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.@COSecofState/@JenaGriswold plans to make cheating in #Colorado #elections MUCH easier via her upcoming Aug. 3rd rules hearing re: Rule 8 CR 1505-1. In addition to not allowing 3rd parties to #audit #election equipment, here are a more of her proposed new rules. #copolitics 1/x
Sec. 2.13.2  – Ultra-partisan #Democrat @COSecofState will now handle inactive #voter registration cancelations, which used to be handled by county clerks. She’s trying to take away county-level power over this. | #Colorado #copolitics 2/x
Sec. 7.3.2 through 7.3.5 - @COSecofState will significantly reduce electronic #voting/#ballot standards, eliminate of ballot logs, ballot tracking, etc. | #Colorado #copolitics 3/x
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It’s 1:22 and we’re anxiously awaiting the rules debate! Follow along here for live updates from the House floor livestream!

While you wait, use this guide to tweet your representative and ask them to vote in favor of transparency amendments!…
Quorum roll call in progress! We’re moving folks! #TransparencyVote Picture of a screenshot of the Massachusetts state House of
Majority Leader Claire Cronin of Easton presiding. Currently taking up the issue of extending the Emergency Rules until October.
#accessibility Image of Claire D Cronin of Easton presiding over the house
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Even the most cursory glance at the economic situation of people with disabilities in Canada paints a bleak picture. Disparities in income, wealth, and economic opportunities have widened since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. Although the proposed....1/7
Canadian Disability Benefit has yet to become a law, it serves as an important reminder to analyze and understand the economic challenges faced by those with disabilities. 2/7
#disablethedifference #disability #disabilitystudies #disabilityinclusion #disabilityrights
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There's a lot to getting your navigations right in terms of #UX, #accessibility & #uidesign

Check out my very first thread! (This will be in video format tomorrow on my youtube channel 'DesignCourse')

1. Differentiate between the logo and navigation.

👉 This helps avoid confusion and allows the user to clearly identify where the navigation exists on the navbar.
2. Design an Active State

👉 This gives a visual indicator to the user that they're on a particular page. You can achieve an active state through making the link bold, changing the background color, and/or adding an icon or border.
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Hello @CreditOneBank , I just got off a very unsatisfactory customer service call with one of your representatives
I hope you understand the severity of not having a functional mobile website, a new customer is unable to register for an account using mobile web.
The app doesn’t allow me to register my card number correctly.
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1/7 🧵 Using #PowerPoint in your virtual meetings? Here’s a short thread on making your presentations accessible.

1) Use sans serif fonts, no smaller than 16 points, and make sure there’s a high contrast between your text and your background colour.… A graphic showing a monitor screen on an orange background.
2/7 🧵 2) Title each slide to help anyone navigating through your presentation quickly. If you can’t fit a particular topic on a single slide, use ‘[Slide title] part 1’, ‘[Slide title] part 2’ etc. rather than repeating or skipping a title.

👍 #accessibility #a11y #PowerPoint
3/7 🧵 3) Add #AltText to your images, charts and graphs, so they can be read by screen readers. Right click on your image, and choose ‘Format Picture’ then ‘Alt Text’. You can add a brief title, followed by a more detailed description.

👍 #DisabilityTwitter #accessibility
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This is the @FA statement about @England and #TakeTheKnee & #BooTheKnee at #EURO2020

Transcribed in the thread below because the text is hard to read #accessibility

(slightly edited for Twitter but no content change)

TLDR: 🙏🏼 support this anti-racism gesture

#ComeOnEngland Image
@FA @England Ok that thread has gone weird, so let's try it again here.
@FA @England Message to supporters

Major tournaments don't come around often and when they do, it's an opportunity to unite friends, families and the country
This collective support is what spurs our team on during challenging moments & it gives them the best chance of succeeding...
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As a #Disabled person, #Accessibility is my right not a requirement! It should never be an afterthought! (thread)
Add descriptions to images, videos and GIFS you post, close-caption your videos, make transcripts available for your podcasts, videos and audios, capitalize each word within a Hashtag and follow accessibility practices! #A11Y
Some resources to help you get started:…
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"Wir bauen 1 Produkt für Rentner*innen, wie sollen wir denn da auch darauf kommen, das #Accessibility wichtig ist?!?! "😂
Steuerlotse Fragebogen-Webs...
Nehme wetten an, welche Begründung gleich kommt:
Also ich würde jetzt gerne noch irgendwas positives dazu schreiben. Aber nichts daran wirkt sinnvoll. Ich möchte hiermit anzweifeln, das überhaupt irgendwie UX-Research in der Zielgruppe gemacht wurde und nein #BMF-Beamten kurz vor der Rente zählen nicht dazu. 🤡
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1/I'm changing roles within @microsoft. Starting today I'll be reporting to the incredible @jennylayfluffy, our Chief Accessibility Officer for Microsoft.

I am *so honored* to be leading Accessibility tech for the whole company 🚀 Dona is wearing a red silk #PrimaDonaStudios dress speaking
2/This means, I'll be cajoling, err *influencing* all of our product teams to keep making #AssistiveTech that's more accessible, usable and innovative than ever.
3/The audience I'll be getting to know are the BILLION+ people with disabilities all over the world...

and also the *many of us* with #Neurodivergence and #MentalHealth concerns, whether permanent or temporary or situational.
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.@TwitterA11y, people with disabilities need things to be accessible on BOTH ends.

The fact that the #AltText process is not easier on the writer’s end can make it difficult for #spoonie peeps & those with #cfsme to make posts that are accessible for the #VisuallyImpaired.
I know others are working on it, but with all of the algorithms out there, it should be possible to make viewable *predicted* text of what’s in a picture, so we can quickly approve it, or make edits.

That wouldn’t just “make life easier.” It’s about #accessibility & #autonomy.
#Disabled autonomy is more important than than many abled ppl realize.

So many things in our lives are based on the assumption that we “have someone to help us,” simply bc systems are falling short. It’s #ableist, & forces us to rely on others. We may not HAVE others available.
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There are a few here that I feel a bit attacked by 👀

Retweet (I'm writing the image description in this thread)
The image is of a series of 12 newspaper doodles with a main headline that reads: Types of Plant Science Papers.
1. Our greenhouse is bigger than yours
2. We took another massive genome apart because no one stopped us
3. we have a big machine - let's use it
4. Auxin is at it again
5. Why are there so many copies of this frickin' gene?!
6. We used all our budget to go to the jungle to look at plants
7. We stressed this plant and all we got was more ROS
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I managed to trim down my #GoFundMe, & feeling quite proud. I know it *still* needs to be shorter, but just dipping back into it for the first round of revisions will make next time easier.

I can’t wait to get to real #whistleblower mode.

#Trauma #Survivor #Noisemaker
FYI: #AutismMom, #AutismDad, #AutismParent - you should know what’s happening in your children’s schools.

This isn’t just an #autistic talking about #ABA.
This is an #autistic #teacher saying “I warned that a student would escape, bc I could see people were ignoring him for being hard to manage at times. No one listened to me, & he DID escape - NEARLY A FULL CITY AVENUE AWAY.”

Please help me in my mission:
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Hello #a11y crowd!

I know that a lot of people have been following some comments I made regarding content/trigger warnings, so I figured I'd gather all my comments in a thread with some anecdotal best practices and food for thought for people who are interested. (1/20)
First off, I'm humbled by the number of #accessibility professionals who are following this conversation and taking my words so seriously. I meant my comment to be a one-off comment regarding better care and consideration in UX regarding mental health in/and digital #a11y. (2/20)
I'd also like to offer the reminder that while I have mental health and medical triggers related to #OCPD, #PTSD, and post-concussive syndrome, #disabled people are not a monolith and what others experience and what they need will be different. What I share is anecdotal. (3/20)
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The #Oscars would not permit winner Anthony Hopkins, 83, to participate remotely from overseas during a deadly pandemic with a heavy death toll - particularly for people over 60? Forgive me if I feel this does not reflect well on their commitment to #accessibility.
Let me be clear: That is some #ableist garbage right there.
Not allowing Anthony Hopkins to participate remotely in the #Oscars is literally #ableism. 'We are powerful and well-funded, and have the technology for you to participate safely and be heard, but we don't feel like using it.' This is what disabled folks have heard for years.
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 04/22/2021…
Opinion | Set Up Branches of Elite Colleges to Expand Access…

#HigherEducation #accessibility #OpEd #BranchCampuses
Vartan Gregorian, Savior of the New York Public Library, Dies at 87…

#obituary #PublicLibrary #scholarship #leadership #service
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Monster accessibility #TwitterThread ahead!

I'd like to make sure the #a11y community does not miss this announcement by the React Native team. Would appreciate RTs & getting the word out.
For #GAAD 2019, @Facebook took the #GAADPledge, committing to making #accessibility a core part of the @reactnative project.…
As part of this pledge, Facebook's React Native team has performed an accessibility gap analysis, documenting 90 issues they have found and turning them into these @github issues:…
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Fun little iOS #accessibility tip! Let’s say you have 2 text sizes that you tend to move between. You can make a Shortcut for each one and then map each Shortcut to a Back Tap gesture. Then you can super quickly and 1-handedly change text size!
[Video Alt: (off camera - user double back taps) Text size pops to large size while shortcut notification plays at top of screen. (Off camera - user triple back taps) Text size pops to small text size.]
Here’s what that Shortcut setup would look like! Screenshot. Shortcut creation. Title: Large Text. Contains oScreenshot. Shortcuts app. Top left short cut is titled “S
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I found out that the person in charge of the job that I left (because of a toxic/ableist environment) shared the social media posts I made (about my resignation) with the team and said I was unprofessional.

This demonstrates a huge difference in how we operate. I believe in transparency & accountability. It’s how I’ve gained my reputation & community trust. My work belongs my communities. Plus, I was very diplomatic and held back in what I posted.

#transparency #accountability
It’s frustrating because accountability & self-reflection are what that project needs. He goes after me instead of addressing the real problem & focusing on self-reflection (after losing two queer, disabled consultants who said the environment was too toxic)
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This is what a proper detour looks like for #ActiveTransportation.

Notice the #accessibility ramp, helpful signage, the detour is direct and logical, priority given to people over cars.

All too often in #Ottawa, sidewalks and cycleways are just marked "closed" forcing people onto roads with fast moving cars.

Alternatively, they are forced to cross the road with no priority crossing or confusing detour is set up that adds several city blocks to a 🚴‍♂️🧍♿ trip.
Yesterday, this sidewalk was blocked as 100's of kids in 3 area schools were trying to pass through this area. Car and truck traffic still had full use of the road though.
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Accessibility & Inclusivity 📝

⬇️ Thread ⬇️

“There's no such thing as normal“

Inclusive design aims to produce the most effective user expertise for as many of us as attainable. Accessibility isn't solely a problem that applies to individuals with disabilities -

#a11y #WCAG Image
it's a problem that affects everyone. An inclusive world may be a higher world. As a result, we wish to be in the vicinity of that.

What are you saying?? It’s just the domain of UX designer and developer, why does accessibility matter for anyone other:

#accessibility #UX
- The inclusive design will increase access. A social media strategy that considers inclusive design will a similar. while not accessible, you miss out on connecting along with your full potential audience.

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We're immensely excited to launch the @colorsinspo Official Plugin for @AdobeXD

A Free suite of integrated Colors & Accessibility tools.

- Smart Contrast Checker
- Color Blind Simulation
- 8 more tools 🔥

Read more:
#XDPlugins #AdobeXD

⬇️ Thread ⬇️ Image
Why do we care about accessibility & accessible design?

Recently I was on Fiverr browsing through jobs & there was one pop-up that came asking for to enable the accessible mode for the site.

#a11y #WCAG #accessibility #ux
I was curious and enabled the accessible mode & I got answers for every question on accessibility’s needs.

#A11y #AccessibilityAwards
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To those institutions considering using #proctoring software for assessment - just don't. So many privacy, trust and #accessibility reasons why we shouldn't do this. Frankly, in my view it's bordering on being a human rights issue. #UDL
@IUAofficial @TheUSI @THEA_Irl Thread:
Proctoring is an unfair and inequitable tool to ensure academic integrity - the real solution lies in sound assessment design. Dont bring an inaccessible/unethical tech solution to a pedagogical problem.
Proctoring software that lock down aspects of the computer but do not require camera access gives an unfair disadvantage to students who can afford multiple devices – i.e. if you have added devices you can use them to access the internet undetected.
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This alarming message came through on WhatsApp this morning from Johan Pretorius of DeafBlind SA:
"With the predicted stormy weather in KZN, Mpumalanga and Limpopo please do take care. Avoid unnecessary traveling and be careful during dangerous weather conditions by staying indoors."

(Keep reading; that's not the big problem yet.)
"I am currently making enquiries with our local police about accessable emergency contact number with local police stations all over South Africa. The usual phone call number 10111 is not accessible for Deaf and DeafBlind persons."

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