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#FlintWaterCrisis EXCLUSIVE: Top officials in Rick Snyder's admin had phones "wiped" or altered w/ no messages on them from 18-month period Flint used Flint River.

Snyder also refused to give key Flint documents to prosecutors. By me + @JennElizabethJ…
"When I turned in my phone, it got wiped,” Snyder's press sec Sara Wurfel told Flint prosecutor about her phone being wiped when she left job in Nov. 2015—shortly before launch of the Flint criminal investigation.

“That is not standard,” ex-state official told The Intercept.
Prosecutors discovered that top officials w/ MI Dpt. of Health and Human Services-including chief medical executive Dr. Eden Wells and MDHHS chief deputy director Tim Becker-had no messages on their phone before Oct. 2015 (Flint used Flint River from Apr. 2014 through Oct. 2015)
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"Corruption" conjures images of bags of cash changing hands in deserted parking garages, but I'd like to propose a simple and concrete definition that goes beyond that: "Corruption" is when something bad happens because its harms are diffused and its gains are concentrated.

1/ A Gilded Age antitrust cartoon depicting the Senate chamber,
If you'd like an unrolled version of this thread to read or share, here's a link to it on, my surveillance-free, ad-free, tracker-free blog:…

Here's what I mean. West Virginia is known as coal country, but coal is actually a small, dwindling industry in WV; WV's biggest industry is chemical processing, dominated by Dow - chem processing, like many industries, is heavily concentrated into a few global monopolies.

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THREAD: On the 7th anniversary of the disastrous Flint River switch, Flint STILL does not have clean water, #MedicareForAll for its citizens, all of its lead service lines replaced, residents' damaged interior plumbing fixed, & no state or city government official is in prison...
The #FlintWaterCrisis is a story w/ a lot of layers: environmental racism, water privatization gone horrifically wrong, greed, corruption, etc....but it is as much a story of national and local mainstream media completely abdicating its responsibility to cover and INVESTIGATE...
With MUCH LESS resources than larger outlets, I've reported in Flint 17 times since 2016. I've interviewed 100s of residents. I've dug through 1000s of documents. In this time, I, along w/ @JennElizabethJ, uncovered:

1) Gov. Rick Snyder was involved with massive cover-up...
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OUTRAGEOUS that @twitter @TwitterSupport BLOCKED @JennElizabethJ @StatusCoup from boosting tweets w/ our #FlintWaterCrisis cover-up bombshell showing Gov Rick Snyder knew about deadly Legionella outbreak WAY earlier than he said

Twitter has INTENTIONALLY blocked the ability for us to boost a major bombshell report that shows serious potential crimes because it has decided to suppress and censor reporting and ridiculously label it political campaigning and advertising...
.@Twitter @twittersupport should explain to sick Flint residents why IMPORTANT reporting on the govt officials who permanently damaged their health isn't allowed to spread bc Twitter has RECKLESSLY blanketed INVESTIGATIVE REPORTING into the same category as sleazy SUPER PACS ads
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Just received the most **baffling** response from @TwitterSupport Twitter ads in the world. My eyes literally wide, my jaw to the floor. More to come on this soon. For now I will just say, what the fuck.

Yes, this has to do with silencing @JordanChariton & my Flint reporting.
Okay, it's time. Delay is only bc I'm exhausted from COVID & working non-stop on Flint story & pushing Flint story so people see it. & @JordanChariton is on literally no sleep and sick and we are both broken fighters. So he will chime in later, as only Jordan can, but here we go!
This past week, @JordanChariton and I broke a very important exclusively reported story on former MI Gov. Rick Snyder's role in the #FlintWaterCrisis in @theintercept - you can read that story here:
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Today, former Michigan governor Rick Snyder was arraigned in Genessee County along with 8 others in connection to the #FlintWaterCrisis - he's facing two counts of willful neglect of duty for the 2014 scandal

#Snyder #Flint @FOX17
Nick Lyons, former MDHHS director - 9 counts of involuntary manslaughter & 1 count of willful neglect of duty
Jarrod Agen, former chief of staff - 1 count of perjury
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NEWS: How a Flurry of Suspicious Phone Calls Set Investigators on Rick Snyder's Trail

My investigation w/ @JennElizabethJ #FlintWaterCrisis…
Snyder "knew about a Legionnaires’ disease outbreak in Flint as early as October 2014, when there was still a significant amount of time to save lives. That was the accusation of investigators looking into the Flint water crisis"
"According to the findings of an investigation launched by Nessel’s predecessor, then-Attorney General Bill Schuette, Snyder was involved in a mad dash of phone calls in October 2014 at the same time the deadly Legionnaires’ disease outbreak in Flint was raising alarm bells"
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3 years ago, when a domestic abuser blogging for @HuffPost FALSELY accused me of sexual assault—w/ no editorial oversight—my life/career was upended.

Yet, HuffPost was legally shielded by Sec. 230 bc it was a blogger—not a staff employee. THREAD...
There was ZERO journalism involved in this blog smearing me of sexually assaulting multiple women. I was not contacted for comment, the word alleged was never used, & it accused me of assaulting 1 woman I'd never even met (she came out after calling for correction-it never came)
I sued @HuffPost for $23.5 million dollars because allowing this LIE to be published, at that time, destroyed my career. I was now unemployable with a tarnished reputation and too much of a risk to potential investors to start my own media company. Yet, because media companies...
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Ex-MI Gov Rick Snyder endorsed @JoeBiden; the same person @StatusCoup broke...

1) Ignored warnings about Flint River 1 YEAR BEFORE ALLOWING FLINT TO SWITCH

2) Found out about deadly Flint Legionella in Oct 2014--16 MONTHS EARLIER THAN HE TOLD CONGRESS

3) Whose administration executed widespread coverup of #FlintWaterCrisis—including paying off sick Flint residents in exchange for their silence

4) Who "punished" ex-Flint Mayor by reneging on funding promises when she wouldn't declare Flint's water safe…
FYI: Snyder is launching a new PAC, "Independents for Biden"—funded/partnering with @MSNBC and #Resistance-beloved @ProjectLincoln
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Reports: State settlement with Flint residents could reach $600 million… via @crainsdetroit
VIDEO: @GovWhitmer announces the $600M settlement with Flint residents over the #FlintWaterCrisis

Here is a summary of the state's settlement with victims of the #FlintWaterCrisis.

The majority of the money will go Flint's kids who were harmed by elevated levels of toxic lead in the drinking water:… Image
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With respect to @rokhanna & progressive leaders who think $1 trillion to "state & local govt" is critical—the backroom/corrupt secret of our country is 9 x out of 10, fed money earmarked for states/cities don't actually go to the stated destinations 1/1
From the $170 million Congress passed to Flint to $10.5 billion to New Orleans for Hurricane Katrina...go ask the people of Flint or New Orleans (or local officials) how much of that $ actually went toward #FlintWaterCrisis relief or Hurricane Katrina relief. The SHAMEFUL.. 2/2
reality is federal money earmarked for states and cities often gets diverted to big donors companies/groups, big real estate developers, banks, non-profits (lot of them shams) and other totally unrelated destinations 3/3...
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NEW: Potential conflicts of interest for MI AG @dananessel in #FlintWaterCrisis investigation —her comms director consulted for ex MI Gov Snyder's admin & Snyder's Flint emergency manager whose charges were dropped)

By me @JennElizabethJ @Charlieleduff…
Nessel's comms director, a PR guru in MI, publicly supported Snyder & his admin against Flint water culpability, advised top Snyder officials on their water crisis response (& racial undertones) & donated to Snyder. This comes after our previous bombshell
Former Genesee County prosecutor Art Busch told us Nessel's comms director poses a "political problem" for her.

“If she [Nessel] has somebody that’s cheering against her from the inside of her office that kind of begs the question why she doesn’t wall that person off.”
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Many journalists told me our #FlintWaterCrisis bombshell couldn't be covered bc #COVID19...

Flint is part of Genesee County. GC has 11.4% COVID fatality rate. Flint/Flint Township make up 50.1% of cases. LESS THAN 1% of GC (405,813 pop) have been tested.

Flint is especially vulnerable to deadly virus because citizens of ALL AGES have been severely immunocompromised through heavy metal poisoning as well as drinking water with bacteria and other contaminants for years. THIS, along with our cover-up bombshell, needs to be covered
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#BREAKING: Ex-Gov Snyder's right-hand man Rich Baird, who we broke allegedly attempted to pay off Flint residents and silence a key administration whistleblower, calls for an end to the #FlintWaterCrisis investigation citing the #COVID19 pandemic…
Recently, we broke that Baird had allegedly tried to pay off multiple Flint residents and allegedly threatened Snyder's environmental lawyer after she pleaded for Flint to be moved off the Flint River six months into the water crisis.
We obtained audio of Baird's meeting w/ sick Flint couple--where he told them MI would pay the husband's treatment as part of a "pilot program" but they couldn't tell anyone. He also lied about Snyder being told Flint's water problem was "under control"
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@NealRoth @RoKhanna @rpdandy @rustyhicks @CA_Dem @DNC @JoeBiden @AmarShergillCA Bernie & his supporters are for #Medicare4All, as it turns out, are majority of the nation. But Biden gets funded by the ins co's & wants to keep the waste of mega salaries & shareholder payouts in our health care (which leaves 10 mil w/o care). Bernie needs delegates to fight.
@NealRoth @RoKhanna @rpdandy @rustyhicks @CA_Dem @DNC @JoeBiden @AmarShergillCA Bernie & his delegates also want to #EndBigMoney to political parties which skews the loyalties of parties to wealthy individs & corporations, overriding both the will & the needs of working class Americans (the majority of us) & undermining adequate #ClimateChange response.
@NealRoth @RoKhanna @rpdandy @rustyhicks @CA_Dem @DNC @JoeBiden @AmarShergillCA Bernie & his delegates believe workers deserve a living wage and access to college w/o being slaves to student debt for up to the rest of their lives. The party will not take this up w/o being pushed hard to the left.
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It’s offensive to Democratic principles that your paper @detroitnews has not covered and kept hidden revelations of the #FlintWaterCrisis cover-up all to protect its champion right-wing Governor. Shameful to call yourself journalists
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2da is statute of limitations for #FlintWaterCrisis misconduct in office charges. 9 days after we broke story on Gov Snyder/top officials cover-up...

@freepress @detroitnews @flintjournal haven't covered.
@MMFlint @RepDanKildee @RashidaTlaib=crickets.

Audio we obtained of Gov. Snyder's right-hand man allegedly paying off sick Flint residents and lying about when Snyder first learned of Flint's "toxic" water. Also nothing from @BernieSanders @AOC @RoKhanna @SenStabenow
Rampant corruption exists in U.S. for many reasons--one is that corporate media is complicit and incentivized through who signs journalists' paychecks not to rock the boat too far/don't risk access. But there's ZERO excuse elected MI leaders & progressive champions are silent.
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1 day until 6-year-statute of limitations for #FlintWaterCrisis misconduct in office charges. MI AG @dananessel's team has had bombshell info we broke of alleged payoffs by MI Gov. Snyder's right-hand man Rich Baird of Flint residents since summer 2019..

Our reporting indicates @dananessel has had since September--also shows Snyder's right-hand man lying about Snyder/top officials being told Flint water situation was "under control" in 2014/15 & could be improved. As we broke, this is a lie...
Snyder's environmental lawyer Valerie Brader pleaded w/ Snyder's chief of staff, right-hand man, and other officials of "urgent" matter to switch Flint off the Flint River in Oct 2014--6 months after water switch. Snyder's right-hand man allegedly threatened and silenced her
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EXCLUSIVE: Audio shows ex-MI Gov. Rick Snyder's right-hand-man Rich Baird lying about Snyder/MI officials receiving warnings over Flint's toxic water early on during #FlintWaterCrisis—& allegedly paying off sick Flint couple.

cc @MMFlint @RepDanKildee…
Baird met w/ sick Flint resident Adam Murphy/then-wife Christina after Adam received media attention for popping off at a 2017 #FlintWaterCrisis town hall. Baird told them the governor/top officials had been told Flint's water problem was "under control" early on. This is a lie.
In October 2014—6 months after the water switch—Snyder's environmental advisor/lawyer Valerie Brader (magna cum laude Harvard graduate) pleaded w/ Snyder's chief of staff, right-hand man Baird & other officials on the "urgent" need to switch Flint off the Flint River. Baird..
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I tested positive for Coronavirus. Can I get a puffy cover story too? I’ll use it to get national media to cover the massive #FlintWaterCrisis story that I broke w/ @JennElizabethJ @VICE 5 days ago..

Cc @CNN @freep @detroitnews @flintjournal @MMFlint…
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5 days ago, @VICE + @StatusCoup broke one of the biggest governmental cover-ups of the 21st century related to the #FlintWaterCrisis. Thus far, @nytimes @washingtonpost @AP @CNN @MSNBC @freepress @detroitnews @flintjournal are crickets.

cc @MMFlint


1) Gov. Snyder warned about Flint River a year before water switch

2) Snyder learned of Legionella outbreak in Oct 2014: 16 months earlier than he told Congress

3) Snyder tried to get the late Elijah Cummings to "back off" from investigating him

4) Current Gov @gretchenwhitmer--who has been pushed as potential VP choice for @JoeBiden--told ex-Flint Mayor she couldn't help Flint because of "Flint fatigue" in state legislature (according to Mayor Weaver). Whitmer also hasn't honored promise to reopen free Flint water pods. Image
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EXCLUSIVE: Flint's Adam Murphy was removed from a #FlintWaterCrisis town hall by state officials. Weeks later, Gov Snyder's top adviser was in his living room.

You'll be my "lead poster child," Adam was told w/ the offer for MI-funded medical treatment. But there was a catch...
Richard Baird, who called himself Snyder's "best friend," offered Adam—who was sick w/ seizures & severe cognitive problems after drinking Flint's toxic water—chelation treatment. But Baird told Adam/then-wife they couldn't go to the media or reveal the state was paying for it...
Baird, known in MI government & in Flint as Gov. Snyder's right-hand man and "fixer," framed the state paying for Adam's treatment as a "pilot program." If the chelation was successful at removing lead from Adam's body, the state would make it available to more of Flint...
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CALL OUT: Coronavirus is understandably top story, but there's ZERO credible reason why @freepress @detroitnews @flintjournal @AP_Politics @nytimes @washingtonpost @CNN @MSNBC @latimes & others haven't covered bombshell about #FlintWaterCrisis cover-up...
.@JennElizabethJ and I found evidence that ex-Governor Rick Snyder
1) Was Warned about the dangers of Flint using the Flint River a year before the 2014 water switch-and let it go forward anyway
2) Knew about the deadly Legionella outbreak 16 months earlier than he told Congress
3) His top adviser/right-hand man paid off sick Flint residents to silence their public outcries against the administration

4) His top adviser/right-hand man silenced/threatened a key administration whistleblower while there was still time to save lives
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