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Jun 20 9 tweets 3 min read
Let's look at the biggest mistake ever made by @Graham__Hancock that makes everything he's ever said look questionable

The Edfu Texts
1/8 drawing of the Ptolemaic period temple at Edfu In Magicians of the Gods, on @JoeRogan, and other podcasts, Graham claims the Edfu texts are an Egyptian version of the Atlantis myth found in Plato

There are many problems with this conclusion that he doesn't share
Jun 18 22 tweets 7 min read
OK, I've now seen this video. I will reply in this thread to the defamatory accusation here, made both by @Graham__Hancock and @dedunkingpast, that I somehow "conned" Graham Hancock and @JoeRogan
/1 First off, Graham Hancock has written several books, hosted a Netflix series, and given 100s of talks on the topic of a global civilization from the Ice Age with advanced technology

If I conned him using published evidence, then he's admitting he doesn't know much about it
Mar 20 18 tweets 6 min read
I am annoyed with the editors of Archaeological Prospection and the media and how it handles this Gunung Padang controversy

Nobody has gone and talked with local Indonesian archaeologists. None provide the correct date of the monument nor even stated it's not a pyramid
/1 photo of a terraced monument (Gunung Padang) Misinformation and disinformation is successful because it fills up the internet with wrong information and overwhelms correct information

This retraction by the editors at Archaeological Prospection is not enough

Local archaeologists know about the site. They've excavated it screenshot of statement from Wiley Online Library about Gunung Padang paper: "The publisher and the Co-Editors-in-Chief have investigated these concerns and have concluded that the article contains a major error. This error, which was not identified during peer review, is that the radiocarbon dating was applied to soil samples that were not associated with any artifacts or features that could be reliably interpreted as anthropogenic or "man-made." Therefore, the interpretation that the site is an ancient pyramid built 9000 or more years ago is incorrect, and the article must ...
Mar 13 11 tweets 3 min read

I recently learned the teaching of ancient languages at Cardiff University (@cardiffuni @CUHistArchRel) is under threat: Latin, Ancient Greek, Hebrew & Sanskrit

SIGN AND SHARE this petition created by ancient history and archaeology students

change.org/p/reverse-card… From its foundation 130 years ago, the teaching of languages - including Welsh, Latin, and Ancient Greek - has been a central emphasis @cardiffuni

Multilingual inscriptions around campus can be found, but future students might not be trained to read those in ancient languages
/2Photograph of the Main Building at Cardiff University with Welsh and ancient Greek inscriptions amidst Classical and Medieval sculpture
Nov 13, 2022 60 tweets 29 min read
In his new Netflix “documentary” #AncientApocalypse, @Graham__Hancock has declared war on archaeologists

His rhetoric sows distrust in experts, and #Atlantis conspiracy theories promote white supremacy

Buckle up, it’s time for an #ARCHAEOLOGY THREAD 🧵
/1 Screenshot from Ancient Apocalypse episode 1, “Once there This thread will examine

1)Hancock's lack of evidence
2)How Hancock’s narrative recycles 19th century ideas on #Atlantis
3)The rhetorical tools Hancock and similar conspiracy theories use

Nov 11, 2022 6 tweets 3 min read
Ackshually, as an archaeologist who studies ancient Greece, this entire situation is eerily similar to the Trojan War

If we don't learn from history, we are doomed to repeat it. A #history thread: Musk was given a choice by 3 goddesses

1. Stay the richest man in the world till his dying day
2. Take humans to Mars
3. Be the most talked about person on the planet

Like Paris, he had to make his decision in a split second, and he chose vanity over everlasting glory Ancient Greek vase-painting depicting "The Judgement of
Nov 11, 2022 5 tweets 2 min read
I've been trying to download my archive... No dice

Thankfully, I've drafted most of my threads in word and many of my photos are nicely organized

If anyone needs me, fortunately my name is pretty unique (the advantage of being named after a rock) and I'm on the internet Places i will surely post if Twitter collapses

patreon.com/flintdibble (I'll include free essays there too)

youtube.com/c/flintdibble (maybe I'll even join TikTok)


Come find me for your archaeology fix, mixed with stupid jokes
Nov 10, 2022 4 tweets 1 min read
I think this overestimates academic Twitter. Every time Hancock or Rogen tweet about this show it gets thousands of engagements. My tweets, as an archaeologist with a Twitter following, get hundreds

Better to debunk & share real archaeology than let pseudos dominate the space Like go check out Hancock's profile. His advertisements for the show have each racked up thousands of likes and hundreds of retweets and congratulatory replies

We've got nothing on their following and barely tip the scale
Nov 6, 2022 13 tweets 5 min read
Most people have zero sense of what 21st century archaeology actually is, and we need to share what it is wherever people are

To really think that a multiphase site "isn't complicated" is absurd
/1 Look closely at the posted photo

Let's zoom in on a few architectural details that show its complexity

And importantly, we aren't seeing artifacts or soil. That's a huge problem with amateur digs. Understanding excavation is more than just the most impressive thing found
Oct 8, 2022 11 tweets 4 min read
This brief thread answers the question of who is the Stranger (the Meteor Man) in the Rings of Power

The key clue is the word "Peril" and how it's used in J.R.R. Tolkien's Lord of the Rings
1/9 screenshot of the Stranger ... Words and language meant a great deal to Tolkien who studied language, invented languages, and chose his words with extreme care

A textual analysis of words in Tolkien's texts reveals his world and characters
2/9 Quote from J.R.R. Tolkien: ...
Apr 8, 2022 29 tweets 15 min read
Nearly 1,900 years ago, a scholar named Pausanias wrote an eye-witness account of his travels through Greece

There’s no better ancient text for visualizing the archaeology of the ancient Greek world

A thread about digital approaches to Pausanias & archaeology. #SwanseaCA2022
/1 Medieval illuminated manusc... In spring 2021, Julie Hruby & I were supposed to lead a group of @dartmouth students on a trip to Greece (cc: @Classics22FSP)

Covid nixed it

Instead, my class traveled digitally to Greece with Pausanias as our guide using online Classics & archaeology resources
Apr 6, 2022 4 tweets 2 min read
Shatner continues to feud with archaeologists

What amazes me are the defenses I see for him: 1) he's just an actor doing a job and 2) someone else is running his social media account

Shatner is using his name to promote pseudoscience & attacks on experts. He deserves critique If he's letting some arrogant schlub tarnish his name on social media, then that's his own fault

He's using his celebrity platform to denigrate experts

This feud is now in the media. He knows what he's doing whether he wrote tweets or not. He doubles down on pseudoscience
Apr 5, 2022 4 tweets 2 min read
School yard bully? @WilliamShatner I challenged you to a debate not a fistfight

I am outraged. I see a childhood hero profiting from twisting the hard work of archaeologists who devote our lives to uncovering, preserving & sharing our shared human past. You spread disinformation @WilliamShatner you just want to play a game and rile your 2.5 million following

I work hard to share real archaeology with the public. Hundreds of thousands of people have read my Twitter threads. I've raised funds to help colleagues in war-torn Ukraine
Apr 3, 2022 7 tweets 3 min read
This is not archaeology. These are not archaeological questions. This just promotes conspiracy thinking @WilliamShatner might have 2.5 million followers, but my tweet almost had as many likes as his

I think what people want is Real Archaeology
Mar 29, 2022 26 tweets 15 min read

The invasion of Ukraine threatens lives and livelihoods, but there are ways we can all pitch in to help preserve Ukrainian culture and help Ukrainian people

PLEASE HELP the Ukrainian scholarly journal, Arheologia

gofundme.com/f/support-the-… The articles in Arheologia cover over 30,000 years of archaeology in Ukraine from the Stone Age to today. It’s an open-access journal, free for all to read: arheologia.com.ua/index.php/arhe…

This thread highlights the importance of Ukrainian archaeology & how YOU CAN HELP the journal
Jan 20, 2022 24 tweets 11 min read
Ancient Athenian Horses

A thread about horse bones from thousands of years ago
/1 Today the @ASCSAthens exhibition Hippos: The Athenian Horse kicks off

A centerpiece of the show is this horse skeleton I analyzed from the cemetery at ancient Phaleron, outside of Athens
Jan 11, 2022 20 tweets 9 min read
This article on the topic of pseudoarchaeology explains why I do my own homegrown science communication for the public

Good archaeologists are quoted here, but too much airtime is given to pseudoarchaeologists

A thread about who built the pyramids

inputmag.com/culture/altern… There is no scholarly debate over who built the pyramids, nor is there a reason for scholars to debate YouTubers over who built them

The pyramids are splendid monuments. I know because I've seen them and climbed in them

But, there's no real mystery in their technology
Nov 29, 2021 6 tweets 3 min read
Contrary to what all the epidemiologists are telling you, we actually know a lot about #Omicron

A short thread filled with Classical facts
Omicron is the 15th letter in the Greek alphabet

It literally means ὂ μικρόν or "small o" to distinguish it from the last letter in the Greek alphabet: Ω omega (the big O)

Remember that when making your O face
Sep 17, 2021 33 tweets 17 min read
Hi old and new followers!

I’m an archaeologist who writes Twitter threads. They’re a window into the past looking at ancient people & a behind-the-scenes tour of 21st century #archaeology

Here’s an intro to my new project: #ZOOCRETE
/1 cc @CUHistArchRel @Cardiffuni @MSCActions We’re all familiar with the popular picture of ancient Greece, from the Mask of Agamemnon to the Parthenon in Athens

But, to me, the most exciting revolution sweeping archaeology is a shift to ordinary people. With new questions & methods, we can see them in higher resolution
Sep 4, 2021 25 tweets 10 min read
Pseudoarchaeology and fake history causes real harm in our society

Many people think, what’s the harm of hunting for a lost city? It’s entertainment, right! It even exposes children to real science

CW: The harm leads directly to racism and eugenics
1/18 The host of #HuntingAtlantis (@stelpavlou), and unfortunately his wife, have claimed that their TV show inspires children to be curious about real facts, real scientific methods, and real archaeology

This might be true in some cases, but there are problems with this argument
Sep 2, 2021 21 tweets 6 min read
I have apparently pissed off some powerful people with my tweets about Atlantis

For a bit my account was locked. i have done nothing offensive. This TV show has misrepresented archaeologists and scholars. If some lawyer asks me, I can prove it

Bring it on, report my account i'm not sure why someone's wife decided to write a 20 tweet thread about me, with the first tweet about my who my dad was

I am an archaeologist. I am a good archaeologist

Atlantis is just not real