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Part 13 of Austin's Operation Burnback Drip/Nurture Email Leaks.

Daft Punk
About Transgendered Individuals.
(I thought the comments were interesting.)
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Let us take a closer look at a level playing field in #Banking, and why regulatory clarity is so important.

The information used here comes directly from the @BIS_org

#Ripple #XRP #Crypto #Cryptocurrency
While crises often span borders, the pain is always domestic. At the political level, therefore, the temptation is for a narrow, national policy response that tends to make the playing field uneven - the very opposite of what we should be aspiring to.
When the Great Financial Crisis hit in 2007-09, for example, national approaches prevailed - notably in the form of ad hoc ring-fencing and recapitalisation of domestic banks by governments. Cross-border #Banking receded significantly.
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1/ I did some calculations of the potential price of the based on its utility and how it works with .

A thread:
#XRPCommunity #XRP #Flare #FlareNetworks #Ripple #XRPthestandard #crypto
2/ Spark needs to be used as collateral to make . According to the whitepaper, there needs to be 2.5 for every 1 FXRP. Given that FXRP is the same price as , the price of Spark needs to be at least 2.5x the amount of XRP used in smart contracts.
3/ Examples:
If 10% of the 45 Billion supply is used for smart contracts, that's 4.5B XRP locked up. If XRP is $1 (for easy calculations) then you'd need $11.25B worth of spark (in ) to collateralize that much .
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Looks ready to flip the resistance here into support.

Volume is nice too! Image

You ready? Image

Flipped the 4H resistance into support and confirmed the breakout.

be nice now... Image
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Would like to see something like this on and then go full moon

XRP/BTC following this idea.

#XRP #Ripple Image
Watch for the traps on the charts. This ain't a low-cap shitcoin. Majors vs USD trade more like FX nowadays. Which is something I welcome tbh.

Nice fakeout and now I'd like to see it touch the blue and bounce there. This is exactly how patient you gotta be

#XRP #Ripple Image
Kekeke that was quick 😎

Now gimme the buyback I'm looking for

#XRP #Ripple Image
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I had a question for the @MoneyGram Q2 Earnings Call there wasn't time for and I'm hoping @walexholmes or @KamilaChytil can answer related to Ripple.

On June 8th Ripple announced a renewed focus on low value high volume payments and almost immediately after (1/4)
we saw #Moneygram's ODL volumes on Ripplenet plummet to near zero and have since recovered to ~ 10-20% of peak.

Larry mentioned on the call Market development fees peaked last quarter, and #Ripple's CTO has hinted that MG was testing corporate treasury transfers for (2/4)
other Ripplnet customers. Can you confirm this?

In regards to your account to account feature rolling out 2nd half of this year, do you have customers lined up to use this service? Are you positioning it as alternative to #Swift for Ripple customers? (3/4)
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"a digital asset, backed in physical gold could replace the dollar more easily than actual physical bars of gold could" - Bloomberg Markets and Finance - July 2020
Presented by ? The first FI who shorted the f##k out of BTC, the one and only, CME Group
CME Ventures which is one of earliest Ripple investors presents via Bloomberg this video where they show us a gold-backed economy could be on the way. But a gold-backed economy in a digital age, so a digital currency backed by gold
So how do you get a digital gold interoperable with the the worlds' FI ?
Well, as funny as it get, there is such a thing being developed for almost a decade
As Ripple CTO Stefan Thomas said in 2017 they build a : "gold that you can teleport into any vault in the world instantly"
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What is @CasinoCoin ? 🎰

#CasinoCoin $CSC is a digital currency, designed with the regulated gaming industry in mind. Utilising the latest in blockchain technology, #CSC can facilitate up to 1,500 peer-to-peer transfers per second, with near-instant confirmation.
CasinoCoin is backed by a technology infrastructure with the potential to reinvent the way customers interact with gaming operators.

Casino's are pushing today for cashless gambling payments. #CasinoCoin is the solution as the world moves closer to a cashless society. $CSC #CSC
#CasinoCoin is designed with users, gaming operators & regulators in mind, the #CSC Bankroll Manager application features built-in KYC and responsible gaming functionality, as well as providing an unparalleled user experience never before seen in the online gambling space. $CSC
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Thread: Where are we in the 2nd #altcoin pump cycle? How much longer do we have to trade $ALTS? What is the typical market history like? As alt traders, we must be aware of the conditions and environment that are strong for trading alts (namely Alt/btc pairs). $ETH $XRP $BTC
I also wrote / charted these charts on the weekend so they may be a few days old. The same principles still apply though IMO. Check out the next two threads before reading this one, I think it'll give better background as to where I'm coming from.
Here's a thread I wrote a few weeks ago. I have many of the same charts w/ some updates:

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Allah belanı versin ... Gece boyu seni almak için bekledim %0.68 düşmedin diye alamadım ya ona yanıyorum.
İşleme giriş seviyesine gelmeden yükseldiği için analiz iptal.
#Ripple Image
Vay, yine mi keder?
Ama artık yeter...

#Ripple Image
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New Banking Payment Hubs being set up with #XRP

1. Volante +Mulesoft +SalesForce
2. Earthport+ Visa (Blackrock is an investor of Earthport)
3. Temenos +NuoDB + Amazon

#XRPCommunity #ripple #blockchain #fintech
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Baş seviyesi üzeri stop etmek şartıyla short işlemdeyim.
Kırmızı seviyeler beklediğim hedef seviyeleri.

#ripple Image
Short işlemimin yarısını bu seviyeden kapatıyorum, kalan kısmı taşımaya devam edeceğim. Değerlendiren arkadaşları tebrik ederim ✌️✌️

#ripple Image

Hedef noktamıza başarıyla ulaşılmıştır. 2. hedefi beklemek isteyenler stop taşıyarak bekleyebilir. Değerlendirenleri tebrik ederim✌️🍻🍻

#ripple Image
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Spanx tweeted🙄
KLBBNSWH Gematria: (J)1072, (E)546, (S)91
Direct Match only: Law of One, Dawn of Man. @LovesTheLight there are #TripleEights Lots!
BB is Masonic. I’ll drop
Timestamp = 88 & 12(1+2=3). (8+8+3=)Total = 19
Ashore = assure. ON LAND!💥
@TheHammmerTime_ @wwg1wga50607113
2. @TheHammmerTime_ brings up great points 📌 Is “Bondi Beach” in reference to “Pam Bondi” another Florida- Broward - Epstein reference? BB - Bondi Broward? Scaramucci Model #QAnon? Scientology connection. YUGE in FL.
3. Inside out pink sock. Adrenochrome?
Block - Brick Walls = Blockchain.
Grassy knoll? #JFK
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0,2222 stoplu xrpusd longluyorum. İlk hedefimi 0.26 lar olarak belirledim. Kervan yolda düzülür, daha erken veya daha geç de çıkabilirim. Güncelleme yaparım.

#ripple #bitcoin Image
Bir gözüm btc hareketinde, her an kaçabilirim işlemden.

#ripple #bitcoin Image
xrpbtc çok güzel bir 2618 yapıp yoluna devam ediyor ve analizimizi destekliyor.
2. resimde ise xrpusd güncellemesini atıyorum.
Pozisyonu tutmaya devam ediyorum
#ripple #bitcoin ImageImage
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Haftalık grafik
İşte fomo tam olarak burada yaşanacak.

Just watch!

#ripple Image
#ripple #Bitcoin Image
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When moon sir?

#ripple #Bitcoin Image
Long işlemim hala aktif, alt trendden de ekleme yaptım, o trendin altında mum kapatmadığı sürece stoplamayı düşünmüyorum.

#ripple #Bitcoin Image
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abcd'den 1 parça longladım. Mavi alan içerisine inersek 2 parça daha longlayacağım. Tutunamaz ve siyah çizgiye inersek o zaman güncelleme geçerim yeniden.

#ripple #bitcoin Image
Harmonikten güzel tepki aldık. Siyah çizgileri hedef olarak belirledim. Ancak işlemden sert bir hareket gelmediği sürece çıkmayı düşünmüyorum. Bu sefer umutluyum senden xrp :) Image
Oyyyyyyyyyyyyy sen ne güzel bir şeysin :))) Image
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You have to think about this. #Ripple has worked with 50 Central Banks. If they launch their CBDCs' on the ledger, that eats through XRP supply, massively, per David Schwartzs' video 9-10 months ago. There would be no reason why he would provide this content if it wasn't coming.
Open your eyes, and keep a myopic view point to a minimal. "When" (Noted in #WEF20: Tharman Shanmugaratnam: "That doesn't necessarily mean the public sector is going to be the provider of the infrastructure OR THE DIGITAL TOKENS."
they launch their #CBDCs' on the #XRP Ledger, they will have "settlement" capabilities of 4 seconds. They will have the ability to settle cross-border payments in 4 seconds, on top of that, they will have the ability for atomic swaps with #InterLedger.
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Yükselen üçgen formasyonu. Yeşil alan üzeri işleme giriş. Tpleri işaretledim. Image
Aynı zamanda pozisyonumuzda aktif.… Image

#ripple #bitcoin Image
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I predict that #Ripple will disappear into the background and of the radar within a few years.

And #XRP will be a silent super power, working its magic behind mobile interfaces and apps.

At least, that’s what all the Banks would like to see happening.
Even though #ripple is working with them and being compliant - #XRP is a beast which will be hard to control, if the masses knows about it.

Cryptocurrencies by itself is still a valid threat. That’s why they need #xrp RIGHT NOW! Throwing the first punch, before #Libra’like
Coins are unrolled. And the masses start using it on a global scale.
Before that happens, digital Fiat aka CBDC should be up and running moving frictionless across borders, from P2P!

This puts pressure on all CB’s

Missing this window of opportunity is deadly for THEM!
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@ipinky77 came with the link which confirms the amendments of an existing law, Which is mainly focused on AML, crypto currencies and crypto custodianship has been added to this law, which goes into effect in Jan 2020.
Which makes my question even more important to think about.

“How will banks prepare themselves in order to maximise their position?”

Will banks step into the market and start buying?

#Ripple isn’t selling anymore....!

Exciting times.
Put this together with the US coming online with their RTGS early 2020, as one of the last nations to do so.

2020 holds a lot of potential to get to the next level.

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@digitalassetbuy @bgarlinghouse @chrislarsensf @Ripple 1 of 5
Think about it. Ripple has one company running in Luxembourg which is called Ripple Luxembourg S.A.
For the year ended 2018 Ripple Luxembourg S.A. reported EUR 529,630.89 in total assets and has a net equity of EUR 91,220.09. The loss for the year was EUR 7,730.26.
@digitalassetbuy @bgarlinghouse @chrislarsensf @Ripple 2 of 5
Is this entity of any significance to the Luxembourg economy? The local comer shop make more profit and has more assets on the balance sheet; never the less the Luxembourg Finance Minister is travelling to San Francisco to meet with this very own company?
@digitalassetbuy @bgarlinghouse @chrislarsensf @Ripple 3 of 5
What is wrong in this picture? This does not make sense, and if something doesn’t make sense, then we most certainly don’t know the full picture. If people would pay more attention, then the price would go nuts of pure speculation.
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1. Merhaba Arkadaşlar, #Blockchain (#Blokzincir) ile rezerv para ve #dolar ilişkisinde kalmıştık.
2. Doları, Pandoranın kutusu yani kara kaplı defter olarak görelim, içinde ne var belli değil, kaydı tutan ne tuttu belli değil, açılırsa ne olur o da belli değil. O zaman açılmamalı/açılmayacak!!! Ancak yeni bir ihtiyaç ve talep olursa kutu bir kenara atılır ve açılmaz…
3. Mevcut ekonomi kurgusu çökerken/çökertilirken, #rezevr paranın akıbeti tam da tartışılacakken, ulus devletlerin sermaye üzerindeki etkisi sertleşirken, kaba kuvvet yönetilemez hale gelecekken bir makale ile #blockchain ortaya çıktı.
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Remember Microsoft Azure and #Ripple…

Microsoft just published their Q1-2019 report
Their Intelligent Cloud is their biggest profit maker (22%)
Azzure's growth --> 73%!!

Groundwork is being done, don't be fooled by the price!


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