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23 Jul
Lots of folks who are reading this thread are coming back asking what we can do about this.

I don't have all the answers, but I'm furiously researching.

Right now I see 2 obvious things to do, which I'll list below, but please comment with more. All expertise/commentary welcome
First: the easiest and most effective thing you can do is bang down the proverbial doors of your Representatives.

The House holds the Power of the Purse—meaning it's the House that could attempt to defund DHS + other federal agencies.

The other super easy thing you can do is gather up all the recent positive photos, videos, & writeups of your city—& have them at the ready.

Operations Legend & Diligent Valor (blech) rely on the narrative that cities are overrun & trashed

Use visuals to disrupt that narrative.
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22 Jul
Here's what you need to know about Operation Legend.

1/ Operation Legend is a federal, interagency force consisting of FBI, ATF, DEA, US Marshals, & Homeland Security.

Hundreds of these officers are being deployed in Chicago today.
2/ Over 200 Operation Legend agents were also already sent to Kansas City, MO, and 35 federal agents will be sent to Albuquerque, NM—with plans to add other cities.…
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17 Jul
Need more context for what's going on in Portland right now? Here's what we know so far.

1/ Beginning a few days ago, first-hand reports of an unmarked, unidentified police force began emerging from protesters and civilians.
2/ Yesterday @OPB confirmed that this federal force, wearing camouflage with bold "POLICE" lettering on the front—but no badges or other identification—were "driving around the area in unmarked minivans grabbing people off the street."…
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3 Jul
At Mount Rushmore, which is sacred Lakota land, indigenous protesters parked white vans in the road & removed the tires to create a roadblock.

The National Guard has been called in. They've been told they'll be arrested if they don't move.

🎥 @EEBormett
The police officer to press at Mt. Rushmore: "Little heads up right now, you might want to back down the hill. You're not going to like the effects coming. It's not going to be a pleasant smell ... You can stay here, but it's going to be very irritating."
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18 Jun
No matter who you are, the Trump team using a Nazi identifier should *obviously* concern you.

But how it's being deployed should concern you too.

The Trump campaign is a sophisticated digital machine—one of the most powerful pathological reality generators on the planet.

And those who don't opt in to this universe rarely see what his base does. We often literally don't see what he's up to.…
As much as he's boogeymanning antifa on Twitter, he's taking a more targeted approach on his app and on Facebook, which has become a bastion for far-right extremism.

Just take a look at the top-performing posts on Facebook on 6/16, per @crowdtangle:
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23 Feb
The enthusiasm we're seeing around Oculus Quest hand tracking right now is a telling signal. 📽️ @DennysKuhnert

Un petit thread:
@DennysKuhnert We've had hand tracking capability—in fact hand tracking that is technically *better* than Quest's—for years. Some artists made great use of it across a variety of platforms.
@DennysKuhnert The problem was the gap between the community of consumers able to consume the content & the artists/devs experimenting with it.

This wasn't anybody's fault per se, we've just needed a simple enough solution and a corresponding community to engage (& potentially become creators)
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19 Nov 19
Whatever it was you heard on @MSNBC, it was neither a fart from Swalwell nor a fart from Matthews—but unfortunately it signals something we urgently need to discuss.

Maybe the most unfortunately prompted thread I’ll ever write:
@MSNBC 1/ First, all these journalists should know better. A lav would NEVER pick up something at that volume. A boom...I guess theoretically. If the boom were pointed directly at his nethers.
@MSNBC 2/ They'll try to say Swalwell is lying in the below, but I have good reason to believe him because of the above.
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10 Nov 19
We need to stop saying “election security” and call it what it is: national security.

A thread on what’s at stake for the sanctity of American democracy in the 2020 election.
1/ Currently, leading Democratic candidates are projected to beat Trump in the 2020 race.

That literally will not matter if our voting machines are compromised.
2/ Leaving personal biases aside: the national security threat posed to our elections cannot continue to be presented as a partisan concern.

This is our most sacred institution; without reliable elections, any semblance of democracy in our republic disintegrates.
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4 Nov 19
Ah, wonderful, Richard Spencer is back in the news.

The veracity of an audio recording is at the core of this story—& since it’s increasingly likely that recorded audio/video will play a role in the 2020 US election, I’m using the moment to share a thread about deepfakes.
1/ Some background: I cover deepfakes as part of my automation & emerging tech focus on Forbes. I also curate new media art shows, so I have a front row seat for the most dynamic approaches to new technologies.…
2/ Deepfakes are a category of synthetic media produced using a form of Deep Learning called Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) to generate fake videos or edited versions of real ones with face/body substitution.…
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18 Aug 19
Deepfakes, or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying About the Collapse of Consensus Reality and Love the Creative Potential.

A thread.
In this video, Bill Hader morphs into Tom Cruise and Seth Rogen only WHILE impersonating them—with transitions that are virtually seamless to the human eye (via @ctrl_shift_face 🙌). It’s an undeniably genius use of the deepfake format.
@ctrl_shift_face I’ve noticed that every time deepfakes come up in conversation, people get squirrely. The concern is that in the future, this tech will be used to weaponize likenesses for propaganda (ie. a video of Trump preaching the merits of an open border).
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27 Mar 19
Okay, so far I can spot the following titles for @oculus #Quest--please comment with any I'm missing:

Beat Saber
Dead & Buried 2
Face Your Fears 2
Vacation Simulator
Angry Birds
Rec Room
Vader Immortal
Apex Construct
...cont below 👇
Elven Table Tennis
Fruit Ninja VR
Journey of the Gods
Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes
Robo Recall
Ultra Wings
Virtual Virtual Reality
Job Simulator
Shadow Point
Oh! And:
🏓 Sports Scramble

Which gets us to 24 confirmed titles. There are at least 26 others. Comment below if you know! 👇👇👇
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30 Jan 19
Three big trends I’m excited to see emerging in the XR community in 2019:

1. Artificial Intelligence (AI)
2. Physical Installation
3. Immersive Theatre

AI in XR has been the buzziest lately, with companies like Artie, Fable, and others doing incredible work to push forward the notion that AI will become the backbone (UI, OS, etc) of interaction with the immersive world.…
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17 Jan 19
Hot take: VR is not inherently an empathy machine. In fact, many times it actually drives audiences away from an empathetic response.

Not claiming to be the first one to the punch here – standing on the shoulders of giants like @skydeas1:

It might seem like a semantic quibble, but I’d argue it’s not. I’ve seen how the empathy buzzword has allowed many artists to give themselves a pass in the responsibility of creation.
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2 Apr 18
Just saw the @ReadyPlayerOne movie and want to know how it stacks up against the reality of virtual reality? This thread that breaks down what RP1 gets right, not-quite-right, and flat-out wrong about the future of #VR, immersion, & the metaverse.
We’ll also examine the tech #ReadyPlayerOne left out altogether. After all, the film is set in 2045, and given the exponential rate of technological advancement, 27 years will likely yield some dramatic changes in society.
There are a few articles that have pointed out some of the basics, but having worked in the industry for 4+ years, I want to paint a fuller picture of our impending reality, with RP1 as the jumping-off point.
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30 Mar 18
Many friends have expressed interest in learning more about the VR/AR landscape, but don’t know where to start. As an active member of this community for 4+ years, I thought I’d kick off a recurring #FF thread of the people you need to pay attention in XR.
Keep an eye out for new names every Friday 💪 NOTE: this is not a comprehensive/ranked list. These are people who I have known to be valuable sources in #VR, #AR, & #MR.
You have to start with the Voice of VR himself: @KentBye. Armed with his trusty microphone, he’s become a fixture at conferences—not just for his expansive knowledge in emerging technologies (check out his new @voicesofai podcast), but for his killer dance moves.
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