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🚨 BREAKING: "#Ripple's motion is GRANTED in part as to Parts A, C-F, H-K, N, and P of Entry 1 of Appendix A, and GRANTED in full as to Entry 9 of Appendix A. To the extent the SEC believes discrete portions of the notes in Entry 1... (1/12) #Retweet #xrp Image
express the notetakers’ own thinking or reflect deliberations or communications among SEC staff, the SEC may seek leave for limited redactions. Defendants’ motion is otherwise DENIED."

This doesn't look like a victory for #Ripple. (2/12)
For more info, look at the tables below. The green parts are GRANTED. (Via @FilanLaw) (3/12) Image
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#XRPCommunity #SECGov v. #Ripple #XRP Due to complications related to COVID, the parties have filed a joint letter requesting until February 28, 2022 to complete expert discovery, stating that the extension, if granted, will not “impact any other deadline in the case.”
My belief is that before filing this motion the parties agreed to specific dates for every remaining expert deposition, far enough out that they believe COVID won’t be a problem, so that they could say to the Court that all expert discovery would be completed by February 28th.
I understand people are frustrated by extensions of time, and I'm seeing a lot of responses critical of Ripple et al for agreeing to this one. I have a couple of thoughts. First, we are in really weird times and we just don't know what's happening behind the scenes.
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Great find by @ok___cool ! One submission to the MAS CBDC challenge, by ExtoPay, is based on the #XRPL. A commercial CBDC, it's built w/ BRD wallet, Mojaloop switches & connects to Corda T1 CBDCs.

Some interesting developments here: a🧵…
It didn't win the comp. but was 1/15 finalists out of 300 entries. (Visa/Quorum was one winner...) But who is ExtoPay? How did they create a solution that looks like #XRP bingo: XRPL, Mojaloop, BRD, R3 Corda, ILP, etc.
Extopay from @Exto_Labs in California, provides last mile solutions as a spinoff of Ethernom, a biometric smart card, like a Ledger/ApplePay device in one card, so to speak. But are there any working products?
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Os dejo las zonas operativas del día de hoy con mi propuesta de movimiento y un SL ajustado

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People are following mainstream media and buying $ETH at ATH's

But are missing out on this hidden gem built on the $ETH network.💎

That provides interoperability between blockchain networks for TradFi Banks & Enterprises

-Super Thread on Quant Network-
#QNT 👑 #Quant #Fintech Image
1/ The problem: ❎

Traditional Institutions and Enterprises need an operating system that will allow them to easily interoperate between these new nascent crypto markets

For example, you currently can't send $ETH to a $BTC address or $XRP to a $DAG address

Networks are silo'd Image
2) Quant created Overledger - an operating system that allows anyone to enter 3 lines of code on a computer to interoperate between networks

This allows value to flow between blockchain ledgers flawlessly without having to worry about which network it's on.

#fintech #quant #QNT ImageImage
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Oneday soon, you are going to hear commercially that there is a new internet scale architecture coming to handle all Virtual Assets.


It is called the
' Open Digital Asset Protocol '

As you can see some household names.

#Intel #IBM #MIT.... $QNT

It is building a network of networks achieving interoperability via gateway to gateway.

Any to any blockchain
Legacy networks
Eg. core banking

$Btc $Eth $Xrp
#Corda #Hyperledger
#Quorum #Ripple

There was some recent development with another household name


With reference to the #ODAP
The #TC307 blockchain standard…

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H.R.3684 Infrastructure bill passed.

Digital Assets are now covered securities.

Reporting will be ushered in for all crypto brokers to report to IRS data on activity from 1/1-12/31/23 of all crypto transfers to other non US brokers (private wallets/offshore)

#XRP #SEC #Ripple
Big change. More info to come as I look through more specific language.…
If you haven’t already give @jchervinsky a follow, I’m sure you won’t regret it in the following few days as he likely explains potential impact this could legally have on #DeFi and Crypto as a whole for US based citizens.
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The Gates Foundation New Partnership with EU European Investment Bank

What kind of relationship does the gates foundation have with blockchain technology?

Share your research in the comments!👇…
Some partnerships I have seen over the years

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Creates Mojaloop foundation and partner with

#Ripple #Interledger #ILP $XRP ImageImage
Details of the Ripple & Mojaloop Partnership and how it's changing the world of payments in developing countries.

One day this could include a new 1.6 billion people of the unbanked to participate in global trade.
#unbanked #fintech #financialinclusion #XRP #ILP ImageImage
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The SBI Q2 Report is out. Six slides bear upon #XRP and #Ripple and then I just type a couple more thoughts..

1) First up - ODL makes the presentation! (p.181) JPY-PHP is Japan's first DA remittance service.…
2) Not a huge surprise, but SBI is planning for #Ripple's IPO. (p.75)
3) SBI has set up a car export business in Africa with the intent to use #XRP. (p.90)
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Who was on the 63 emails that included a draft of the speech?

Where is Hinman’s public calendar?

Who purchased large quantities of #Ether between December 2017 to June 13, 2018?

$10k in #ETH ICO = a net worth more @GaryGensler👇
@ethereumJoseph received 9.5% of #ETH as a co-founder.

Everyone knows @VitalikButerin and Lubin held an ICO through crowdfunding which was without a doubt an unregistered securities offering.

Where was @SECGov?

Where is outrage from those that attack @Ripple & #XRP?
One River bet $1 billion on #BTC and #Ether in October 2020. Two months later on his last day at the @SECGov, Clayton directs the enforcement action against @Ripple and #XRP. Twelve weeks later, Clayton joins One River.

Clayton’s law firm represented Lubin and #Consensys.
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Consider the following:

Clayton and Hinman worked closely together before the @SECGov. Clayton brings Hinman on board to join him and the #SEC.

Joe Lubin @ethereumJoseph is co-founder of #Ether and founder of #Consensys.

Clayton’s law firm represented Lubin and #Consensys.
Hinman’s law firm was on the Board of the #EtherAlliance and represented clients involved with the #Ethereum Foundation.

Hinman met with Lubin and Consensys prior to his June 14, 2018 #BTC and #Ether are not securities speech.

Lubin was part of the Hinman speech conference.
In October 2020 One River makes a $1 billion bet on #BTC & #Ether.

2 months later on his last day at the SEC Clayton directed the filing of the enforcement action against @Ripple @bgarlinghouse & @chrislarsensf asserting the ridiculous claim that even Today’s #XRP is a security
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This is significant evidence in @SECGov 🆚 @Ripple & and even more significant evidence in #XRPHolders 🆚 @SECGov.

@CRYPTOcounselo2 does a great job summarizing the relevant statements and admissions contained in the video shared. Read the thread.

Some additional thoughts:
Amy Starr is likely one of the fact witnesses from the #SEC that #Ripple elected to depose in addition to William Hinman.

Her name was brought up in the Hinman deposition. See pic 👇

In the Consensus 2019 video Amy states “we have people that really understand the technology.”
Amy Starr states that at the #SEC “we developed an expertise” in blockchain technology and that at the #SEC “we participate internationally.”

Why is this all significant? One, #XRP was internationally recognized as a non-security!

Two, the #SEC was an expert and understood
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A @SECGov 🆚 @Ripple 🧵

For the first time ever in a non-ICO case, the @SECGov is asserting that the digital asset itself - #XRP - is a security.

That absurd argument not only violates common sense but it’s in direct contradiction of over 70 years of case law and precedent.
In the #Howey case in 1946, there were two contracts in play between the investors and the W.J. Howey Co:

(1) a purchase and sale contract for the Orange 🍊 Groves;

(2) the investors signed a service contract hiring Howey to handle everything (from planting thru selling).
The Supreme Court found that the entire “scheme” taken together constituted a securities offering.

The Supreme Court NEVER said or implied that the oranges 🍊 were securities.

73 years later in 2019, the SDNY handed down the #Telegram case.

Telegram was a typical ICO case.
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#WeAreXDC #XinFin $XDC #Ripple $XRP

Meanwhile, Ripple hasn't been the only project to spot the need for a comprehensive payment and settlement network. XinFin is an enterprise blockchain platform supporting trade finance, which has been making impressive headway in its native
region of SouthEast Asia. It runs a live mainnet called the XDC Network, supporting over 100 institutions and over 10,000 wallets holding a balance of the platform's XDC token.

Unlike the XRP ledger, which simply settles payments, XinFin currently runs over a dozen decentralized
applications on its regulatory compliant smart contract platform. These include TradeFinex, a network for trade finance originators to distribute deals to the growing base of alternative asset investors, and Globiance, a regulated stablecoin issuer based in Singapore, which
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One problem for DeFi in remittances is that it may require additional licensing to comply with more securities regulation. Stablecoins have a use, but hit liquidity problems in sticky corridors. Solution? #xrp & #Ripple for on demand liquidity.
One problem for Ripple seems to be gateways, where $ enters the network. ODL solves it in the specific instance, but generally more gateways are necessitated. There, market makers are incentivized w/ margins, but what new, non-crypto xchange gateways might emerge? (ex., Xago?)🤔
And then there are OTC sales and dark pools to figure out, too, I guess.
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👀This is an SEC public statement about a CoinSchedule case today. The SEC notes their "reluctance to provide additional guidance about how to determine whether a token is being sold as part of a securities offering or which tokens are securities" and notes Howey is not clear.
I am not a lawyer, but it sure seems to serve up some juicy evidence for the current #Ripple case. So much so it does make you wonder what's happening behind the scenes! This could make waves, coming straight from the SEC.
SEC states it is unclear.
SEC states the Howey test is not always clear.
SEC states they are regulating through prosecution.
SEC says Coinschedule offered securities, but they didn't mention which of the 2500 offered were.
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The following is an analysis of indicators that present facts that the bull market is still going from charts and data. I worked very hard on this for you guys, take some time to go through it. If you enjoyed this, please like and retweet to spread the message! Follow for more ty
1. The Golden 51%-49% Ratio shows a pullback. If the indicator's correct then my thesis that we're still in the bull market stands until the start of Oct. This indicator will be invalid if the thesis is wrong. This indicator has not failed. Yet. Indicators work until they don't. Image
2. Bitcoin search has not topped 2017 yet. My conclusion is that covid lockdowns have now made it hard for people to communicate (those not in the loop online and only watching Netflix, naruto, gaming, working at home etc) Normal gossip will take the frenzy up a notch for normies Image
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Watching: Like #Ripple partners Santander and Nium, now Nomu Pay is buying up the remains of Wirecard, with their APAC entities. (Nomu Pay is not known to use Ripple/XRP)…
Their purchase of Wirecard Malaysia and Turkey just closed with Philippines, Thailand and Turkey, pending. To Ripple fans, these potential corridors are promising:
None of this is confirmation of anything #Ripple related -"APAC so hot right now"- but given other Ripple partners have snapped up Wirecard subsidiaries, Nomu Pay might be worth watching, even if it's not all remittance related.
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Trying to get ahead of it: here is a sneak peak at the FUD about #XRP you will see over the next few months:
1) The new wallet will allow #Ripple to sell into XRP suppressing the price!
3) They won't need XRP!
2) Tokenization on the XRPL means that you can freeze accounts!
First, remember Ripple always has incentive for the price to accrue and it is better in the long run to get XRP on the market. With ODL we've seen that cashing out on the receiving end creates arbitrage. Is it also possible less XRP is on exchanges as it stays in wallets?
Second, yes, you can move tokenized assets on the XRPL -with stablecoins looming, but this might not even happen on ledger; just between wallets. It remains to be seen. On ledger, it would use a slight amount of XRP to move. XRP will always be the most efficient way to move value
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#Ripple partner Nium has acquired Wirecard Forex India Private Limited. Wirecard Forex is an FX exchange, pre-paid card, & remittance service provider licensed by the RBI as a Money Exchange Dealer (AD II). The aquisition opens up the subcontinent.…
Wirecard Forex has 23 branches in major cities with 190 employees. The deal is expected to close in the third quarter of 2021. It's an opening in a huge market with several payment methods.…
Wirecard Forex India was a division of Wirecard AG which dissolved after ~$2b "disappeared" and several officials were arrested. FWIW, The CEO of SBI Ripple Asia once wrote about Wirecard and blockchain
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Since we’re talking abt #TetragonFinancial:

Soon it’ll be 5 yrs since tht infamous Forbes clean slate/#altasset IPO article...

...and basically it’s been crickets since:…

So what’s the deal?!
Well, NO complaints from an operating perspective:

#TFG delivered 10% NAV returns in last 5 yrs & transitioned to a true #altasset mgmt firm...

...ignore rest of the portfolio, it’s jst surplus filler they’ve jammed into Polygon funds/addtl seed capital for its asset mgmt co’s.
And forget #redherrings like #Ripple...

...blame me, cos I pushed ‘em to add some #crypto #pixiedust to the portfolio, but I never expected it wd be Ripple! 😆

Bt this is MORE than balanced out by their asset mgmt jewel in the crown...

...#Equitix, now their largest hldg!
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#Blockchain teknolojisinin 10 yılı aşkın süredir hala günlük hayata dokunamaması ve #bitcoin nereye 3000 coin oraya ise #Btc bana göre şuan #ponzi nin kralı. #Proje çok iyi sözleri şuan için boş. Bunu çok kez gördük. Projesi çok iyi dediğimiz paralar bile dibe vurmuş. Hala ++
#bitcoin den ayrılmamış. #Decentralized diye öve öve bitirelemeyen sistemin #btc nin fiyat aksiyonunu birebir tüm piyasada uygulayan robotların eline geçmiş olduğunu bir tek ben mi görüyorum? Fanatik olmaya gerek yok amacımız para kazanmak. Para neredeyse oradayım. Bu aralar o ++
yüzden çok fazla #yatırım yapmıyorum. #IDO #whitelist #airdrop #gem kovalıyorum. Güzel haberi olan bir #coin olursa alıyorum.#Para akışı şuan bu yönde ama böyle #Blockchain sistemi de olmaz çünkü #yatırım yaptığı şeyin teknolojisine whitepaperine tokenomiğne dikkat eden yok ki! +
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#XRPCommunity #SEC_News v. #Ripple #XRP 1/5 What a convoluted and contradictory motion to quash. First, Hinman gives a pass to ETH in what is arguably the most impactful speech on digital currencies at the time as well as in Hinam’s career at the SEC.
2/5 Second, the SEC says Hinman held a position of “critical importance” to the SEC’s operations. Third, the SEC then says “Director Hinman Has No Unique, First-Hand Knowledge of Market Participants’ Understanding as to the Regulatory Status of XRP Offers and Sales.”
3/5 Fourth, the SEC shows its weakness, saying “the Court should quash the Subpoena without prejudice until after Judge Torres’s ruling on the SEC’s motion to strike Ripple’s fair notice defense. Finally, Hinman finishes it (and his credibility) off with the declaration that
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Web sitem yayına hazır:

Yazılarımı blog sayfamda güncel olarak takip edebilirsiniz.

Bu #Flood altında yazılarımı ve sitede "Kaynaklar" kısmına ekleyeceğim "kriptoparalar" ve "blokzincir teknolojileri" ile ilgili yararlı kaynakları takip edebilirsiniz.
2. Blog sayfasında: yazılarım yer alacak,

Kaynaklar sayfasında;
- Kriptoparalar,
- Akıllı sözleşme geliştirme,
- Akıllı sözleşme güvenliği,
- Yararlı Bültenler ( @LibraryDefi @kripto_kurator @BanklessHQ gibi)

gibi başlıklar altında yararlı kaynaklar olacak ve güncellenecek.
3. “Big Brother is Watching Blockchain: Blockchain Gözetim Pazarı"

- Blokzincir gözetimi neden önemli?
- Blokzincir gözetim pazarı neden hızlı bir şekilde büyüyor?
- Gizlilik açısından yansımaları neler?

#Privacy #Blockchain #Analysis…
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