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10 May
All my clothes are now covered in cat hair so hope you’re keen for some when hugging is allowed.....
Aw glad you like him! He’s a very fluffy British longhair - and my long term romance with black opaque tights is under threat as they’re covered in fluff....
He was definitely two secs away from getting down at this point!
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10 Apr
Was great to hear Hannah Cockcroft, multi times Gold Paralympian talk on @BBCBreakfast about her experience of winning the Duke of Edinburgh Award. Founded in 1956, now running in over 140 countries.
As @BarackObama said yesterday on Prince Philip, ‘he found a way to lead without demanding the spotlight, serving in combat...touring the world to champion British industry’. Thank you for having me today @BBCBreakfast
As we were saying, the Duke had to tell his wife in 1952 her father had died and she was Queen - which they did not expect for some years. Next year is her Platinum Jubilee and would also have marked his 70 years as Consort, both supporting the Queen and creating his own role.
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9 Apr
During the Allied Invasions of Sicily in 1943,Philip’s ship HMS Wallace (covering soldiers going ashore) was targeted by German bombers . ‘We were the target for tonight & they would not stop until we had suffered a fatal hit’, said Harry Hargreaves,serving with Philip.
HMS Wallace couldn’t outpace the bombers. The crew were sitting ducks. With 20 mins before Bomber due to return, Philip, the First Lt had an idea. Crew would throw a wooden raft over side & attach smoke floats. So it would look from sky as if Wallace had been hit and was smoking.
Wallace then sailed away fast for a few minutes, shut off engines, waited in silence, hoping the bomber wd be fooled by the raft. We ‘cursed the stars or at least I did’ said Hargreaves. Then heard the scream of bombs. But not for them - plane aimed at raft, to finish the job.
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3 Apr
In 2010, landing cards of Windrush arrivals were destroyed. Then people who’d come as kids, like this little boy, now seniors, threatened w deportation, loss of NHS treatments, benefits. Many lost everything & suffering continues. But #SewellReport says no institutional racism.
On how report barely mentions Windrush, put brilliantly by @ppvernon - ‘if they had focused on the scandal, they would have had to admit that there was a systematic, structural failure in the way that the Home Office targeted the Windrush generation’…
In 2018, twelve Commonwealth Caribbean countries asked for a meeting to discuss the Windrush scandal with the government before the Commonwealth Heads of Gov meeting held in UK, were denied. So much for the hands of unity in the Commonwealth..
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18 Mar
In 1911,Emily Davison hid in cupboard in Parliament chapel, part of suffragette effort to avoid being counted on Census Night (one group spent night on Wimb Common). E spotted by a cleaner & entered as ‘found hiding in crypt’. Thank you ⁦…
Here’s Emily Wilding Davison’s census form from the Parliament UK site, rights with the National Archives.…
Not Davison’s first time entering clandestinely into Parliament - she hid in the heating system (!) previously to challenge Asquith. St Mary Undercroft, the HoC chapel where she hid was built by Edward I but fell into disrepair & by time of huge fire of 1834 was a wine cellar (?)
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8 Mar
Thank you @CNN⁩ ⁦@PamelaBrownCNN⁩ - talking #HarryandMeghan. We don’t know what will be said with ⁦@Oprah⁩. But the facts don’t look good: a Black woman married into the RF & then comes sexism & racism. #Meghan did what other royal women did -but she got attacked.
Lots of coverage saying interview will be damaging. Point is, what went on in 2018/19 was damaging - prejudice, racism (inc mass meltdown over Frogmore) and they had to leave. Whether she speaks about unfair coverage or not (I expect so), it is the case. #HarryandMeghanonOprah
And as I said, of course everyone must be heard about the workplace - this is vital. But where was the immediate investigation into 2019 Mail story on Andrew shouting and poss physically threatening an aide? Stories on other royals shouting too. Let alone on Andrew’s behaviour.
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20 Feb
Thanks for spotting me on @BBCBreakfast - as I said, Harry and Meghan are a great loss to the RF - and we have to look at ourselves as a country, the racism against Meghan has been relentless. We think people who marry into the RF are our dolls to torment.
I also said that I think the half in /half out model is the future for the younger siblings, as in the Euro royals. It will happen eventually. It could have worked now. The Mayhew said that their Sussex Xmas card reached 250 mil - that star power has been lost to the RF and UK.
The thing is that whatever Harry and Meghan do - even a zoom call to a local poetry group - gets huge coverage. When it does, we call them attention seeking. We are obsessed by them - and we punish them for our obsession with them.
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20 Jan
Bye bye...
Cannot express how much grief I got over this photo. I think I left it on Twitter but removed from Instagram as the stuff towards my followers was just too abusive. It was a FACT. The balloon was flying. But the anger directed towards those reporting on Trump was madness.
I’ve reported /commented on Trump’s visits for CNN and others and done some general commentary on him. And I have been stunned at the level of abuse you get for simply reporting a fact.
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8 Jan
'The first woman of colour to marry into the royal family and she's been chased out'. One year since #HarryandMeghan requested a model of part-time royal working. It could have worked - well. But instead the plan and the Sussexes were torn apart. And now we've lost them.
There was misogynoir before the wedding and it surged afterwards. And there became a mass hysteria over the '2.4 million' on Frogmore - when all royals live in Crown properties renovated by the Crown and no one seeemed to mind before.
All those who marry into the royal family have a hard time but with #Meghan, racism was off the scale. Attacks for wearing dark nail varnish and even liking avocados. Prince Harry said he feared her falling 'victim to the same powerful forces' as his mother. Still, on it went.
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31 Dec 20
It’s been a terrible year for everything but wonderful books have been published. So so many I loved, here are a few tweets of some of my favourites: Olivette Otele, @analuciaraujo_ @EJBrand @cspencer1508
Of the many superb novels published 2020, I loved @blgtylr @cpamzhang @richardosman @kileyreid
Loved these books published in 2020. @brixtonbard @MaazaMengiste @Terri_White Maggie O’Farrell
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13 Sep 20
My lockdown walking chum Otis says hello! Now THIS is what I call a terrier!! Not sure he likes having his photo taken though... ImageImage
I must say, I had never realised how many people TALK to you while you are out with a dog - you dog walkers are a sociable bunch!!!
And then we get invited to impromptu dog parties in the park. I have lived in this area for 10 years and had NO IDEA about all the Dog Subculture going on all around..!!
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