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Leader, Learner & Advocate; #SpacesHost ; founder,NINE_On_Can; #IntersectionalInfinity; #ActuallyAutistic; #NeurodiversityEducation; most importantly MUM
Apr 2, 2023 9 tweets 7 min read
Rules of Engagement #WorldAutismAwarenessDay 1) foster #AutisticAcceptance 2) Believe us when we say, Puzzle Pieces DO NOT help promote #AutisticAcceptance (Dig Deeper into the very problematic history of Autism organizations to understand why) 3) Avoid using toys or childhood images to represent #Autism. #Autistics are #Autistic and will remain as such. We are #DifferentNotLess. When you use toys to represent us, it infantilizes our authentic Ways of Being. Use Rainbow Infinity or Gold Infinity symbols instead
Dec 18, 2021 17 tweets 13 min read
It occurred to me that some may think I “waste” time on Twitter (as I primarily Tweet during my evenings/weekends when I am not working). As a #Hyperlexic , my first & most natural language is actually writing because I take in such inordinate amounts of sensory data… 🧵 …so, when I Tweet I am actually doing a number of things which folx may not realize: 1) I am processing my 💡ideas 💡, some of which are incorporated into my 📕 projects: they may be saved for later or might even inspire a cathartic impromptu writing session…