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👉 Lessons I learned on & about #MedTwitter

A 🧵 about my journey exploring what’s beyond being #professional as a 🩺 #SoMe user

#TLDR: Aim for fulfilled & happy & kind ➕ a healthier 🪢 with technology 📱💻
🤔 why I made this 🧵?

I was asked to give a talk: 'How to be professional on social media' at #ESPNIC2021 for #YoungESPNIC and other participants of the congress

❗️But I felt we could be aiming for so much more than #Professional

So here we are👇
Experts talk about #SoMe as a non-binary thing: it isn’t like you use it or not, because it’s already everywhere. Others say it is actually harder to ignore it.

👥 If you come aboard, do it mindfully
⛔️ Staying out intentionally is an option
⚠️ Avoid the half-in/half-out state
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🚨 What are the political consequences of pandemics? 🚨

D. Gingerich & I analyze history’s deadliest #pandemic in a brand new @World_Pol article: “Pandemics & Political Development: The Electoral Legacy of the #BlackDeath in Germany”…

#polisciresearch 🧵 Image
Brief summary (#TLDR): The Black Death (BD) had a significant long-term impact on Germany’s political development. Hard-hit areas introduced proto-democratic institutions; sustained experiences with participative government later helped reject antidemocratic & illiberal parties. Image
Long overview (starting here): In 1347, Europe was hit by a pandemic that killed 30–60% of its population: the BD. It had a major impact on medieval society which was based on feudalism/serfdom. Yet the BD’s impact varied greatly across space, leading to divergence in its impact. Image
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THREAD 1/n: @merrionstreet @Dept_ECC: does the proposed new Irish climate action law actually, legally, COMMIT to stringent GHG emissions reduction over the period 2021-2030? (#spoileralert: “Probably not.”)
2/n: The IE Govt claims explicitly that “few, if any, countries have legislated for as steep an emissions reduction” as required by this bill:…
3/n: However: Prof John Sweeney, @AndrewLRJackson and I wrote to the Govt on 14th April pointing out that the relevant section of the Bill (inserting a new s. 6A(5) in the existing 2015 Act) was defective in both law and science:…
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[Short? thread 1/n] The new Irish Climate Action Bill is now in Select Committee stage. The full list of proposed amendments is here:…
[2/n] Dedicated followers [?] will recall that I, together with Prof. John Sweeney and @AndrewLRJackson previously raised significant concerns about the way the "2021-2030 interim target" was being transposed into the Bill:
[3/n] #TLDR: the 2020 Programme for Government committed to "to an average 7% per annum reduction in overall greenhouse gas emissions from 2021 to 2030 (a 51% reduction over the decade)". Govt subsequently agreed to put this on a binding statutory basis via the new Bill...
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Now you know all the things #AdamSmith has to say about what the government should spend money on. But that money's gotta come from somewhere. What does #WealthOfNations say about how governments should get money to spend? (V.ii.) #WealthOfTweets #SmithTweets
I know the tax nerds have been waiting for this chapter (we ❤ you, nerds), but first Smith wants to talk about other sources of revenue "which may peculiarly belong to the Sovereign or Commonwealth". (V.ii.a) #WealthOfTweets #SmithTweets
IOW, before we get to taxes we've gotta cover businesses run by the sovereign (like the post office), public banks, public lending, and revenue from public lands.

But don't worry, we can do that pretty quickly...ish. (V.ii.a) #WealthOfTweets #SmithTweets
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Yes, #adasmSmith says sovereigns should also maintain public institutions and public works that are good for society but that people won’t pay for on their own. (V.i.c.1) #WealthOfTweets #SmithTweets
And yes, this category of expenses includes education, about which more later. We promise. (V.i.c.1) #WealthOfTweets #SmithTweets
The first kind of public works Smith is concerned with are the kind that facilitate commerce in general. Like ROADS. (V.i.d.1) #WealthOfTweets #SmithTweets
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Yesterday #AdamSmith outlined the first duty of the sovereign—protecting the nation from attack. The second duty of the sovereign is protecting individuals from each other aka administering justice. (V.i.b.1) #WealthOfTweets #SmithTweets
Just as defense gets more complicated and expensive as societies develop, so does the process of administering justice. (V.i.b.1) #WealthOfTweets #SmithTweets
In nations of hunters, where there is little private property, there’s little need for complex justice. We may do violence to each other out of anger or other passions, but we really don’t give in to that very often. (V.i.b.2) #WealthOfTweets #SmithTweets
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It's been a whole day since we tweeted Part 2 of this chapter, so let us remind you: #AdamSmith just said that the colonies got nothing that helped them succeed from the mother country. (IV.vii.c) #WealthOfTweets #SmithTweets
So these two opening sentences are pretty heckin’ sarcastic:
Now we've seen the great advantages the colonies got (they got nothing!) (IV.vii.c.1)
So what have been the great advantages to Europe! (IV.vii.c.2)

Seems like there’s a...tone there. #WealthOfTweets #SmithTweets
Europeans buy goods from America, and Americans buy European goods as well. Even countries that don’t trade directly with America have benefited. (IV.vii.c.3–8) #WealthOfTweets #SmithTweets
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Dear Smithketeers. Over many chapters of #WealthOfNations, we've grown close. We were even going to ask all of you to be our Valentines.
And we have to tell you:

The title of Book IV Chapter 6, "Of Treaties of Commerce", is a lie. (IV .vi) #WealthOfTweets #SmithTweets
More like, "Of the reasons the Author is opposed to Treaties generally and the Treaty with Portugal in particular." (IV .vi) #WealthOfTweets
But FINE. Here we go:

Countries that bind themselves via a treaty to offer special treatment to the merchants and manufacturers of another country are granting them a sort of monopoly over their market. (IV. vi.1) #WealthOfTweets #SmithTweets
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#AdamSmith, #WealthOfNations, and #CornLaws!
What more could you possibly want on a Saturday morning? (IV.v.b) #WealthOfTweets #SmithTweets
Yes, it’s the Digression Concerning the Corn Trade and Corn Laws! We can barely contain ourselves long enough to remind you that “corn” doesn’t mean 🌽 It means the principal cereal crop of a nation. (We keep saying so because we keep forgetting.) #WealthOfTweets #SmithTweets
#TLDR on #AdamSmith’s thoughts on the Corn Laws:

They’re bad. (IV.v.b.1) #WealthOfTweets #SmithTweets
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Today #AdamSmith is talking about stuff that sounds pretty contemporary. But remember: it's 240 years old. Today it's all about attempts by the political system to manipulate the balance of trade. (IV.iii.) #WealthOfTweets #SmithTweets
The "Commercial System" that Smith is talking about here is also called the mercantile system, or mercantilism. (IV.iii.) #WealthOfTweets #SmithTweets
The gist of mercantilism is:
- If your imports and exports are equal, that's fair. But,
- If you export more than you import, you bring in silver. That's good! And,
- If you import more than you export, you pay out silver. That's bad.
(IV.iii.) #WealthOfTweets #SmithTweets
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Good morning #AdamSmith fans! Today we're talkin' stock lent at interest. It's always considered a form of capital. (I.iv.1) #WealthOfTweets #SmithTweets
Stock lent at interest can be used for consumption or the borrower may use it as capital. If it's used as capital, the borrower can use the profits on their stock to repay the loan and pay back interest—this, says Smith, is more common. (II.iv.1–2) #WealthOfTweets #SmithTweets
Unless the borrower is a country gentleman. No one expects much of those guys. #Ouch (II.iv.3)
#WealthOfTweets #SmithTweets
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The second half of #WealthOfNations Book 2, Chapter 2 is all about banks. Once you invent money, you have to have somewhere to put it, I suppose. #WealthOfTweets #SmithTweets
Banks. You give 'em paper money for the very first time and crazy things can happen! Like what, you ask? Oh, we're so glad you asked. (II.ii.29) #WealthOfTweets #SmithTweets
Or maybe...not so crazy? A lot of what Smith’s explaining here seems super obvious to us now—you can charge interest on paper money! Fractional reserve banking is a thing! Just like paper money, huge mental adjustments for the 18thC. (II.ii.29–30) #WealthOfTweets #SmithTweets
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Creo que todavía no ha quedado muy claro de dónde venía el dinero para pagar ese muro…

En fin. Estos días algunos van a aprender mucho de presupuestos de EEUU. 🙊🤔
Por cierto: ¿saben quién es el nuevo jefe del Comité de presupuestos del Senado…? ¿La persona que dirige el grupo que da el visto bueno final al dinero público de EEUU? (Como ese que envían a México para “cooperación” en este tipo de asuntos).

Oh, sí.…
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¿Qué sorpresa nos deparará la #ConferenciaPresidente de hoy? ¿Otro error de Power Point? ¿Otro video de Don Gato? ¿Una nueva carta al rey de España? ¿Una rifa del Castillo de Chapultepec?

Ojalá una mención, al menos, a la pandemia que solo ayer mató a 1,800 mexicanos. Ojalá.
La #ConferenciaMatutina de hoy nos demostrará si la prioridad son los temas mencionados (o su pelea contra Twitter) o los mexicanos que ayer murieron. Más de uno por minuto.
Abrimos consulta. Se cierra en dos horas.
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So, Bhavdip Sanghavi (@bhavdip143), profiteer of the pump-and-dump or stock picking guru? Read on to find out… #tldr #hesaguru
PREAMBLE: I follow a few traders and investors, the first being Assad Tannous (@AsennaWealth). His posting of trading setups & willingness to explain his process was intriguing. As a former accountant, I can do fundamental analyses all day long to pick the investments I like.
What I lacked was a way to get the timing right, meaning potential 30-50% returns instead came in at 10-20%. A technical trader sharing his insight and expertise, and watching the banter between him and other traders, was an opportunity to learn and improve for free. #thanksassad
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Wenn es in den Krankenhäusern noch 14 Tage so weiter geht wie in den vergangenen 14 Tage, wäre das Gesundheitssystem spätestens dann wohl endgültig überlastet. Ich hab mal Excel angeworfen und gerechnet #Thread
Kurz zur Methode: Ich habe mir angesehen, wie sehr der 7-Tage-Mittelwert für Normal- und Intensivbetten in den vergangenen 14 Tagen durchschnittlich gestiegen ist. Diese durchschnittliche Steigerung habe ich dann für die kommenden 14 Tage angenommen.
Für Normalbetten war diese durchschnittliche Steigerung in den vergangenen 14 Tagen erstaunlich konstant bei ca 7 Prozent. Klingt wenig, ist es aber nicht. Vor 14 Tagen waren es 992 PatientInnen, aktuell sind wir bei 2290. In 14 weitere Tagen in diesem Tempo wären es 5885.
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La verdad me gustaba más cuando el PRI se llamaba PRI y no Morena. Pero eso ya es cuestión de gustos.

Es como decir "DF" en lugar de CDMX.

"You can take the guy out of the PRI but you can't take the PRI out of the guy". (Y en Morena hay taaaanto que no sé por dónde empezar).
El PRI, de donde salieron la amplísima mayoría de Morena (presidente incluido) presumía que no era el "partido de un hombre" sino "el partido de México".

Ay, señor presidente, ahora entiendo por qué nunca le dieron una candidatura en su partido... (juro que muero de la risa).
Y al PRI, aka Morena, el (autoproclamado) "partido de México", no le gusta naaaaaaaada cuando sale algún líder mesiánico.

¿Saben a dónde mandaron a Echeverría como embajador cuando salió de la presidencia? Si necesitan reír hoy, les ruego que lo hagan.
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El @GobiernoMX “rifará” el #aviónpresidencial el 15 de septiembre. En realidad no rifa el avión, sino su valor estimado,
porque no es de su propiedad. Estima “conseguir” unos 117 millones USD. Pero está gastando dinero público destinado a SALUD en #México a comprar boletos. ImageImageImage
Los mexicanos pagaremos dos veces por el #aviónpresidencial.

Una, a través del dinero público gastado en el acuerdo original (que no fue una venta, sino un arrendamiento).

Dos, con la “rifa” pagada con los sueldos (también de dinero público) de funcionarios del @GobiernoMX.
México sumó ayer (de acuerdo con cifras oficiales) 70,604 muertes por #coronavirus y en esta semana registró una tasa de un 10% de contagios. Es el tercer país del mundo más afectado por la pandemia.

Las cifras de @SSalud_mx no corresponden a la realidad, según la OMS. Image
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El @GobiernoMX del presidente López Obrador destinará más dinero público a una refinería (#DosBocas) que a la @UNAM_MX, la universidad (pública) más grande de habla hispana.

La “izquierda” mexicana apuesta por el petróleo (en pandemia) antes que por la educación. #México
Las proyecciones para productos derivados del crudo (lo que hace una refinería, como #DosBocas) son pesimistas. Dedicar esta cantidad de presupuesto público a construir una sin mayor fundamento que la voluntad del presidente es tirar dinero a un pozo.…
Las ganancias de refinerías han caído más de un 75% (…)

#DosBocas, además, se construye sobre un pantano y sin mayor seguridad verificada por ingenieros. Estos son alguno de sus contratistas. AMLO dijo que estaría en “tres años”.…
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The answer is*drum roll*

Whole cell patch clamping!

I will also accept "girl, idk what this is."

Patch clamping is one of the techniques that I use to record electrical activity of heart cells which can inform us of normal or abnormal behavior.
Where do these cells come from? Since I can't use this technique to measure electrical activity from an actual human heart in the lab, we make our own!

As you can see here, I was shook. I mean, we make heart cells from scratch and they start beating! WILD.

Okay so boom, we make these heart cells (healthy or diseased)

I record their electrical profile, so we know what looks healthy & what doesn't

THEN, I add the (potential) therapy we're developing to the cells & measure its effect on their electrical profile
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Hace 100 años que las mujeres tenemos derecho a voto.

Quizá hacen falta otros 100 para que descubran que no todas las mujeres opinan igual.
Todas las mujeres (TODAS), opinen lo que opinen, de izquierda o derecha, conservadoras o liberales, son atacadas por su apariencia física, su maquillaje o si están casadas o no.

Desde ahí, queda claro que el camino hacia la igualdad es muy, muy, MUY largo.
Creo que he dejado más de una vez claro que no comparto ideas con la esposa del presidente @BeatrizGMuller. Ella no tiene cargo alguno, nadie la votó para nada y de hecho no veo relevancia en sus opiniones.

Pero de todo lo que pueden atacarla eligen... ¿su apariencia? Chale.
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Felipe Calderón no inició la guerra contra el narco. La guerra llevaba décadas. Eso sí: sacó al Ejército mexicano bajo una estrategia torpe de la que seguimos pagando las consecuencias.

Los ataques a la prensa: sería prudente revisar los sexenios de De La Madrid y CSG.
Y quizá la peor consecuencia de las muy malas decisiones de Felipe Calderón es nuestro actual presidente.

Las víctimas, al final, somos todos.
Finalmente, creo que nadie está más interesado en tener a @FelipeCalderon vigente en la política mexicana que el presidente Andrés Manuel @lopezobrador_.

Porque, decía Maquiavelo, hay que crear un enemigo. (Y por lo visto, le pagará con impunidad).
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/1 Thread: With Disruption Theory having now gone mainstream, Bob Iger went to school on the Innovator's Dilemma...

#DisneyPlus $DIS $NFLX $AMZN $T #streamingwars

cc @modestproposal1 @GavinSBaker @bradsling @RichLightShed @benthompson @Rich_Barton @ballmatthew @kidkapital
/2 To gauge expectations, Iger clearly articulated his Disney+ strategic roadmap (and associated tradeoffs) to the Street...

communicating how $DIS's LT franchise opportunity offset its ST financial consequences...
/3 which amounted to an (intrinsically) high probability for Disney to reestablish a moat amidst the (lowercase "disruptive") threat of streaming...

and investors discount that fw such that $DIS (the stock) didn't dive despite sequentially deteriorating financials/guidance...
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