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23 Oct
In T-10 days,
one of the greatest mysteries "may" be solved in court...
I DARE to give my opinion...
FORK me if I'm wrong!…
For the record I am platform "agnostic"
We gotta quit this "there can be only one!" BS
There will be more than one.
For example:
Spock, and engineers say "Tell me your requirements, and I'll tell you what's best."
"...there can be only one."
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23 Oct
This is an AWESOME history of Bitcoin!
Check out @gladstein 's excellent "Bitcoin History 101" here:…
#btc #ltc #cryptocurrency
From the very beginning of the Cypherpunk movement, to E-Cash, and Bitgold, to PGP, and eventually Bitcoin……
#btc #ltc #cryptocurrency
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2 Sep
This will make me unpopular...
"When will the United States issue the Fedcoin?"
2/ My Prediction:
Definitely in 5 to 10 years.
3/ When the f̶o̶o̶l̶s̶ nice people in Washington DC realize that cryptocurrency is:
⬤ Perfectly and permanently traceable and…
⬤ NOT anonymous
They will implement a fedcoin or some other kind of digital money quicker than you can say “TAX EVASION”!
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