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Hilo🧵| ⛔🏦Evita exchanges🏦⛔ ¡Soberanía en Web 3.0!

1. 🥷💵 Comprar sin KYC
2. 📱🪪 Tarjeta SIM sin KYC
3. 🔀🔗 Bridges entre cadenas
4. 🏦🌐 Exchanges descentralizados y DeFi
5. 🏪🪙 Comprar directamente con cryptos

🥷No KYC (0/10)💵

El KYC (Know your custumer) es una forma de identificarte y por tanto a tus activos y su uso. Evitar asociar tu identidad con tus activos es primordial. Vamos a ver como puedes comprar activos sin que se asocien contigo:

🥷No KYC (1/10)💵

@hodlhodl . Una plataforma muy conocida, puedes comprar sin KYC (Te pide correo y contraseña pero no tiene que ser el tuyo personal). Es de las plataformas P2P más reputadas.

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Yesterday @fordnation joined Lt.-Gov. Elizabeth Dowdeswell in officially inducting the 2020 members in the Order of Ontario, inclu frmr Conservative premiers Ernie Eves & Mike Harris,

A🧵 on what they did & how much they made.

Strap in. It's quite a story 1/10>>

The Mike Harris gov't (Ernie Eves was his finance minister) launched the Health Services Restructuring Commission that ordered the closure of 43 hospitals.
> 11,400 hospital beds were cut.
> 1 in 3 of Ontario's acute care & chronic care hospital beds were closed. 2/ >>
The restructuring commission's commissioners included Shelly Jamieson who was the executive director of the for-profit #LTC lobby association & went back to reap the rewards of the closure of our chronic care beds as president of Extendicare after the Commission ended. 3/10 >>
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📢OHC awards the Ethel Meade Award, Daniel Benedict Award & Orville Thacker Award to exemplary Ontarians who have protected public health…
📺: 🧵
The Ethel Meade Award was created upon Ethel's retirement from the OHC Board & is given to the person whose research has made a crucial contribution to protecting public health care.

We are pleased to award Rabbi Shalom Shachter (@elderactivist) with the Ethel Meade Award.
Rabbi Shalom Shachter (@elderactivist) is an executive of ISARC & lawyer.

He is a passionate #LTC advocate & his research has been integral in fighting against for-profit #LTC & for improved hours of care.

Congrats @elderactivist on winning the Ethel Meade 🏆
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Huge thank you to the dozens of Ontarians who have sent us your submission opposing the proposed new license for Southbridge's Orchard Villa ❤️🙏

View our submission here:…
The legislation says that someone is only eligible to be issued a license for a #LTC home if… the past conduct relating to the operation of a #LTC home ... affords reasonable grounds to believe that the home will be operated in accordance w the law & with honesty & integrity /2
ICYMI: 206/233 residents infected w #COVID19 & at least 70 residents died

It would be contrary to law for the government to find that Southbridge is approved for a new license & expansion & no assessment could conclude that Southbridge is competent to operate Orchard Villa. /3
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📢 #COVID19 Spread, LTC outbreaks, hospitalizations & deaths raise red flags despite @fordnation's suppression of data

On Dec 31 @fordnation restricted PCR testing & ushered in a new era of data suppression making it impossible to know how far COVID has spread in ON🧵
@MoriartyLab & a group of doctors & researchers at COVID-19 Resources Canada have used the best data to calculate the spread in our communities.

Key Findings👇

Oct 14: 69K new daily cases in ON. That is 44% of 🇨🇦's new cases despite making up 39% of 🇨🇦's pop #CovidIsNotOver
Full Report:…

COVID-19 Hazard Index:…

📢Long-Term Care Outbreaks
Oct 12, the Ontario COVID-19 website reported 152 active outbreaks with 1,526 active resident cases & 480 active staff cases. 11 #LTC residents died that day
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Came across an interesting document from the
Financial Stability Board in 2019

Pay attention to the FSB if you are involved with crypto as they are an important Standard Setting Body (SSB)

-Thread on the slides-
#Crypto #DLT #Fintech #FSB #Innovation #Banking #Regulations #XRP ImageImage
1. 1st picture they were working on creating Stablecoin regulation in 2020 and monitoring crypto assets.

• 2nd picture is from my video showing the G7 supports the work of the FSB and other SSBs ‼️

#G7 Video on #Digitalization, #CBDCs & Crypto Reg.
2. Crypto Assets, Stablecoins and CBDC's

#Crypto #Blockchain #Fintech #regtech #FSB #DLT Image
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It's hard to believe that @wanswap, the #Wanchain ecosystem's leading #crosschain AMM DEX, has yet to be featured in a #FridayThread! 🐝

Today, this oversight is rectified.


🧵 Image
A #DEX, or decentralised exchange, is a p2p marketplace where asset swaps and transactions occur directly between users.

An #AMM, or automated market maker, is a protocol that relies on liquidity pools and mathematical formulas to price assets.

@wanswap is both. Image
WanSwap leverages #Wanchain's wide area network of blockchains to enable crosschain asset swaps.

With @wanswap, users can stake and swap tokens from more than 17 layer 1 and layer 2 networks including #BTC, #ETH, #AVAX, #DOT, #WAN, #LTC, #XRP for negligible gas fees. Image
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Barely anyone ever sees anything I tweet so I'm doubtful about trying this. Here goes, nonetheless:

I'm creating a @fordnation privatization index listing all the public services Ford is privatizing. Ppl need to know. Can you add any egs. that you know? Here's a start ⤵️
▪️@fordnation is privatizing our public hospitals' surgeries and diagnostics
▪️They are midstream through privatizing the majority (>18,000 so far) of new #LTC beds in New 30-yr contracts
▪️They are privatizing the last remaining public parts of home care more>>>
▪️@fordnation cut access to public #COVID testing & then privatized it, even allowing the for-profit companies to charge $200+ for medically needed COVID tests in violation of the Canada Health Act
▪️They privatized the provision of vaccines to for-profit pharmacy chains
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🧵Previously, ALC patients chose 5 PREFERRED #LTC homes they would go to. Bill 7 works to enable a situation I describe below, where our most vulnerable can be charged US-style hospital fees for merely waiting for a safe and appropriate #LTC facility.

It is downright cruel.
Before, you couldn't be forced to pay the UNINSURED hospital rate if you turned down an LTC that was not among your top 5.

Now, they're enabling hospitals to "continue the conversation" by effectively threatening to bankrupt them if they don't take the first bed available.
So they say there's "choice", but we all know threatening our most financially & medically vulnerable seniors (30.5% of which live in poverty in ON) w/ EXHORBITANT bills will force them to take the bad option presented to them simply because they cannot afford to wait it out.
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Sorry but no. This will lead to more WOMEN leaving the paid workforce which then renders them financially unstable for their future.

NO NO NO @drmwarner.
How about just FIX #LTC?!
Ps. There is longstanding research on the care penalty. The very GENDERED CARE PENALTY.

Start with @NFolbre’s research.…
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@fordnation limits debate & removes public hearings to push through Bill 7
@fordnation passed a motion to limit the debate of Bill 7 & allows Second & Third Reading to happen on the same day. Bill 7 allows the gov't to start the process to push seniors into #LTC w/o consent 1/4
The motion limits debate in the Leg to just 2 hrs for 2nd Reading and 2 hrs for 3rd Reading & they can pass both readings in 1 day

They have advised that they will not be holding public hearings. This is undemocratic & is a blatant attempt to trample on seniors' rights 2/4
Bill 7 pushes our most vulnerable into #LTC homes that may be far away, in staffing crisis, culturally inapp. &/or have horrendous records.

Holding public hearings is the normal process. We asked our members & supporters to apply for standing to speak out against this Bill 3/4
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Just reading the @TorontoStar article that frames the entire issue of contravention the right to consent for elderly patient from @fordnation's claims, makes some bizarre assertions and does not interview a single patient advocate to check the truth.>
The odious (and false) title?
"Ford government pushes hospitals to bill patients who won’t leave when cleared for long-term care"

That is a horrible way to characterize what is happening to elderly patients.

We are issuing a fact checker. A quick preview>>


The #LTC wait list is >30,000.
There is NO SPACE except in LTC homes people do not want to go to (for good reason).

Hospitals have charged the LTC/chronic bed co-payments since 1996 (Mike Harris brought them in). Thus this new bill is not about that.>

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Healthcare Thread🧵: Plan To Stay Open: Bill 7 - More Beds,Better Care Act

Every time I try to convince myself that the @fordnation government can’t get any worse, they dive even deeper. The lack of compassion for Ontarians shines through every piece of legislation /2
they write, and with every word they speak. To hear @PaulCalandra and @SylviaJonesMPP at their presser this week was bad enough, but to read the true message in words defies logic and further demonstrates their love of privatization and their disdain for Ontarians. /3
Let’s go on a trip through the written words. 😡 I’ve highlighted a few problematic things.
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One year ago today, my mother died a painful death caused by Care Home negligence. Betty didn’t know Twitter but hopefully Twitter will come to know her. #JusticeForBetty
Here is her story; please share it so others won’t suffer as Betty did. Image
On July 10, 2021, Betty died of complications arising from #rhabdomyolysis and #heatstroke. Both instances of negligence happened in the @Fraserhealth #DrAlHoggPavilion in #WhiteRockBC. About a month before her death, Betty’s leg was severely injured, yet…
her caregivers knew nothing about any incident. In hospital, 2 weeks later, it was diagnosed that mom had been laying on the hard floor for hours, enough to cause her muscles to begin wasting, releasing a toxin that would eventually attack her kidneys.
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The second oldest cryptocurrency, Litecoin was created with the goal to improve the accessibility and transaction speed of Bitcoin. Indeed, this cryptocurrency is arguably the fastest, taking on average less than 3 minutes to process the #payment, which is four times… Coupled with marginal fees charged by the wallet provider, which are typically under $1 (gaming websites themselves do not charge any fees for processing #LTC deposits), this lightning speed makes Litecoin an ideal solution for smaller routine… transactions, which is what Even though this digital currency is supported by a great many wallets and exchanges, the safest and easiest options are Coinbase and Exodus.
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𝘽𝙞𝙩𝙘𝙤𝙞𝙣 𝙍𝙚𝙙𝙥𝙞𝙡𝙡 💊✨

A excelente live do @38bitcoinheiro e @alan_schramm para @InvDigitais. Ceifou meu questionamento de que como as pessoas podem esperar a adoção do bitcoin, se as taxas de transferência para outra bolsa ou carteira são gritantes. ⬇ Image
@38bitcoinheiro @alan_schramm @InvDigitais @jeff_podcast @UrsoPolNE @shelbiapostador

Saibamos que cada usuário determina por si mesmo qual taxa deseja pagar, com base na urgência com que deseja que sua transação seja incluída em um bloco:

Atualmente (2 de Junho de 2022), se você deseja que sua transação seja confirmada em 10 minutos⬇
@38bitcoinheiro @alan_schramm @InvDigitais @jeff_podcast @UrsoPolNE @shelbiapostador (próximo bloco), você deve pagar o equivalente a 1,16 USD. Se você não estiver com pressa e quiser confirmar em uma hora, pode pagar o equivalente a 65 centavos (3,13 reais)

Não tenho certeza do que é "louco" em pagar 3 reais por uma transação para qualquer país do mundo ⬇
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1/ To be blunt, I don't want to hear about how you didn't find the leaders likeable, or the campaigns inspiring. I don't want to hear about the flaws in platforms, or how the polls look. There are so many people in this province counting on us to defeat the Ford PCs this #onpoli:
2/ Vote for the most vulnerable Ontarians with disabilities who are trapped in poverty, some of whom are seeking medically-assisted suicide (MAID) because of #ODSPoverty. #VoteForTheDisabled #VoteToEndODSPoverty

Vote to improve autism supports.
3/ Vote for our doctors and nurses, the people you called heroes this pandemic and who are pleading with us to vote the PCs out of power and elect a government that will actually invest adequately in healthcare again. #VoteForNurses #VoteForDoctors
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This is brutal. Tons of cryptos are as oversold or more than it was in the 2018 bear market, except BTC & ETH.

Some capital deployed here again.

Not necessarily these cryptos below, just using them for demonstration purposes as these are existed in the previous cycle.
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Versión en español ⬇️

Spanish Version ⬇️
🇵🇦 Ley Panamá blockchain, cripto, metales preciosos tokenizados.

21/04/2022 fue un gran día.

Panamá logró un gran paso hacia la integración del sistema financiero tradicional con las nuevas tecnologías y economías digitales🥇

Se aprobó en la cámara legislativa, el primer debate de una ley que mejora la economía de un nuevo Panamá.

Esta ley es un compendio de 3 anteproyectos de grandes mentes innovadoras y diputados del país; @gabrielsilva8_7 , Cenobia Vargas, Roberto Abrego, entre otros.
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🇵🇦 Panamá Blockchain, Crypto, Tokenized Precious Metal Law

21/04/2022 was a great day.

Panama achieved a great step towards the integration of the traditional financial system with new technologies and digital economies🥇

It was approved within the legislative chamber, the first debate of a law that improves the economy of a new Panama.

The law is a mix of the 3 previous drafts of great innovative minds and deputies of the country; @gabrielsilva8_7 , Cenobia Vargas, Roberto Abrego, among others
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▪️We will not let @fordnation expand private hospitals, privatize 18K #LTC beds or further privatize home care.
▪️We will stop the privatization of vaccines & #COVID19 testing
▪️We will not allow cuts to public services
It Stops Now!
Thread⬇️ Image
Be part of the IRON RING around our public health care.

Find locations, speakers, registration links & more details on how to get involved ⬇️…
OTTAWA- Monday March 21 @ 7:00 pm…
Featuring: Ed Cashman, Ottawa Health Coalition
Natalie Mehra, OHC
@DickZoutman, retired hospital chief of staff
Hugh Armstrong, professor emeritus, Carleton University
@nilikm, @CdnDrs4Medicare
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With a shocking look at the state of the #Ontario long-term care system, @AmitAryaMD tells #ORC22 that it isn't broken - it was designed this way.

The system must change.

#onpoli #unifor #LTC
"Long-term care should be a verb, an action, not a place." @AmitAryaMD says. Investment in home care should be a priority to relieve pressure on #LTC system & provide better quality of life to those who need it.
In Canada, we have austerity measures for long-term care, for seniors, and those with disabilities. Denmark spends twice per capita what we do and their system works.
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🧵To mark the anniversary of the launch of my book "Neglected No More: The Urgent Need To Improve the Lives of Canada's Elders," I'm going to share some reflections on #eldercare #ageism, and lessons of #COVID19.… @PenguinRandomCA @WCA_LitAgency /1
Elders in long-term care were victims of a "massacre of neglect" during #COVID19. Of the roughly 36,500 #COVID19 deaths in Canada to date, more than 20,000 have been in institutional care. @NoLore has collected the data, no government.… via @NeglectedNo /2
A horror of this magnitude -- 20,000+ elders dead from neglect -- should prompt a dramatic response. But governments have mostly shrugged it off, promising more of the same, not substantive change, and bickering about jurisdiction.… via @NeglectedNo /3
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