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CEO/Founder: Disability Leadership Institute - hub for #disability leaders: keynote speaker, #leadership coach. Time to change the way leadership is understood.
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Sep 22, 2019 29 tweets 6 min read
I've now recovered enough to do this thread about my visit to @Aust_Parliament the other day. I've become increasingly reluctant to visit because its usually an awful experience. Occasionally I get lucky, but this wasn't one of those days, in fact it's one of the worst experiences I've had so far getting into @Aust_Parliament
May 21, 2019 12 tweets 7 min read
Time to take some ownership of #disability organisations to ensure they do have disabled people at the top.

Here's a few thoughts:
1. ask your service provider if they have #disabled people on their board. If they do have #disabled people on the board, do we make up half of the board?

If not, why not?

#disability #leadership