makes the case for #fidaxomicin (FID) for treatment of Clostridioides difficile (#cdiff) infection
.@TimbrookTT sets up the major points for FID in the treatment of #Cdiff: 1- ⬇️recurrence compared to #vancomycin (VAN) in RCTs + ⬆️in cure without recurrence (aka global clinical cure) 2- this held up in real-world data 3- cost-effectiveness analyses support 1st line use #ASHP18
.@TimbrookTT notes the 2018 @IDSAInfo guidelines for #cdiff (…) recommend FID equally to VAN and for first recurrence, quality of evidence is higher 👀🤔#ASHP18
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