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1/ The @MaEllenSirleaf @HelenClarkNZ @TheIndPanel #pandemic preparedness & response report makes essential recommendations that must be realized but is also dangerously incomplete. Supporting what's great in the report requires highlighting what is wrong.
2/ Calling #COVID19 “the 21st century’s Chernobyl moment” w/o referencing #China’s role in starting the pandemic is like not mentioning USSR dysfunction & bad reactor design in a #Chernobyl after-action analysis.
3/ The #LastPandemic report presents a sanitized history that significantly let's China off the hook & doesn't mention how #China’s massive & ongoing coverup massively amplified the crisis. #Trump’s catastrophic failure also added fuel to the fire.
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#Thread: Since many people in #Odisha & outside have the impression that the state govt has done incredibly well at #covidmanagement, here's something I feel people need to know too before painting a rosy picture on SM. I live in a place that is 34 km away from #Nabarangpur DH
Anxious about my father's health, I tried figuring the nearest RT-PCR test centre, and I was told there's only one centre, i.e., #Nabarangpur DHH and it takes about 5-6 days to get the test results. Why? Because they send the sample to SLN Hospital at #Koraput
Now here's what you need to know- #Odisha govt after one year of slumber, sanctioned ₹20 cr yesterday for #Covid testing labs in 16 districts and #Nabarangpur is one among them. After 1 year of a goddamn #pandemic, my district will finally have a #RTPCRTest lab.
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#coronavirus: One chart shows how dramatically the pace of #vaccinations differs from country to country… Image
#coronavirusvaccine: Epidemiologists have estimated that countries will need to vaccinate around 75% of their populations to reach #herdimmunity - the threshold beyond which the #coronavirus can no longer spread easily from person to person. Image
For many nations, that's a far-off goal. At the current rate of 110,000 vaccinations per day, it could take Japan eight months to immunize just a quarter of its population, and more than two years to immunize 75%.

#coronavirusvaccine #VaccinationDrive #covid19 #coronavirus Image
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1/ Typewriters & Stethoscopes:

Ann Patchett wrote a tantalizing @NewYorker piece on, among other things, tools of the trade. Reflecting on her cherished Hermes 3000 typewriter, my 🧠 wandered to the stethoscope. She ✍🏻

@ParnassusBooks1 @MedBookClub1
2/ “I didn’t need the glasses or silver, things that represented who I thought I’d become but never did, & I didn’t need dolls, which represented who I’d been & no longer was. The typewriter, on the other hand, represented both the person I had wanted to be & the person I am...” Image
3/ “Finding the typewriter was like finding the axe I’d used to chop the wood to build the house I lived in. It had been my essential tool. After all it had given me, didn’t it deserve something better than to sit on a shelf?”

#docswhoread #nurseswhoread
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1/ 🧵 What is “Brain Fog” in #COVID19: discussion, papers & pts
 Brain Fog is a non-medical term but it works since it’s what pts describe. Whether in a ward, ICU on a vent, or months later as a #LongHauler w #LongCOVID, they are “in a fog.”

2/ Medically this is #Delirium acutely and #Dementia chronically + various forms of neuropsychological impairment coupled with #depression and #PTSD.
Our paper:
3/ Scientifically, it’s millions of neurons sick, dying or dead. This is depersonalizing & devastating. Fig A shows MRI 3 mos after ICU in pt w/out delirium vs B shows ICU pt w #Delirium. Duration of delirium predicted loss of 🧠 tissue.

Our MRI study -
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The #covid19 #pandemic started from a few thousand flying out of #china. We now have more than 20 million ACTIVELY infected. These are the #airports around the world, green dots have more than 100 routes, red 21-100, blue<20.

The only way to stop this pandemic is to stop travel.

Travel increases human to #human #contact #spread of #disease and #variants. @WHO

Showing flights from 2 airports only from a few thousand airports in total.

Please #STOPTRAVEL or we are DOOMED.
Showing what planes are in the air at this very moment.

Is this a #pandemic? Seriously? Are we wanting to end this by going towards #zerocovid or 400 million deaths min with continued evolution of #SARSCoV2?

We have to get serious now. I warned about #variants 4 months ago
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I hate to say "I told you so" - but I did. Over & over. As did a few others.

"They're planning to make virtual learning permanent while undermining Ontario’s publicly funded education system. It's a plan that they’re busy working on behind closed doors during a global pandemic."
Global #Education Coalition Members. Announced Mar 18 2020, 7 days after #WHO declared a #pandemic.

There are 175 corps/institutions now overseeing your children's #education going forward.

Please share this thread:

Jan 2020, WEF:

"The notion of an #educator as the knowledge-holder who imparts wisdom to their pupils is no longer fit for the purpose of a 21st-century #education."

#COVID19 as a Weapon. The Crushing of the Disposable Working Class - by Design…
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Great kick-off meeting with fascinating presentations from scientists in 🇮🇳 & 🇩🇪 discussing #GenomeSequencing, #GenomicProfiling & #MutantTracking in the #COVID19 #Pandemic.
Looking forward to bilateral exchange & knowledge transfer in future discussions & workshops.
#RKI met with scientists from the ICMR National Institute of Virology in 🇮🇳. Find out more about their work 👇

#GenomeSequencing #Covid19 #CovidIndia
Erfahren Sie mehr über den Deutschen Elektronischen Sequenzdaten-Hub #DESH

#GenomSequenzierung #Covid19 #SarsCov2
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1. @mybmc announced Rs 10k incentive last year now ask to consider incentives as hike which was due from Aug 18.
#BMCBetrayed @DoctorsKem @ANI @ndtv @RupsaChak @lata_MIRROR @mataonline @LoksattaLive @MiLOKMAT
2. No Academics from 2 years still @mybmc extorted Rs 2 Lakh tuition fees from these hardworking resident doctors in this pandemic for the online lectures which never happened in reality.
@CMOMaharashtra @OfficeofUT @mayor_mumbai
#Fraud #extortion
3. There is no tax liable on stipend as per income tax department and even exempted in govt. medical colleges of #Maharashtra ,but @mybmc extort 10% from the resident doctors. @Dev_Fadnavis @KiritSomaiya @ShelarAshish
#justicefordoctors #FraudBMC
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📡Live Now 📡

So you become #COVID Positive, What's Next?

For answers, watch our webinar and post if you have any other questions/doubts on #COVID19 here👉
I think there is a greater responsibility on patients too.

Doctors say, 80% effort has to be from patients. If a patient does not follow #COVID19 protocols/instructions given by Doctor, panics then it will be more difficult

- Prof. Raghuram, BITS Goa
#StayHome, do not go outside unless absolutely necessary, do not challenge the administration - it is one of the social service which we can do during this time

- Prof. Raghuram, BITS Goa

Live Now :
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A thread:
1/ It has been an incredibly busy day in our unit today! We have of course been celebrating #IDM2021 with our senior leaders serving tea & cake to all! We are so proud to have such a dedicated, friendly team & we are immensely grateful for the contributions they make...
2/ every single day! Not to mention the challenges that we've faced together during the #COVID19 #pandemic. Their selfless commitment to our local community & our families was absolutely astounding; past, present & we know it will continue in the future
3/ one such #midwife that demonstrated this dedication every day, is Anne; a senior midwife based in triage, Anne has been a superstar, manning triage superbly, promoting safety & being that smiling, reassuring face. Anne received a special #DOM #award from @ShirlpetersonR
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Three important @CDCgov studies just released, about the future of the U.S. #COVID19 epidemic.
First, CDC assembled 6 independent modeling teams to forecast the May to July epidemic, w/various assumptions about #vaccine uptake, mask use, opening up…
MORE Image
2/ All 6 see the US epidemic peaking in May, and then steadily declining over the summer. What differs dramatically is the RATE of decline, hinging on vaccination rates & social distancing relaxations.…
2b/ “These scenarios show ongoing efforts to ^ #vaccination coverage & maintain physical distancing, masking, isolation & quarantine are warranted. As the #COVID19 #pandemic evolves & more data become available, future projections can provide improved publ hlth response.”
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#SeaLevel Rise Due to #Antarctica's Ice Sheet Melting 30% More than Previously Estimated: Study…

(📸: Jeremy Harbeck/NASA)
Amid a #pandemic, the #ClimateCrisis may appear a distant threat. But burgeoning scientific studies have continued to point at a riskier future with cascading impacts.

Among all, research suggests that the melting of the icy continent of the globe, #Antarctica, alone can create widespread devastating impact in the form of rising sea levels around the globe.

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2019: "a person's average micro-plastic consumption is between 70,000-121,000 particles per yr & rising for those who drank bottled water closer to 100,000."

Imagine plastic inhalation/consumption for those wearing #masks for past yr. #VirtueSignalling…
"Disposable face masks (single use masks) are produced from polymers such as #polypropylene, #polyurethane, #polyacrylonitrile, #polystyrene, #polycarbonate, #polyethylene, or #polyester (Potluri and Needham, 2005)."

They shed. Plastic is inhaled/ingested. By adults & #children.
"This new emergence of #facemasks as environmental litter both in the terrestrial & aquatic environment is a piece of evidence that the global pandemic has not in any way reduced the challenge of increasing #plastic #pollution in the environment."

#Biodiversity #Ecology
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If #HealthCare positions itself as public priority number one during a #pandemic, then it goes without saying #nurses in fact perform a critical and central role in delivering said #health care. #NursesWeek2021 #NursesWeek #NursesDay #NursesMonth #Nursing #NurseTwitter #Nurse
By not only advocating for #HealthPromotion in general, but by also educating #patients directly and the public at large of the preventive measures necessary to avoid illness and injury, it's not an exaggeration to call #nurses out as #noble..
...or, at the very least their selfless #professional #nursing pursuits can be considered as such. Conjoined with providing actual #MedicalCare AND assisting with #rehabilitation AND providing emotional & psychological #support AND...
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When the #COVID_19 #pandemic forced mosques to close during #Ramadan last year, #Muslims could not break fast and pray together.

However, dates were a constant in every home.…
After fasting from sunrise to sunset during Ramadan, Muslims turn first to the fruit, a practice believed followed by Muhammad.

On Twitter, some joke that it’s the only month of the year where they have a date every night.…
For Ahmad Fejleh, who grew up in Syria, the fruit has been a fixture although his route to date farming was circuitous.

His connection to dates prompted a move to the Imperial Valley in 2007 to start AYA Farms, a now 75-acre date palm orchard.…
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India scores '0/3' on Legislative Leadership at time of #COVID19 in a study by Westminster Foundation for #Democracy, Developmental Leadership Program & Int'l Development Dept at University of Birmingham.

Owing to #Parliament being out of session for most of last year.

The study scored countries on three indicators:

1. whether legislature sat regularly from 1st March 2020 to 1st May 2020

2. whether there was legislative oversight over Govt's initial #COVID19 response during 1st March 2020 to 1st May 2020

3. Whether legislature had ongoing oversight on Govt's response to #COVID19 from 1st April 2020 to 1st September 2020

India scored a '0' on all counts.

To briefly recall:
1. Budget Session of 2020 was cut short ahead of schedule before imposing nationwide lockdown

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[Suo Motu COVID-19]

Justice DY Chandrachud led three-judge bench of Supreme Court to resume hearing its suo motu case regarding supply of essential medicines, drugs, vaccines during the #COVID19 pandemic

#SupremeCourt #pandemic #suomotu
Supreme Court in its earlier order had directed the Central government to clarify the basis and rationale on which COVID-19 vaccines are being priced in the country
#supremecourtofindia #covid19 #pandemic
The top court had maintained that during a national crisis it cannot remain a mute spectator. But it clarified that it was not hearing the case to supplant the high courts.

Read all about the last hearing here:…
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1) Even as Quebec has made laudable progress in reducing the number of #COVID19 hospitalizations while ramping up vaccinations, hot spots remain — a warning that the #pandemic will probably continue here for months to come. In this thread, I will examine some of those hot spots.
2) As of Wednesday, 35% of Quebec’s population had been partially inoculated and 3.69% had received the second dose. Federal guidelines recommend vaccine coverage of 75% with one dose and 20% with two doses to achieve collective immunity.
3) Among the potential #COVID19 hot spots are hospitals and eldercare homes. Emergency-room workers at St. Mary’s Hospital received their first doses of the Pfizer vaccine in January, and 18 still got infected in an outbreak.…
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1/ End of Life in #COVID19...
yesterday I was removing life support from a patient, according to his wishes as stated by his wife, to convert the goals of care to comfort measures only. I took some time in the room alone with him & considered...
@pallipulm #palliativecare
2/ just for a moment all the very difficult & also excellent things that happened in my own life that no one else understood. Then I looked at my patient & realized he had just as many highs & lows that only he knew. Here was an infinite treasure of a person...
#MedTwitter #Nurse
3/ and the actions I was about to take would allow his life to come to a peaceful natural end. I committed to do everything I could for him to make sure he didn’t suffer as he sauntered out of life. What a privilege & honor to be allowed to enter into the miracle of him...
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NEW❗️on #DACA from @claudsDC @NSvajlenka highlights the critical role that the program continues to play for hundreds of thousands of #Dreamers, their families, and our communities. #HeretoStay #WeAreHome 🧵
Read the stories of #DACA recipients here 👉🏻…
Any day now, a federal judge in #Texas will rule on #DACA, a policy that allows certain young immigrants who arrived to the U.S. as children to access a renewable, 2-yr work permit and a reprieve from deportation.… @MALDEF
#DACA has allowed recipients to put their skills and abilities to full use, giving them a greater sense of stability. More than 83% of previously surveyed DACA recipients reported that increased earnings has helped them become “financially independent.”…
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1) In my Twitter thread yesterday, I wrote about how Montreal has continued to defy the odds in the third wave. But that doesn’t mean the #pandemic is over in the city — far from it. In this thread, I will highlight some lingering problems.
2) First, the number of #COVID19 outbreaks in the city inched up by four to 281 since last week. What’s more, the majority involve the more transmissible variants. Still, the head of the Montreal public health department cautioned that the clusters are small. See the chart below. Image
3) And although #COVID19 outbreaks decreased in the workplace in Montreal since a week ago, they increased in grocery stores. Clusters also went up in both health-care institutions and schools, likely fueled by the variants. Please take a look at the chart below. Image
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In the #USA and much of the so-called #1stWorld, we are in Act 4 of a 5 act Shakespeare epic we might call “Pandemia 2020.”...
In the #UK, they seem mired in Act 3, and in #Russia, #Brasil, #Peru, and parts of #Africa it is Act 2! In #india it seems they are against a wall at the height of the Act 1!...
Why is this so?
To determine this, we must begin in December 2019.

On 26 Dec 2021 the govt in #Taipei, #Taiwan warned every other govt on Earth that their intelligence had determined there was a vrus spreading in #Wuhan, #PRC & that they were banning all travel from #China...
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If you think this will be over after first round of #vaccinations - you could not be more wrong. This is a permanent program for #4IR era of global #surveillance, #data harvesting & future #biotech.

#Pandemic Action Network’s 100+ partners - "for a more pandemic-proof world." ImageImageImageImage
Launched April 2020, members include #BMGF (#Gates Found.), ONE (Bono), Global Goals, #GlobalCitizen (financed by Gates), #Rockefeller Foundation, #JohnsonandJohnson, UN (partnered w/ #WEF), #Wellcome, etc.

#GlobalGoals (#SDGs) are emerging markets. ImageImageImageImage
First follows chosen by #Pandemic Action Network Twitter account include members:

1. #Gates Foundation
2. Federation of American #Scientists
3. Global Health Strategies
4. #CDC Foundation
5. #GlobalCitizen
6. #GHTC
7. iHeartMedia - #media & #entertainment

#PandemicPlaybook ImageImageImageImage
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