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1a) Welcome to a live-tweeted, #accredited #tweetorial from @nationallipid #NLA23 in #Atlanta on advances in #hyperlipidemia management #LLT. Our expert returning faculty is Pam R. Taub, MD @PamTaubMD #cardiologist from @UCSDHealth ImageImageImage
1b) Dr. Taub is a clinician/scientist and is a frequent contributor to our #accredited programs. She is the founding director of the Step Family Foundation Cardiac Rehabilitation and Wellness Center at #UCSD.
#FOAMed #cardiotwitter @MedTweetorials #MedEd #lipids Image
2) This program is supported by an educational grant from Esperion Therapeutics & is intended for #HCPs. Statement of accreditation & faculty disclosures at Earn 0.75 hr 🆓CE/#CME by following this 🧵!
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1/🧵 I'm definitely a fan of both @DominicDAgosti2 and @DrRagnar (obviously), so I was excited to see them chatting about #lipids, #LMHRs, and Dom's consideration of increasing carbs to lower his #ApoB

If no one minds, I'd like to add some thoughts...

2/ First -- I'm extremely excited to share @DominicDAgosti2 may be the most notable N=1 I've waited for regarding #ResistanceTraining change & #LDL/#ApoB in a #ketogenetic context

Those who've followed me for a while know exactly what I'm talking about...
3/ When chatting with Dom in SD last year for dinner, he mentioned focusing less on maintaining such a sizable muscle mass as he typically does, and I predicted he'd likely see his LDL/ApoB as considerably higher with this change if still #keto. This podcast appears to confirm...
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1/ #Metabolism, #lipids, and #ASCVD

Okay, I want to revisit and breakdown my position on this crucial topic and the challenges in communicating it.

⚠️ Get comfortable, as this could get long.

Ready? Let's go...
2/ First, it's worth reviewing why there's a high level of confidence low density lipoproteins (LDLs) drive atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease (ASCVD)

For an excellent, lay-person video, I recommend @NutritionMadeS3's from a couple years ago 👇

3/ Also in the name of arguably the most cited meta-analysis for the Lipid Hypothesis to date:

"Low-density Lipoproteins cause atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease"

This meta combines lines from genetic, observational, and interventional studies.
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Teaming up again with the great @VerwerftJan to share our experience with #echoCPET in #HFpEF. This hot-of-the-press paper @ESC_Journals demonstrates myriad of opportunities for diagnosis & treatment, far beyond #SGLT2i only. Tweetorial below!

@SarahStroobant2 @HerbotsLieven Image
We have recently described our set-up for a dedicated #dyspnoeaclinic in detail @JACCJournals

In #HFpEF, early & correct diagnosis are important, #phenotyping is everything. There are a lot of mechanisms for dyspnoea involved Image
Current @ESC_Journals paper goes one step further: "In patients with confirmed HFpEF or probability >90% according to well-validated HFpEF scores (both are complimentary in our view), why #echoCPET within a dedicated #dyspnoea clinic? What is the impact of findings?" Image
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#Graphene in '#vaccines.'
Who is Pablo Campra #Madrid, the scientist who directs the research? | 07 Jul 2021
- Pablo Campra Madrid , a graduate in biology, a doctorate in chemical sciences and a full professor at the University of Almería #SoyUAL
Recent progress of #GrapheneOxide as a potential '#vaccine' #carrier and #adjuvant | Aug 2020
- functionalized graphene oxide serves as a vaccine #carrier and shows significant adjuvant activity in activating cellular and humoral immunity.
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Lots and lots of #lipids today @diabetespc this time with @PNewlandJones covering the fundamentals we all need to know for #PLWD

Once again standing room only!
And managed to catch his eye to say 😀 for the camera 📸 Image
Phil explaining how lipids have become unnecessarily complicated

We have gone from one medicine and one back up to multiple options for lipid management

Today going to take things back to fundamentals
How complicated lipids can be in one diagram 🖼️

Take away point: multiple mechanisms to lower lipids, work on different parts of the pathway Image
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1) Welcome to a new #accredited #tweetorial from our good friends and #diabetes experts @GoggleDocs, specifically @drkevinfernando, @drpatrickholmes, & @AmarPut. They have put their 🗣️s together to provide us with a summary of the first-ever consensus statement from ...
2) ... @AmDiabetesAssn & @goKDIGO, which were discussed at the recently concluded #isnwcn congress in Kuala Lumpur. This joint document nicely summarizes important recent advances and practice-changing data for the management of diabetic #kidneydisease #DKD.
3) This program is #accredited for CE/#CME #physicians #physicianassociates #nurses #pharmacists #nursepractitioners & is supported by an independent educational grant from the Boehringer Ingelheim/Lilly Alliance. It is not intended for US based healthcare professionals.
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Session 3 of #BacktoHeart21 happening now and covering #Lipids moderated by @FaRodriguezMD @PamelaBMorris & @DLBHATTMD!

First up @alanbrownmd covers COVID-19 and statin therapy! Promising observational data and many RCTs ongoing!

@MedscapeLIVE ImageImageImageImage
@FaRodriguezMD @PamelaBMorris @DLBHATTMD @alanbrownmd @MedscapeLIVE Next up @PamelaBMorris discusses lipid lowering beyond statins!

More data to come for bempedoic acid, Evinacumab, and Inclisiran! Lots of options emerging for LDL lowering ImageImageImageImage
@FaRodriguezMD @PamelaBMorris @DLBHATTMD @alanbrownmd @MedscapeLIVE @DrRSRosenson provides a expert review of HIV and ischemic heart disease!

> HIV patients have high rates of CV events
> Lipid lowering therapy are underutilized
> 1/4 patients are treated with contraindicated statins or doses ImageImageImageImage
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1/ Okay, finally getting around to this experiment video by @ScepticalDoctor

Naturally, this has many things I'm interested in -->
- N=1
- #Lipids (esp #Cholesterol)
- and not least of all, Anna and I have many respectful, kind debates (more of that plz, #NutritionTwitter)
2/ "But this experiment is mainly for entertainment purposes. Self experiments like this are irrelevant from a scientific perspective."

Unsurprisingly, I do disagree on this wording. I think it's fair to say self-experiments have "limited" relevance (depending on design)...
3/ ... But a well designed N=1 can provide quite a lot of scientific value, even if primarily hypothesis-generating.
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1/ What does Lipid Trafficking and VLDL have to do with type II #diabetes?

Check out my new video on the "Twin Cycle Hypothesis"

In 9 min, you'll be smarter than you were before!
#LEM #Lipids #Insulin
2/ After you watch the video, can you answer the following "quiz" questions?

(i) How does the contribution of de novo lipogenesis to Triglyceries in VLDL change as liver fat accumulates?
3/ T/F and why?
(ii) Palmitic acid is transported by VLDL1 to the pancreas, harming beta cells in the pancreas. Palmitic acid is a major saturated fat (16:0) found in animal foods. So, you should eat less red meat and dairy and substitue in healthy whole grains & fruit, like 🍌?
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Did you know #lipids control cell identity? Yes, they do! Happy to share our first preprint on #singlecell #lipidomics in collaboration with @gio_dangelo and a fabulous team led by @CapolupoLaura and Irina Khven.… Image
We used #MALDI imaging mass spectrometry to measure the single-cell lipidomes of hundreds of individual human dermal #fibroblasts. We identify specific lipid metabolic pathways that display cell-to-cell variability. Unexpectedly, single cells clustered by lipid composition! Image
It took a lot of experiments to convince us, but now we can say it confidently: there is such a thing as a #lipotype!! First of all, toxin-based lipid staining validated the existence of the different populations of dermal fibroblasts both in vitro and in vivo. Image
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Tons of chatter about the new prescription omega 3 data coming forth. Lots of takes about the study designs, n3 formulations, differences across populations, variation in comparator groups. All important ?- but I think there's a bigger 🐘in the room. #cardiotwitter #lipids #AHA20
Intervening with n3 fatty acids is unlike other drugs bc they are a nutrient. There is no placebo for n3s in the sense that:

1) you have questions about what is the ideal comparator; typically isocaloric oil.

2) you don't have an unexposed group - there are endogenous levels.
There are numerous reasons for n3 enthusiasm, but playing by evidence hierarchy, the top reason is that meta-analyses of cohorts demonstrate that higher blood levels of n3s result in reduced risk of fatal CHD…
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1/ Live Read Through Thread

1st... a setup:

A while ago I guested on @NutritionDanny's podcast #SigmaNutritionRadio. Alan Flanagan and I discussed #Lipids, #LDL #Cholesterol, #Atherosclerosis, etc. If you haven't already listened, I highly recommend it
2/ Today @NutritionDanny let me know they have an article out rebutting my points found here:

As always, I encourage you to read their article with an open mind. Then feel free to come back here for my first impressions.

Let's get started...
3/ Oh -- the beginning of the article includes a tweet from a #ListenThread I did when the podcast was dropped. That can be found here:
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What is a #virus? How #small or #big are they? Take a look at this colourful #infographic aimed at #kids here -…
The image can be downloaded nd printed from -… #SciComm #LockdownLessons #COVID19 #ScienceFightsFiction
What exactly is a #coronavirus? How do these viruses affect the #RespiratorySystem? Here is an explainer #FunToLearn #ScienceFromHome
How does #soap exactly work against the #coronavirus? Lean about all the #lipids that fight the #virus to keep us healthy. So don't forget to #WashYourHands and #StaySafeStayHealthy
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Lifestyle changes r the cornerstone and foundation of cardiovascular prevention & should never be neglected in our conversations w/ patients. “Primordial prevention” is key! A patient’s risk of plaque burden isn't only from the magnitude of LDL elevation but duration of exposure
In primary prevention, the new ASCVD risk categories include low risk (< 5%), borderline risk (5 to <7.5%), intermediate risk (7.5 to <20%), and high risk (≥20%). The focus of the 2018 lipid guideline update is on risk-enhancing factors.
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In five days we begin filming #TheCCDoc -- a documentary on #Lipids, #HeartDisease, and the phenomenon of higher #LDL #Cholesterol observed in many following the #keto/#lchf lifestyle.

This will either be a single feature length documentary (90-120m) or a series of topic episodes (40-55m each)

I'll be interviewing experts across the opinion spectrum. Pro lipid hypothesis, moderate, skeptic, liberal on statins vs conservative, etc.

We'll explore:
1. History of cholesterol discovery
2. The #LowCarb movement and high "diet induced" #LDL
3. The science and data of risk: intervention, genetic, and observational
4. The two Triads, atherogenic dyslipidemia and ⬆️LDL+⬆️HDL+⬇️Triglycerides

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1/ About to do a live listen+tweet on @IanCramer's recent podcast w/ @POhukainen as they talk #lipids!

Before starting, I want to note @IanCramer is the first #PlantBased podcaster to invite me on his show and I'm honored accept. Hopefully recording soon.…
2/ 9:25 — Pauli opens up on lowering his use of “the D word” to improve the “communication strategy”. 👏 👏

naturally, I’m a huge fan of keeping the personal separate from professional. Adding a little noise to the signal just keeps many focused on the noise.
3/ there are actually a handful of times where Pauli would go on a big Twitter thread that I really wanted to retweet — but it included too many personal jabs. I think that’s really changed in recent times (hence my recent retweet of one of his threads)
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1/ This screenshot is from the #GameChangersMovie which just hit @netflix. As you all know, I'm not interested in the nutrition debate -- but I *am* very interested in #lipids. In this part, Dr. Robert Vogel is sharing the outcome of experiment (around 22:20 mark)...
2/ He had athletes try burritos and test their blood two hours after. Once with an animal protein and fat burrito, then once with a plant-based burrito. Naturally, I'd expect the fat from the meal to show up in the blood at the two hour mark via chylomicrons...
3/ But the interesting part is where one athlete who consumed only #plantbased and had clear serum asks, "So the fat from the avocado doesn't have that kind of effect...?"

Dr. Vogel: "That's right."
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The gene ApoE impacts mobilization + redistribution of #lipids and cholesterol during neuronal growth and repair 👉 Using a murine model of acute hematogenous HSV-1 #infection, this team found that viral neuroinvasion was reduced in mice lacking ApoE compared to wild-type mice
2/2 In the mice, ApoE dose was directly linked to the Herpes Simplex-1 DNA concentration detected in the #nervous system. ApoE4 was also more efficient than ApoE3 in promoting colonization of the brain by HSV-1.
3/3 Team says: “If an interaction between ApoE and HSV-1 has anything to do with #Alzheimer’s this may occur during latency” and “The relationship between these two risk factors for ALzheimer’s could be of great importance in the pathogenesis of this disease.”
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#Tweetorial time! 🚨 Looks like there’s another misconception about #cholesterol and #atherosclerosis making rounds again. This one has to do with the process of #LDL particles entering the arterial wall. So gather round friends and let me science the s*it out of this 🤓 (1/24)
For background, here’s a widely cited series of figures by Nakashima et al. (2007). They performed autopsies on 38 people aged 7-49, who died of non-#cardiovascular causes (2/24)
Nakashima et al. looked for atherosclerotic lesions at different stages, according to a previously published morphological classification scheme. They found them, took slices, stained them to find #lipids and #macrophages and organized them nicely (3/24)
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