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Defense lawyer, former federal prosecutor. No legal advice here, and do not trade based on anything I might say here.
8 Apr
1/10 This is what Coinbase said in its S-1/A (Registration statement) filed (2021-03-17) regarding its determinations whether a crypto asset is a “security.” I found It interesting and informative.

“We have policies and procedures to analyze whether each crypto asset that
2/10 we seek to facilitate trading on our platform could be deemed to be a “security” under applicable laws. Our policies and procedures do not constitute a legal standard, but rather represent our company-developed scoring model, which permits us to make a risk-based assessment
3/10 regarding the likelihood that a particular crypto asset could be deemed a “security” under applicable laws. Regardless of our conclusions, we could be subject to legal or regulatory action in the event the SEC, a foreign regulatory authority, or a court were to determine
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22 Mar
#SEC v. #Ripple #XRPCommunity SEC Opposition to Letter Motion to Compel filed March 22, 2021
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