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I would also like to point out that the new LTC Act (Bill 37) DOES NOTHING TO PREVENT THIS FROM HAPPENING AGAIN. We asked for clear legal rights for essential family caregivers and residents to never be separated again @RodPhillips01 but received none.
It’s in these moments I think of all the LTC families I’ve grown very protective of….like @hollyhoneyburke @samanthalburke who were forcibly separated from their mother in #LTC….like @JoAnneBeggsRSW who was forcibly separated from BOTH her parents (one of which passed alone).
I think of @CathyMParkes who lost her father while he was kept confined without any family access at Orchard Villa. I think of @Doris_Wai who lost her grandmother at Tendercare without a chance to say goodbye.
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Many homes face short-staffing because there are NO STAFFING STANDARDS IN PLACE OR PROPER LABOUR ARRANGEMENTS FOR WORKERS, thus retention remains an issue even for “good” not for profits (less of an issue w/ municipal homes because they have better work contracts & retention).
RECAP: There are 3 types of LTC ownership:
➖Private, For Profit (🙅🏼‍♀️)
➖Private, Not For Profit (many culturally specific homes fall under this umbrella)
➖Municipal (which have the BEST resident & staffing outcomes yet comprise the LOWEST share of our Ontarian LTC sector 🤯).
THIS is why we’ve been hitting home to this government that we need proper care standards in place NOW + regulations requiring decent work, pay, training/regulation for its workers.

This government did NOTHING CONCRETE to address these outstanding issues.
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I'll be on @CityNewsTO @ 6pm talking w/ @MaleehaCity about the @fordnation currently doling out 30 year contracts to #ForProfit LTC operators with terrible records. Tendercare & Orchard Villa are 2 such homes currently up for renewal - 2 homes w/ the WORST #COVID19 death rates.
Some statistics recently released by @OntarioHealthC:
@fordnation gov't is midway through allocating 30,436 beds
➖Majority of these (16,304) are in process of being allocated to #ForProfit providers.
➖Of those, 12,084 have gone to 10 large chain companies w/ horrid records
➖The minority of beds are being allocated to NOT FOR PROFIT LTC providers (10,990) + ONLY A PALTRY 2,918 to publicly owned municipal homes (the model with the BEST DOCUMENTED RESIDENT/STAFF OUTCOMES).
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En #LTC se puede buscar abrir posiciones largas. Muy interesante la gran actividad bajista previa (cuadro granate), parece ser q con toda su fuerza se quedó en niveles de primeros de setiembre. Niveles dónde la demanda debía aparecer y así lo ha hecho. 1/2
Sería muy deseable que apareciese más volumen, pero la pega es que si eso ocurre el precio se marcharía ya lejos. Buscaré entrar en temporalidades más pequeñas. 2/2
Bajando a temporalidad de 4h se crean dudas. Decía en diario relativa fortaleza. Si escudriñamos podría ser hasta debilidad. El porqué? Hasta este momento lo que se ve a ciencia cierta es que cuando cae lleva volumen y que cuando sube ya no lo lleva
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Deaths WITH #Covid19 age 0-19 yrs as of Nov 12 2021:


Reported #vaccine adverse events age 12-17 yrs as of Nov 12 2021:


"Canada prepares for the largest childhood #vaccination campaign since polio" under "Emergency Use Authorization". There is no emergency.
Deaths WITH covid - vs. reported "Vaccine adverse events"

Deaths WITH #Covid19 age 20-29 yrs as of Nov 12 2021:


Reported #vaccine adverse events age 18-29 yrs as of Nov 12 2021:


[Keep in mind flu has vanished, Most jab injuries go unreported.]

Deaths WITH covid - vs. reported "Vaccine adverse events"

Deaths WITH #Covid19 age 30-39 yrs as of Nov 12 2021:


Reported #vaccine adverse events age 30-39 yrs as of Nov 12 2021:


[Keep in mind the pharmaceutical industry funds Health Canada / 90% or higher]
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🧵 Hilo: Novedades en #Binance hoy 👇
Oficialmente se abre el Pool de Minería de #LTC en #Binance, ¡a minar! ⛏…
📢 #CAKE y #DUSK ahora están como activos disponibles en garantía dentro de Binance Savings (puedes ganar hasta 12% en APY 🎉)…
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Ford Gov'ts New LTC Act
Quick Initial Analysis
Oct. 28, 2021 at 3 p.m.

@fordnation & @rodphillips01 have gone to extreme lengths to brand this as a new LTC Act. It is not a new Act at all! But there are some changes.


For full summary:…
Bottom line? There are a few amendments to the existing Act. Many of them fluff. A few of them (particularly those favouring expansion of for-profit ownership) are terrible. The most-teased promise of new enforcement mostly currently exists....
... (cont'd) & @fordnation has sat on those powers already for years without holding a single operator accountable (in fact quite the opposite).

Quick details/summary:

For-Profit Privatization: @fordnation dropped the requirement to promote non-profit delivery of #LTC
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There is confusion about what @fordnation's #LTC minister @RodPhillips01 announced re. inspections.

To be clear what he announced was "new" "proactive" inspections. He did not commit to reinstating the in-depth annual inspections of all LTC homes (called RQI inspections) 1/3
Strip away the glowing adjectives & what we have is no commitment to ensure there is an annual surprise RQI on every LTC home.

(This is a longstanding priority from all the public interest groups that care about the interests of residents.)

The reason we are raising this? 2/3
The 4profit #LTC industry has long lobbied against annual surprise inspections of all homes. It's a key point of contention. We (collectively) win them for a few years, the industry beats them back. We win again, they get stopped, like the Ford gov't did when they took office.
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There are challenges when advocating for a vulnerable sector of society when one is also a member of that sector.

I’ve been YELLING INTO THE VOID for 1+yrs over this. ⤵️

Do SENIORS lives only matter if they reside in #LTC?
This isn’t JUST about me but 342+/- others, although I will admit a heavily invested interest!

342 x RO6-8 = 2,052- 2,736!😮1/69 #AB counties.

Spoiler Alert: Long list w/same/similar set ups in #ABPublicHousing. There’s no reason to assume they operate any differently.
Anyhoo…bk to current urgent & long standing matters at hand.

LRHF (@lrhfhousing) is the ‘Management Body’ for 16 residential rental properties within @LeducCounty, under the Minister of Srs & Housing @JosephinePon (see artwork)

16 - 3 (own access-no shared spaces)=13
3/ Image
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In T-10 days,
one of the greatest mysteries "may" be solved in court...
I DARE to give my opinion...
FORK me if I'm wrong!…
For the record I am platform "agnostic"
We gotta quit this "there can be only one!" BS
There will be more than one.
For example:
Spock, and engineers say "Tell me your requirements, and I'll tell you what's best."
"...there can be only one."
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This is an AWESOME history of Bitcoin!
Check out @gladstein 's excellent "Bitcoin History 101" here:…
#btc #ltc #cryptocurrency
From the very beginning of the Cypherpunk movement, to E-Cash, and Bitgold, to PGP, and eventually Bitcoin……
#btc #ltc #cryptocurrency
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Active addresses don't tell the entire story, but there are still sub-plots to every story.

#LTC active addresses went over 700k for the 1st time ever on Oct 14, 2021

#Ethereum active addresses have been on a decline since May 2021

Some potentials reasons?

A thread...
2/ Over the past 12 months, tech & adoption breakthroughs have occurred for both #Litecoin & #Ethereum:

ETH: #NFTs, institutional investing, @Grayscale, PoS

LTC: @litebringergame @BitPay @PayPal @Venmo, institutional investing, Grayscale, OmniLite, etc.

3/ Is the fact one (#LTC) is trending up in active addresses & one (#ETH) is trending down attributed to one becoming more used than the other?

It depends on what your definition of 'used' is. Ethereum is staked more prominently than Litecoin, causing less to circulate.

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#Alberta - You would have to be blind to not see that the fear/jab campaign is the entry point to digital identity - a imperative of #4IR architecture / global digitalization.…

You can #lockdown & jab - but the crisis is in long-term care. #LTC

"Quietly making an appearance on the #Google Play & #Apple App store Tuesday, the #Alberta govt introduced its new AB Covid Records Verifier.
Starting Nov. 15, the #QR scanner will be the only accepted proof of #vaccination..."

The #Vaccination Credential Initiative / #VCI / #SmartHealthCards includes 294 additional corporations & institutions including #Apple, #Walmart, #Google, & the Province of #Ontario.

#GoodHealthPass #ID2020



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Figure 7. #Canada: deaths with #covid19 as of October 1, 2021: 27,660

Figure 7. #Canada: deaths with #covid19 as of October 8, 2021: 27,660

No additional deaths WITH covid.

Yet #media hysteria continues for experimental jab / #vaccinepassport (#digitalID) uptake.
Note on same page it states "the count of deaths related to COVID19 in Canada was 28,141 as of Oct 7 2021". (Possible that new deaths w/ covid will not show up on this chart until next cycle).

#Adverse event reports up to/including Oct 1 2021: 17,982…
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- (1/3) When will VET make its ATH ⏳
- (2/3) VET price prediction? 💸
- (3/3) Exiting the market at the right time ✅

Don't forget to like and RT! Ready? Let’s Go ⬇️⬇️

2/ NFA: All the information given here is not investment advice, but only the result of my own research and analysis. They can very well be realized as the opposite. Please, and even more so now, before you invest: DYOR and only invest what you can afford to lose 🤝
3/ 𝑴𝑬𝑮𝑨 𝑻𝑯𝑹𝑬𝑨𝑫 (𝟏/𝟑) 𝑾𝒉𝒆𝒏 𝒘𝒊𝒍𝒍 𝑽𝑬𝑻 𝒎𝒂𝒌𝒆 𝒊𝒕𝒔 𝑨𝑻𝑯? ⏳
WHEN? If we could predict everything, we would all be millionaires, that's a fact. But since we can't predict the future, we can make TA predictions to get as close as possible to the truth!
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Dear @ImmunizeBC @bc_pharmacy @CDCofBC ->
I have a few Q's: (begin thread)
1/ Can you confirm whether #QIIV (high dose Fluzone) #SeasonalFluShots will be available in #BC?
(I read today via @RexallDrugstore "only in ONT" Will they be avail in BC at some point as well?) @BCPoli
Q: 2/@CDCofBC (and my doc) "Recommends Quadrivalent Inactivated Influenza Vaccine (QIIV) (Fluzone)" for ppl (like me) w/conditions such as:
65+, diabetes, asthma, RA ...
3/Specifically, I'd like clarification - if it in fact high dose *is/will be* available...who qualifies? Is it any/everyone 65+,or only those in #LTC, assisted living/1st nations?
This clip via @bc_pharmacy is confusing...
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Trudeau is a fascist.

#BuildBackBetter with a "#Freedom-As-A-Service" economy, global in scale.

#Trudeau serves ruling class/global finance - NOT citizens.

Nothing to do w/ health. This is the implementation of #4IR architecture.


PM #Trudeau & Deputy PM Chrystia #Freeland:

"Those who are unwilling to disclose their #vaccination status or to be fully vaccinated will be placed on administrative leave without pay as early as Nov 15, 2021."

#Freeland: member of the #WorldEconomicForum's Board of Trustees.
Of the 27,890 deaths WITH covid in Canada (Oct 5, 2021), 15,417 deaths have occurred in long-term care facilities. #Privatization

"Canadian military reported residents died of #neglect, not #COVID19" (CBC).

12,473 deaths w/ covid outside #LTC.
That's 0.032% of population.
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Anyone who promotes, supports, condones, normalizes, or stays silent on a global experiment on #children is a monster. It's that simple - & that grotesque. To serve capital, #biotech/#EmergingMarkets, rather than protecting the most vulnerable of society, is unforgivable.
Population of Canada: 38 million.

Deaths WITH covid as of Oct 1, 2021, age 0 - 19:

Canada: adverse event reports by up to & including Sept 24, 2021.

Age bracket 12-17: 419

The grossly under-reported adverse reactions thus far, are the tip of the iceberg. All for a disease for a median infection survival rate of 99.77% or more.
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Viajar con #Cryptos?
les traigo uno de los dos proyectos que me parecen interesantes para seguir. Uno ya lo mencione hace un tiempo #travala #AVA pero hoy les traigo su token es #LOC
La industria de viajes está revolucionando es un mercado de viajes basado en #blockchain. Al eliminar los intermediarios y las comisiones, los usuarios pueden ahorrar hasta un 60% en las tarifas de reserva.
Se puede elejir entre una variedad de métodos de pago, como tarjetas de crédito, #criptomonedas populares y #tokens LOC locales para evitar tarifas de pago.
como por ej: #Electroneum (#ETN), #Bitcoin (#BTC), #Ethereum (#ETH), #USDCoin (#USDC) y #Litecoin (#LTC).
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Let’s look at the Liberal policy on #LTC.
This is interesting- while doing a little research I discovered that the in his 2021 budget Trudeau already announced an additional $3 billion dollars for LTC- over 5 years.
So, the @CPC_HQ isn’t really offering anything new- just shortening the period from 5 to 3 years.
The Liberal platform is actually promising an additional $6 billion beyond the 3 in the budget. We are talking about a total of 9 BILLION DOLLARS. The investment would be used
to improve the quality and availability of #LTC beds.
The Liberal platform also includes the creation of something called Safe Long Term Care Act- setting national standards. My concern here is the sector is presently almost COMPLETELY governed by the provinces and
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Okay.. let's look at the Conservatives and their thoughts about #LTC - took awhile to find it, but I did- One paragraph on page 149. and one on page 150 of his 162 page document. He will provide "guidance for provinces without intruding on
their jurisdiction." He will work with
"provincial governments who WANT to commit to
this important project." - yeah - this alone says it all.
He's willing to give 3 BILLION over 3 years to #LTC homes to "renovate Long-Term Care Homes" to "improve the care that residents receive." How would this work? Would you
give it to the provinces or would the federal government manage it? Who would hold the provinces or the actual #LTC homes responsible? Who is the lucky person that's going to ask the provinces for receipts?
This is interesting- #PSW's some the most under appreciated workers
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Let's start with #LTC . Below is the NDP policy. Sounds good.. but the NDP is saying everything that the Liberal and even the Conservatives - except @theJagmeetSingh isn't being totally honest in PUBLIC. The policy states he will "work with the…
provinces and territories take a new approach to addressing the complex health care needs of our aging population." In public he says he will fix it - not work with provinces- he will simply do it. He also talks about doing not allowing 'for profit' LTC homes- again sounds great.
Personally I would love to see it. Let's go back 6 yrs when Trudeau was elected. One of his promises was to increase funding for mental health - and he did. He went to the provinces with additional funding earmarked for mental health- remember what happened? Almost every
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This is a heinous lie I continue seeing #LiberalTwitter tell, as some argument about #NDP obstructing the LPC, as an excuse for this election, let's unpack it.



#DisabilityDebate #Elxn44 #CERB
No, the NDP did not, "vote against the disabled". They initially refused to support the Covid-19 spending bill in June, which contained a $600 payment for disabled Canadians. And for good reason.

The Liberals wanted to fine/jail CERB recipients! (2/9)
Which was pretty unfair, and necessary to stop, because LIBERAL MPs like Wayne Easter and Adam Vaughan who told people to apply for CERB whether they knew they qualified or not! Can we say, entrapment? I'm no lawyer but, unfair to say the least. (3/9)
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Now that @fordnation has prorogued the Ontario Legislature, let's review their record of health legislation to date:

▪️a bill that shields for-profit #LTC chain corporations from liability for their negligence in the pandemic
... 1/4
▪️a bill to dismantle all public governance of home care, hand it over to the provider co's (the majority of which are for-profit) & privatize all remaining public home care in Ontario.

(This was @fordnation & @ChrisElliottMPP's priority as the 2nd wave was coming) 2/4
▪️a bill to dismantle the public governance of health care in every region of Ontario & hand it over to provider companies (for- & non- profit) to run w/out public governance. The bill also gives extraordinary powers to the Minister & government to privatize & restructure.
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