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1. Coronavirus / covid19 thread as some good articles today.
90% of cases identified by Pillar2 are false postives...… #coronavirus #falsepositives #covid19 #covid1984
3. The social distancing measure of 6 foot was chosen as they couldnt trust British public to keep to scientific 3 foot one.
Can’t we put these power-mad clowns of the Johnson Junta in a nice rest home?… #coronavirus #falsepositives #covid19 #covid1984
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Following the Jacob Wohl / Jack Burkman story the @washingtonpost was duped into running & which @thedailybeast debunked, FBI spox told @dcexaminer: "The FBI Washington Field Office was not present at the specified location for law enforcement activity."…
LOL ImageImageImage
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The vast, vast majority of western forests are controlled by the federal government
State Forests are a thing back east, including in Trump's (and my) native NY, but they don't really exist in the west. It's all federal.
Anyway if the answer to the western megafires that are making air unbreathable for 1/6 of the country is better forest management that's the sort of thing a president could announce some initiatives on
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Schemers Scheme: That’s What They Do

Looks Like They’ve Got Another One Coming Down the Pike 9/14 or 19 That Possibly Puts #ThePeoplesGeneral & People of MN In Danger

Thank you Brilliant Coder/Researchers that are figuring this out

I don’t quite understand it so be patient.. Image
Starts with open comms used by evil plotters: Will add screenshots & hopefully it makes enough sense for others to continue to figure it out. It’s somewhat out of order...

Code Words, Places, Numbers, People & Music Scales

1) Fear Mongering & Note Use of Number 14 & 19 ImageImageImageImage
2) North Dakota Comms = ND = Norte Dame = False Flag on Irish? ImageImageImageImage
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We have four hampers that we currently need help with. If you would like to help any of these following individuals/families/seniors directly please DM us! 1/?
Hamper 1: (Family of three. Two adults and one child. They also have two pets. One cat and one dog.)

This family is in need of a small to medium hamper. Their list of immediate needs total $265.00. Their list of wants total $170.00. 2/?
This family is also looking for help with a gently used washer and dryer. This is a blended family that is also looking to meet new people that live in the north east area, specifically the Whitehorn area. If you would like more info please DM. 3/?
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Nothing's ever simple in Wisconsin. Now the Supreme Court halts sending mail ballots 7 days before they were due to drop. Via @sbauerAP…
Here's a first taste of possible election chaos to come Image
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Who on some of the bravest, most impressive activists you follow on Twitter? Let's make a #FF thread celebrating these American heroes!

I'll start with @abbottalynn, who is on the front lines of confronting Christian militia "patriot" extremists in Idaho…
If you get tagged in this thread, feel free to leave your Patreon, Cash App, etc., so that those who may feel inspired to do so can thank you for your courage and hard work.
I also want to add @AmericanXMom to this thread. The work she does fighting the Right in Florida is so important.
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#FF today to
@jamwal_rocky and @PanditKatti both fine astrologers both straight honest men.
@apparrnnaa who helps out lots of homeless creatures.
@irudragaur bringing out Mahabharat Samvat nightly
#FF to @pranasutra a really good writer
and to @BangadVedant and @Paimamu
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#Wirsindmehr! Ja, aber wie kann man das wirklich zeigen?
Hier in unsere eigenen Bubble verirren sich zum Glück nur vereinzelte Homöopathie Anhänger, COVID Idioten, Heilpraktiker - kurz all die, die gestern wissentlich mit Nazis gemeinsam auf die Straßen gegangen sind.
Aber die Nachrichten werden beherrscht von Menschen, die den Reichstag stürmen und einem veganen Koch der verhaftet wurde! Wie könnte man es schaffen, aus Twitter heraus zu treten, um in den Nachrichten zu erscheinen als die wahre Mehrheit?
Vor Corona (und als wir noch in München wohnten) sind wir auf die Straße gegangen. Wir haben selber demonstriert! Für die Umwelt, gegen Ungerechtigkeiten…!
und jetzt? Eine Gegendemonstration „für Corona“? Keine gute Idee!
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Since the Trump show is every night this week, I’m reminded of the curious time he came to NB, and what role public $ MAY have played in this misadventure. Sit back, relax, and follow this #portcityDonald yarn. We’ll start by stating the obvious: there is ALWAYS a tweet.
That’s right. For those of you too young to remember, The Donald once came to SJ, and you could have heard #portcityDonald blather on for the low low price of oh, say $200 bucks or so…
Anyhoo, the arrival of the Donald was, for some, pretty heady stuff, and had been breathlessly promoted for months by a young kid named Brad Leblanc and his company, The Momentum Group @gainmomentum . Here he is pushing tix in this old youtube clip
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For four days, DNC Convention paraded folks on screen to tell us that Joe Biden was the kindest, bravest, warmest, most wonderful human being they've ever known in their life. Not only is that NOT a qualification for president, it's bunk. A good man doesn't: 1/
2/ Spread false rumors that the truck driver involved in the accident that killed Biden's wife and baby was drunk.…
3/ A good man doesn't seek to destroy a 30-year veteran and interfere in the governance of our country by his successor.…
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Thread on Covid & Govts - an opinion
Yesterday was not a good day for Ireland. Eamon Ryan's claim that Govt was caught 'off guard' wby the virus was gobsmacking. Stephen Donnelly's tv interview was in the realm of the absurd. For some, an insult to a public who had given its all
But the injury to the public had come earlier, much earlier, in the FG Govt's failure to properly establish & reinforce our best defence & protection against the virus: Test, Trace Isolate (TTI). It's an injury & failure we have only now discovered.
The crisis now in health & education proves that in the past months, instead of prioritising a public-health strategy, the FG govt was prioritising a public-relations strategy. The spin of 'win' in prime-time speeches & photo ops took precedence over readying TTI & schools.
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We hate constantly asking if there is anyone out there that could help but if there is: This is what we need:

Family 1: Medium Food Hamper

Family 2: Large Food Hamper

Family 3: Small Food Hamper

Total Needed: $575.00

Note: We have already partnered with the @CalgaryFoodBank
We have also referred these families to the customer care team @ENMAX to work with these families and we are ever so grateful for everyones help.

Note: We accept etransfers at the email: HarvestHillsCaresCalgary@Gmail.Com

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Purely by chance I happened on a Twitter beef this week, and though it worth recording for the annals of "Women can't have anything".
It involves this account (which I haven't tagged in, for reasons which will become obvious). You can guess where this is going, yes? Image
Back in April this rando decided to, out of the blue, attempt to police who they followed. Image
When they didn't get a response within 3 minutes they made an "official" request.
Determining their "official" capacity is left as an exercise for the reader. Image
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#FF the four amazing kings who retweeted my autism thread. As a small account, I really appreciate the reading/engaging/disseminating.
@StrikesBlade / @proudeuropean5 / @parallaxoptics / @The_WGD
I'll add that I was particular starstruck to have been retweeted by @parallaxoptics, whose work I've long followed and admired. His interview with @WokeCapital is at once timely and timeless:…
particularly*, oops
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Mali thread o nauci i patnji da se nešta objavi i ujedno #FF za @AdnaAsic s čijeg IG profila ovo kradem, originalni prevod radila Snežana Todorović.

A što se tiče genetike, Adna ima PhD i zna dosta više, ja sam samo skromni, besposleni komunikator 😁

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Völkische Landnahme - oder warum Sebstian Weigler in Barfußschuhen durch #Eschede läuft.
Ein #thread:
#Eschede ist seit Jahrzehnten Anlaufpunkt für extrem Rechte und völkische Gruppen. Seit über 30 Jahren finden auf dem "Hof Nahtz" völkische
Brauchtumsfeiern, Zeltlager von #HDJ und co. sowie interne Schulungen und Parteitage der #NPD statt.
#Eschede leigt im Nord-Osten von Niedersachsen am Rande der Lüneburger Heide, einer Region die seit Jahren/Jahrzehnten als Rückzugsraum für völkische Siedler gilt.
Dort ansässige Familienstrukturen haben sich über mehrere Generationen herausgebildet und vernetzt.
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Fun Thales Thread:

Back in the early days of the Internet, there was Mike Reed's guide to Flame Warriors you might encounter on early forums and such. The personalities are still valid. I will match up a few to some of my followers.
1. Android: @MorlockP.

(Picture seems broken on the site, so I've attached it here)…
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Weiter geht es mit dem 2. Konferenztag zu #LebenmitCorona am @IHS_Vienna und der Session "Alltag, soziale Beziehungen und öffentliches Leben" mit Ulrike Zartler, @MagratheanTimes, @KlausKastberger, u.v.m.

I will be live-tweeting this morning, all on board! Image
Ulrike Zartler (@univienna) beginnt ihren Vortrag mit Learnings aus vergangenen Krisen und Pandemien. Sie erfordern hohe Anpassungsfähigkeit, erzeugen Stress und verstärken soziale Ungleichheiten. Image
Zur bereits zu Beginn von #COVID__19 gestellten Frage, ob eher die Geburten- oder die Scheidungsrate steigen wird: Wahrscheinlich beides. Krisen motivieren uns zu folgenreichen, grundlegenden Entscheidungen. #LebenmitCorona
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Who are inspiring Muslim male drs & students? Introduce yourself & tag in colleagues.
I’m a GP & Senior Lecturer in Manchester.

I nominate @ahmedhankir @Jingstar @umair_k_ @MedicSeditious @DrAkhtar @FaheemShakur @ChauhanZahid @DrTariqChauhan @sahloul @M0in96

Sorry @Danish_Hafeez1 ! Introduce yourself & tag others please 🙂
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Hatte bereits mehrmals die Ehre und Freude, die beeindruckende @VanSista als Expertin befragen zu dürfen, und jedes Mal so viel von ihr gelernt. Sie ist und bleibt eine so wichtige Stimme im Kampf gegen Rassimus und Ausgrenzung. #ff
Bei Interesse: Vanessa Spanbauer zu Marginalisierung im Journalismus, hier nachzulesen:…
Zu Gast bei "Worum Geht's?" zur Frage "Was ist Rassismus?"…
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