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I’ve seen a lot of threads about how hard it is to get a job in VR. I would love to help in any way I can. I’m blocking tomorrow 10am-12 noon to do Zoom calls with people interested to get in the VR industry or advance in the industry. DM me if you want to connect. #VR #VRJobs
I know it is a US holiday tomorrow. I’ll be happy to do this again later on a non-holiday if there is interest.
The 1-on-1 sessions got booked. Feel free to DM questions OR I am happy to #AMA on this thread AND I set up a Group Zoom call for 12:30pmPDT tomorrow to answer Qs on getting a job in #VR. If you work in the field & want to join in and answer Qs, pls do so!…
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[Thread: Book review] If you work in, are interested in, or want to know where technology is headed next you MUST READ Infinite Retina by @Scobleizer and @IrenaCronin /1 #spatialcomputing #augmentedreality #AR #VR #XR…
So first, I should say I intended to blog a review but there's WAY too much good stuff in the book for one post. Instead, I'll review it by way of a few posts that lift off key sections of the book. Stay tuned. /2
I honestly believe Infinite Retina will be the book that all the other books will refer back to. It lays a marker in the sand. It says: here's where we've been, here's where we are, and here's where we're going. It will be the definitive snapshot of this time... /3
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1/ #MSBuild is starting now.
This thread will be tracking the latest @HoloLens news, & how AR is being used in enterprises.
Mixed Reality Dev days starts on Thursday in @AltspaceVR
Breakout, chat, & Q&A is here:
Livestream is here:
2/ The #MSBuild keynote is starting now in what looks like a pre-recorded video.
The schedule for the day is below.

For AR enthusiasts, HoloLens 2 released a major software update for HoloLens 2, Windows Holographic, version 2004 on May 12th…
3/ @satyanadella CEO talking about Azure cloud, which is also a big part of Microsoft's AR strategy. Here's a couple of examples of Azure features for @HoloLens:

Azure Spatial Anchors…

Azure Remote rendering…
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¿Qué aplicaciones de Realidad Aumentada #AR y Realidad Virtual #VR podemos usar para CREAR contenido en #educación?

Si te interesa CREAR y no solo interactuar con contenido ya creado, este es tu 🧵⬇️ #hilostic

En este hilo vamos a ver cómo la #AR y la #VR pueden ser herramientas para CREAR contenido con nuestros alumnos/as y hacerles protagonistas de su aprendizaje. Ideal como producto final de un #ABP (Aprendizaje Basado en Proyectos).
Yo tengo experiencias inolvidables de creación de contenido con mis chicos/as.

"Apadrina un monumento" fue un ejemplo de ello.


Diseñamos una web y una aplicación móvil con las investigaciones que realizamos de la Península de la Magdalena.
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Apple Doesn't Care About Augmented Reality: Here's Why #augmentedreality #AR #VR #MagicLeap #spatialcomputing #MixedReality…
A post by @Scobleizer tipped me off to a key point: Apple will want to disrupt glasses.
But think about this further: Apple sold $10B of wearables, disrupting 13% of watch market. The eye glass market is $138B. If Apple grabs 13% of that, they have wearables revenue that's double their current haul. /3
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En un post anterior mencionaba que creo que Ecuador debe enfocarse hacia el desarrollo agrícola, y tener como objetivo que en 20 años seamos la más grande potencia agrícola del s. XXI, en función de los ratios de producción y márgenes o ganancia.
Para conseguir un #ECUADORPOTENCIAAGRICOLA debemos hacer cambios sociales, políticos, culturales, empresariales y tecnológicos.
De esto último tratarán éste y los hilos futuros, de cómo usar las nuevas tecnologías para desarrollar el sector agrícola del país.
El objetivo es incentivar a los empresarios, gobierno, inversionistas, hacia la explotación de estos nuevos recursos.
En 2050, se necesitará un 50% más de alimentos en el mundo.
(FAO - La agricultura mundial en la perspectiva del año 2050)
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I’m thoroughly enjoying #HalfLifeAlyx but I get that fighting gory monsters in #VR does not appeal to many players. Still, the game is gorgeous & I wish more people can enjoy it. If you’re feeling FOMO but want to skip the scary bits, I’m keeping track of the non-violent parts /1
FWIW it’s taken me a few years of developing/playing in #VR to kinda get used to jump scares & monsters coming me with IMMERSION. Sometimes I just want to admire the artistry of HL:A in peace without a headcrab threatening to mount my face 😐 /2
Fortunately, you can enjoy the entire opening sequence & reach Russell’s office without encountering anything too scary. Marvel at the details! The architecture! The floor tiles! The plants coming through cracks in the ground! The pigeon! The teacups! /3
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Been thinking about personal space given recommendations for increasing it to 2 meters -- and this paper by @AleAliSousa and others came to mind: How do we perceive interpersonal distance if there is a glass barrier?…
Of course if it were not transparent, you might not even know someone is there unless the barrier is small and you can detect them with another sense. But the distance we are comfortable with does seem like it should be somewhat smaller with a barrier -- maybe not face-to-face!
Non-human animals show this too -- as seen at a number of zoos where a number of other great apes will come up close and interact at a transparent barrier
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Hand interactions in AR/VR. HCI principles, UX and interface design. Thread: a growing and curated collection of useful or inspiring books, articles and guidelines.

#XR #AR #VR #spatialcomputing #handinteractions #UX #UI #interfaces
[Book] John Napier: Hands
A beautiful and deep meditation about human hands. Evolutionary biology, anatomy and art history.…
[Book] Sandra Blakeslee & Matthew Blakeslee: The Body Has a Mind of Its Own
Enlightening book about the “body map” theory and its neuroscientific background.…
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And now we have @annatoledano on ‘Resurrecting Lost Objects in the Natural History Museum’ #ResurrectingObjects #MuseumTwitter #BSHSGlobalHist
@annatoledano 1/11 #Museums aren’t forever. Might seem counterintuitive at 1st, but decay, loss, destruction are the norm for objects, not the exception. A challenge for #twitterstorians is to tell stories of lost things from other sources and via new methods #publichistory #BSHSGlobalHist
@annatoledano 2/11 Lost museums are easy to remember. Recreations of @JenksMuseum, @harvartmuseums’ philosophy chamber, @hmns’s cabinet of curiosities focus on bringing to life the whole rather than the part. But the source material often shows individual specimens too 🐊🐡🦜🦞 #BSHSGlobalHist The Houston Museum of Natur...
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1/So there was lots of talk at @AACNursing #AACNdoc20 re: #Nursing #PhD pipeline, getting folx esp prelicensure students ‘excited’ about #nursingscience & the #BStoPhD

I totally revamped our #nursingresearch & #innovation course @UMassAmherst last fall to do just that

Thread ⬇️
2/ I told the Asst Dean when I took it on that regardless of the learning objectives for the course I had only 1 GOAL:

That by the end of the semester, these students would be EXCITED!-or at very least, just a little bit CURIOUS-about a career in #nursingscience & #innovation
3/ A note about context: This was a course of ~85 Accel BS students, taught in an urban campus that is geographically ~40mins drive from main @UMassAmherst campus, in the . The classroom assigned had no windows. Class ran 8am-1030am Weds, before more courses. I say this b/c....
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Getting ready for my favorite keynotenevery year at #FETC #techsharelive ... I will tweet my favorite tools in this thread! #edtech
@adambellow begins #techsharelive with his parody #fave
#fetc queen
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An empty arena accessible in virtual reality style & accessible to a merchandise stand with stock currently available. Whhhhaa does that even mean? Any world arena that can be cloud stored for mobility-challenged folks planning but easy access in #VirtualReality no line for goods
Who else, but for those who could never access an arena, be thrilled by the #VirtualReality presentation of such with options to mix and match merchandise / @WWEShop on a virtual merch stand. Save and change up favorite arrangements, lights, sound envmt for simulated best merch.
@WWEShop I'm not talking about making @WWEShop a part of @2K @WWEgames although for some reason, the company has never tried. I'm talking a #WebAR ( style disability friendly standard VR map (think Google Maps for arenas) for merchandise with languages & styles...
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Given that @WhereThoughts Go just launched, I wanted to create a thread showing a little bit about the process behind creating it & how messy making games can be😛

This is what the first 3-week prototype looked like: a room where people could say anything as an audio orb! 🎙️
I didn't know what this project would become at this time, but I was really intrigued. But I also immediately realized that people wouldn't say interesting things unless they were asked to. 🤔

So I made prompts! And then I made them physically reactive, which felt amazing. 🤾‍♂️
So now I needed to create levels! But I had never, EVER made a 3D world before. 😨

So I used my graphic design experience to create posters of what I wanted each level to FEEL like. The plan? Do whatever I could to reach that feeling 🤞 This kept things open and the pressure low
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It's poetic how a company named after the Roman god of beginnings, gates, transitions, time, duality, doorways, passages, and endings closes at the end of a decade. Sad news, but as one door closes another one opens, and the dream of an open Metaverse will live on. #VR
@babylonjs has Microsoft
@aframevr has Mozilla
@playcanvas has Snap
@threejs_org has Google
#AmazonSumerian has Amazon
@officialjanusvr had no large company behind it, yet what they've accomplished is astounding by any measure /2
The fundamentals are webpages as rooms, and hyperlinks as portals. It's inspired by Snow Crash since the beginning, next gen 3D internet. There is view-source to edit the rooms in real-time with the built-in code editor, or no-code via drag n' drop.
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[Thread] Comme j'ai un #OculusRiftS depuis fin mai 2019. Cela fait donc quelques mois et j'ai déjà testé un paquet de choses. Donc j'vais faire un petit thread (en plus des possibles tests sur @Factornews), histoire de vous donner les bons tuyaux.
Evidemment, il y aura des jeux, des expériences, des vidéos, du payant, du gratuit, du vieux, du neuf, bref, un peu de tout. De toute manière, lorsque l'on fait l'acquisition d'un casque de VR, tout est plus ou moins nouveau :)
Je viens tout juste de sortir de #WolvesInTheWalls de #FableStudio. C'est dispo par ici gratuitement (…) et il faut compter une petite heure pour terminer l'histoire, inspirée d'une nouvelle de #NeilGaiman. C'est vraiment chouette !
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1/ Obviously, whether anyone buys/sells depends on goals, risk tolerance, situation, etc -- but I believe $FB is a good investment and will beat the market over next 5 years. Whether it's a moral company or beneficial to society, I'll leave for others to debate. (cont)
2/ Despite all the headlines and FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt), DAUs and MAUs have held steady in North America, and grown elsewhere, past 2 years, demonstrating the incredible power of its platforms' network effects.

In 2019 Q2:

DAUs 1.59B, +8% YOY
MAUs: 2.41B, +8% YOY
3/ Let's assume the negative headlines never stop, and $FB takes its place among other "sin" stocks w/ tobacco, alcohol, and gambling. This will perpetually suppress valuation, but there's plenty of reason to believe it does not spell doom for investors. (cont)
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Oh no! We missed our usual #MeetupMonday!

Have no fear. We'll get the rest of the week out to you stat!

Hope you check them all out!

A thread:
VR/AR Association
#vr #ar
Thursday is a big day with 3 Meetups!
@ORLtechandbeer -

@ReactOrlando: GraphQL with Node and React --

@ONETUG Nerd Nite Dinner --
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Okay, time for a very ranty thread, sorry Twitter:

So after @benz145 Tweeted how bad Real VR Fishing's UX was, my morbid curiosity kicked in and I decided to check it out and see how bad it is.

It's so much worse than I imagined.
Let's start with the intro: My general pet peeves of no hands until more than 30 seconds in after loading screens are present, which is standard. I'm used to it now. After this, you're just thrown into a random room with a little textbox floating in front of you.
The textbox says to go in front of a TV to continue the tutorial, and I generally ignore it (like most players will) since I can figure out how to teleport pretty quickly to the TV. Again, not great, but pretty standard so I deal with it.
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Okay, so let me talk about Mario for a minute here. I realize there's a difference between the American and Japanese understanding of the character and there always has been, but Mario was originally presented as a blue collar worker. 1/?
Yes, there's the plumber thing, but he was also a construction worker in Wrecking Crew and I guess a carpenter in Donkey Kong. Very blue collar. He started making cameos in other games, but it was like, a boxing ref. 2/?
It's the original Mario Bros. that cast him as a plumber but I guess he was an Evil Animal Trainer in Donkey Kong Jr.? I dunno if Animal Trainer is as "salt of the earth" as being a construction worker, but it's no office job. 3/?
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Yine raporlar okundu, makaleler sular seller 🤦‍♀️ #Teknoloji konusunda önümüzdeki dönemde en fazla #yatırım hangi alanlara yapılacak? 2020 yılında yine burada hangi konuları konuşuyor olacağız? Yuvarlak cevapları bir kenera bırakalım ve nokta atışı gidelim hadi 🔥 #tech #trends
1/ Yapay zeka ve kişiselleştirilen süreçler @Adobe 2019 Trendler Anketi'nde yine ilk sıraya yerleşti 🧠 Markaların yönlendirmeleri ile kullanıcı deneyimini geliştirmenin en sağlıklı yönteminin #AI tabanlı veri yönetimi olarak değerlendirildiğini görüyoruz!
2/ @IDC (Uluslarası Veri Kurumu) raporuna göre şirketler henüz sonuç alamadıkları #blockchain'e milyonlar harcamaya devam etmeye istekli 💸 2019 yılında $2.9M'u bulması beklenen harcama 2022'ye geldiğimizde $11.7M'u bulacak 🙆‍♀️ #cryptocurrency #technology…
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Burnout 2 : Point of Impact
Nintendo GameCube (2003)
Un jeu de course où l’on roule à grande vitesse sur des axes urbains en évitant le plus grand nombre de véhicules.
Si vous voulez une anecdote personnelle concernant ce jeu, ça se passe sur Instagram : Image
VR Ping Pong
PlayStation 4 (2017)
Un jeu de simulation de Ping Pong en réalité virtuelle proposant 4 modes : Pratique, Solo, Tournament et Arcade.
#1Jour1Jeu #PlayStation #VR #VRPingPong #PingPong #PSVR Image
Darkest Dungeon : Ancestral Edition
Nintendo Switch (2018)
Un mix de RPG et dungeon crawler dans un univers dark fantasy très sombre et à la difficulté élevée, où l’on doit gérer le niveau de stress des héros, leur mort étant définitive.
#1Jour1Jeu #Switch Image
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Arrancando el programa "Leading in the Exponential Age" de @singularityu en @IAE_Austral #SingularityIAE
Disrupción en espacios inusuales. Había escuchado sobre el impacto de los autos autónomos en la donación de organos, pero las bebidas energéticas? @singularityu @IAE_Austral #SingularityIAE
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1/ For the last 5 years, the #VR builders and entrepreneurs have had to beg people to try their experiences.
2/ They had to lug 20 pounds of equipment to pitch meetings, unpack the computer, the sensors and the headset, set it up and then ask people to put a vizor on their heads.
3/ They had to sell a vision of their product, being built on a technology that was still unproven.
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