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Thank you so much Paul @UGuests it's been amazing to follow your thinking, insights, research and history on placemaking today.

This is @Grace_Quantock and I'm delighted to take up the baton for the final relay on the #DigitalPlacemaking fellows Twitter takeover
Today, I wish us courage tempered with compassion. We can get drunk on courage when bravery tips into bravado. May our strength be consort with softness, as needed. Onwards, together.

(I start each day @Grace_Quantock w/ a blessing, so I'm offering this)
Hi, I'm @Grace_Quantock I'm a psychotherapeutic counsellor & writer, working across social care, health & human rights.

I’m an #Inclusion Fellow in #DigitalPlacemaking Grace sitting between roses wearing a pink jumper and blue n
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Let's say #COVID had hit this country so suddenly that keeping fatalities to 200,000 was a win.

Any slightly decent human being would still speak of these deaths as a great national tragedy, which it is.

It's 1190 Oklahoma Cities
50,000 Benghazis
66 9/11s
1.5 Hiroshimas
There has been no national mourning; there is still no national plan. And "virtually nobody" means
your sister who has MS
Your brother with hypertension
A diabetic neighbor
Your dad, who let his cholesterol creep up in retirement, but he still golfs and takes walks.
Virtually nobody, eg.
A nurse with asthma
A child with cystic fibrosis.

Virtually nobody is actually the largest minority in America. #Disabled people. You might become one someday, if you're lucky enough to live a long life.
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I wish I could get everyone posting about how they are leaving social media after seeing The Social Dilemma to understand that it actually takes a lot of privilege to be able to disconnect. What do I mean?
For many of us who are #disabled and/or #chronicallyill, the internet has given us our only reliable connection to community, relationships, education, community organizing, and more.

And that was true even BEFORE the pandemic. But now? It’s even more essential for us.
Are there very real problems with social media and the companies that run them that need to be addressed? 100000% YES. But if people simply “unplug” or move to smaller private alternatives, you aren’t actually working towards a solution.
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How many reasons do you need to vote this administration out?

#Whistleblower: There Were Mass Hysterectomies at #ICE Facility…
There is a long history of forced sterilizations in America. #Disabled women are still being victimized by this TO THIS DAY. Poor women, Black, brown and Indigenous women. All victims of this coercive treatment over decades. Now it is being done with your tax dollars.
The GOP which sanctimoniously calls itself the party of life is taking away women's right to their own bodily autonomy and their own choice to give birth. Everyone should be enraged.
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I accidentally ran out of my prescription for pain pills. I am in pain. So I did #WhatDisabledPeopleDo and opened the drawer in my house where I keep all the expired, unused, doesn't-really-work pills. Now I am on a different pill that expired in 2017 and guess what, it's working
Maybe it just needed a few years to age like a fine wine?
And if anyone's thinking, "How do you accidentally run out of your prescription?" Well, Norman, I've been distracted by art and while I wish I could just dial-the-prescription-in, I can't b/c of Your War On Opiates. So instead I have to have this conversation every couple months:
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Crip friend DMs to say: "Could you #CripTime your thoughts on New Yorker? Slow it down. Explain the objection. In plain style" And I am happy to do that. A thread.
First what are we talking about? @NewYorker, a magazine beloved by nondisabled readers, and ok disabled of us also, published this article "When The World Isn't Designed For Our Bodies: A new book argues that disability is a social phenomenon, not a medical one" in latest issue.
Now when I read articles, I want to know the situation. So to drop #Aristotle and his triangle in regards to what's the situation? Well, 1) someone is speaking to me in this article and 2) the article is the message and 3) I am the receiver.
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This #Thread the most important one I have ever written. #BidenHarris2020Landslide could be the difference between life and death for me and countless other #disabled people. #CripTheVote #ByeDon2020
Can anyone guarantee if heaven forbid #Tre45on wins I won't be thrown in a camp cause I'm #Muslim #Jersey girl? It breaks my heart that this meeting is being framed as negative or shady. #DisabilityTwitter #GH fam you know me I can't keep a secret and I was never asked to.
I am proud to work with #BidenHarris to #BeatTrump like a drum and I have no doubt they are equally proud to work with me a multiple minority. @JoeBiden & @KamalaHarris's campaign took the time to sit down with me and my community. #CripTheVote #ByeDon2020
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"I call the narrator Thomas b/c that’s how he refers to himself in the poem. He says the world makes him 'a strange countenance.' " @MADisability Leah Parker on "My Compleinte" by Thomas Hoccleve (1368-1426) #PoetryTwitter acting like #nondis make best #sick poems #YeahRight
1500 years before #RosemarieGarlandThomson , we #disabled were using the word: unhӕlu, pronounced oooon-HAL-loooo. #DisabilityStudies Lecture: "5 Brief Histories" by Leah Pope Parker. #GoodToKnow #Name #Namer #Metonym
Come for Saint Margaret, who is swallowed by a dragon and bursts out of its belly, and stay for "the interrupted heartbeat in the meter" of Hoccleve's work; "a somatic symptom of emotional distress." #CripLit yes, this is a subtweet of the #JerichoBrown thread/poems for doc appt
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To the man who just DMed me to say "You sound like one angry bitch?"

Damn straight I'm angry.

My kids & I have been trapped in our home for over 6 straight months because some of you think it's "asking way too much" of you to wear a mask when you get together with your friends
Damn straight I'm angry, because I have to see all your photos of your trips & maskless hangouts with friends, reminding me of all the things I'm not allowed to have... and then I still have to hear you complain about how hard this has been on you & how much you "miss everything"
Damn straight I'm angry, because apparently asking you to wear a mask is a "violation of your rights" but saying "high risk people should just stay home then if they are so scared because the rest of us need to get back to our lives" is somehow not a violation of mine?
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Disability Rundown at #DemConvention

We had a visible presence. Yet minimal disability nuance & no shoutout from principals :(

1st mention: Pres. Clinton
2nd mention: Harris staff

Worst mention: voting for 45 is NOT a pre-ex condition (that’s ableist)


Biggest miss: lack of a discussion of race, class, guns, disability AND healthcare with Rep. Giffords and D’Andre Dycus

Powerful symbol: Senator Duckworth standing alongside her wheelchair.

Best Story: Ady Barkan


Opportunity: disabled kids. But can you all PLEASE stop telling kids they have to overcome shit? How about you instead demand ENFORCEMENT.

Hell Yea moment: seeing @VilissaThompson wanting a President to listen to #disabled people (start with this thread DNC)

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One of the biggest barriers for changing #ODSPoverty as well as all issues facing disabled Canadians / Canadians with disabilities is media bias.

I have been trying to engage Canadian media for reasons they do not call out ableism or ableists.

I filed a complaint with @CBCOmbud which was answered by @hambletp with @brodiefenlon attached to the replies.

In the official reply by @CBCNews it explains they they did not view @fordnation 's comments on live TV as ableism...

They then explain they only report on movements with momentum and did not feel there was enough momentum for disabled issues to be reported.

As well as saying they only report when there is outcry, but then backtracked when I pointed out the outcry that has happened.

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I worry that my doctors won't believe me.

Every time. Every appointment. Every doctor. Even the ones with whom I have a good relationship.

Why? Because once, when I was sick and needed them the most, my doctors did not believe me.
I dress nicely when I go to doctor's appointments.

I am as polite and respectable as I can be.

I use correct terminology.

I am thorough when I report my history.

Why? Because once, when I was sick and needed them the most, my doctors did not believe me.
I shouldn't have to perform my symptoms.

I shouldn't have to speak in my "customer service voice."

But I am a woman and I am Black and I am disabled and I have chronic pain.

And once, when I was sick and needed them the most, my doctors did not believe me.
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Not only was I disabled before #COVID19 but now I am a #covidsurvivor and I have heart/lung/vascular conditions that they still have absolutely no idea how or why or what they are there. I’m even more limited now and I’m even more likely not to get help. And I don’t.
Doctors don’t like me because there’s no cure no “fix” and being #Disabled means docs don’t like to treat me because im complicated. This has been hell and I’ll be dealing with it forever most likely. Welcome to the #neisvoid. You aren’t alone.
But.. I must tell you.. the journey is long and hard. And I feel so deeply for anyone who is now disabled due to Covid. Just know, disabled people have been fighting for this a long time.
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21 day deadline count down for @ProSecurityMag #TPSO #firespecial submission deadline

Get your article in to @SecurityRollo or myself as guest editor by 21st August for the bumper September #Firespecial

#security #fire #firerisk #firesafety #majorincident #disasterresponse Image
Day 1/21 @ProSecurityMag #TPSO September 2020 #firespecial

Submission deadline - 21st August

Day 1 #Arson

The #security professionals role in arson assessment, prevention, control & response

DM your views, articles & comments @SecurityRollo or myself ImageImageImageImage
Day 2/21 @ProSecurityMag #TPSO September 2020 #firespecial

Submission deadline - 21st August

Day 2 #FirePrevention

The #security professionals role in fire prevention - tactics beyond security patrols.

DM your views, articles & comments @SecurityRollo or myself ImageImageImageImage
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Today is the 30 year anniversary of the ADA! In honor of that, let's take a moment to talk about advocacy.

Specifically, what it takes to be an advocate. Thread.

#ADA30 #DisabilityPrideMonth #advocacy

As some of you know, I am a disabled college student. It's rough. I've had to learn how to be bold. How to be loud. How to come forward and say: "This is wrong." How to stay in the forefront until someone answers with: "We will work with you to fix this." (2/?)
This is not easy for me. I am an introvert. I am not particularly eloquent. I have anxiety. I am easily angered. And, thanks to my disabilities, I am always in pain, always tired, always unwell.

Two years ago I would have told you that I am not advocate material. (3/?)
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In 8 weeks, #Startwith8Hollywood has become the largest #DiversityAndInclusion initiative in the history of Hollywood and I'm proud to be a part of it.

Here's why this matters...

@TheJTCList @BiatchPack @manondereeper @Cheryl_CLBP

Before 2020, #Diversity programs at the studios & networks offered less than 10 spots per year for underrepresented creatives & crew to be mentored by those already inside the system.

Access to the access was nearly impossible.🔐

#Startwith8Hollywood #TheJTCList

In 8 weeks, powered by just 2 volunteers, doors were opened for nearly 300 women of color. That's 300 talented, driven, experienced creators who had been shut out from their dreams.

This is holding Hollywood accountable. No more #LipService

#Startwith8Hollywood #TheJTCList

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I know you guys don't listen to the #disabled community at large, but a lot of folks have been discriminated against by medical professionals, leading them to be desperate for anything that may ease pain, even by placebo.

Not trying to say that's the case here, but it happens.
I also wanted to phrase this this way because the way that you folks have talked about modern medicine like everyone knows what Sydnee does or seems to care like she does made it too hard for me to listen to, as a disabled trans person who has frequently been denied care.
[TW: Medical abuse]

In the past when going in for emergency psych care, the friend who came with me for moral support was told they should be sedated along with me. My asking for help with suicidality was "threatening the staff" & help was for "Actually Sick People™️"
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Just cuz I think it hasn't been said enough today...


There is no excuse for this brutality. Here is an entire thread of police beating on & murdering #disabled people...

Time to #DefundThePolice & invest in programs & social workers who are trained for it
Wilmington, Delaware

Police are called to a #disabled man with a "self-inflicted" gunshot wound & ended up shooting him 10 times as he adjusts his legs
Los Angeles, CA

Police shoot a #disabled homeless man in a wheelchair in the face with a rubber bullet during a protest on June 7th, 2020

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@bennessb While I "have" had SSDI benefits for the past 13 yrs, it wasn't always so. In 2005, w/qualifying dx it took me 2 yrs + an appeal to finally be approved.

Was unable to work "safely" many yrs prior this only changed by finding drs that listened & believed me.

#Spoonie #NEISvoid
@bennessb The process has only gotten worse for SSDI applicants in the yrs since. In 2005, a 2 yrs timeline was considered "average". I think wait time is expected around 3-4 yrs now. This has been & continues to be a travesty. The whole process is INTENDED to tire applicants out.
@bennessb I wldnt have been able to appeal my appeal. I was too illl. The only reason it happened at all was bc my mother was able to take it over. She was 70 at the time.

SSDI is a system that actively builds in obstacles & denies eligible disability as par for the course.
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I've reached the stage in my career where I'm receiving invitations to speak about #EDI #Indigenization #Decolonization from the same institutions that also declined to interview me for TT positions... umm, let's unpack/unwind this with a meandering🧵
I need to be clear, as a white/white-coded Métis and Cree scientist, I experience relatively little marginalization, certainly non-comparable to other BIPOC scholars (perhaps more for my gay and two-spirit identities, especially when younger)
I recognize the privilege/advantage being white and male has afforded my education (that's a whole thread on its own) -- But I also see how my work with #EDI and esp. #Decolonization and #Indigenization of botany/science is simultaneously desired yet undervalued for advancement
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No, the ADA does *not* mean that people who have a medical reason they are unable to wear a mask are guaranteed the legal right to enter a store uncovered.

That is 100% false.
What *does* the ADA require?

It requires that the business owner offer what’s called a “reasonable accommodation.”

What does that look like in this case?
The store could allow a shopper to wear a clear plastic face shield instead of a mask. Or if that’s not possible either, the store could offer them an employee to shop for them, curbside pickup, or even home delivery - as long as its not at additional cost to the customer.
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Dear diary,
I know no matter what, I must put my feelings aside and never be aggressive to a person. It's part of being a service dog.
But right now I wish I was allowed to take a big crap on the steps of the #AlbertaLegislature to show my disgust. The humans ... 1/9
that have the privilege to represent #Alberta citizens are preaching #inclusion and promising to tear down #barriers and tackle systemic #discrimination are the same people that let my mistress slip through the cracks and are why we live in nearly complete #segregation from...2/9
our community. They claim to promote #inclusion and #independence of the disabled with their tax payer funded program to provide essential #mobility equipment, like the power wheelchair my mistress needs so we can leave our home without human assistance. More than a year...3/9
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I’m 31 years old & I only just found out that apparently sighted people see rain?!?!

The rain actually falling from the sky not hitting ground.

Mind blown.
I have seen photos of rain but just assumed you could see it because it was a static image...

And for any asshats yes I know when it’s raining, I can feel, hear & smell rain. Also I can sometimes see splashes on the ground or wet ground. ☔️
Also I just ran into Other Half’s office & before even a good morning I started quizzing him about how he sees rain.
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Let's talk about #ableism and #disability.

I don't get into politics on here, and I'm not about to start now. What I am going to do, however, is point out how current political conversations are feeding into the dehumanization of disabled people. (1/?)
This thread is not in support of Trump, Obama, or any political party. I do not, and will not, discuss my political affiliation here. These tweets will also not be weighing in on whether or not Trump is disabled. That is none of my business. (2/?)
What this thread *will* be discussing is the blatant ableism I have been seeing on all parts of the political spectrum.

Let's go:

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