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ATTACK Trial results #ECCMID2022: efficacy & safety of sulbactam-durlobactam (SUL-DUR) vs colistin for Acinetobacter baumannii complex. Sulbactam has intrinsic activity against AB (PBP binding); durlobactam potent inhibition of class A, C,D beta-lactamases ImageImage
this was a phase 3 non-inferiority trial of HAP, VAP, BSI randomized 1:1 to SUL-DUR plus IMI or Colistin + IMI. primary efficacy outcome 28-day ACM, safety = nephrotoxicity measured by RIFLE #ECCMID2022 ImageImage
study enrollment was as follows, 95% of isolates were CRAB #ECCMID2022 Image
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Next up at #ECCMID2022 Dr. Bonomo…

👀 Watch out here come the 🧠 💣 knowledge bombs!!!

#BadBugsNeedDrugs #SaveABX

🗣 Starts by emphasizing the importance of distilling the information, discusses GUIDELINES that uses grading vs GUIDANCE of experts
Dr. Bonomo:

Starting with definitions is important so we set the stage and are speaking the same language.

Is MDR to me why MDR is to you? Great point to level set first.

“Eravacycline - what part of no don’t you understand?”

Dr. Bonomo says with levity on DTR Pseudomonas infection management 😂

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Late breaker session at #ECCMID2022 on acute hepatitis cases of unknown origin in children.
So far, 169 cases have been reported from 11 countries since first case was identified in 31 March. 17 have required liver transplant & at least one death has been reported. #IDTwitter
Almost all cases had high transaminases, majority of children have been hospitalised. No common exposure has been identified, no link to COVID19 vaccination. Adenovirus F41 was identified in several cases, but it doesn’t fully explain the clinical severity observed. #ECCMID2022
But there are still many uncertainties about acute hepatitis cases observed. Especially the # of cases, exact age group, clinical presentation, uncertain test results as not all cases were tested for adenovirus, risk factors and transmission routes remain unclear. #ECCMID2022
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#ECCMID2022 #IDtwitter

S.aureus blood infection
-deep-seated foci are common
-at least 14d of Tx
-oral Tx possible ?

Why shorter ?
-less phlebitis
-shorter hospital stay
but is it less effective ?

(p.s. no mandatory cardiovascular ultrasound)

5330 patients screened
n (IV) 108 ITT, 86 PP
n (PO) 105 ITT, 79 PP

Baseline characteristics similar
~5% MRSA
~50% peripheral venous KT infection, then SSTIs


-Early oral switch therapy is NON-INFERIOR to IV standard therapy in low-risk bacteremia regarding SAB-related complications

-No significant difference in the safety analysis

-However: diligent assessment of the patient is key to select ''low-risk'' patients

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@AchimKaasch about to present SABATO results at #ECCMID2022! Image
SABATO has been going on for quite a while now!

Question: is switching to oral therapy for low risk SAB possible?

Low risk: negative follow-up BC, no mestatistic infection, intravascular catheters removed, no prosthetic vascular material, not immunosuppressed
Benefits and risks: Image
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🤔 📖 📱

Is Twitter The New ID Textbook?

Bugs, Drugs, and Social Media – Twitter as a Tool for Advancing the Field of Infectious Diseases

My #ECCMID2022 slides as a 🧵 1/n
Many ingredients in the kitchen of social media can be combined to create different products which supports advancing ID through SM.

Each activity can support one or multiple domains of 🧠 Blooms Taxonomy.

Get creative with your recipes to create new fun stuff! 2/n
One of the best accounts out there on SM @DGlaucomflecken - huge reach in short period, recent ASP skit in vertical video, very entertaining & original, uses several SM platforms.

REMEMBERING domain: ⚠️ beware inappropriate meropenem prescribing.

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My question for Dr Ihekweazu though I’m not sure whether it will be posed:

“A key principle of the systems engineering approach, which seems to be embraced by this talk, is acknowledgement and understanding of errors, which has not happened (as per previous questioner)…
“Rebuilding trust also depends on honesty around errors…what will the hub’s approach be to errors as science and understanding evolve?”

Disappointing: another questioner asked about @who error on airborne transmission. Question was sidestepped.

That’s not how you rebuild trust
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Dr. Chikwe Ihekweazu of the new @WHO Berlin coordinating center on pandemics, discussing future of pandemic prevention and control.

Here’s his summary of current threats. #ECCMID2022 @ESCMID
Ventilation in hall A is fantastic, by the way.

Important, because sars-2, and a variety of other respiratory pathogens, are airborne

$28 thousand billion price tag in the sars-2 pandemic by 2025

Maybe worth investing a few billion more each year in global public health?

#CommonSense #NoBrainer
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Listening to the amazing @EckerleIsabella discuss science comms, twitter and infodemics at @ECCMID
“Infodemics are like viruses: they spread…vaccine hesitancy is just one example, and shows how trust is eroded…but we can model infodemics, because they are so similar”

- @EckerleIsabella
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📸 Now watching @EckerleIsabella about to talk here virtually at #ECCMID2022 @ESCMID

😃 Have been looking forward to this!

💬💬💬 Lots of comments at SM talks on how @Twitter is the primary platform for scientists

#IDtwitter #EpiTwitter #MedTwitter #TwitteRx ImageImageImageImage
Infodemics themselves are like pathogen epidemics

@EckerleIsabella at #ECCMID2022

Emoji use evaluated in misinformation tweets! Very interesting!!

@EckerleIsabella at #ECCMID2022 @ABsteward ImageImage
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🤩 Excited to see Dr. John Turnidge present in person at #ECCMID2022

He has 186 hits in pubmed and is a co-author on one of my favorite papers: “MIC-based dose adjustment: facts and fables”

#BossLevel #Twitter Image
Amoxicillin oral absorption is saturable.

de Velde JAC 2016 #ECCMID2022
Oral exposure limitations impact breakpoint selection for amoxicillin

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New #SIREN🚨 preprint out (and also being presented at #ECCMID2022 this week)...we did a cross-sectional analysis of ~6,000 SIREN participants after their vaccinations

Thread on our results and few interesting ones...🧵… @UKHSA @SMHopkins
First up, SIREN is an incredibly big research we were able to select samples from participants that provided a baseline sample (done when enrolled into SIREN) but after they were vaccinated, giving us an initial pool of ~6,000 participants...
All samples were then tested for anti-spike and anti-nucleocapsid antibodies

We then split these participants into 3 groups: naive (no PCR+), those with history of a PCR+, and then those with no PCR+ history but anti-N positive

(but more on why this is important later)
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