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Accessibility Old Timer, ex-BBC Head of Accessibility, Web/Mobile/Games/Fonts. Has #Dyslexia and #ADHD. Director of #a11y #UXDesign
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Apr 6, 2022 27 tweets 7 min read
Hi @jared_w_smith I really enjoyed your talk on typographic accessibility however there are a couple of things I’d like to pick up that I think would are worth a discussion at least.
The main one was about dyslexia. There is so much misinformation about this condition. Despite the cultural definitions which seem to include unrelated syndromes and traits, Developmental Dyslexia to give its proper name is a developmental disorder to do with phonological pricessing, see…
Jan 15, 2022 24 tweets 19 min read
Someone has asked me to compile a list of accessibility presentations for a non-technical #a11y beginner so I'll be doing a bit of posting on this thread over the next couple of days of some presentations that have stuck with me... if I can find them online. Here's one of my all time favourites from the completely awesome @JamieKnight
Cognitive Accessibility 107 (beta)
Thanks @A11yLondon :)

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