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Filthy remoaner. 1 of 49 million Britons who did not vote for brexit. Not moving on. Mission statement: Make 1 rejoiner smile & 1 brexiteer apoplectic every day
Apr 25, 2021 55 tweets 31 min read
Starting a thread to highlight the loons amongst the 364 tory MPs

Updated every Sunday until we vote them out

#TorySpannerSunday Image Part 1 MP for New Forest West & chief covidiot Desmond Swayne, who said:

Blacking up is “an entirely acceptable bit of fun”

Scientists & health experts should be “put in their place”

“The poorest are amongst the fattest”

Being gay is “gross and unnatural”

#TorySpannerSunday Image
Mar 30, 2021 8 tweets 5 min read

Every broken promise laid bare

Updated on the 30th of every month until we vote them out Image 1. "Maintain our commitment to spend 0.7% of GDP on development"

Instead they cut it to 0.5%

May not sound a lot but it means £4.5 billion less each year to help the poorest countries in the world

#ToryManifestoLies updated on the 30th of every month…
Dec 31, 2020 32 tweets 8 min read

31 liars & hypocrites who facilitated brexit

Some are mad, some are bad

All are millionaires, some are billionaires

They’ll profit from UK companies failing, keep their money abroad to avoid UK tax and travel freely with their EU passports