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May 11 16 tweets 10 min read
🚨 How have bureaucracies historically influenced the fates of economies & societies? 🚨

In a new chapter for the Oxford Handbook of Historical Political Economy (ed. @jaj7d & @jaredcrubin), I answer this & other questions.


#polisciresearch #EconTwitter Image Quick overview: I first provide a new definition of “modern bureaucracy” & discuss different typologies. Then, I explain the emergence of these administrative systems. Finally, I examine (1) the factors that shaped their organization & (2) how they impacted societies & economies. Image
Nov 9, 2021 10 tweets 7 min read
🚨 New Virtual Lecture Series: Historical Political Economy of Bureaucracy & State Building 🚨

As a part of my class on HPE of bureaucracy (janvogler.net/Class_08_HPE_B…), I’m announcing a lecture series hosted at @UniKonstanz.

Details in this 🧵. (1/9)

#polisciresearch #EconTwitter Image 1. Guest Lecture: Miguel Centeno (@PrincetonSPIA) on “State Development in Latin America”

Day: Friday, November 19, 2021
Time: 3.00–4.30 PM CET / 9.00–10.30 AM ET

Link to Profile: sociology.princeton.edu/people/miguel-…

Jun 9, 2021 19 tweets 19 min read
🚨 What are the political consequences of pandemics? 🚨

D. Gingerich & I analyze history’s deadliest #pandemic in a brand new @World_Pol article: “Pandemics & Political Development: The Electoral Legacy of the #BlackDeath in Germany”


#polisciresearch 🧵 Image Brief summary (#TLDR): The Black Death (BD) had a significant long-term impact on Germany’s political development. Hard-hit areas introduced proto-democratic institutions; sustained experiences with participative government later helped reject antidemocratic & illiberal parties. Image