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Human Rights Defender, freelance journalist, a victim of Pakistani atrocities from #Balochistan
6 Jun 20
This thread contains content regarding the #PakistanArmy death squads in #Balochistan; Will try to expose as many faces as possible. Share support and add more information below. Join the movement!

Let's expose and eliminate each member of these death squads! #JusticeForBramsh.
Let's start with ex home minister #Balochistan @PakSarfrazbugti. Sarfraz Bugti is running a death squad under the supervision of #PakistanArmy; involved in abductions, torture of political activists in Balochistan. They are fully backed and free handed by Pakistan army.
Eidu (left) Ghafoor Meerwani (Right) members of a #PakArmy death squad led by Barkat Shahwani & Kaiser Mirwaani. Eidu recently raped a 13 years old boy Mazhar Ali in Mashkay, #Balochistan. They are involved in abducting & killing Baloch youth, Burning houses & harassment of women
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8 Mar 20
One day out of 365 days to appreciate women is never enough; especially when talking about #Baloch women. The life of an enslaved Baloch woman is ten times more miserable than that of any other woman. #BalochWomenInResistance

No, they’re not fighting for what any other woman on this planet is fighting for, yet. They’re fighting to see their loved ones. Their fathers, brothers, sons & fiancés who they haven’t met in days, weeks, months and some for a couple of years now.
They’re not protesting because it’s women’s day. They’re protesting because this is all they do. Since their loved ones have been forcibly disappeared, this is all they have been doing. #BalochWomenInResistance
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16 Feb 20
Dear @antonioguterres, Pakistan has never cared about #Afghan #refugees but has earned international support from their sufferings and the aid that gained was used to boost terrorism, these two pictures are clear messages.

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Pakistan had a lot to weaponize Afghan Taliban but the Afghan refugees in #Balochistan seek food and education from trash, benefiting 0% from the aid provided by the @UN and international community to #Pakistan.

The presence of terrorist heads in Pakistan such as #OsamaBinLaden & Mulla Mansoor are enough to define Pakistan's role for peace in the region. The roots of terrorism in Afghanistan can be traced back to 1979, after Pakistan supported the Afghan Mujahiden #UNInterveneBalochistan
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