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We have a healthy confederation when the federal government governs for all Canadians and provinces, not just the AB Petrostate, though the latter has done well under the Liberals. Perhaps Mr. Wilson can tell us what the Harper government did for Alberta? #cdnpoli #elxn43 #abpoli
The current TM pipeline - 50+ years old - was a Liberal government Crown corporation project before being sold to the private sector that was MIA when AB needed post Leduc markets. /2
2/ The first Syncrude project, in trouble in the mid-70s, was bailed out by the PET Liberal government when it forked over one-half of the stake that Atlantic Richfield decided to renege on. See Winnipeg Agreement. /3
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Wanna know some deets about what our government is doing to our healthcare?

The @ucp has told radiologists in our province that there is no more money for CT SCANS.

#ableg #abhealth #abpoli
Basically, this means that there is a finite number of CT SCANS that can be done. And they’ve been told they CAN NOT exceed this.

#ableg #abpoli #abhealth
An URGENT CT SCAN for someone with a suspected lung cancer will not happen for at least 2 MONTHS. (2 years ago it would have been done within a week).

#ableg #abpoli #abhealth
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The second French-language Quebec debate is underway.

For those of you in Alberta who aren't watching, I'll provide some commentary.

The first question is on Climate Change (of course).

Justin Trudeau says "we need to stand up to oil barons".

#elxn43 #cdnpoli #abpoli #ableg
Now, a second question on Climate Change, this time for May, Trudeau, and Blanchet to "debate".

Spoiler: It's not really a debate.

The only thing they disagree on is how *quickly* they would destroy Alberta's economy.

#elxn43 #cdnpoli #abpoli #ableg
Moderator asks Trudeau whether he would force Quebec to allow a pipeline.

Trudeau says a lot of words, but he doesn't answer yes or no.

Blanchet says Quebec doesn't want a pipeline.

#elxn43 #cdnpoli #abpoli #ableg
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Quick dive into @StatCan_eng's quarterly population estimates released on Monday.

Series of charts coming... #cdnecon #cdnpoli 🇨🇦👨‍👩‍👦‍👦
@StatCan_eng Let's start with quarterly population change for Q2 2019. Prince Edward Island led the way, clearly due to tourists visiting Anne of Green Gables, falling in love with the place, and remaining.

Overall, Canada grew by 0.5% in the quarter.
@StatCan_eng Year-on-year, Canada grew by 1.4%. Again, PEI led the way. AB, Nunavut and Ontario also above the national average.
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Alberta Q2 Opioid Reporting fresh off the press!

As previously noted by @ehyshka, this quarter demonstrates an increase in fentanyl-related overdose compared to Q1 2019.
#AbLeg #ABpoli…
This is one of many reasons why it’s important to avoid overgeneralizing from a single data point—overdose deaths occur in ebbs and flows.

Sometimes a single bad batch can make the difference between a low point vs a surge in deaths.
Opioid related overdose deaths in the province related to fentanyl—important to note we are STILL in CRISIS. We are STILL LOSING 2 people everyday.

We are not doing enough to protect the vulnerable.

A reminder that there are still three communities waiting for SCS funding.
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This is really starting to piss me off. #Trudeau literally created the most diverse cabinet in the history of #Canada, giving #POC the highest jobs in the country. He’s welcomed #Syrian refugees, he’s increased funding to #Indigenous people, he’s marched with #LGBTQ in #Pride...
...Parades. He’s supported #women’s rights, stood with #feminists & created the most gender balanced cabinet in the history of this country. His record on #humanrights, #multiculturalism & #diversity speaks a feck of a lot louder than some 20 year old photos. Wake up #canada!...
This is not #racism it is character assassination plain & simple. Don’t believe me? Look at Scheer’s record on #multiculturalism, #diversity & #inclusion. Look at the #whitenationalists, #bigots & #racists running in his campaign & ask yourself why they got a pass & JT doesn’t...
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This demonstrates profound ignorance in the fundamentals of Canadian democracy and it’s pretty clearly playing off of fears generated south of the border. The complaints are “Canadian citizens can vote” and “You don’t need as much ID.” (Long thread, sorry)

#ABpoli #CDNpoli
Trudeau’s bill is generally consistent with the broad philosophy of Canadian democracy, which has focused on allowing basically any Canadian to vote if at all possible. Prisoners, for example, vote - provided their crime wasn’t one related to election fraud or something similar.
A prisoner will vote in the constituency of their last residence, even if they’ve been gone for years and have as little at stake as a Canadian who’s been out of the country for 5 years or more. Again, this is a fundamental part of Canadian democracy - all Canadians vote.
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Good luck @dryiu_verna and @jkenney with the AHS review when @EYnews doesn't even understand the principle of the Nash Equilibrium. Hint: it's why we have problems like resistant strains of infections. #ableg #abpoli #scitwitter #statstwitter #epitwitter #NotEvenWrong
@dryiu_verna @jkenney @EYnews In healthcare the Nash Equilibrium occurs because clinicians try to do what's best for the immediate problem right in front of them, without view to the future clinicians or broader society. #ableg #abpoli #scitwitter #statstwitter #epitwitter #NotEvenWrong
@dryiu_verna @jkenney @EYnews The result is that we end up trying to cure ageing through the primary, ambulatory, or inpatient care. #ableg #abpoli #scitwitter #statstwitter #epitwitter #NotEvenWrong
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Amended Alberta Education Act comes in effect today.
Here's how #UCP have expanded religious privilege, while rolling back protections against vulnerable #LGBTQ youth in particular.
Also note how ridiculously unfair the Catholic system is to non Catholics.
#abed #abpoli
2/ To recap;
Non-Catholics over-pay for Catholic schools.
Not only do non-Catholics pay for them ($2,000,000,000 yr), they also have to subsidise shortfall in directed Catholic property taxes ($450,000,000 yr) & inefficiency of running two systems ($200,000,000 yr).
Despite this>
3/ Non-Catholic students & families can & are turned away from Catholic schools, even if it is their closest school.
Non-Catholic parents can't vote in board elections.
Non-Catholics can't run as trustees (although Catholics can in Public schools).
and >
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Did you know Ontario recently reviewed liquor servers' minimum wage as part of a large labour law review?…

After study and consultation they recommended that "The liquor servers' minimum wage should be phased out" p. 166

#ableg #abpoli #yeg #yyc #alberta
There were two phases of consultation including public meetings held in 15 cities, input from a broad range of stakeholders and experts, academic input, and research projects.

They heard over 200 presentations and received over 300 written submissions.
Some key findings from the report:

"Women comprise almost three-quarters of liquor servers." p. 163

"20% of liquor servers earn less than the general minimum wage after tips." p. 163
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I’m here at beautiful St. Teresa of Calcutta School in my riding. Minister @AdrianaLaGrange has just announced her curriculum advisory panel. Where are the voices of teachers? There’s not a single current K-12 teacher on the panel. Teachers are the experts. #abed #ableg #abpoli
And what does the creation of this panel mean for timelines? Further delay for a K-4 curriculum that was ready to be tested in classrooms; a curriculum that involved incredibly extensive engagement. Hundreds of thousands of Albertans were consulted.
The Minister is asked about ending the MOU with @albertateachers. She reiterates that the agreement was too restrictive. Clearly, given the composition of this panel, teachers’ voices are not a priority for this UCP government.
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Oh my goodness! This a complete fabrication! Hyggen is making stuff up now.

#yql #lethcc #abpoli #ableg #abvotes…
“There was no communication at a city level on this. The province – the previous government put this in there and told us more or less ‘deal with it.’ And as far as us having any communication with our constituents and with those citizens of Lethbridge, that did not happen.”
Here’s why this is nothing but a pack of lies:

1. The City was one of the 16 stakeholder groups on the Executive Leaders Coalition on Opioid Use, which started in November 2016.
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Some are justifiably wondering why the #UCP's 2019 interim supply bill for libraries is drawing so much more criticism than the #NDP's in 2015 #abpoli #ableg

Here's what's different (1)
The #NDP's interim supply bill was tabled in June, to start July 1 (…). Folks who work for libraries in southern Alberta confirm they received 75% of their grant then, and the remaining 25% in early Sept thru special approval of the Minister of the day (2)
The #UCP's interim supply bill has come, literally, months later and is giving libraries 50% of their operating grant with about 6 weeks left in the fiscal year (3)
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Are we gonna start throwing around the "They were reckless with their expense accounts on the taxpayer dime!" thing? Because I don't think that's a fight you wanna get into. But hey, if that's what we need to talk about, let's talk about it.

#ABpoli #ABleg
Let's crunch some numbers quick. MLAs expense things in six broad categories - Transportation, Accommodation, Other, Private Auto, Travel to the Capital, and Other Travel. I've collected info on all the re-elected MLAs, so let's hand out some superlatives!
Most spent on Transportation: @NathanCooperAB (UCP) - $52,587.41. Second place goes to @Drew__Barnes (UCP) - $50,740.64. Third place goes to Dave Hanson (UCP) - $41,479.79. Highest NDP spender for Transportation was @heathersweetab, with $22,642.51 (14th-highest out of 40).
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/1 Con free speech warriors are the most ironic free speech warriors.

#UCP #abpoli #CPC #pcpo #cdnpoli #onpoli
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Each additional conviction from Elections AB it becomes more obvious @jkenney only acquired leadership of the party through fraud, manipulation, and once the RCMP are done, likely identity fraud. Not fairly elected party leader he is now an #illegitimatePremier #abpoli #cdnpoli
The fact that the Board of the #UCP was made aware of these problems and took no action, and now see an independent investigation revealing these problems with the leadership election indicates how deep the corruption goes within the Conservative #UCP party #cdnpoli #abpoli
Similar complaints were made during the vote to merge Wild Rose & PC parties calls into question the validity of #UCP as a party. Also regarding the election of DoFo & merger of CAP & Consevatives. This illustrates the contempt shown for fair electoral process #cdnpoli #abpoli
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Dear Calgary Rugby Dad and WK hero, please supply credible evidence that anger against Trudeau is "growing massively". I'm an Albertan, too, and carping and whining is background noise in AB. #cdnpoli #abpoli
Oh, BTW, the Reform Party kept trying to take credit for the Clarity Act. I hope Reformers won't suddenly contract amnesia.
Preemptive screenshot:
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McCarthyism at its finest as @jkenney flexes the power of his authoritarian government and uses Orwellian techniques to identify, out, and eliminate organizations and individuals whose ideals don’t align with his own. #cdnpli #abpoli #ableg
This from the de facto leader of the #CPC. Isn’t hard to see which direction a #CPC government would take us. The reality of the situation is @jkenney is using his McCarthyistic accusations to fraudulently direct tax dollars to the campaign war chest of the #CPC #cdnpli #abpoli
@JKenney’s statement that “these groups helped elect @JustinTrudeau government” reveals the real reason behind these targeted actions. In the end this targeted action against organizations & individuals who have broken no laws will be a complete boondoggle #cdnpli #abpoli #ableg
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Over half way through the year and, at long last, Alberta Q1 2019 opioid reporting is made available. Let’s have a look at the stats shall we?

#abpoli #AbLeg…
“There continues to be a high number of accidental fentanyl related poisoning deaths in the province,
however, the number in the most recent quarter is comparatively less than the previous.”

Sounds like the harm reduction and overdose response initiatives are helping.
This begs the question, if we are in fact seeing a decline in overdose deaths, why are we pausing these services in communities that clearly still need them?

Now is not the time defund, delay, or discontinue supervised consumption services.
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As summer begins, @jkenney and the UCP have decided to show their “support” for teenage Albertans by cutting their wages by $2 per hour. Here’s a thread explaining why the anger being felt by young Albertans is justified. #ableg #abpoli #canlab #cdnpoli
The anger is justified because people doing the same work should get the same pay, regardless their colour, creed ... or age. Anything less is discrimination. Full stop.
The anger is justified because, despite UCP talking points to the contrary, the youth wage will kill more jobs than it creates. That’s because it will provide a big incentive for low-wage employers to replace 18+year-old workers with 15-17 year-old workers.
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Premier @jkenney ,
I did not vote for your UCP candidate. I do not like your platform or policies. Nevertheless, you are the Premier of Alberta and you won with a solid majority. Those of us with different points of view are, I believe, handling this with... #ableg #abpoli 1/16
considerably more decorum than many very vocal conservative supporters after @RachelNotley and the NDP won the last election. As I recall, there were calls for a “kudatah”, along with many suggestions that our then Premier should be executed, along with her caucus. 2/16
You have a majority government. You can pass whatever legislation you want. Apparently, that is not enough for you. You feel the need to demean the opposition, and the Albertans they represent, while you do it. 3/16
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Wow. NDP released a letter from the Deputy Finance Minister to the union that represents post-secondary workers that says they're willing to use every tool, up to and including legislation to delay wage negotiations. #ableg #abpoli
NDP MLA David Eggen says AUPE, CUPE, HSAA, ATA, and UNA all got similar letters.
Eggen said negotiations with public sectors was difficult, but you can't lead with such strong tactics.
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This is not true. The UCP has had access to the budget, the revenue reports, and everything else - we all have. If the NDP "fudged numbers" that would've required the entire NDP, UCP, AP, LP, and FCP caucuses, plus 3 INDs, the entire public, and the media to play along. #ABpoli
The government of Alberta, under every government, puts forward reports on these things. You can go see revenues. You can go see expenses. You can verify them.

This is nothing more than setting a foundation to say "We might not fulfill all our promises, but it's not our fault."
If you were elected with this government - and especially if you're the Premier - and you didn't have a solid understanding of the province's financial state, here's a fact:

You were unprepared. That information is a google search away.
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