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1/4 These terrorists, along w/ other groups of terrorists from neighboring & far distance countries under the protection of Taliban, enter across the Durand Line with the clear consent of Pak. to destabilize Afg. Their goal is to challenge the world & turn Afg into another Syria.
2/4 As former governor of #Nangarhar, when we defeated ISIS-K/Daesh in the province, many of the fighters that were captured reported to have crossed over from Iran and Pakistan.
3/4 Either international community should continue to support #Afghan government and people in this fight, or remain delusional not to respond, which ultimately result in a higher cost in the future for regional and world security.
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Every since US signed Doha agreement with Afghan Taliban & announced a military exit from Afghanistan, Kabul govt & Indian disinfo machine has intensified propaganda that AfgTaliban fighting in Afg are based in Pakistan.

Let’s take a look at merits of this argument:


There are around 3mil Afghans living in Pakistan as refugees, businessmen, students, etc.

Predominately among them r ethnic Pashtuns who’ve migrated into refugee settlements in ethnic Pashtun populated areas in Balochistan & KP provinces of Pakistan.…

Before taking an analytical look at the prospect of “AfgTaliban based in Afghan settlements in Pakistan,” let’s remember that acc to Long War Journal, Kabul controls 133, AfgTaliban 75 with 189 contested districts" within Afg providing plenty of space for AfgTaliban to hide.

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Happening now: @SecDef Lloyd Austin, @thejointstaff Chairman, Gen Mark Milley address reporters at the Pentagon
#Afghanistan: "We're still on track to finish up by the end of August" per @SecDef on US withdrawal

"The president has made a decision-we're going to get it done & we're going to get it done right"
US #Afghanistan interpreters/Operation Allies Refuge:

"We take our obligations to them and to their families very seriously" per @SecDef, saying the 1st will arrive at Fort Lee "soon"

He says US bases overseas, foreign facilities also under consideration
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1/#افغانستان زخمی ست دیرینه بر پیکر مام میهن، دشنه اجنبی بدست زمامداران خائن بیکفایت ماژپرست!
شکست جنگ افروزان جنایتکار در برافروختن اتشی در مرزهای شمال و جنوب، مسبب انتقال فتنه به سرحدات شرق ست و زبانه به کرانه نیلگون #خلیج_فارس
درحقیقت،خروج امریکا از افغانستان...
#اصفهان #تهران ImageImageImageImage
2/نه در راستای صلح #خاورمیانه،بل،زمینه سازشرارتی ست چوشقاوت اوباش سازمان سیا #داعش/سوریه عراق
نیازبجنگی ست بین دوکشور،نه #ایران وفرقه تروریست،اینست تلاش تبهکاران cia دربقدرت رساندن همکیشان جهادی #طالبان ونسل کشی شیعیان،دامی جهت دگم اندیشان ارزشی! #جنگ_مقدس
3/مدتهاست نسخه بروزشده اباطیل زمینه سازظهور قابل رویتست!
دیدارتروریستهای طالبان باوزرای خارجه امریکا/ایران زیربنای فتنه ونشان ازهماهنگی تکرار وقایع روزهای پایانی فساد همایونی ست،از ازادی کاسبان #زندان(نه منتقدین واقعی)تا گرانی،قطع برق
#کردستان #لرستان #قم
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Happening now: @PentagonPresSec confirms @DeptofDefense has suggested using Ft. Lee to house about 2,500 #Afghan #SIV applicants in response to a formal request from @StateDept

"Ft. Lee is just an initial location" he says, adding other US locations could be considered
#Afghan #SIV applicants expected to be at Fort Lee for just "several days or so" per @PentagonPresSec, noting they are in the very final stages of the process & will quickly head to resettlement
"They will not be there for very long - just several days" per @PentagonPresSec

includes 700 applicants & their families

re #Afghanistan #SIV applicants headed to the US, Fort Lee
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The #Afghan #Taliban organization has been able to take control of provinces, outposts and military bases with astonishing speed with the withdrawal of #US and #NATO forces from Afghan soil. What are the reasons for this successful conquest? Taliban explains: 1/12
1. Forgiving attitude towards members of the pro-American Afghan National Army in #Kabul. Amir Taliban decided to pardon any soldier in the national army who would leave the army and not be held accountable for his previous activities against Taliban forces.
2. "Wise Dawa"; Focusing on preaching for the importance of sticking to the straight path and calling on the soldiers of the pro-American Afghan army to lay down their arms.
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#Breaking:#Afghanistan’s ambassador NajibullahAlikhel's daughter in #Pakistan kidnapped from Jinnah supermarket #Islamabad.

#Pakistan now using criminal methods to target #Afghanistan govt.
Statment by the #Afghanistan's Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the abduction/ Kidnapping of the daughter of the #Afghan ambassador to #Islamabad, #Pakistan.
English version of statment
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Tal!ban asked #Afghan special force to surrender. And when they did, Tal!ban executed them. Who doesn’t knw Tal!ban r foreign proxies fighting for the GHQ of Napak!stan? .
“Afghan Taliban are fighting Pak’s war”. Not my words at all.
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#BLACKLISTED from the #Crumbling #Empire,
Sneeked through its #Feeble #Censoring.

#Imperial #Cohorts Under Constant #Rain of #Fire In Both #Syria & #Iraq by the Middle-East #Resistance.

They stepped on a #Hornet's nest:

👉👈from #SouthFront via Archive🤫
#BLACKLISTED from the #Crumbling #Empire,
Sneeked through its #Feeble #Censoring.

An Explosive Week For The #Imperial #Cohorts in the Middle East.
July 7th, 17 rockets by the #Resistance targeted Ain al-Asad Air Base:

👉👈from #SouthFront via Archive
#BLACKLISTED by #Crumbling #Empire #Media,
Bypassing its #Feeble #Censoring.

#Turkey is to improve the security of #HTS #Terrorists in Greater #Idlib by pushing towards #Manbij + attempting to capture that #Syrian town.

👉👈from #SouthFront via Archive
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🔆THREAD of BOOKS & Research Papers worth-reading on various topics such as Sikhism, Gurbani, Sikh history, Political Events, Punjab, Punjabi & EVERYTHING that matters to Sikhs!
⚜️Feel FREE to contribute👇or DM me book details.🙏
#Sikhs #Books #Sikhism #Punjab #Sikhi #BeingSikh
"The Making Of Sikh Scripture" by Gurinder Singh Mann
Read at:… ImageImage
🔆VERY interesting and well researched blog by a fellow Sikh to BUST the RSS/Right-Wing propaganda of "Sikhs are Hindus!" Lots of posts and MUST-READ!✅
⚜️Link to blog:🚀 Image
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#FreeIran2021 world Summit -𝗗𝗮𝘆 𝟮
#JoinUs & Share with anyone of interest!👇

𝗝𝘂𝗹𝘆 𝟭𝟭, 𝟮𝟬𝟮𝟭
𝟭𝟱𝟬𝟬 𝗖𝗘𝗦𝗧 | 𝟵:𝟬𝟬 𝗮𝗺 𝗘𝗗𝗧
𝗘𝘂𝗿𝗼𝗽𝗲- 𝗔𝗿𝗮𝗯 𝗪𝗼𝗿𝗹𝗱 Stand With The #Resistance…
Mrs. @Maryam_Rajavi said, “It is clear how regime continued to advance towards developing an atomic bomb at every step by deceiving world & receiving concessions...Any agreement he signs to reduce these activities, & any promise he makes, are pure lies.”…
Baroness Betty Boothroyd at #FreeIran2021 summit - day2

"After Raisi emerged as president in Iran the UK, EU & USA must unite behind NCRI its president-elect Mrs. Maryam Rajavi & people of Iran because they are our best allies to secure a free Iran."…
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#BREAKING: Two of three border crossings of #Afghanistan with #Iran have fallen into the hands of #Taliban terrorists. #Afghan border guards have fled to #Iran & have taken refugee there. Video recorded by the terrorists this afternoon shows Islam Qala border crossing.
#BREAKING: Video shows #Taliban terrorists next to Iranian border guards after capture of Islam Qala border crossing of #Afghanistan with #Iran. #IranArmy Ground Force is reported to be deploying tanks and armoured carriers of 277th Mobile Assault Brigade from #Taybad to there.
This video shows the moment #Afghanistan National Army soldiers fled to #Iran after the #Taliban terrorists raided their positions at the Islam Qala border crossing two hours ago.
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Successive US administrations have largely perceived human rights more as an obstacle than as an essential component of addressing #Afghanistan’s problems.

This approach has been catastrophic...
As US forces withdraw from #Afghanistan, many in the US national security establishment are rehashing old debates about the conflict & what could have led to “victory” – more troops, looser rules of engagement, etc.

It's all very familiar to what happened after the Vietnam War.
But all of these arguments, "grievously devalue the devastating consequences of the war for Afghans — civilians and fighters alike", as my colleague, @pagossman writes...…
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Ce matin, j'ai appris l'assassinat par les #Taliban du second #auxiliaire #afghan de l'#armée française via son frère que j'ai pu avoir au téléphone.
⏩Basir Jan m'avait envoyé un mail l'an dernier "Please Help Us''.
⏩ La 🇫🇷 avait rejeté par 3 fois sa demande de rapatriement.
Cela fait des années que j'alerte sans cesse les autorités de la Défense et des Affaires étrangères sur la potentialité de ce genre d'assassinat, en vain... Le dernier rapport de @JCLarsonneur sur le sujet a conclu que ces anciens #auxiliaires #afghans n'étaient pas en danger.
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#Thread |

Since its independence, #India has seen and largely welcomed waves of #Refugees and migrants fleeing persecution and conflict in neigbhouring nations

#WorldRefugeeDay #IndiaNarrative

@RomeshNadir Image
#Theme2021 is 'Together we heal, learn and shine'

From the refugees of #IndoPak partition who were automatically the citizens of newly independent India to recent influx due to #MyanmarCoup, #India has been following this theme since millenia

#IndiaNarrative @ipacglobal @dhume
In 1959, when @DalaiLama along with more than 100,000 followers were forced to flee #Tibet, India opened its doors for Tibetian #Refugees fleeing #ChinesePersecution

#IndiaNarrative #worldrefugeeday2021

@DossierTibet Image
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Since 1880s when Abdurrahman Khan massacred 65% of Hazaras, took their lands in southern-central afghanistan & gave as gift to ghilzai tribe, Hazaras have been systematically persecuted in Afghanistan.

Katib - 6 Vol. Set (The History of Afghanistan)

From 1880 to 1990s, #Hazaras endured continued systemic discrimination and persecution under different #afghan regimes. They were banned from entering into higher education institutions and holding government positions.

During the 1990s, the systemic persecution of contintued. A clear example is when Taliban captured Mazar o 8-8-98 they started to target kill Hazaras, resultating in the massacre of up to 8000 Hazaras.
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7 years ago today, @JanisShenwary and I joined our friends in Congress to announce the Afghan Allies Protection Extension Act of 2014. It has been used to keep the Afghan SIV program alive ever since.
Little did we know at that time just how much more work we’d have to do. We’re still not there yet. Now is our most desperate hour.
We need your help. Please contact your member of Congress and President Joe Biden. Urge them to support an immediate air evacuation of our #Afghan wartime allies to #Guam. #SaveOurTerps #SaveTheSIV #SIV #SaveThem #WartimeAllies #Interpreters
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“European allies are pushing the U.S. to delay its withdrawal from Afghanistan—which U.S. officials had suggested could be complete by as early as July 4—to give NATO allies more time and support to leave, U.S. officials said…

In another complication, Turkey, which for years has secured the airport in Kabul, has told the U.S. and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization that its troops may leave as well, the officials said…
Turkey’s potential departure, after it initially had planned to stay until after the coalition withdrawal, could prompt some nations to reconsider plans to keep embassies open in the capital without an international force at Hamid Karzai International Airport, officials said.”
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Happening now: @CENTCOM Commander Gen. Kenneth "Frank" McKenzie briefs Pentagon reports on #Afghanistan withdrawal

"I would advise the #Taliban we will be prepared to defend ourselves" he says
"We do plan to continue support to the Afghan will just be more difficult" per @CENTCOM's Gen. McKenzie

"We intend to continue to support them" he adds "It will be a tough fight for the Afghans"
"It is our intention to bring the contractors out, the US contractors will come out" per @CENTCOM's Gen. McKenzie, saying planner looking at other options to support Afghan air force

"We may be able to work some remote, televised way to do that"
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Happening now: @CENTCOM Commander Gen Kenneth "Frank" McKenzie & @USAfricaCommand Commander Gen Stephen Townsend testify at SASC
.@CENTCOM's Gen McKenzie tells lawmakers he has all the tools he needs to complete the withdrawal from #Afghanistan
"We will lose the abilities we have now to see completely into #Afghanistan" per @CENTCOM's Gen McKenzie, asked by @SenJackReed about impact of withdrawal on intel collection vs #alQaida #ISIS
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U.S. Secretary of State @SecBlinken tried hard to sell @JoeBiden ‘s decision to withdraw all American troops from Afghanistan during an unannounced visit to the country. #Afghan #AfghanistanWar Image
When announcing the decision, @JoeBiden said U.S. has achieved its objectives of preventing “future terrorist attacks against the United States”. #Afghan
But the real objective for @JoeBiden to pull out U.S. troops is perhaps to play into America’s domestic politics and establish himself as the President who ended the country’s longest war. #AfghanistanWar
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I cannot stop thinking about this one #Afghan Army Lieutenant Colonel I met early in my tour in 2008. He ran a depot outside of Gardez, massive warehouses filled with weapons, bullets, body armor, boots, and uniforms. Enough to equip an Army. (a thread)
The previous day I had visited an Afghan police outpost manned by two teenagers and an old man. They had one weapon that actually could fire bullets (the other two were for show and lacked firing pins). None of them had been paid in months, had a uniform, or shoes.
When I asked where the Taliban were in this area they pointed at the house across the street and said, “they are there and now that you have come they will attack us as soon as you leave.”
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HAPPENING NOW: News conference with @NATO SecGen @jensstoltenberg, @DeptofDefense @SecDef Lloyd Austin & @StateDept @SecBlinken
"We will start the withdrawal ... by May 1" @NATO's @jensstoltenberg says of the abt 10,000 mostly non-US troops currently in #Afghanistan

Says withdrawal will be completed "within a few months"
"This is not an easy decision & it entails risks" per @jensstoltenberg, saying the departure of troops is not the end of @NATO's relationship w/#Afghanistan
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HAPPENING NOW: Senate Intelligence Committee's Hearing on Worldwide Threats

"We look to our intelligence agencies to provide their best & most objective analytic judgments" per Chairman @MarkWarner " of bias, & not “shaded” in any way to fit a particular policy or agenda"
"We're going to need to discuss the situation in #Afghanistan" per @MarkWarner, in introductory remarks...…
"It's the one time a year where the American public & the members of Congress here in the Senate get an unvarnished presentation by an apolitical intelligence community of the real national security threats" per Vice Chair @marcorubio
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