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There’s def an unspoken feeling of a template for what an autistic creator/advocate (that actually gets heard) *looks like.* And yes, it’s racist.

White autistic creators need to stop trying to model “the autistic voice” after themselves to retain power. It’s dangerous & selfish
Like...have we not learned the fact that trying to profile what autism *looks like* led to a sexist profile, that’s left autistic women out in the cold for decades?

Are y’all *really* going to be part of a group of people that does this with race, too?
When there are white autistic creators out there engaging in racist platform-hogging, I’d love to know - so I can be sure I’m not following them.

Any white autistic that’s part of the autistic community at large should feel this way.
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.@POTUS, do you want to *truly* help all Americans? Here’s a great idea:

#Autistics are all too often unemployed, or underemployed- for reasons that are not their fault.

Start grant programs that will pay the tuition for #autistic teachers, therapists, & healthcare providers 1
Education & healthcare are extremely important, and autistics are often better understood by other autistics.

Studies have shown this. It’s referred to as #DoubleEmpathy. 2
Creating such a program would not only help to employ more #neurodiverse people, but it would also *allow for better services for ND students & patients,* because they’d have a better chance of being understood.

All while helping to #diversify the workforce.

Win-win, yes? 3
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*An appeal to NON-autistic people: please take a few moments to read this thread*

We (#Neurodivergent people) were taught early in life that everything YOU (#Allistics) said and did was what WE (#Autistics etc) had to aspire to.

We weren’t even told an alternative existed. 1/9
Our #Autism was suppressed before we knew the word for it.

When we protested, we were met with punishment and ostracism.

When we suffered in silence, we were never rewarded for protecting YOU from our *legitimate* anger.

We were converted to #AutisticMasking to survive. 2
All children need mirroring for healthy development. We #Autistics received very little.

Our talents were often not recognized or acknowledged. If they were, it was not for our benefit, but for yours.

Our faults were all noted and attributed to us alone. 3
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The people behind #CommunicationRights are not obstructionist behaviorists. @NeuroClastic has speech language pathologists, psychologists, educators, OTs, MTs, researchers, neuroscientists, & nonspeakers who communicate through AAC, spelling, & sign. #ActuallyAutistic #Autism
These people may have an aggressive approach to bullying autistics & our allies out of our own narratives & using their white (that's all white people) privilege to maintain the #monopoly on #Autism, but they are NOT allies. They are #oppressors. We can and do communicate. See?
We have orgs, individuals, & initiatives championing #CommunicationRights. @U4CommChoice @Communica1st @ekverstania @autselfadvocacy @awnnetwork_ @ReachEveryVoice and so many more. It's 2020, and we are #nonCompliant with a #Behaviorist agenda that parades itself as #science.
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Did you know ABA has no minimum requirements in the UK

The BCBA can be 4 removed from the person off the street with no experience psychologically manipulating kids as young as 1 for up to 40 hrs. And no one is required to have any autism understanding
Thread proves BCBAs do not need to study #autism or child dev at all

The ABA field in 5 decades have never cared to look into how ABA can harm #autistics

To platform #ABA is irresponsible.

@theBarrister @BarristerMagaz1 @barstandards @prof_standards
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This thread is in response to a recent thread by @leoniedelt that was interesting & provocative & hopefully won’t be a magnet for trolls, but as it stands, deserves a healthy debate.

As a bereaved parent & multiple trauma survivor & a psychiatrist of 30 years & a multiply

#Disabled #ActuallyAutistic & #AutisticParent, I am very accustomed to being a member of heterogenous groups that share one overarching life experience that sets them apart from the rest of society.

In a bereaved parents’ group, we are there to support one another


Everyone is in the same boat, having suffered unimaginable loss, so it really isn’t cool to create a hierarchy of suffering based on how old your child was when they died or their cause of death or how many children died or how many are still alive or

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Differences in thinking styles between #Autistics and #Neurotypicals: Table 1: Information Processing.

This is 1st of about 10 in total (to be Tweeted gradually as they become ready) - all loosely translated & adapted from document below.

Please add examples!
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The MYTH of #HighFunctioningAutism

(sorry, long thread; also about #ABA, but PLEASE try to read it!)

For skeptics who believe an #Autistic with a job or a profession or a child or a relationship leads a life similar to a #Neurotypical (#Allistic), please read this./1
Also, to #AutismParents wanting an #Autistic child to grow up looking & acting “normal” & considering #ABA, please read on.

This is a 2-hour snapshot from my fairly functional day as an #ActuallyAutistic, outwardly very “successful” #Neurotypical-appearing health professional./2
The following represents a particularly SERENE 2-hour slice of my day, a lot less harrowing than the rest of it.

In other words, this is #AutisticMasking at its LEAST taxing./3
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Understand this
ALL over the world Autistics are being
locked up,
heavily medicated,
electrically shocked,
and pushed to suicide.
Autistics are being prosecuted for who we are.
We don't even have to do anything wrong, existing is enough.
We are already seen as a danger,
a nuisance
and damaged beyond repair.

This is because of Autism Speaks.

This is because of the anti vax cult.

This is because of ABA.
#ActuallyAutistic are still not being heard.
Listening to our words is not enough.

Hear our needs.
Hear our fears
Hear the traumas we have already faced.

#StandWithAutistics #Autistics #EndTheStigma
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