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⚡️ UI design tip

I’ve been doing buttons wrong! 😱 Have you? 🤔

After nearly 2 decades looking at buttons, I've noticed that most of them have usability and accessibility issues.

Here are some quick and practical tips to avoid common mistakes 👇

#design #uidesign #uxdesign Image
✅ Define 3 buttons styles (primary, secondary and tertiary) to display actions of varying importance.

✅ Ensure buttons have a clear visual hierarchy that isn't reliant on colour alone.
✅ Ensure contrast ratio of the button shape is at least 3:1 to meet WCAG 2.1 level AA accessibility requirements.

✅ Ensure button text contrast ratio is at least 4.5:1.

✅ Use a large target area (at least 48pt by 48pt) to ensure people can easily select buttons.
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I was watching the Personalization versus Customization video on the Nielsen Norman Group YouTube channel (). Looking from the lens of social psychology, I think a video on Personalization versus Comparison (Comparative Personalization) would sketch
the future roadmap of digital communication design. This is because I've been thinking about the many ways personalization can be taken advantage of socio-politically at a global level while watching the video 'How short-form video is rotting your brain?'
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UX design systems & guidelines you have to take a look at 👇💫

Add your favorite below

#uxdesign #design #designsystems #productdesign #UIUXDesigner
1. Atlassian Design @Atlassian Image
2. Carbon Design System @ibmdesign Image
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Become a UI/UX designer without paying a dime!
These are platforms that will teach you UI/UX design for free.

Those that aren't free have financial aid packages.

Credit: UI Johnson

#uiuxdesign #UIUXDesigner #designthinking #uxdesign Image
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📍 Product/UX design methods mindmap

A handy guide to help you decide when to use what UX methods.

1️⃣ Understand
2️⃣ Define
3️⃣ Ideate
4️⃣ Execute
5️⃣ Validate

🧵 A thread

via @Mei_big_eyes #design #uxdesign #uxui #productdesign
1️⃣ Understand

In the understand phase, we put ourselves in the users’ shoes and understand their likes & dislikes, context, needs, pain points, etc.

Meanwhile, we learn about the business: What is the money-making model? What are the metrics to measure business success?
2️⃣ Define

In the Define phase, we work with the team, especially the product manager to discover problems and opportunities.

The ability to gather insights, synthesize data, and abstract input to a problem is very important.
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The Designer is the most misunderstood role in Product.

And yet, their work is crucial for a team's success.

Over the years, I've observed 2 toxic patterns: 🧵

#productmanagement #uxdesign
1. There is no Designer on the team.

Sometimes there might be some UI guy who takes care of selecting stock photos or modifying the CSS styles. But in reality, the usability of the product is not taken seriously by anyone.

So the usability sucks.
2. The Designer is engaged too late.

The Designer is asked for help when low-fidelity prototypes are ready, or worse, once the application is built. Their only job is to "make it prettier."

No matter how much they try, it's like lipsticking a pig.

How can we solve this?
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Them: "We never have enough time to do proper user interviews."

Me: "How much time do you have?"

Them: "a week."

Me: "Let me tell you a story..."

And the story, #UX and #design friends, goes like this:

I was consulting with an organization, whose team needed to do some research; interviews specifically. They said "well, we have 24 hours based on our schedule…but we have to get to this other work to make deadline and right now it's all hands on deck."

So the team can't spare the manpower or the people and there were lots of reasons why that date couldn't move. In the end, we got eight hours.

Eight hours to talk to users and get some sense of what's going on here.

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I found these ui guidelines really useful

Document by @its.dezinx
A thread 🧵
#uidesign #figma #uxdesign
More …
More …
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"#Collectibles market size was estimated at $402B in 2021 and is expected to cross $1T by 2032." -@MarketDecipher

@AmericanaNFT provides an ecosystem for #artists & #creators to interact with #collectors who can then engage with producers and consumers alike.

1/14 🧵
2/@NFTerps, @dozaster, @NPecor, and @musicalnetta of @AmericanaNFT shared insights and alpha around the future of physical collectibles in a digital world at #NFTNYC2022

Vibe? "Buy shit you love."

What is Americana? Let’s peel the🧅
3/Stripping away digital art and using #NFTs for their core value - digital #provenance, #proofofownership & proof of origin. 📜

How does this improve physical collecting?
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After 13 years, this is the UX design roadmap that I would use to restart my career:

More practical than a $15,000 #uxdesign bootcamp.

1. Practice a UI tool like Sketch
- Recreate Gusto’s Workbench components
- Read Atomic Design by Brad Frost
- Recreate Spotify’s “Add to Playlist” workflow
- Design an experimental feature for Slack
2. Study institutional knowledge
- Gestalt Psychology
- Nielsen’s 10 usability heuristics
- WCAG 2.1
- Jakob’s Law
- Hick’s Law
- Weber’s Law
- Miller’s Law
- Progressive Disclosure
- “Chunking” in cognitive psych
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These are the 23 reasons why #TikTok is problematic in terms of #manipulation, #addiction and #privacy & why #children and #teenagers should be kept away from it:

(for those interested: the full article about the topic, with all relevant links:…)
1- Reduced space for #autonomy and #choice; videos are pushed to the user since 1st use. In a web that respects human dignity, people - especially #children and #teenagers - should get used to choose and think about what they want to be exposed to
2- Increased potential of #manipulation and #exposure of younger and more impressionable audiences, as the content will be pushed to them and they will be hooked by age-inappropriate content (and be recommended more content like this)
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1) Example of bad #uxdesign : I was feeling down and wanted to do some retail therapy, so I opened my @ASOS app to buy some shoes. I found something that I liked, paid for it and was happily waiting for delivery when it clicked in my mind “shit, I entered my former address…..
2) ….. I remembered 7 hours after payment and tried everything to reverse my mistake. I spoke to a customer care agent, who said nothing can be done but that the goods will be automatically returned to them and the money refunded to me…#uxdesign
3) … it took some days but the money was refunded to my account but I no longer had interest in buying the shoes. I forgot about this but remembered when I placed an order on @SHEIN_Official and an address confirmation page popped up…#uxdesign Image
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#PrivacyResearchDay C'est parti ! La CNIL accueille aujourd'hui des chercheurs internationaux pour présenter leurs travaux sur la #vieprivée et la protection des #données.
Suivez l'événement en direct en 🇬🇧 ou en 🇫🇷👉…
Suivez le thread ⬇️
La présidente de la CNIL Marie-Laure Denis accueille la communauté internationale au 1er #PrivacyResearchDay ! Des chercheurs qui travaillent et enseignent en Allemagne, Belgique, Espagne, Singapour, Suisse, Royaume-Uni, Luxembourg et France.
La CNIL utilise la #recherche de multiples façons :
👉 Lors de la rédaction de recommandations et de lignes directrices.
👉 Dans l'un des cas sur les #cookies, la CNIL s'est référée aux résultats de deux documents de recherche.
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💡One of the most important parts of visual app design is choosing the right color palette.
Here are 4 amazing color ideas for your UI&UX projects!
Check them out in the thread!🧵
#UI #uiux #uxdesign #uidesign Image
🚩Walletz - Money Wallet Landing Page UI Element >>> Image
🚩CryptoBuy Ui Template For Designer >>> Image
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Hi @jared_w_smith I really enjoyed your talk on typographic accessibility however there are a couple of things I’d like to pick up that I think would are worth a discussion at least.
The main one was about dyslexia. There is so much misinformation about this condition.
Despite the cultural definitions which seem to include unrelated syndromes and traits, Developmental Dyslexia to give its proper name is a developmental disorder to do with phonological pricessing, see…
The definition becomes muddied by psychologists who diagnose the symptoms, which could be caused by other things and attribution of unrelated traits and syndromes such as Irlen and mirroring, where there are as many dyslexic and non-dyslexic cases.
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Few UIUX design resources that I got to know about this last week which has been of help to my learning and improve my design

I found a treasure

please retweet, it might be of help to someone

#uidesign #uxdesign #uiuxdesign #ux #uiux #appdesign

If you are like me who always forget to add one or two elements in your design, this is for you
Sass landing page

I struggle with designing amazing landing page before I know about this website, which have amazing sass landing page design that converts
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#webdev #uidesign #uxdesign #books
¿Qué libros me han ayudado a crecer profesionalmente?

Se viene hilo con mis favoritos 🧵
Designing interface animation
Laws of UX
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What do you do if you have software developers who want to learn something new? ❤️‍🔥

You invent something simple, and include the newest tech. #web3

We are making an e-learning platform with web3 aspects. More soon.

For now: let me show you what specs we gave to the #uxdesign
First we started with the mission.

I framed it in a way like @simonsinek did in his evergreen talk:…

- Why: code a useful project with web3 aspects
- How: Code it simple, show progress
- What: Gamified LMS with web3

That's what I sent to the #uxdesign freelancer.

It's really bare bones. Basically I just used @figma like this:

- take a browser shape (screenshot safari)
- buttons? use rectangles
- hyperlinks: use underlines
- comments? Just use odd shades and put text on it

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Over the years the most common designer complaint has always been "No one listens" and "UX isn't a priority/understood", so I want to throw something controversial out there:

Some of this is our doing.

A quick(ish) thread on why and how to fix it 🧵
#uxdesign #design #ux
I haven't met one designer that had it easy - even orgs that invest heavily in UCD still have their issues. It's always the elusive seat at the table that designers chase, and it's common to feel like you are stepped on or under appreciated. This is common - it's not you.
However! As humans we all have a certain amount of agency and freedom to try and change things like the amount of time design and research is given in an organisation. Some people might call this being an "agitator" - and to an extent I agree this is a good thing. But...
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Storytime: How I switched my QA job to Product Design

more info in the thread 🧵

#careerchange #uxdesign #uxui #productdesign #userexperience #digitaldesign #uidesign #Webdesign
1 year ago, I started gaining a lot of interest in Product Design (I was a QA back then). So, I began learning as much as I could about this domain because I wanted to shift my career within the same company.
I did courses, daily UI challenges, read articles on Medium, followed designers on Twitter, watched tons of YouTube videos, and worked on side projects so I can create a portfolio worth showing to Sortlist's Head of Product. I could not ask for a switch in Design empty-handed.
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Someone has asked me to compile a list of accessibility presentations for a non-technical #a11y beginner so I'll be doing a bit of posting on this thread over the next couple of days of some presentations that have stuck with me... if I can find them online.
Here's one of my all time favourites from the completely awesome @JamieKnight
Cognitive Accessibility 107 (beta)
Thanks @A11yLondon :)

#a11y #accessibility #uxdesign
Here's Richard Kurzik and @scarynige on the history of access services at the BBC from the BBC's GAAD...
...and a URL from hell...
#CC #accessibility…
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Depresión. Gran problema psicosocial y #SaludMental por Pandemia #Covid19.
Sugiero a Ministerios de #Sanidad y de #TransformaciónDigital (@sanidadgob @_minecogob) crear una plataforma digital para muchísimos españoles.
Con ideas que expreso en este hilo de #SaludDigital
🥰 RT
1 plataforma (tanto web como app) con acceso identificable de número de Seguridad Social, voluntario. Porque puedes medir interacciones y detectar riesgos.
Si el usuario sabe que 'algo' detrás de la tecnología va a producir una llamada directa de su Sanitario referente, mejor.
2 si es un servicio del Estado (Ministerios) tendrá más aceptación de 'autoridad' que si es de empresas o parte privada.
La Depresión empieza a ser un problema de #SaludPublica (@SaludPublicaEs).
Afecta a familia, trabajo... los efectos empiezan a ser importantes
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