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11 Sep
preprint servers are a gem. Giving inpatients your brother's company's magical nutrient cocktail, stating informed consent but no mention of IRB approval/oversight. Called a retrospective case series? Sounds about 2020.
Cc @MicrobiomDigest…
I cannot imagine going bedside and doing this
And the preprint is down
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24 Mar
Folks keep citing this BMJ analysis to push for #vitaminD supps right now. It's not unreasonable to think about VitD but there's very imprecise language going around that "Vitamin D deficiency" is very widespread. This is hotly debated…
Most folks are citing that many individuals are below 30ng/mL which is the threshold that @TheEndoSociety rec'd in 2011 following the 2010 @NASEM_Health report. There aren't trials treating folks with low -> 30+ng/mL to support the rec,it's mostly epi work and basic bio rationale
The BMJ paper comes in cause folks are saying that it supports a role for VitaminD suppvto reduce respiratory tract infections and may be useful against corona, and there's a high prevalence of VitD deficiency in the population. Makes sense?
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17 Jan
What a fear-mongering headline. The treatments didn't cause genetic changes; they caused changes in the way the genes are expressed in the brain. This isn't too surprising given that the 2 soy diets (high PUFA; high oleic) significantly ⬆️weight, worsened glucose tolerance.
it's also been known for quite a while that coconut oil high fat diets don't induce MetS in rodents. There is something weird about them. this was a major area of exploration for my dissertation work (…). Headline cld easily be "Coconut Oil is Special"
can go back to 2006 and find data that CO and high fish oil diets don't do what high lard and high olive oil diets do for inducing insulin resistance in rats.
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