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I've no doubt the Tories are in GE mode now. They've ordered their client journos and social media trolls to kick the usual scapegoats who are down but to do it on speed - refugees and the homeless, kids sniffing a bit of N2O, trans people and drag artists. #TorySadists
The attacks on Starmer by CCHQ and the 'I'm madder than yow' ERG/UKIP/BNP Tory back benchers are whipping up the frothing rabid right-wingers who on being thrown this red meat are behaving like fox-hounds as they leap on it and tear it apart #toryfascists
The anti social behaviour nonsense and making those who the Tories classify as 'offenders' wear silly clothing in a nasty attempt humiliate them is no more than modern day equivalent of putting people in the Stocks or Pillory
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Was this #dogwalker a #whitewoman by any chance?

Because for the life of me, I do not get how all can ignore what happened to #myson #AmbroseGGBall in 8 solid years unless it was @MPSHaringey posting up all the wrong information, wrong days and dates,
the wrong locations, wrong description of clothing , the wrong Fox pub, all different times of the night, leaving out the vital information leading up to during and after my son went @missingpeople, did not response for 56 hours after all the calls myself and others had made over
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I’ve been a registered #nurse for 3 years.

2.5 years of #covid working front line, and left burnt out, seeing such trauma left me #suicidal and needing #PTSD #EMDR therapy. In that time I was diagnosed with Autism and this year I buried my mum.

So actually @RishiSunak
I will be #striking #rcn #costofliving #ToryChaos

Your government were encouraging the public to clap for us during some very dark times.

A 72p pay rise won’t even get me three Cadbury chomps! It’s insulting to all of us #keyworkers @UKLabour @AngelaRayner
You know how you can fix this? Call a #GeneralElection and move aside for a real government, you have no mandate, no integrity, and no hope. #ToryChaos #ToryShambles #GeneralElectionNow
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We should NOT be happy that the chancellor is assuring the BoE that it is committed to 'fiscal responsibility'.

The only way to achieve that since the minute he announced his reckless tax bonanza for the rich, is *drastic* public spending cuts.
I'm not suggesting he shouldn't be fiscally responsible.

I'm pointing out the mess is terminal, with him and Truss in charge, with this policy. The alternatives to massive spending cuts are they both U-turn and bloody quickly, or he resigns/is sacked and she U-turns alone. 2/4
'Growth' to pay for all this is for the fairies. Always was, but so many rookie errors so bloody quickly makes it delusional.
It depended on them being benefit of the doubt rope for the whole 2yrs of the Tory term by markets and the suffering population. 3/4
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🧵 1) The Pound hits a record low, the cost of living crisis worsens, £billions are added to the National Debt. The UK MSM would be apoplectic and baying for blood if this happened under any Labour Govt.
#DontTrustTruss #ToryChaos #ToriesUnfitToGovern #ToryCostOfGreedCrisis.
2) Tory Cabinet Ministers & cronies with investments in UK Hedge funds have reportedly made a fortune "shorting the pound" ahead of profligate tax cuts proposed by UK PM #LizTruss and her Treasurer, Chancellor #KwasiKwarteng. This is corruption on a huge scale. Image
3) Prime Minister #LizTruss hosted a dinner for hedge fund managers shortly before her spending plans sparked a selling frenzy in sterling and gilts. “They were all supporters of Truss and every one of them was shorting the pound,” said a prominent source. Image
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The "legacy" of Boris Johnson and his brexit regime in 12 charts

Chart 1 The biggest drop in living standards since records began

#FilthyPieceOfToerag #ToryChaos #BorisHasFailedBritain
The "legacy" of Boris Johnson and his brexit regime in 12 charts

Chart 2 The most unpopular PM in UK history

#FilthyPieceOfToerag #ToryChaos #BorisHasFailedBritain
The "legacy" of Boris Johnson and his brexit regime in 12 charts

Chart 3 The highest covid death toll in Europe

#FilthyPieceOfToerag #ToryChaos #BorisHasFailedBritain
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#HeatOrEat #EnoughIsEnough #ToryChaos #ToryCostOfGreedCrisis #ToryCostOfLivingCrisis
THREAD: On 10th March 2022 I created a thread on the energy crisis, warning that the elderly, sick, housebound & disabled I deliver medicines to, would not survive this coming winter, now this:
the NHS Federation states: "If people cannot afford to heat their homes & cannot afford nutritious food, their health will quickly deteriorate". I keep saying here, that people will die as a direct result of govt refusing to step in over the health & security of the nation.
please remember, small businesses, which form the bedrock of society & employ millions upon millions of UK citizens, cannot pass on anywhere between 300% and 1,100% increases in costs to customers, without losing custom & further exacerbating inflation = UNEMPLOYMENT
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Recession. Inflation. Energy crisis. Drought. Zombie government. It's #ToryChaos ... here's 6 things we should do 1/ Change the Bank of England's remit to discourage further rate rises…
2/ Emergency price controls.
Freeze energy bills, slap a windfall tax on all monopolies to pay for it...…
3/ State control of the energy system: golden shares in UK operations of oil majors; nationalise the energy retailers ...…
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Eustice keeps repeating complete inaccuracies. Independent Stds Commissioner investigates allegations of MP wrong-doing, Stds Cttee reviews evidence, MP can make representations (as OP did), take further evidence &if nec. send back to Commissioner. That IS an appeals process.
Extraordinary a govt Minister so woefully misleading (a generous interpretation) about a rigorous system of holding MPs to account to standards in public life.
There is an appeals process, OP did give evidence, the character witness statements were considered.
More #Torysleaze
And on my opposite number, it is embarrassing for him to be saying "it's unfortunate that the two things became conflated" [Owen Paterson and appeals process].
He literally conflated them himself. In his own speech on Weds.
And I told him so at the time.
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This week, the poor behaviour of Tory MPs is once again under scrutiny. This is good. In democracy, few things are more important than accountability of MPs. Without this everything else falls apart.

One way the Opposition scrutinises gov’t is in #BusinessQuestions. THREAD.
As Shadow Leader of the House, I question the government on how they act in Parliament. This week it was mostly about corruption and procedures. I also ask about ministers’ promises on laws or their behaviour.
#BusinessQuestions is every Thursday. After a statement from Leader of the House (@CommonsLeader), I lead the questions. Backbenchers also ask things, often about constituent queries & campaigns. So what did Labour MPs ask this week?
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1/5: Testing shambles in Oldham today!. I refuse to let the council take the flack for a national failure.Residents couldn't book online or through 119 and were being turned away from our walk up sites.
Clearly appears national changed guidelines without informing us.
2/5:Testing is a key part of our fight back so how are we supposed to hit a testing target that demands asymptomatic testing.
The biggest most difficult public health issue of our generation and they clearly haven't got a grip but are okay to lay the blame at our door.
3/5:Spent the day speaking to concerned residents who are already doing there best in such challenging circumstances. A mother who got turned away from one site went to another to be turned away again terrified and rightly concerned for the welfare of her child.
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Tiered system of reduction over 7 years with 5% cut next year to payments below £30,000, with stepped increases in the level of reductions on higher subsidies. This rises to a 25% cut on any amount above £150,000 paid out to those with the largest farms.…
Clearly Framers are suffering a double whammy because they know not the terms (if any) of any trade deal with the EU yet also face a sliding scale of withdrawal of subsidy at the same time.

DEFRA say they will make payments for particular environmentally beneficial activities.
They also say they will make payments for upgrading farming (eg for technological efficiencies).

However the NAO say the Gov has left insufficient time (sounds familiar?) to consult adequately and implement any new system.

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