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Listening to @kentbye interview David Chalmers on his podcast about his book Reality+, with a thesis that virtual reality is just as 'real' as any other type of reality. His view is that real vs not real is not a sensible dichotomy - physical vs virtual might work better 1/n
I agree (and use the terms physical vs virtual reality in grant application etc). BUT, for so many, being able to touch something and feel it's boundaries and features is such a central part of validating its existence. And here VR is a long way from being able to replicate 2/n
what we are able to experience in the physical environment. All haptic feedback in VR is either very focal or very weak (you will never have your hand stopped by a virtual wall with current consumer, or research grade, technology). This IMO is where the fundamental boundary 3/n
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1) #HBARbarians! Let’s talk #NFTs. #NFT skeptic? 🧐Read this 🧵. NFTs go far beyond #jpeg & are the future of #Web3, “gateway” to #crypto, & will be larger than #cryptocurrencies. This aims to educate #Hedera community & raise awareness to our #HBAR #NFTartists. Wallet flex 💪👇
2) #HBARbarians who think #NFTs are a bubble or do not want to buy an #NFT. That's fine. But #NFTs are vitally important for #HBAR to appreciate in value. See #Solana ($SOL) this year? Yep, #NFTs 🤯 (1)
3) Even if you don't buy an #NFT, you can help. See a #Hedera artist whose art resonates w/ you? Simply hit "like", "RT", or "comment" something nice. It goes a long way in ushering in new #HBAR buyers & #NFTartists.
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Web 3 (hoy) ➡️ Metaverso (futuro)
: :
El primer website ➡️ Google Maps

🧵 A.k.a. Perspectiva de la importancia de la web3 desde su potencial a futuro
#web3 #metaverse #NFTs #vr #DAOs #crypto
1 - He recibido comentarios al respecto de los #NFTs diciendo que son humo y también comentarios del Metaverse (el de Zuck) diciendo que será la matrix en la cual las corporaciones nos controlarán y nos quitarán la posibilidad de volver a ver a nuestros amigos en la vida real...
2 - Primero que todo dejame decirte que te acompaño en esta confusión. Hay demasiado ruido creado por degenerados comprando y vendiendo jpegs de monos en millones de dólares para luego comprar Lambos...

Nada tiene una pizca de sentido.

En este hilo voy a tratar de ayudarte.
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#متاورس - از 0 تا 100😉

خوشحالم تونستم امروز یه وقتی رو خالی کنم و این #کریپتومان رو در قالب #رشتو در بیارم.

تمام تلاشم اینه که هرکسی مطلب رو بخونه بتونه یه اسکیمای ذهنی از آینده پیدا کنه - چه دور چه نزدیک .
کلمه #Metaverse از ترکیب #META به معنی لایه بالاتر و خود ارجاع هست و #Universe به معنی جهان و هستی هست. نتیجه میشه جهانی فراتر از بعد فیزیکی ما که ارجاعش به خودش هست (شاید چیزی شبیه به #DAO که براش تصمیمات خرد جمعی بگیرن) نه اونچیزی که فیسبوک ادعا کرده ( حداقل تا الان)
کلمه متاورس اولین بار سال 1992 در رمان Snow Crash اثر Neal Stephenson's بیان شد. از نظر مفهومی ما همین الان هم نسبتا داخل #متاورس هستیم. هرچه قدر بُعد فیزیکی (مکان) کم رنگ و بُعد غیر فیزیکی (زمان) پر رنگ بشه ما به متاورس نزدیک و نزدیک تر میشیم .
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Given the #metaverse announcements today, I've published a timely article to share with you, from the new Stanford Journal of Online #Trust & #Safety: The Problems with #immersive #advertising : In #AR/#VR, Nobody Knows You Are an Ad.….
You've already experienced #AugmentedReality ads if you watch sports. The billboards behind the players in the stadium are different from the billboards that your family, watching from home in another state, will see. (2)
XR hardware pioneer @avibarzeev and I discuss what immersive advertising looks like, and trace its evolution through techniques used in film, sports, and gaming. My favorite is @CocaCola Cola's "Pepsi Invaders" -- like space invaders, but the enemy robots spelled out @pepsi. (3)
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Aujourd'hui, suite à une mauvaise expérience de recrutement en tant qu'#ux, je souhaite aborder le sujet du #harcèlementsexuel dans l'#IT. On abordera également comment faire son #callout comme une Queen👑. Un thread qui dénonce. 1/ #metooIT
Suite à mon post où je cherchais un appartement, je me suis faite contacter par un #ProductOwner en recherche d'une #UX pour la création d'un produit en #VR. Étant gameuse, je me suis montrée intéressée.
Tout aurait pu bien se passer si la personne en question, avec qui j'ai continué de discuter ne m'avait pas demandé la couleur et la forme de mes sous-vêtements.#metooIT
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Metaverse projelerinin sayısı gün geçtikçe artıyor ve #NFT projelerinin nihai varış noktası bu projeler olacak.

Benim #metaverse gözdem şimdilik @bloktopia projesi. Peki farkı nedir bu projeni? Nereden nasıl alınır? ⤵️
1. Polygon ağı tarafından desteklenen proje, tokenize edilmiş, merkeziyetsiz bir #VR #Metaverse’tür.

Amacı, kripto topluluğu için benzersiz bir VR dünyası oluşturmak ve kullanıcıları tek bir ortamda bir araya getirmektir.
2. Bu evrende birçok şekilde görevler veya aktivitelerde bulunup token ödülleri kazanabilirsiniz.

Projenin IGO’su yarın, (5 Ekim) @SeedifyFund üzerinde saat 17:00'da yapılacak. Açılış fiyatı $0.00025 olacak.

IGO’ya katılım rehberi :…
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China has warned investing in Metaverse stating its still infancy and could likely end in tears for investors

Meanwhile ByteDance has bought VR gear maker Pico for $1.4 billion

#China #Bytedanc #Metaverse #Pico #VR #VRChat
#Pico was valued by PE investors in March 2021 at nearly $155 Million and now #Bytedance has purchased Pico at $1.4 Billion… a very aggressive valuation for a VR gear manufacturer
VR is the interface of Metaverse, but at present, the most widely used scene of consumer VR is games.
#VR #Metaverse #AR #GamingNFT
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1️⃣ Sanatçılar ve koleksiyonerler için,#NFT'lerini sergileyecekleri @opensea gibi ama 3 boyutlu bir galeri olsa,bir sergi-müze geliyormuşuz gibi gezsek🖼,satın alma için seçtiğimiz de opensea sayfasına yönlendirse ve ben galeriden bir sanat eseri aldığımı hissetsem,nasıl fikir ⬇️ Image
2️⃣ Hatta bazı ortak konularda birileriyle ortak sergi açabilsek bu platformda, aslında herşey @opensea veya @rarible de , ancak bir galeri-müze gibi gezsek , hatta #VR desteği ile VR gözlüklede 3 boyutlu da benim Nft Kolleksiyonumu gezebilseler ne güzel bir fikir değilmi 🪙 Image
3️⃣ Kim istemez ki, güzel bir tabloyu-sanat eserini, harika bir müzeden almayı,
O parayı verecek herkes isteyecektir

Ayrıca NFT lerin önünde tablo açıklamaları vb de geliştirilebilir. Image
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📢📢📢BEFORE ART AT THE 2021 EUROPEAN RESEARCHER'S NIGHT ❗️#europeanresearchersnight2021 #NocheEuropeaInvestigadores

The collaborators of this project are going to participate this Friday in the activities programmed by the University of Cantabria.
⁉️This Friday, 24th sept., the 9th edition of #EuropeanResearchersNight2021 will be held, and numerous amazing activities have been scheduled from the @UCDivulga and @IIIPC_Cantabria.

➡️From the Before Art project, we propose the following activities:

(For children👧🧒) You will know the Paleolithic technology and the rock art images that these societies represented in caves and shelters.
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thread #nftarthistory

incredible collection & mindset @iamDCinvestor ! thank you ✨

"What's interesting about NFTs vs other kinds of art is the ability to develop this mimetic or viral value on the internet in a way that has not really been seen in traditional art"

"What was it when you purchased your first #CryptoPunk that put you over the edge into uncovering all these other artpieces?" - @RyanSAdams

"The signal for me was when I saw ppl using these as profile pictures. It clicked that ppl are identifying with these assets." -DC

"That's a super powerful driver and I was like 'what's it going to take for someone using this as their profile picture to sell one? And then the gears started turning there, right?" -DC

#nftprofilepic #nftcollector #nfthistory #nftcommunity #bayc #profilepicprojects
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Overview some emerging tech sectors, niches which become major trends in next 5-10 year with growing thousands startups unicorn and great companies.
Check the thread 👇

#startups #tech #innovations #investors #fintech #financial #setcoingroup #TrendingNow #investments
Autonomous shipping
Autonomous trucking
#Blockchain real estate
Cannabis breathalyzers
Commercial space launch
Digital freight brokerage
Election tech
Food service robots and machines
Ghost kitchens
Indoor mapping
Short overview each niche 👇
Industrial workplace safety
Low-Power Wide-Area Networks (LPWAN)
Smart packaging
Sports tech
Supersonic travel
Warehouse management tech 👇
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Overview some emerging tech sectors, niches which become major trends in next 5-10 year with growing thousands startups unicorn and great companies.
Check the thread 👇

#startups #tech #innovations #investors #fintech #financial #setcoingroup #TrendingNow #investments
Autonomous shipping
Autonomous trucking
#Blockchain real estate
Cannabis breathalyzers
Commercial space launch
Digital freight brokerage
Election tech
Food service robots and machines
Ghost kitchens
Indoor mapping
Short overview each niche 👇
Industrial workplace safety
Low-Power Wide-Area Networks (LPWAN)
Smart packaging
Sports tech
Supersonic travel
Warehouse management tech 👇
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What #Metaverse builders can learn from Fortnite, a🧵 for those who want to take a self-tour.

(Recommended reading for #AR / #VR industry folk who are unfamiliar with the details)
1. Login system. Epic Games allows seamless logins from a series of platforms in order to play Fortnite. They’re all linked to a single backend account so you have full cross-play available, making it easily accessible to play w friends on just about any system setup.
2. Accessibility. Being cross-platform, Fortnite controls are set up differently for each system, for example kb / mouse vs gamepad vs touchscreen phone etc.
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As promised @LauraMorreale, a tweet about effigial tombs in #medieval and #Renaissance #Florence /1 Jacopo della Quercia, Tomb slabs of Lorenzo Trenta (d 1439)
Some of what follows can be found in "The Sepulchralization of Renaissance Florence" in @MIP_medpub Memorializing the Middle Classes in Medieval and Renaissance Europe… /2
In Purgatorio 12.16-21, #Dante describes effigial tombs:
Come, perché di lor memoria sia,
sovra i sepolti le tombe terragne
portan segnato quel ch’elli eran pria,

onde lì molte volte si ripiagne
per la puntura de la rimembranza,
che solo a’ pïi dà de le calcagne /3 Genoese artist, 1350-75. Illustrated Dante. Bodleian Library
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Q2 2021 has come to a close and @avalancheavax has seen a rapid growth despite very tough market conditions.

Here's a not-so-short recap of some $AVAX #DeFi highlights. 👇
- @avalancheavax reached 1M transactions on the C-Chain.
- @penguin_defi captured almost $7M TVL in a single day; passed $9M next day and $20M shortly after that.
- @AvaxStars sold almost 4,000 #NFTs in a single day
- @pangolindex and @snowballdefi launched on-chain governance
- @AvaxPodcast went on air and started interviewing $AVAX builders
- @yieldyak_ announced its protocol token $YAK
- @avalancheavax minted its 1 millionth block on the C-Chain
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1/ The Metaverse is here, just not evenly distributed.

Here are some of my thoughts on the state of Virtual Reality. #VR

A Thread 👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇
2/ In 2014-2015, there were 1000 startups all trying to conquer "The Metaverse," on the news that @oculus was acquired by @Facebook. Investors flooded the space with capital and hope.
3/ What was not clear to the builders and the investors, was that the technology had been acquired, but there was no market, heck, there wasn't a commercially viable product yet. So the perceived market that was imagined was a hollow shell, with an epic demo.
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𝗧𝗵𝗲 𝗠𝗼𝘀𝘁 𝗨𝘀𝗲𝗳𝘂𝗹 𝗪𝗲𝗯𝘀𝗶𝘁𝗲𝘀 𝗢𝗻 𝗧𝗵𝗲 𝗜𝗻𝘁𝗲𝗿𝗻𝗲𝘁

I will be sharing unique , useful, and interesting #websites in this thread.

🚀Goal - 10,000 websites. 🚀

⏩ A Thread ⏪

🙏 RT for more exposure .

#unique #internet #useful #knowledge #worldwide
1: 🚀YayText .com🚀

You can use this website to use Bold, Italic, Underlined text on #Facebook , #Instagram , #Twitter ........

2: 🚀Fast .com🚀

You can check speed of your Internet connection from here.

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Today marks the end of a very important chapter in my career as I’ve completed my tour of duty at Magic Leap. I'm proud to have been a part of its story and it a part of mine, with all the work that was accomplished & the friendships that were made here.
There were so many highlights: from LeapCon, to the bootcamps, to the conferences and our work with Japan. I'll cherish the bonds we forged with so many colleagues & the amazing community who all care so much about advancing this #AR #VR space together.
I want to thank the dev community for all of their passionate support for the Magic Leap One device, powering the heart & soul of a number of apps and prototypes. I could never imagine that the fun organic hashtags of #LeapSquad and #LeapNation would grow into what they became.
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1/ Our second issue is out.

In this issue, we discuss global labor arbitrage and the #Metaverse by looking at the history of MMORPG gold farming and the future of #playtoearn gaming.

This is done through the lens of @YieldGuild, a Metaverse recruitment agency.

Link/thread 👇
3/ @Its_Falcon_Time refers here to the #Metaverse as a set of digital nations.

We agree with this metaphor.

The #Metaverse with its shared on-chain history, vibrant meme culture, & the developing spatial Webaverse is best understood in this way.

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Gearing up for tonight's ed tech seminar.
The topic: VR, AR, XR.

Most of what I say boils down to go follow @DigitalBodies @mayaig @emorycraig
@DigitalBodies @mayaig @emorycraig Other topics I've set out for XR:
-scaffolding learning
-building community in these spaces
-users as creators

Also an interesting museum case study.
@DigitalBodies @mayaig @emorycraig One example to show tonight comes from the great @HardcoreHistory :
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1/ @indexcoop, creators of $DPI, are set to launch a #Metaverse Index on April 7th.

The Metaverse has gained enormous traction as an investment theme in #crypto. Let's review some of the holdings of #MVI to see how this index captures the Metaverse space.

Thread 🦉👇
2/ @enjin - $ENJ - 15.1%

Enjin is an ecosystem of products that make it easy for game industry businesses to develop, trade, monetize, and market with blockchain. With over 20 million users and a robust product suite, Enjin can give businesses a competitive edge in the space.
3/ @decentraland - $MANA - 11%

The first decentralized world, Decentraland is controlled via #DAO, which owns the palatform's smart contracts & assets. Community events, including visits from @3LAU & @RAC, combine with #Web3 tech to create a unique social experience.
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Once inside your cells the SARS-CoV-2 virus replicates itself using your own cellular machinery creating the components for millions of new virions from your infected cells.

Learn more about the #immersive documentary #InsideCOVID19 at: #VR #OculusQuest
If you need some #MondayMotivation to #WearAMask: A #COVID19 positive person can make a trillion new virions during peak infection. The cells pushes the new virus copies out of the infected cell and back into the host’s airway or bloodstream. #InsideCOVID19 #VR #Documentary
Did we mention that #InsideCOVID19 is now Emmy nominated? Yes, we did. But you may have missed it. #Emmys #Emmys2021 #EmmyNoms Image
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1/ The #Metaverse as an investment theme has been gaining traction as #VR , #NFTs, and gaming collide to create new & interesting virtual worlds.

With @indexcoop's $MVI and @PieDAO_DeFi's $PLAY coming out soon, I wanted to offer a high-level overview of both index options.

2/ Before I dive into the funds, for a breakdown of the potential opportunity set within the #Metaverse sector, I highly recommend @Delphi_Digital/@BitkraftVC's @pierskicks' essay below.

3/ Investment Objective

Both funds provide diversified exposure to #Ethereum projects that focus on virtual ownership through #NFTs, gaming, #VR and entertainment.

The creator economy coupled with increasing time spent in virtual spaces contribute to the #Metaverse theme.
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