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Hi 👋 Can we talk?

Listen - don't be afraid of what I'm going to say here, okay?

It's going to involve me talking about the end of my life.

I need to say these things, outloud. I need people to know how hard I tried, how hard I fought, how serious I took it all.

My name is Patricia George-Zwicker, I'm 51 yrs old. I'm #ActuallyAutistic, #disabled & have had #mentalillness since I was a kid.

I have #PTSD, #CPTSD, #depression, #anxiety.

Abuse began in my life when I was 5 yrs old. It was daily. It went on for 15 years. Daily. Relentless.
My abuse was extreme.

Are you hearing me?

Exteme. Daily. Relentless.

But I had to hide it all. Hide the abuse and the physical signs. Hide that I wasn't like others kids in truly fundamental ways. I'm Autistic. Dyslexic. Dyspraxic. Disabled.

You know, the freak, the weirdo.
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Every night I wake up, heart racing.
It's always three hours since I fell asleep. Sometimes less. Ocassionally almost four.
I want a different tune in my head than Imagine Dragons' Radioactive.
Welcome to the new age...
"I'm waking up/I feel it in my bones
This is the apolcalypse/
Welcome to the new age, to the new age..."
It's day 1,329 of MY #quarantine. Since I was paralyzed. Same view out the same window every day since they brought me back from the hospital.
They roll you into your newly-set-up hospital bed in your house on a sheet like some magic trick. And then you are on your own.
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The deliberately slowed production and distribution of test kits (#WhereAreTheTests) means many will get sick or die without being identified as #COVID19 patients. People are suffering as I write this. 1/
The daily insult and misinforming POTUS briefings confuse the public. It is the responsibility of the media to focus on accuracy more and what insults/inaccuracies POTUS hurls less. 2/
Our lives depend on the distribution of accurate information. Please drop the bombastic propaganda coverage and increase news that can help us to help one another survive this pandemic. 3/
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Dr. Kertesz addresses the doctors who believe no one should be started on #opioids in this tweet. I'd like to chime in as well.

I believe it should be a carefully thought out decision between doctor & patient. I'm a patient that benefits from #LongTermOpioidTherapy. A few notes:
I finally got a diagnosis that isn't half-assed. I have #EhlersDanlosSyndrome, among other things. It's extremely painful. It started to set in during college. I should have know that wearing a backpack shouldn't have been excruciating. It was. I didn't go on an #opioid regimen
for years, however.

I finally tried #opioids long-term around the age of 28. I was working as a freelance photographer. Hauling equipment around became so painful, I hit a WALL around the age of 30. I had to slow down, whether I liked it or not. I got married, & after that, my
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Hello, Friends... With sadness, I'm writing to let you know that I've decided to cancel all my March shows. 😢 I'm at a high risk of getting seriously ill from #COVID19 because of my #disability & small lung capacity, so it seems foolish for me to say "the show must go on".

1/11 Black and white picture of Gaelynn playing her violin upright like a tiny cello. At the top of the page in green cursive letters:
Furthermore, I want to set a good example in my community to protect others who are elderly, #disabled or immunocompromised. I'm frustrated by the message that "only the old & the chronically ill" are at risk of death, because so many people I care about are in these groups! 2/11
I don't want at-risk people to be viewed as expendable or collateral damage. We all know & care about at least one at-risk person, so we should all be limiting our unnecessary social interactions to minimize suffering... Unfortunately, I think concerts fit this description.

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Rockers as #COVID19 continues to grow I’m concerned about #Disabled like myself, @_JayScorpion, @SFdirewolf, and more who have home care aides and/or nurses because if full quarantine happens what do we do?
Will aides/nurses be allowed to come to out help us?
Will #Disabled without family members be forced into hospitals and institutions if a quarantine won’t allow aides/nurses out?
Again a society issue is being discussed without taking #Disabled into consideration besides saying we’re at risk to be victims of #COVID19
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Considering whether #Warren should endorse, I go to my favorite question for students: what would we need to know?

What would we need to know to understand whether Warren's endorsing someone would advance the goal of securing universal health care and paid leave?
We would need to know if it would move any voters. Her supporters were evenly split, but we need to know if some were never Bernie/ never Biden. We could find that out; it would be harder to find out whether her supporters are likely to be moved by endorsements (I'm not).
Next we need to know if Warren has a better shot at advancing her agenda w/o endorsing now. There are 3 ways this could happen.
-Biden wins plurality. Endorsement= platform bargaining chip;
-Biden better against Trump; or
-Warren endorsement hurts Bernie, somehow.
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In light of #AWP2020 and their sudden willingness of accommodate peoples' desire to telespeak, I'm sharing this piece @karriehiggins and I wrote a while back when they SCOFFED at such a request:…
@karriehiggins Karrie has already tweeted about this issue on here, go read about it. I just wanted to point out how much it hurts to see this issue embraced now, when it was such a (ridiculous) hurdle then.
@karriehiggins When #disabled writers needed accessibility, we were shamed by #awp. I will never go back until major things change when it comes to AWP and #criplit and those of us who write it. @GeorgesDryad @SFdirewolf
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As a disabled person it hurts to see all the adjustments that we’ve been denied suddenly be made available because non-disabled people might get sick.

But we will remember, we see you & your ableism.

So next time you deny us accommodations, we will say “but during Coronavirus?”
As this tweet is making quite a few people realise that massive barriers are created by ableism & refusal to make accommodations...

#Disabled folks what *reasonable* adjustments are you suddenly seeing that have been denied to you or would make a massive difference to you?
I'll start.

Working from home. I'm visually impaired & use a white cane, using inaccessible public transport everyday is exhausting physically & mentally.

Working from home means I can be productive, happy & safe.

I've frequently been refused this reasonable adjustment.
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#CripTheVote I want to talk about how ableist #covid19 media coverage is. 1/
2/ According to the American Community Survey (ACS) the overall percentage of people with disabilities in the US in 2016 was 12.8%. Meaning 12.8% of us are at high risk of severe illness or death from this coronavirus infection.
3/The Census Bureau lists the number of people age 65 and older in the United States at 14.9 percent of the total population. They are also at extremely high risk for this coronavirus infection and one senior has lost their life already here.
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Watching @AllRiseCBS because I am writing about #disability on TV shows and this #disabled character is trying to explain to a non-disabled attorney the awful line disabled people have to "walk" to try and avoid being abused/taken advantage and the attorney doesn't get it.
He can't imagine what it would be like to have someone else bathe him, have physical power over him at his most vulnerable.
There is a #disabled actor in the role--I have seen him in something else. Will check imdb and add his name to this thread.
The actor is Michael Patrick Thornton. He was #disabled at 24 after a couple of strokes (!!!). He is 41. He's been a character on a number of series.

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This is #InspirationPorn and thus #ableist.

This tweet names only one actor pictured (Shia LaBeouf), and completely erases the other (Zack Gottsagen).

It paints treating a visibly disabled person with basic human decency as something heroic - which also implies it‘s optional.
Some things that don’t make you a hero:

- treating a disabled person well
- existing in the same space as a disabled person
- working with a disabled person
- employing a disabled person
- helping a disabled person

Try seeing disabled people as of equal worth as abled people.
It is a sad testament to how society sees disabled people, when treating us as equals to abled people is considered special, optional...

You don‘t deserve a cookie for treating disabled people well.

Disabled people don‘t exist so abled people can feel good about themselves.
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Here's my latest* update to my vetted collection of Twitter Disability and Chronic Illness hashtags. Please share it!

Thank you :-) Graffiti background. Foreground in black letters on a  white background to the left reads “Twitter Disability and Chronic Illness Hashtags”<br />
This collection is current as of 01.30.20, previous Twitter update 09.11.19.

There's a PDF version coming up this weekend, to be posted to my Kofi profile. I'll add the link toward the end when it goes up, after the questions, where you can also sign up for email updates.
This version has added

- community suggestions,
- mental health hashtags,
- Medical crowdfunding hashtags,
- and a section for cancer-related hashtags.
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In case you are unaware, I want to take a minute to fill you on how *harmful* Twitter has been for #disabled people for the past few weeks.

Tweets from 2 different disabled activists generated similar viral responses, unleashing repeated waves of #ableism & dehumanizing insults.
@Imani_Barbarin tweeted about meal delivery app drivers refusing to bring her food directly to her door despite her mobility issues

@coffeespoonie tweeted about being repeatedly denied service by rideshare drivers because of either her service dog, her wheelchair, or both.
Both of these women shared experiences of discrimination that are *not* isolated or uncommon, & #disabled twitter echoed their tweets with additional stories as well

The responses however have been BRUTAL, & display just how much #ableism we face to simply exist in public spaces
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Trumps never miss an opportunity to punch down. Attacking Biden for his stutter is ableist and harmful to #disabled kids. FIVE PERCENT of kids go through a period of stuttering and 1% never overcome the disability. Still more have cerebral palsy &Tourette's. Vile.
Biden is a politician. This may make his stomach flip over as it did mine, but he isn't harmed by it. But I think of my friend's kid with cerebral palsy, how he struggles to speak do to his spasticity and #disability and how this gross #ableism harms kids like him.
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My best friend of 42 years yes, 42 years, helps sometimes with transportation. I can no longer drive. 💔
Please help. 😭
I am doing my d*mndest to keep it together and RESIST this 'ADMIN'!!!
Until the last breathe leaves my body...
I've done Aqua Therapy for a year.
The results were minimal. 😔
If my mom can't afford my RX that I have to have.
I can't DIGEST food w/out it.
It's pretty important. 😏
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▪wrote a book
▪wrote another book
▪edited 13 books
▪wrote 2k+ articles, columns, investigative series & holy crap 400k tweets.
▪survived a violent rape
▪survived 7 surgeries
▪survived 2 collapsed lungs
▪survived a PE
▪survived paralysis
▪fought Trump
▪write three more books
▪keep doing kick-ass journalism
▪get a motorized wheelchair and wheelchair lift and keep fighting for #disabled people like myself
▪kick Trump out of the people's house
▪live to see 2030
So I want to go back to this #DecadeinReview again, because lists are easy reading but don't tell the whole story. Nearly dying 5 times between 2009 & 2019 informed literally everything I did/do. It propelled me to walk away from people who dropped me when I couldn't center them.
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I didn't get it together to do a thread 📌📌📌 on what I did over the past decade so here's the capsule version: a ton of reporting--a few thousand articles, columns & series--of which I am really proud. I published 13 books, half of which won awards: so humbling & thrilling.
I covered the most exciting & inclusive Democratic Convention in history in my own city. There were more women, POC & #LGBT speakers than ever, as well as the 1st trans woman speaker & several #disabled speakers for the first woman nominee, #HillaryClinton. It was thrilling.
The most important thing I did in this decade, though, was survive. I survived a brutal rape near the beginning of the decade, two collapsed lungs, a pulmonary embolism, seven #cancer surgeries and a life-threatening bleed that paralyzed me a month after the DNC.
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It's #ChristmasEve and at this time last year I did not think I would live to see another #Christmas.
It has been a really hard year for me and The Wife. I have had some major health setbacks and a lot of suffering, but I am still alive and what a gift that is.
I want to thank all my Twitter friends and followers for helping me through this year. Thank you for reading and supporting my work. Thank you for buoying my spirits when I have been at my lowest points. Thank you for being a community of activists and resisters and fighters.
It can be deeply isolating to be a journalist in this climate. It can be deeply isolating to be sick and #disabled in this very ableist society. When I've needed the solace of community, I've been able to find it here. Thank you so much.

Wishing you the very best holidays.❤
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This thread is in response to a recent thread by @leoniedelt that was interesting & provocative & hopefully won’t be a magnet for trolls, but as it stands, deserves a healthy debate.

As a bereaved parent & multiple trauma survivor & a psychiatrist of 30 years & a multiply

#Disabled #ActuallyAutistic & #AutisticParent, I am very accustomed to being a member of heterogenous groups that share one overarching life experience that sets them apart from the rest of society.

In a bereaved parents’ group, we are there to support one another


Everyone is in the same boat, having suffered unimaginable loss, so it really isn’t cool to create a hierarchy of suffering based on how old your child was when they died or their cause of death or how many children died or how many are still alive or

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1/4 The #Tory government has put #disabled & chronically ill people through hell the past 10 years. The reason? To stop fraudulent benefit claims and reduce cost. The outcome? Thousands of us died and thousands more suffered humiliation, #poverty & devastating health implications
2/4 The kick in the teeth is; the benefit reforms and #DWP errors actually cost more than the original fraud. On top of this, the Tory's removed all funding for vital services that many vulnerable people in society relied upon. #ToriesOut #Tories #Health #Benefits
3/4 Austerity measures were supposed to reduce debt and save the UK from financial crisis, yet National #debt is the highest it's ever been. The #NHS is on it's last breath, and many of us fear we will not survive another 4 years of #Tory lies, neglect and abuse. #VoteLabour
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@bbcquestiontime @IBlackfordSNP Thank you so much for speaking up for #50swomen #waspi. £271-400billion was taken out of the NI FUND as treasury stopped paying in their share around time of bank crash. More than enough to provide decent pensions #NHS & benefit funding.
Govts chose NOT to do this @davidhencke
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My 43 #goals for the #43rdParliament #canpoli #cdnpoliKeep your promises
1.Work with Opposition not in opposition
2.Change Minister for Women and Gender Equality to Minister of Women and Gender Equity. Equality and equity are not the same thing.
3. Remove the Rural Economic Development component from the Minister for Women and Gender. It should stand alone or be added to Agriculture.
4. 42nd Parliament goal=Women & Gender should stand alone. When considering intersecting identities, the Minister has plenty on her plate
5.Increase the number of Black people in Cabinet.
6.Increase the number of Black people in Governor-in-Council appointments.
7.Name an experienced Black individual to head the new Anti-Racism Secretariat within the Department of Canadian Heritage.
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Weird to be alone on #Thanksgiving. For the 20yrs I was estranged from my family because of being gay, I created lovely Thanksgivings with other gay friends.The Wife is at my in laws, where we used to go before my paralysis. My 2020 dream is a wheelchair lift & motorized chair.♿
I always wonder how many people are shut out of celebrations due to their disabilities. There really should be a better system of access in this country. It shocks me how much of this world is closed to us completely.
My life fits into two categories: before and after paralysis. I was in a wheelchair from my 30s due to MS. But I was still able to walk a little and get out places--work, restaurants that were accessible, movies. If steps weren't involved I could visit friends and family. ♿
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