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@GympalGB @uk_sport @Sport_England @DCMS @CommonsDCMS @InquiryCSA The Whyte Review is commissioned and funded by (i) @Sport_England, a non-departmental public body under @DCMS and (ii) @uk_sport, an executive non-departmental public body sponsored by @DCMS. The 'review' has acquired the adjective 'independent' despite being commissioned by /1 Image
@GympalGB @uk_sport @Sport_England @DCMS @CommonsDCMS @InquiryCSA the very organisations under whose umbrellas the alleged and discovered abuses were committed. The last sports review on which we recently tweeted is here and note who RT'd it. This was also commissioned by @DCMS which hoofed it into the long-grass /2
@GympalGB @uk_sport @Sport_England @DCMS @CommonsDCMS @InquiryCSA Whyte's date band (para #5 ToR) is v. limited, as though there’s nothing to learn outside the dates despite the non-existent legislative underpinning for reporting abuse remaining unchanged for >70 yrs. It's still a discretionary expectation that reports *should* be made which /3
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Not only do we diagnose complex nerve conditions we also treat them!

We diagnosed pudendal neuropathy using #MR #Neurography and then ablate the nerve using #CT ImageImage
We also use #MR #Neurography for planning #CT guided nerve injections ImageImage
Not just #MR and #CT, we routinely do complex (and simple) procedures using #ultrasound, like this #barbotage we performed for a young patient who had immediate pain relief. ImageImage
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The evidence of @jimgamble to #religiousorganisationsandsettings hearing @InquiryCSA was compelling. School registration is crucial for the welfare of children and good staff. Well-designed #MandatoryReporting reporting is also a vital *component* of functioning safeguarding /1
Fiona Scolding QC asked about paragraph 31 of Baumgarten's statement. Can you spot an answer her question?
"People in positions where disclosure is mandatory ..." - could you tell me what you mean by that? Clearly Baumgarten is oceanically unfamiliar with the subject /2 Image
Para 31 from his statement is below together with footnote 21. It asserts 'mandatory disclosure' exists. But it doesn't except for FGM. Baumgarten swerves away from the subject as the transcript demonstrates and is not again taken back to the question. /3 Image
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@WhoWouldWin13 Both opponents are mentally imbalanced, to say the least, though Mankind seems even more so. While Don Quixote believes himself to be a knight, Mankind is just one of Mick Foley's three personalities (the other being Dude Love and Cactus Jack). Thus, Don Quixote has a mental
@WhoWouldWin13 health advantage.

Don Quixote is an old man, however, while Mankind in his prime was in his 30s-40s. Mankind is also far larger as well. Though Don Quixote was raised in a tougher time, having a more physically demanding upbringing (thus, through ontogeny, making him pound
@WhoWouldWin13 for pound stronger than most people of his age in the modern world), he is still an old man, long passed his prime. Age and physicality goes to Mankind.

Mankind uses a lot of weapons, including thumbtacks, kendo sticks, steel chairs, heck anything he can get his hands on.
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1/Tweetorial on #TMVR for #ASEchoJC 12/11 8 pm

transcatheter mitral valve replacement #TMVR for failed valve & ⬆️ #STS risk

#VHD 2017 update reoperation➡️ reintervention

🎈expandable SAPIEN S3 only @FDA bioprosthesis for implant
2/#Transeptal developed @MayoClinicCV 48 pts

After 🇨🇦 initial experience with #transapical 2009

sick patients with ⬇️ EF #transeptal preserves EF better avoids apical purse string suture

Currently #TMVR registry
>50 % are transeptal & in house mortality 7%
3/#EchoFirst #TTE
#PLAX & off-axis( inflow can be II to septum not apex/posteriorly & eccentric/coanda
👀 origin MR➡️#TMVR may 🚫resolve severe paravalvular MR
#CWD #MV proximal flow convergence location: on ventricular side in regurgitation & on atrial side in stenosis
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Great conversation last night about what is a feature vs what is the hook when it comes to “what makes a great product” in #XR.

Start with this list of what is the “Killer App” for #VR and notice how often features are mistaken for apps.

#gamedev 1/10
My definitions: A feature is an embellishment which can make a product better, while the hook is the core experience that drives users to the product. Think of features as the asterisk icons on the back of a video game box. 2/10
A friend pitched me an app idea using shared identity across apps with addictive ad-clicking behavior for revenue. He said he would play that all the time on his phone to level up. I asked “play what?” He had no answer because he focused on the features but not the hook. 3/10
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#QAnon #MOAB


#ShellGame report, video, & documentation lay it ALL out...the whole enchilada...the key crimes, how it was reported, and how it ties into counter-coup run by #POTUS.
#QAnon #MOAB
- References 12/21/17 #EO for seizure of property at 27:43
- #UraniumOne pay-to-play
- #SAP selloff
- #USB & #HSBC launder $$$ to fund terrorists
- #DavidGuyatt (#DeepBlack plot)
- Punishment of whistleblowers
- #TrumpRussiaCollusion plot
- High #Treason
#QAnon #MOAB
#ScottBennett (#SC) = former military intelligence officer whistleblower behind these revelations, which go back years.

He uncovered this w/ #UBS whistleblower #BradleyBirkenfeld (#BB)when investigating terrorist financing.

They were targeted/framed for crimes.
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Many friends have expressed interest in learning more about the VR/AR landscape, but don’t know where to start. As an active member of this community for 4+ years, I thought I’d kick off a recurring #FF thread of the people you need to pay attention in XR.
Keep an eye out for new names every Friday 💪 NOTE: this is not a comprehensive/ranked list. These are people who I have known to be valuable sources in #VR, #AR, & #MR.
You have to start with the Voice of VR himself: @KentBye. Armed with his trusty microphone, he’s become a fixture at conferences—not just for his expansive knowledge in emerging technologies (check out his new @voicesofai podcast), but for his killer dance moves.
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accepte avec le #MR ce qu'il refusait avec le #PS : la suppression de la télé-redevance en Wallonie "C'est parce qu'avec les… 1/3
…socialistes ont ne savait pas comment on allait financer cette réforme" dit sans rire @CarloDiAntonio. - Bien. Et comment allez-vous… 2/3
…faire ?
- On va faire des économies.
- Lesquelles ? - Ben euuuuh c'est-à-dire… on verra, c'est pas encore défini…
#walgov 3/3
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