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⚠️BREAKING—CDC team falls ill while investigating the health impacts of Ohio train derailment—➡️**7** US government investigators briefly fell ill in March while studying the possible health impacts of a toxic #OhioChemicalDisaster train derailment, @CDCgov confirms to CNN. 🧵
2) The investigators’ symptoms included sore throats, headaches, coughing and nausea – consistent with what some residents experienced after the February 3 train derailment that released a cocktail of hazardous chemicals into the air, water and soil.…
3) The investigators who experienced symptoms were part of a team conducting a house-to-house survey in an area near the derailment, and they immediately reported their symptoms to federal safety officers.
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NEWS: Weeks after the #EastPalestineOH "controlled burn," residents are experiencing rashes, nosebleeds, & other symptoms.

"My face was burning but it didn’t freak me out until I looked in the mirror,” -EP resident Kristin Bagglia told us.

Kristin also had rashes on her leg/foot after showering. Her 8-year-old son has also been sick--she took him to ER last week for nosebleeds. Both of them were diagnosed w/ chemical inhalation. **HER WATER IS CONNECTED TO EP CITY WATER— which the governor and EPA declared safe.
“It feels like the worst flu imaginable,” Battaglia, 37, told us about her symptoms following the derailment. She also has an ear infection, sore throat, cough, chest pain, burning eyes, constant running nose, headaches and migraines, fatigue, anxiety, insomnia, and bone pain.
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🧵on SVB: whether you think vulture capitalists and SV titans are getting a bailout or not (they are), the bigger picture here is what the IMMEDIATE govt response says about our political system: when plutocrats are threatened, govt acts in 48 hours. When ppl of East Palestine...
Flint, poor Black & brown communities, and name-your-Native-American reservation are poisoned by their govt and/or corporate America--politicians hide behind bureaucracy, red-tape, and legal excuses to basically do nothing...while regurgitating BS "all clear" declarations from...
the EPA, state environmental agencies, etc. Think about this...a month from now is the 9 year anniversary of the ONGOING #FlintWaterCrisis & residents STILL get rashes, receive smelly water, & have burning eyes in the shower. And ALL THE DESTROYED PIPES haven't been replaced...
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The Senate hearing on the East Palestine train derailment is happening now. Norfolk Southern needs to be held accountable. Make the people whole. Make Norfolk Southern pay.

Can't tune in? No problem, we're live tweeting it. Follow along for updates on this 🧵
@SenatorCarper says this hearing is a time for all of us to put ourselves in the residents shoes, find out what happened, how to hold @nscorp accountable, and how to make sure this doesn't happen again #MakeNorfolkSouthernPay
@SenatorCapito thanks first responders for all of their work in responding to this disaster. She says the public deserved a better communication & transparency. Why did it take so long for @EPA @OhioEPA to get data to the public? The confusion fuels misinformation & confusion
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The EPA and Norfolk Southern think they can "just come in and just mow these people in #EastPalesitneOH down and then baffle them with bullshit" -Bob Bowcock, water treatment expert and @ErinBrockovich's partner
@ErinBrockovich On a temporary dam Norfolk Southern erected filled with contaminated water overflowing VERY close to the groundwater, Bowcock said "they are basically flooding it out and blowing it out...boy if you ever want a coverup this is how you do it."
@ErinBrockovich WATCH FULL INTERVIEW w/ Bowcock and @louisd217
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EPA is "making a really bad situation and actually making it worse; the community has 5 groundwater wells...this water that's in this creek can end up in groundwater wells in literally days...there will be a chronic contamination for decades," water treatment expert Bob Bowcock
Bowcock, who has 30 years of water treatment experience and partners w/ @ErinBrockovich, told @louisd217 the EPA's response to the #EastPalestineOH derailment & explosion has been "haphazard" and "uncontrolled"
@ErinBrockovich @louisd217 WATCH FULL INTERVIEW w/ Bob Bowcock and @louisd217
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BREAKING: A temporary dam erected by Norfolk Southern in #EastPalestineOH —with contaminated water—is overflowing AGAIN where Leslie Run and Sulphur Run creeks meet. There are 5 water wells in close proximity drawing from groundwater. This is at edge of East Palestine City Park. ImageImageImageImage
The flooding is going into The Original Roadhouse restaurant parking lot where a lot of locals eat and drink. Pics taken by local resident Neko Figley, who posted on Facebook that he was told by contractors to leave because it was “super dangerous to be here right now.”
At last night's EPA/Norfolk Southern town hall w/ frustrated & desperate #EastPalestineOH residents, a Norfolk Southern lobbyist told residents and told them the company would not be paying to relocate residents despite widespread illnesses and homes that reek of chemicals...
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"My grandkids have been sick for 2 weeks...they were diagnosed w/ chemical burns on their skin & throats; diagnosed my daughter w/ chemical bronchitis," -Stella, #EastPalestineOH resident. Norfolk Southern would only reimburse daughter's hotel for 4 days. "I am absolutely livid."
After going downtown 2 days ago, Stella, 68, got really dizzy and had a headache ever since. "I was up all night in the bathroom sick to my stomach. My feet are numb, around my lips are tingling," she told @TinaDesireeBerg @RonPlacone
@TinaDesireeBerg @RonPlacone FULL INTERVIEW w/ Stella Gamble below (8:33-31:21) w/ @TinaDesireeBerg @RonPlacone
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"Like we're not going through enough!"-#EastPalestineOH resident who along w/ others waited on line all morning for reimbursement from Norfolk Southern—but was turned away for not having their Social Security cards...which they weren't told they needed.
"Why do they need Social Security cards for everyone in my house?...My one foster child has a bloody nose, Saturday morning when we woke up she couldn't breathe, my little dog—we have a Shichon— could not breathe," -Sherry tells @louisd217
@louisd217 FULL REPORT from #EastPalestineOH from @louisd217
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Vinyl Chloride in Drinking-water from World Health Organization.

"soluble in almost all organic solvents. It is heavier than air & can spread over the ground, creating an exposure long distances away from the original source.…
"In the atmosphere, vinyl chloride exists almost entirely in the vapour phase & reacts with hydroxyl radicals and ozone, ultimately forming formaldehyde, carbon monoxide, hydrochloric acid & formic acid; its half-life is 1–4 days."
"When released to the ground, vinyl chloride is not adsorbed onto soil but migrates readily to groundwater, where it may be degraded to carbon dioxide and chloride ion or remain unchanged for several months or even years".
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🧵FYI this is the time, after 2 weeks of coverage, when mainstream media moves off of a catastrophic story like #EastPalestineOH—when the cameras leave & coverage shifts from hourly/daily to occasional updates to abandon the story altogether. This happened w/ #FlintWaterCrisis.
Mainstream media outlets typically only care when they deem an URGENCY to a catastrophe—when it's new and the flames, or poison water, or adverse health symptoms seem most dire. In my experience, once they predictably stop covering and caring, is when the REAL coverup begins...
That coverup is a mixture of government, media, and in the case of East Palestine, the corporate (Norfolk Southern), pushing forward flawed testing in order to provide the "all clear" sign and sweep things under the rug. The void of media coverage—particularly ON-THE-GROUND...
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The @OhioEPA should comment on this ASAP.

#EastPalestine OH is one of the most vulnerable areas of the county for Ground Water Pollution Potential.

Short version: yellow on map means you are MORE susceptible to ground water pollution from surface sources. Source: Ohio DNR
#EastPalestine is YELLOW bigly. That means VERY susceptible to ground water pollution.

TRUST THE SCIENCE Original document here 👇:…

This conclusion was derived using the D.R.A.S.T.I.C. method which accounts for:
But the EPA gonna gaslight you like you're a dumb person.
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🧵ALARMING: The EPA says #EastPalestineOH's air & water are safe, but its NOT testing for dioxins—"one of them is the most toxic chemical ever tested in the U.S." -science director Steven Lester

Dioxins cause cancer, reproductive/developmental/immune problems, diabetes, etc...
"EPA had to know when they were going to burn vinyl chloride that dioxin would be formed. It's CRIMINAL that they didn't come forward w/ that. It's in some ways up to folks in this room & town to hold them accountable," -Steven Lester, science director Center for Health &……
"Dioxins once they are in the soil they don't break down very easily...because they are big and heavy they tend to accumulate in certain pools and that includes sometimes inside of organisms [like fish you consume]" -Dr. Carla Ng, Professor University of Pittsburgh Civil and……
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Hello @OhioEPA and @EPA I am not a smart person. Can you please dumb down your #EastPalestineOH Surface Water Contamination reports so they are readable by lay people?

How about a 1 page surface water analysis for creeks?

I asked Mayor Conway to do this in person Wednesday.
Here's how dumb I am. I cant even interpret the raw data below (partial screenshots). I must be an absolute moron, as I cant interpret if the results (measured amount) are safe.
I think this is the secret decoder ring. But man, this is a lot of work to answer "are the creeks safe to kayak in?"
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EXCLUSIVE: Students at #EastPalestineOH middle school revealed school is allowing kids to drink from water fountain after train explosion (parents granted permission for interview).

"We've all been having runny nose & headaches...when we go out of town we feel better" -Kylie
Despite Gov. Dewine & EPA claiming water in #EastPalestineOH is safe, many water experts warn it is too soon to declare water safe. Bob Bowcock, a water treatment engineer with 30 years of experience, told SC schools should be taking extra precautions...
The middle school students--McKenzie, Ronnie, and Kylie—told @louisd217 they and their siblings have runny noses, rashes, headaches, burning eyes, and burns on their leg when they shower. "When we go out of town...we feel better. When we come into town, our eyes start burning."
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!!! They have killed this document !!! Its links are 404’d. This is the pre-controlled burn surface water test results for #EastPalestineOH - what do the surface water results look like post-burn? YOU’LL NEVER KNOW. Save this document if you live in EP.…
@pettypodcast1 Try and find this #eastpalestine pre-controlled burn document:

File name: east_palestine_derailment_surface_water_analytical_results_summary_rev02.pdf

It used to be located here:……

My peeps found it 😎
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"Are one of my children gonna have to drop dread?"-Candice, #EastPalestineOH resident w/ 5 sons who have rashes & other symptoms after explosion. Sons had to take DECONTAMINATION SHOWER before DR—who couldn't diagnose them w/ chemical burns w/out guidance from health dpt.🧵THREAD
"Every time I get a shower for two hours it's like my body is on fire: why have I never experienced that for the 44 years that I've lived in East Palestine?" -Candice DeSanzo says. Her kids are also having diarrhea, nosebleeds, coughing, headaches, and sore throat...
"Everybody is getting sicker & sicker: they've not only ruined my home, my health of my children, they've ripped my life away from me, it's not just our houses— it's just a house—these people in town are my friends, they're my life...nobody can sustain life the way we're living."
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#EastPalestineOhio 🧵(1/7)
TODAY: Trump returns to the scene of his crime in visit to #EastPalestineOhio. We're sure he has lots to say today but let’s recap why he owes the citizens of #EastPalestineOH an apology.
#EastPalestineOhio 🧵(2/7)
After a 2013 derailment in North Dakota, the National Transportation Safety Board did a study that found electronically controlled pneumatic (ECP) brakes would reduce stopping distances and minimize the severity of accidents.…
#EastPalestineOhio 🧵(3/7)
In 2015, President Obama made it a legal requirement for trains carrying hazardous flammable materials to have (ECP) breaks.…
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EXCLUSIVE: Our @louisd217 confronts Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine about his response to #EastPalestineOH train explosion.

"I didn't say that," DeWine denies when asked why he said he didn't call Pres. Biden back after Biden offered "anything you need" in response to train explosion.
@louisd217 DeWine did say he didn't call Biden back: "The president called me & said 'anything you need' and I have not called him back after that conversation. I will not hesitate to do that if we're seeing a problem...but I'm not seeing it."

@louisd217 SUPPORT Status Coup's ON-THE-GROUND INDEPENDENT reporting for as low as $5-10 bucks a month. It's how we grow:
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🧵UPDATE: I just spoke with an East Palestine OH resident who’s house was deemed too toxic for her family to return to. “We are getting sicker and sicker. An entire community is being poisoned slowly in front of the nation.” #EastPalestineOH

Norfolk Southern has repeatedly offered her to pay for her relocation—AFTER she spoke out to national news. She told me her whole family is sick as are her neighbors throughout the town. Bronchitis, vomiting, nosebleeds, dizziness, splitting headaches to name a few symptoms…
When I asked her what she thought of national media like @nytimes and those outside of the town minimizing the catastrophe and attacking people equating the explosion to Chernobyl—she broke down in tears. “The news isn’t telling the truth…EVERYONE is sick. We need help now.”
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NEW VIDEO: The Chemical Disaster in East Palestine, Ohio [10min] - <Premiering now>
#EastPalestineIncident #EastPalestineIncident #norfolksoutherndisaster #NorfolkSouthern
A major chemical disaster displaced around 2,000 people for days. Residents living dozens of miles away could smell chlorine-like odors . A Norfolk Southern train carrying the carcinogenic chemical vinyl chloride derailed and train cars crumpled
VIDEO: the chemical disaster in east palestine ohio - local images
NEW STORY >>>> Deep Dive on #EastPalestine disaster
‘Like the Doors of Hell Were Open’: East Palestine Train Disaster Casts Toxic Cloud Over Future of OH/PA Region…
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𝗘𝗮𝘀𝘁 𝗣𝗮𝗹𝗲𝘀𝘁𝗶𝗻𝗲, 𝗢𝗵𝗶𝗼 ="𝗪𝗵𝗶𝘁𝗲 𝗡𝗼𝗶𝘀𝗲", 𝘁𝗵𝗲 𝗺𝗼𝘃𝗶𝗲.
𝗔 𝗧𝗵𝗿𝗲𝗮𝗱 🧵

What if I told you that #EastPalestineOH incident has eerily similar parallels to a movie called, "White Noise" on Netflix?
If you aren't aware of what is going on in #EastPalestineOH, here is a pretty comprehensive threadception.
#EastPalestineOH is finally picking up steam by social media, which is great considering the MSM doesn't want to touch this ecological catastrophe with a 10ft pole.

What I'd like to know is why does this parallel so closely to this movie? #WhiteNoise
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1/2 Ambientalmente, haya ocurrido en #EEUU o otro país, es un impacto ambiental muy grave de una muy posible tragedia colateral.
"La Guerra de dos mundos 2.0" iniciada con capitulo de OVNIS, desvía la atención de este grave hecho en Ohio🇺🇸. Por cierto, uno de 2 gases q se 👉
2/ 👉Se desprenden de incinerar el cloruro de vinilo, es gas fosgeno q es un comp. químico industrial utilizado para hacer plásticos y pesticidas. A temperatura ambiente, es un gas venenoso y enfriado/comprimido se hace liquido y transportable/Almacén.…
3/Fue usado en 1era. Guerra Mundial como arma química y durante el Holocausto en las cámaras de gas de campos de concentración como Auschwitz.
En una 1era. conclusión, se puede inferir, q East Palestine Ohio🇺🇸, fue convertido en cámara de gas.
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