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I am so mad. So Mad. Our #abhealth system is beyond broken. A dear friend and new mom is needing transfer from a rural hospital to #RDRHC for a procedure. A very necessary procedure to remove excess fluid around her lungs. 1/5
Today she was unable to get that transfer because of the gross mismanagement of @AHS_media and incompetence of @JasonCoppingAB, @jkenney and all the other @UCPCaucus shrills. Read that again, she was denied transfer for a chest tube placement, as there was no EMS available 2/5
So she sits, and worsens in an understaffed and ill-equipped rural site until one of two things happen. She will either worsen and require imminent transport and higher level care, or she will wait— uncomfortable and short of breath until such time that EMS can be procured 3/5
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So uh…

About that Mountainview Freedom Forum.

It uh.

It got pretty wild.

Here’s @ABDanielleSmith arguing that not only should pastors who monetized the health protections get amnesty, but they should also get “compensation”.

Including Artur.


#abpoli #ableg #cdnpoli
Not to be outdone, @BrianJeanAB stood up and pledged to never arrest a pastor if premier, and then went after the judiciary, yet again…


#abpoli #ableg #cdnpoli
So with Brian and Danielle both publicly pledging that they would never ever arrest a pastor, we only have one question…



#abpoli #ableg #cdnpoli Image
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So, the AB Auditor General can't figure out where all the COVID money ($4B, that's Billion, with a B) went to, what it was spent on & whether goals were attained. And in 2020, there was $1.6 B the AG said was lost in accounting errors or something. What I would like to know is...
What changed? This was not the norm before the UCP formed government. Presumably every department has accountants, and protocols for tracking expenses and revenue, right? And it was working. So, what happened?
Was there a massive turnover in civil servants? Did all the good accountants go somewhere else at the end of 2019? Did the UCP drastically change all the protocols for tracking money through departments? Why would they change systems that were working to systems that don't work?
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The Alberta Auditor General has released the report on the 2021 fiscal year. The report outlines $4B in COVID funding and spending but the UCP can't show where it went or what, if any, objectives were met. #Ableg #abpoli ImageImageImage
This is why the federal government needs to attach strings to any funding to Alberta. The UCP cannot be relied upon to use funding as intended. They cannot seem to manage money at all. $4B is an awful lot to have just sort of "vanish". Some examples...
"The province received $1.3 billion in federal funding...We could not trace funds through to the recipient ministry results analysis section to see who spent the money and what was achieved." So, money came from the Feds, and then "poof!", disappears in a cloud of paperwork.
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1/Today is a brilliant, sunny day in #yeg.


Been a tough week in North America as millions woke up to the realization that corruption and misinformation are winning the battle for control over us.

Too many people didn't take it seriously enough early enough.

2/ Now the challenge is to stave off despair, to continue to find joy in our daily lives while we fight for a better world.

One where the word "freedom" isn't used to enslave people. Where death merchants can't buy from politicians the right to terrorize and kill women, children
3/ whether by violence or neglect, or by forced exposure to life-altering viruses.

Every day look for something good, something beautiful. Hold those things close and share them. Take strength from them.

Look at the people around you. Help the vulnerable in what ways you can.
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Live tweeting the first UCP leadership panel?

Sounds like a plan!

1/ um… probably a whooooooole bunch.

#abpoli #ableg #cdnpoli
Just jazzy elevator music so far…

The comments are…

They aren’t great. So far, we need more guns, land acknowledgements are terrible, and the MAGA crowd is here in force.

In true UCP fashion tho, definitely not starting on time.
Aaaaaand here we go!

Rob Anderson opens the show up.

He says 7 of the UCP candidates are here, one wasn’t invited because they’ve never been an MLA, that’s Bill Rock.

Introductions are underway and the screens are so TINY!

#abpoli #ableg #cdnpoli
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Prices for the basic necessities of life are climbing every month and wages are not. Albertans are feeling real anxiety at the grocery store as the bill to feed their family gets bigger and bigger … and bigger.

#ableg #abpoli
The price of fresh vegetables are up more than 10 per cent over last year, meat is up nine per cent, fish is up nearly 12 per cent and cooking oil is up 30 per cent. Economists are forecasting that this problem will get worse before it gets better.

#ableg #abpoli
Albertans need help now and Alberta’s NDP is ready to work collaboratively to get it done.

If we took action, and adjusted the tax system and benefits to account for the current rate of inflation, the average family of four would get over $350.

#ableg #abpoli
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In 1974, when the Lougheed Conservatives were debating a budget that was flush with cash from high commodity prices, my Dad — the lone NDPer in the House — rose to speak. 

He said, and I QUOTE:

#ableg #abpoli
“The test will not be on the huge sums of money coming in, but rather how we use it to improve quality of life.

#ableg #abpoli
“Not only to provide opportunities for the haves but for the have nots, because ALL PEOPLE should be able to share in the great prospects that lie ahead for the province of Alberta.”

#ableg #abpoli
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On Saturday alone, our party ran a ranked ballot contest in a riding with more than 1,000 members, and a second contested nomination with 300 members…

… on a weekend when we’re also holding our Provincial Council…
#ableg #abpoli
...topping off a week when we also organized 57 different outreach opportunities.

This kind of momentum is made possible by teamwork...

#ableg #abpoli
To our staff: thank you for growing our party and I promise you will be respected as working people, one of our core values as New Democrats.

To our volunteers: there is no party without you and we will make sure you feel empowered to build this movement together...

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1/🧵 about global oil demand. Alberta, pay attention.

Peak oil demand is determined by electric vehicles. Full stop.

How fast is global transportation electrifying? Really, really fast. Faster than we ever expected.

@colinmckerrache @BloombergNEF #ableg
2/The internal combustion engine has already peaked, according to BNEF.

Next up, peak oil demand. That happens mid to late 2020s...just a few years from now.

The solid line on the first graph is EXISTING POLICIES. If govts do nothing else.
3/This interview with economist Werner Antweiler is one of the most interesting and important I've ever done.

He explains the economic reasons why the global economy (not just energy) will be disrupted during the 2020s.

Rapid change is coming, #alberta.
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Even though I live in Australia now, it has been troubling seeing what has been happening with the @albertaNDP as it has been brought to a more public light thanks to @SharieValentine's brave posts. I wanted to briefly share some of my experiences 1/7
I got more involved with the party in the lead up to the 2019 election. I was part of a great team that help get an amazing MLA elected, someone who I still support and admire today. I became president of the riding's constituency association shortly after. 2/7
I met amazing people during conventions and was able to get more involved in my local community. That being said, I also grew increasingly frustrated with the lack of communication and toxic culture from staffers and key staff within the party. 3/7
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Today, concerned people across Alberta are demanding transparency around #addiction treatment. Many of these people have undergone treatment or had loved ones who did.

Here is a story I've never told that helped inform my views on treatment. 🧵 1/12
#ableg #abpoli
The first person I ever knew to die of a drug overdose (i.e. known substance, excessive dose) had attended an expensive, faraway addiction treatment facility just a couple months before. I'll call them Terry. 2/12
When the grieving family tried to piece together what had caused Terry's death - Terry had been treated for their addiction, after all - the family was told by the treatment facility, on no evidence, that Terry had likely succumbed to the "kindling effect". 3/12
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From the DM’s…

LONG thread on the current teachers vote and how our province got here…


#abpoli #ableg #cdnpoli #abed
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1/5 There’s no question that like #abpoli, #DrHenry @adriandix @JM_Whiteside @BCSTA_News all KNEW #COVID19 would rip thru #bced. In fact, #DrHenry said herself that #COVID19 constitutes health hazard & masks are essential to protect students/staff: #bcpoli…
2/5 Right up until #DrHenry’s Face-coverings PH Order (above) was replaced with her Mar10th Repeal order, THIS was her official stance in writing about the importance of #bced masking:#bcpoli Image
3/5 & THESE were #DrHenry’s *thinly veiled politically motivated flimsy* “reasons” to rescind mask mandate on Mar10th (whereupon she gears up for her honorary degree & award circuit)…Anyway, from health hazard to “other possible seasonal factors”:#bcpoli… Image
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Reasons Shandro was Crying:

- Someone told him that Santa isn’t real
- Steven Harper unfollowed him
- He lost his favourite stress ball
- He thinks Jason Kenney has Covid and is dying

#ableg #abpoli
- He knows that he’s going to have to drink at home now
- The band he and Kenney were trying to start is officially breaking up
- He really wanted to be picked as Team Captain for the dodgeball team but he was picked last
- Madu made an epic joke about him
- He just found out the ending to Spider-Man: NWH
- Ben Harper made a tik tok making fun of Shandro
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Let’s untangle this a bit.

A brand new “parents union” pops up after the province defunds the parents council that appears to be run by one of the alleged money men for the kamikaze campaign?

But wait there’s even more?!?


#abpoli #ableg #cdnpoli
They also get a shout out from “Alberta Proud” in this article.

Alberta Proud being the “advocacy group” whose website was originally registered by the founder of Canada Action?

Whose lawyer for a good chunk of time was Tyler Shandro?

So we have a new “parents” advocacy group with all kinds of complicated Kenney/UCP ties that’s popped up and doing a provincial tour being propped up by other hard right orgs to influence the education system…?

Seems legit.


#abpoli #ableg #cdnpoli
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One of the big proponents of “replacement theory” is Tucker Carlson.

The same guy who constantly misrepresents Critical Race Theory on FOX.

The same CRT that Kenney invoked as something he was fighting against during his leadership review speech.


#abpoli #ableg #cdnpoli
While Canada doesn’t have quite the same ammosexual relationship with firearms as the US, it would be profoundly naïve to not recognize the Americanization of conservative politics in Canada.

The UCP government has made guns a political football in Alberta.

They’ve also done the same wi thing with access to health care via “conscience rights”.

And they’re literally Americanizing the education system by plagarizing curriculum from the states.

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More than 50 research scientist and clinicians have signed an open letter expressing concerns with a report submitted to the Alberta special committee to examine safe supply. #abpoli #ableg
It says: "This report fails to adhere to best standards for evidence reviews... due primarily to its problematic search strategy, which resulted in the exclusion of key studies (and) a number of irrelevant studies being included. There are, however, many other shortcomings."
The report, commissioned by Alberta Health, can be found here:… It was assessed by experts at @BCCSU, who concluded the report's conclusion is not based on existing evidence. #abpoli #ableg
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Did you know AB Ed @AdrianaLaGrange cut funding to AB School Council Assoc (ASCA) @ABschoolcouncil by whopping 75%, greatly affecting all AB parents’ ability to have a voice & strength of collective? #abed #abpoli #ableg #education #parents #school #council #community 1/
Did you know AB ED @AdrianaLaGrange formed “Parent Advisory” consisting of 40 AB (handpicked?) parents? Why? ASCA @ABschoolcouncil has formed collective voice for ~90 yrs that represents ALL AB School Councils available to ALL AB parents #abed #abpoli #ableg #education 2/
ASCA is non-profit & drastically slashed budget to survive. Looking at budget breakdown during AGM today, over 50% provides learning opportunities/professional development so parent volunteers can do their legislated jobs on school council #abed #abpoli #parents #volunteers 3/
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Looks like it might be time for another chat about The Dorchester Review…

You know, the “magazine” run by the same guy who by some accounts wrote Jason Kenney’s Social studies curriculum?



#abpoli #ableg #cdnpoli #aber
The Dorchester Review has decided to again double down on “not all First Nations kids who went to residential schools were forced”.

Which is true, but like saying “Not everyone who ever stayed in a concentration camp at any point in history died”.


#abpoli #ableg #cdnpoli
It is, at best a pedantic & semantic argument.

The number of sources used in a article doesn’t speak to the quality of the info or how it’s used.

Don’t believe us?

Google “Hydroxychloroquine” or “Ivermectin”. You’ll find lots of source notes…

#abpoli #ableg #cdnpoli

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🧵@jkenney is upset we ran an ad right after he was elected raising concerns about health care cuts.
We've been watching Kenney and the UCP for a long time.
Here’s what we’ve seen… #ableg #abhealth #abpoli
👎He signed a useless health care guarantee...

#ableg #abhealth #abpoli
👎Cut the lab upgrades already under construction...

#ableg #abhealth #abpoli
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Rich immigrants who moved to #Vancouver through Quebec's back-door investor program now own, on avg, $4.6m worth of housing. But they're only paying taxes on annual incomes of a paltry $100k. A gov.-enabled scam. Via @GoldinYVR, #vanre #vanpoli #cdnpoli…
2/ @Ayan604 says the system is failing new immigrants who’ve arrived to work and settle, if it also allows new immigrants who are here (simply) because they are wealthy and have an appetite for real estate investment. #vanre #torontorealestate #onpoli #Cdnimm #bcpoli #vanpoli
3 / And what's more ... Quebec gets 10 times more than B.C. and Ontario to settle immigrants. #ICYMI #BCpoli #Cdnimm #cdnpolitics #onpoli #abpoli #qcpoli #immigration.…
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Twitterland: if you rented an @Airbnb and this was the patio and then you wrote a review saying the patio wasn’t usable and then the owners said you are a liar and then @Airbnb took down your comment for lying what would you do?
Then they sent multiple emails after telling them to stop contacting you. Then the husband says his wife is crying because you were lying and actually wrote “I can’t believe people do this” for writing a review.
Then say the BBQ is accessible so good enough and your 3 year old could totally play out there safely. The owners have over 20 properties. Reviews are taken down by @Airbnb if you have a lot of properties I guess.
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