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I just debated why #BrexitHasFailed with Ex Brexit Party MEP, Alex Phillips.

I don't get to use the phrase "CRIMINALLY INSANE" often, but you'll see why it applies. 😬
FULL VERSION of my commentary:
Because I actually have a conscience, I'm super aware that my commentary cut out a lot of what Alex Phillips said...

I don't want to be like the crappy media that just shows their side to make their audience think the other person got "destroyed".

So I included this at the end:
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Just to make this very clear, so everyone fully understands what is happening: we were given 3 main reasons for leaving the EU.

In no particular order, one was immigrants. All these EU queue jumpers everywhere was enough to drive a sovereign insane.


So we had to leave the EU to end FoM to control the inflow of these foreigners. And somehow have ended up with a record number of net migration not even achieved in the hay days of EU FoM: 606,000 just last year alone.

Two was the fact the EU made us follow all these rules, standards and regulations we only had helped develop. Including a few we even didn't want! That was simply not acceptable!

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The Times finally gets real about #Brexit

In the first of a two-part series, business reporters look at how parts of the service economy are faring almost two and a half years after the end of the Brexit transition period in late 2020.

#BrexitHasFailed ImageImage
“Britain voted to leave the EU seven years ago, but has failed to define its new global trading relationships. To regain its place as one of the strongest growing G7 countries, Britain needs a bold, forward-looking policy agenda and industrial strategy integrated with an actively…… Image
China USA trade war is serious threat to Britain thanks to #Brexit.

“Britain voted to leave the EU seven years ago, but has failed to define its new global trading relationships.”

Analysis finds that the UK’s economy will suffer more than those of the US, EU and China in the…… Image
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Plans to privatise the NHS didn’t happen today or yesterday either under Tory governments that stretch as far back as Margaret Thatcher. David Cameron and every Tory PM since just accelerated the process and now we have a raft of private health providers sucking the NHS dry!
And they are all linked to the Tory Party. Welcome to the Tory world of Buddy Contracts on an industrial scale. That is also why these Tory governments are also in favour of Brexit as they are out to de-regulate trading rules and pilfer the public sector.
Can’t wait to be recovered sufficiently from my wound infection and all the other health scares that came with it to get out there and join the protests for better pay for all public sector workers on strike and help salvage what’s left of our NHS! #ToriesOut #ToriesCostLives
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Thread to capture what we learnt about the negative impact of brexit on Britain in 2022

#BrexitReality #BrexitBrokeBritain #BrexitHasFailed Image

On the first day of Christmas brexit gave to us

A £1 trillion drop in the value of the London stock exchange…

On the second day of Christmas brexit gave to us

A £2 billion bill for the UK chemical industry to recreate what they already had as part of the EU

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Tories represent a grotesque distortion of high office, warped libertarian ideology honed for decades by economists and implemented through think tanks masquerading under charity status, using public money! Could it really get any worse? Wait til REUL Bill kicks in Dec 2023
Please watch @CSBarnard24 Prof of EU and Employment Law explain why REUL Bill is an unprecedented far right attack on the rule of law, why the Tories will have nothing in place and what the ensuing chaos will bring for the entire country. #BrexitDisaster
R/w thinking behind charter cities exploits philanthropy that privately run cities will alleviate poverty, don't be fooled, they are a deregulation nightmare hatched by libertarian economists to install corporate rule beyond Govt reach. #BrexitReality
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The "legacy" of Boris Johnson and his brexit regime in 12 charts

Chart 1 The biggest drop in living standards since records began

#FilthyPieceOfToerag #ToryChaos #BorisHasFailedBritain
The "legacy" of Boris Johnson and his brexit regime in 12 charts

Chart 2 The most unpopular PM in UK history

#FilthyPieceOfToerag #ToryChaos #BorisHasFailedBritain
The "legacy" of Boris Johnson and his brexit regime in 12 charts

Chart 3 The highest covid death toll in Europe

#FilthyPieceOfToerag #ToryChaos #BorisHasFailedBritain
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Update on "our Ken" - the ex Met Police officer who sent a threatening letter, placed rubbish in the garden, then escalated to spray painting the property and wielding a knife. His complaint? Having anti Brexit stickers on my dustbing
To avoid going to court (His son works for Kent #Police and Ken is a football coach for young people), Ken finally paid £3000 for the restoration of the property (some 75% of the sum requested). It becomes clear that #Brexit doesn't pay.
Ken's main complaint (apart from the fact that I don't accept his form of democracy and that "I lost") was his claim that my anti-Brexit stickers were lowering property values in the area. I have not been able to verify the matter, nonetheless ...
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Dishonesty has replaced Govt debate on Brexit.
Keir Starmer, how can he say with a straight face: “There is no case for rejoining”? Apparently Starmer does not wish to offend the third of Labour supporters who voted Leave – just the two-thirds who didn’t!…
Federal Trust’s forthcoming project 'Brexit Can Be Undone' As Prof Andrew Blick of King’s College London article on the project: “Rejoining is the only satisfactory means of addressing the manifest problems caused by Brexit.”
But, experts eh? #BrexitHasFailed
Indifference to 'how things are' hallmarks of perpetual BS from Labour & Tories both in total denial of the Brexit wrecking ball. Sinister stealth tactics from Buchanans 70's 80s oligarchic revolution are playing out in UK politics, an obscene billionaire anti democracy movement.
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A Small and Easy to Understand Thread on BREXIT!

#brexit #BrexitHasFailed #BrexitReality #brexiteers #ToryBrexitDisaster #torylies #BrexitBrokeBritain
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Michael Martin, “the single worst call [Martin] ever had with anyone”. The FT’s Peter Foster claimed he had been told the call was “very difficult”, “stubborn”, “eulogising on sovereignty” and “little grasp of detail” …not even close to “conciliatory”…
Not to be outdone the foreign secretary, Liz Truss, then managed to annoy EU vice president Maroš Šefčovič in a telephone conversation that one EU source characterised as “horrendous”, adding that they had “seldom seen Šefčovič so cross and so upset”.
Described as a ‘tough’ meeting, Sinn Féin’s president Mary Lou McDonald and her deputy Michelle O’Neill, Stormont’s first minister designate, emerged to accuse the prime minister of coordinating with “obstructionist tactics” by the DUP who want to see the protocol ditched.
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Thread. People wonder why I am anti Brexit. Because it wrecked my business almost overnight. I am a U.K. based art dealer who sells to thousands of customers across the EU. 99% of my customers are EU based and before #brexit it was no issue. Like selling to a customer in Hull. 1/
But after #brexit, it fell apart. Instead of taking 4 days from U.K. to customer receiving in, say, Naples, it takes up to 4 weeks. Instead of sticking on a label and posting, I have to fill out multiple invoices and customs declarations. A parcel costing £14 inc VAT to Italy 2/
before #brexit now costs £22 with no VAT. Instead of a customer receiving it and hanging it on their wall, they receive a customs notification demanding import duty, handling fee and 20% VAT before they get it. Approx €230 extra for a €1000 item. Before #brexit they paid 3/
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Russia has fomented the rise of the far right across central and eastern Europe. Like a virus attacking its host, malign Russian influence seeks out and attacks democracies.
Eroding the foundations of democracies takes years to fully achieve the desired destabilizing and disabling effects, as the western model of democracy becomes more discredited and undermined so the Kremlin’s model rises up.
Russia’s networks of influence are complex, rendering a countries ability to conduct oversight through transparency, accountability and the rule of law extremely vulnerable to exploitation and manipulation.
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Profiting from Covid and then partying about it is one facet of the Tories disaster capitalist agenda for post Brexit UK. Instability is the new stability for right wing libertarians the world over. Truss's Global network of Liberty is about the freedom to profit from disasters
big and small, environmental, financial, political, social, the more fuel is poured on the fire by multinationals and hostile foreign actors, the more those less well off will feel its impact.
Social media has been weaponised to spread disinformation and further stoke division, so when Twitter clamps down, Tory politicians move onto Parler, they constantly need panic and lies to sow outrage in the headlines spewed out by off domiciled press barons. Why?
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Tories attacks on the disadvantaged cannot conceal their endless subcontracting scams with taxpayers money, next 2 years £25billion goes to corporate tax incentives. Yet these breaks will absolve corporations of improving public services. Those less well off are made to pay 1/1
as this Govt continues its course of cruel punishment of the welfare state with cuts on UC, fuel/food price hikes causing soaring energy bills/hyperinflation. All during times of crisis, in the past people used to pull together, now Tory populism and greed cause division 2/2
and resentment. This is a grotesque state of affairs where the contrasts between rich and poor widen on an almost daily basis. The Tories show no remorse followed by empty campaigning promises that never see the light of day. They believe they are special, that they deserve 3/3
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If Only - the government since 2010

If only we could appease the ERG we could be a progressive government
If only we could blackmail the EU with our departure , they will agree to anything we say.
If only we could get rid of the EU we could be kings of the world! 1/
If only we were out of the EU you could have cheap shoes
If only you hadn’t believed us we would know what to do next.
If only we could get rid of immigrants we could give you a house
If only we could get rid of FOM you could have better hospitals.
If only we could have Boris Johnson in charge the unicorns will dance in your gardens every morning.
If only we had sovereignty we could raise taxes from the richest.
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The EU is facing many difficulties, but Brexit isn't one of them | Lorenzo Codogno…
“Now, the extra paperwork puts off firms that lack the critical mass to absorb the extra fixed costs of handling non-EU trade procedures. Over time, the situation may well improve, but some companies have already given up. British consumers have paid the price,”
This is what I kept talked about for so long. Ultimately in the UK what will happen is, as large multinationals mop up the business previously done by the SME sector, they become even more dominant. Even more capital and wealth will fall into fewer hands
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2017, and still completely correct. It’s time for some grown ups.
#JohnsonMustGo #BrexitHasFailed #BrexitShambles #BrexitDisaster
Always astounding that people can’t simultaneously agree with Blair on Brexit and disagree with him on Iraq at the same time.
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Because it’s undeliverable, and always was. Especially by someone of such jingoistic mediocrity.

Bye then. 👋
#torybrexitdisaster #brexitshambles
Like every Brexit negotiator we’ve had, he leaves behind a trail of mess and distrust, and bewildered allies across the channel. It remains the stupidest thing a country has ever done to itself. #BrexitReality #BrexitHasFailed
At least the Tories will be able to have Lord Frost’s leaving party during a lockdown, the way they like it.
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I don't know; do you!??
I saw @Keir_Starmer on podium at Peoples' Vote March. He was a Remainer. As remainers, all of us, if we truly believe better in than out; WE SHOULD DEFEND IT, with conviction! Big gamble; I believe it's what Labour should do. Campaign on Reverse Brexit…
Labour should 100% differentiate themselves from Tories: on sleaze and on Brexit. Two years of a positive campaign on reversing Brexit unveiling all the false messaging by the gaslighting Tories. Expose the #BrexitHasFailed with the reasons that were always there. Feed the....
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Pigs are still having to be culled on farms because the Govt scheme to overcome the abattoir staff shortage
isn’t working. Zoe Davis of National Pig Association on @BBCr4today says some farmers now having pigs abort their piglets instead of culling them after birth.
The plan had been to fund the freezing of bone-in joints to speed up pork processing before temporary butchery workers come from EU, when joints can be boned. But it’s too difficult to debone joints after freezing and consumers don’t like joints with bones.
So another Govt scheme fails, with terrible impacts on farmers and vets are now being asked to give pigs abortions. Appalling.

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It’s all imploding. This is their own propaganda organ’s front page. Tory MPs will ditch Johnson sooner rather than later, they often eat their own leaders. Abysmal state for the UK to be in as #COP26 gasps for breath
#TorySewageParty #TorySleaze #ToryBritain #ToryBrexitDisaster
Boom 💥
Even the Express has had a spiritual lobotomy. #BrexitHasFailed
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I detest Frost's contemptuous attitude to the EU. These are our friends, bonded by history, culture and multi-national families spanning a vast continent. They are our biggest trading market and our closest allies. What the hell are we doing here?
#BrexitHasFailed #BrexitBritain
Absolutely risible, almost paralytically drunk interpretation. #BrexitDenial
It’s appalling bad faith. How can anyone negotiate with a government that behaves in this way? No agreement will have any trust or meaning.
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