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Kenney has announced that if he doesn't get a pipeline to an ocean he's going to launch a constitutional challenge against equalisation. He says he doesn't object to equalisation, but the feds have to give Alberta the tools to make the money to pay for it. #abpoli 1/16
In saying this, he is pandering to the (apparently) unshakable misunderstanding many Albertans have about equalisation. There is this perception that Alberta writes a big cheque to Ottawa which Ottawa then turns over to Quebec and other provinces... 2/16
That is not how equalisation works. It does not work that way. Everyone in Canada with a high enough income pays federal income tax. This goes into a big pool of money which is used for all sorts of things. 3/16
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For those who cling to the notion that Kenney and Ford can't do anything about abortion because criminality is federal, remember that abortion is under provincial healthcare and therefore vulnerable. #onpoli #abpoli
Abortion is vulnerable to defunding, regulations like mandatory ultrasounds and forced waiting periods, restricted hospitals and clinics. Think of all the medical procedures that *have* been defunded. #Vigilance #onpoli #abpoli
Here are the #prolife [ptui] bills that #antiabortion gang Right Now wants. Defunding has always been the Achilles heel. Many people may not give a shit about the right to abortion, but they don't want to pay for it. #onpoli #abpoli
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1) As an ex-Albertan of 58 yrs and as a Canadian first, I am sick to death of the entitled privileged whining of journalists, Albertans, pundits & the rest of #cdnmedia from the richest province in Canada.

#abpoli #ableg #cdnpoli
2) Playing politics through the courts as Harper did with his unconstitutional laws cost Canadians millions of dollars.

Harper, like Kenney, are so blinded by their ideology & privilege, they forget that Canadians have a Charter of Rights and Freedoms.…
3) Industry won't go to court @DonBraid! They're smarter than those who traffic in tin-foil absurdities.

Krause's conspiracy (her 3rd) about blockading AB oil is a dead-man-walking. Harper lost that one: court ruled Charter Rights for Charities apply.…
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To address the spate of let's call it "interesting" analysis about gas prices in BC from @MarcLeeCCPA a quick thread about the refined fuel situation on the coast and #transmountain's effects on gas prices @keithbaldrey @robynallan #bcpoli #vanpoli @sjmuir @nbennett_biv 1/
As we all know BC uses about 192,000 barrels per day of refined fuel with Prkland providing about 33% of our gas and 30% of the jet fuel. The #Transmountain supplies most of the remaining refined fuel but it cannot supply everything we need #bcpoli #vanpoli
As a consequence we import about 30,000 bpd from the Americans. This number is from the Canadian Fuels Association and is corroborated by the US EIA. According to the EIA #bpoli #vanpoli 3/
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I can't ... I just can't: Former national director of the Liberals urges @JustinTrudeau to kill the pipeline he spent $4.5B of our $ on to win Oct. 21 election: 🤣 Killing TransMountain Pipeline expansion could be Trudeau path to victory… #cdnpoli #abpoli
He says: 'Having lived in Alberta for just over a year before the election, I’ve just started to get a feel for the place ... Alberta clearly still has a few burials to endure before the progressive agenda put forward by outgoing-Premier Rachel Notley commands majority support."
"Many Albertans seem to remain impervious to the steady march of time. Many cling to a cowboy culture that can feel like an artificial import."
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Fear & Loathing in Alberta: the Big Fat Lie of Election 2019 THREAD #GentThreads #abpoli #ableg #cdnpoli #yeg #yyc
First of all, thank you Edmonton, for being the intellectual & moral hub of this entire province. The rest of us, evidently, were all too ready to elect to power a team already revealed as white supremacists, homophobes, misogynists, frauds, criminals & climate deniers /2 #abpoli
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You don't love Oil and Gas. You love making money. Tons of money. With very little training and Certification. If you could make $200,000 a year mining marshmallows, you'd mine marshmallows. #abpoli #cdnpoli
If you took this as some "anti-oilfield worker" sentiment then you are lacking a grasp of understanding. I am very pro-worker. I absolutely empathize with those struggling right now and I'm happy to contribute to any social costs to help them through.
My beef is with the Corporations that bridle the working people and their families with economic slavery; bringing them on to make unimaginable profits off of them and spitting them out at the first sign of instability.
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@CanuckTraveler People seem to forget that #CPC have a large voting base. #Canada is made up of a very centrist voting public, meaning, they lean left & right. They DO NOT lean far left. They DO NOT vote NDP, EVER! To think they will, is hubris & shows serious naivety. #cdnpoli
#Ontario #CPC government is not even trying to work with the Federal #LPC government. Why, they don’t care about the people of #Ontario this is a fact. They are so busy taking away our rights & healthcare, & forcing propaganda onto the people of Ontario. #cdnpoli #onpoli
If we don’t start fighting back, if we don’t start uniting under the #LIBERAL #LPC government WE WILL LOSE EVERYTHING CANADIANS CHERISH, OUR VERY FOUNDATIONS OF OUR RIGHTS AND DEMOCRACY WILL BE GONE! #cdnpoli #onpoli #abpoli
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Yesterday, Alberta premier-designate Jason Kenney suggested that Canadian energy is produced "at the highest environmental, human rights and labour standards on Earth." #abpoli #ableg /1
He also said he wants Alberta to "fight back" against people who "lie about how we produce energy" and to "tell the truth assertively." /2
Then he said Ottawa plans to impose new laws that "will make it impossible to get pipelines approved in the future." /3
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Today all Albertans will have an opportunity to decide who they would like to serve them for the next four years.

This decision should not be taken lightly. The people we elect to serve us will send a clear message to others what our collective priorities are. #abvote #abpoli
For many, the primary issue will be the economy. I can’t fault someone for prioritizing that. There are some communities that have been hit harder than others and addressing that concern may be the most important and immediate issue for them.
I completely understand why someone would focus on the economy because for most of my life, I have put the economy above any other issue.
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1/14 This is the last post I’ll write on the Alberta election before we know the outcome. There will of course be a lot to say after the results come in tomorrow, and we can analyze exit polls and voting demographics in the days and weeks that follow. #ABvote #ABPoli
2/14 I’ll start by saying that I respect Stephen Mandel and David Khan as party leaders. I have friends working and volunteering on the @AlbertaParty, Green Party, and @ABLiberal campaigns, and I know they care as much about this province as I do.
3/14 Still, I voted without hesitation in advance polls for @RachelNotley and @albertaNDP.
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I’m calling BS on Jason Kenney. This chart shows the REAL cause of our economic pain: the US fracking boom, which has transformed global oil markets. Anyone who ignores this reality is either a grifter or an idiot. (THREAD) #ableg #abpoli #abvote
The explosion in US production — exacerbated by the Saudi’s attempt to drive US shale producers out of business by opening their taps — upset the global supply-demand balance, causing a collapse in prices. Global oil prices have remained lower ever since. #ableg #abpoli
People who say that the Alberta recession is all Notley’s fault ignore the fact that low oil prices ALWAYS lead to lower investment. This is essentially an iron law. This chart shows the correlation between price and investment GLOBALLY since 1980. #ableg #abpoli #abvote
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"Conservatism" causes even smart people to vote stupid. Running government/society is THE EXACT OPPOSITE of running a business. It's how BUSINESS just keeps posting up platform-free tax-cut for the rich nitwits like George Bush, Donald Trump & Jason Kenney #abpoli #ableg #abvote
Think it's a no-brainer that Government should be run like a Business? Here's the end of that forever: who are your shareholders & who are your workers? If the answer is 'the People' for both your analogy has already imploded #ableg #abvote #ableg
What INEVITABLY begins happening for folks that think 'Gov should be run like Business' is they start to see 'the People' as 'the Workers' and their own funders/benefactors as shareholders. Hence a ludicrously wealthy 1% at the expense of all else. The inevitable result is this:
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@ABDanielleSmith @RachelNotley For people who believe this conspiracy theory, I have affordable ocean-front property to sell you in Regina Saskatchewan.

This is not Krause's 1st conspiracy rodeo - just ask First Nations in BC what they think of her nonsense.…
@ABDanielleSmith @RachelNotley Pointed questions in this thread that conspiracy theorist Vivian Krause cannot answer because she doesn't believe in freedom of expression:

"Why shouldn’t environmental groups be able to advocate?"

👇THREAD: 👇#cdnpoli #abpoli #ableg
@ABDanielleSmith @RachelNotley Approx $60 Mill of the $90M that allegedly funded the anti-tarsands campaign, went to the Great Bear Rainforest, not in opposing AB oilsands. Harper pitched in $30 Mill together with Tides.

The same U.S. groups that help fund Enviro groups here also gave to the Harper Government
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1) Where do people get the idea that Jason Kenney and the UCP are the strongest ballot choice in terms of Alberta’s economic future? A thread. #abpoli #vote2019
2) World price of oil has swung up / down from US$28 to more than $110/barrel in recent yrs, yet Kenney pins oil-producing AB economic struggles squarely on Notley. That’s an easy claim to make, & convenient that he need not prove how he or his Party would have done any better.
3) @jkenney has promised to kill the carbon tax, reduce corporate taxes, and still somehow balance the budget by saving money through efficiencies. And printing money, I suppose. #abvote #abpoli
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1/ Last night my daughter and 4 classmates were doing their homework via video chat. The assignment was to research a candidate from the list of party leaders, and how their platforms fit with how they see their World shaping ahead of them. #ableg #abpoli #abvote #abed
2/ The group was given @jkenney, and @Dave_Khan to choose from, and based on initial research, they chose @jkenney due to availability of information.

They found a website called and asked me if it was all true.

#ableg #abpoli #abvote #abed
3/ I instructed them to do the assignment an research the points on the website to determine if they were true. I helped with general search terms for Google when they got stuck, and only that. Making their own determination was crucial. #ableg #abpoli #abvote #abed
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Calgary is the whole ballgame. If it turns out Calgary isn't as automatically conservative as everybody thinks it is & the demographics have changed for good then it's a whole new political paradigm for Alberta going forward #abpoli #ableg #abvote
Alternatively, if "something something PIPELINES" can make enough Calgarians ignore the open racism, misogyny, hate & homophobia of the manifestly despicable Jason Kenney & his UCP then we've learned something many of us didn't really want to learn #abpoli #ableg #abvote
The last time Calgary voted provincially we voted NDP. Then Alberta elected a progressive mayor in Edmonton & reelected a progressive mayor in Calgary. We find out if the 'staunchly conservative' label still fits this town/province next Tuesday night #abpoli #ableg #abvote
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Hey @karriflatla, tweet @ me & ask me why I'm protesting with #queerkidsyql today.

Seriously, though. Please ask me. I would welcome the opportunity to discuss it with you.


#ableg #abpoli #abvote #abed #yqlvote #yql #QueerKidsAB
This is a good place to start the conversation. It's a thorough (but easy-to-read) comparison of existing legislation and the legislation that your Party wants to introduce.


#ableg #abpoli #abvote #abed #yqlvote #yql #QueerKidsAB… by @Jantafrench
This is about more than just the headline-grabbing notion of "outing gay kids," although that's certainly a major concern.

It's also about students knowing they will be supported by their schools to establish GSAs ...


#ableg #abpoli #abvote #abed #yqlvote #yql #QueerKidsAB
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Your plan is to make life expensive. There has never been a single tax in history, that when imposed on its population, has made life more affordable...not one. #cdnpoli
Furthermore, your "climate" plan is to give tax dollars to multimillion $$ companies. See @cathmckenna latest spending announcement. Meanwhile the price of gas, diesel, jet fuel as well as home, business and commercial heating all go up. #cdnpoli
Exactly how does taking more $$ from people make life more affordable? It doesn't. It didn't work in BC with their carbon's not working in Alberta, and it certainly won't work nationwide. #cdnpoli
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You’ve probably noticed shares from Prairie Freedom Movement, or their offshoots/websites. They’ve installed pro-separatist billboards in AB, SK, and MB.

Their messaging includes anti-globalist, anti-UN, & anti-Islam sentiments. #cdnpoli #abpoli #mbpoli #skpoli

Their support for #yellowvestscanada is obvious. /2
PFM shared numerous live feeds from the #unitedweroll convoy /3
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Edmonton-Beverly-Clareview: Yet ANOTHER UCP Candidate Linked To Extremists? 1/8 #AbLeg #abpoli #abvote #cdnpoli
Mr. Egan is one of 44 followers of the Instagram account set up by Ryan Dean of the Clann. 2/8
These are the kinds of posts that might be coming up on Mr. Egan's feed. 3/8
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After looking at the platforms, additional information and the leaders debate this is what I am let with. ALL parties will be running a deficit. Oil revenue paid for a lot of things which allowed us to have low taxes 1/ 18
#abvote #abpoli #shpk #yeg #yyc #strathco
Oil prices crash, we have been through this often. And every time it happens it is the same. Jobs are lost, people's lives go off the rails and the Alberta economy crashes. This time is no different than the last time or the time before. We have some hard choices to make 2/18
Just looking at the top 2 parties. At the end of the next 4 year term #UCP will have us at 86 bill in debt and #abndp will have us at 95 bill in debt. This is a difference of 9 bill over a 4 year term or 2.25 bill per year. So what does each plan get us? 3/18
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I'm not, I called it, she's never had to defend the title before tonight. Her full colors were shown tonight or rather exposed. Last election cycle all she had was divisiveness, identity politics and the biggie "I'm a victim of Jim Prentice" math is hard. 1/ #ChooseYouralberta
This election cycle she had to run on her actual record and for the most part has spent the majority of her time in Calgary drumming up the minorities, education and GSA file. She comes on social media and tries to attack @jkenney as "keep it in the ground". 2/ #Abvote #Abpoli
MSM runs video of her campaign speeches and all the videos show is her either attacking @jkenney again on being anti oil and how she has championed the pipeline/O & G file. Albertans are not stupid, we still have no jobs. 3/ #ableg
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This is an interesting poll, and like all the other more-recent polls, it has some wrinkles that deserve to be unpacked.
#ableg #abvote #abpoli
The published document includes the questionnaire, the cross-tabs, etc, which is super-awesome because it helps shed some light on why different polls might yield different results. Often these details are hidden behind a paywall.
#ableg #abvote #abpoli
I believe this is a commissioned poll (for the Global Petroleum Show?) as well, like the recent EKOS poll (which was commissioned for Unifor). These tend to get excluded from poll-aggregators for a few good reasons:
#ableg #abvote #abpoli
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