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the ultimate thread of who Meghan Markle was before she joined the British royal family and became known as the duchess of Sussex.
🚨What no one will tell you about Meghan Markle🚨
#MeghanMarkle #HarryandMeghan #DuchessMeghan #Duchessofsussex #SussexSquad #GirlsUP #GirlsLead20
at the age of 10 Meghan Markle campaigned against the first Gulf War proving that she was an activist from an early age.
At just 11 years old Meghan advocated to change a sexist TV commercial by @ProcterGamble. She wrote letters to then first lady Hillary Clinton and was interviewed about it on Nickelodeon news #MeghanMarkle #GirlsLead20 #GirlsUp
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I'm fatigued but I'm still going to do this. Because Mugxit trolls can't shut up about Frogmore. This is a thread of things that are an actual waste on Brit taxpayers money:
Read this by @BInvestigates

When funding hate tabloids, it is a huge waste of taxpayers money. Scapegoating #MeghanMarkle won't change that the Daily Mail and Sun are racist tabloid garbage…
1st pic is for 11th in line. 2nd pic is an extract saying it's gifted to the Wessexes

3rd pic is for 6th in line. Frogmore cottage that looks like servant quarters in comparison

So which is waste of taxpayers money? Scapegoating #MeghanMarkle
#HarryandMeghan gets u nowhere
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Money for nothing Royals

(Self centered, jealous, attention seeking fraudsters who take, take, take)via @EvelynK89553216

and, then ghost those who ask questions.
#Megxit #HarryAndMeghan #RoyalFamily #Sussex #justHarry #SussexRoyal #WhereIsArchie
I don't hate anyone. Actually, I liked Meghan at first and was excited Harry had finally found the one woman who loved him.

But, then this...
Eye-opening narcissistic treatment of Harry. #Megxit Meghan Markle literally pushes Prince Harry aside.
#MeghanMarkle & #PrinceHarry stunned people, sharing they were expecting at Princess Eugenie's wedding.

#Megxit #HarryAndMeghan #RoyalFamily #Sussex #justHarry #SussexRoyal #WhereIsArchie
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FACT: Meghan Markle met, dined and socialised with heads of governments, world leaders and famous people, travelled on private jets, wore expensive designer clothes, shoes and jewellery, did serious charity work, wrote articles and travelled the world BEFORE she met Prince Harry.
She had millions of pounds, earned in her own right. There was an abundance of evidence to support all this, including print media, photographs, videos and verbal testimonies. Most of this could have been uncovered with a simple Google search. #Meghan #PrinceHarry #MeghanandHarry
What did the British media and their sources in the royal palaces do? For some strange reason (we know why), they decided to create a completely false and derogatory narrative about #Meghan. #HarryandMeghan
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EXCLUSIVE: The Mail on Sunday Defence characterised text messages from Harry and Meghan to Thomas Markle as being uncaring and self-serving. The Duchess says it “intentionally” omitted any references to the Royal couple’s attempts to protect Mr Markle and ensure his safety 1/21
EXCLUSIVE: To counter the Defence allegation, the Duchess has taken the step of revealing the full contents of a key period of text exchanges with Mr Markle.

#MeghanandHarry #Harrymeghan
EXCLUSIVE: In one series, sent May 14, 2018, Harry, using his wife’s phone, urges his father-in-law-to-be to beware getting in to bed with the Press, which - he says - “created this whole situation”. 3/21

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EXCLUSIVE: Byline Investigates can reveal the #DuchessofSussex has filed her response to the #MailonSunday’s Defence in her legal action over its publication of a private letter she sent her father Thomas Markle before her wedding to #PrinceHarry 1/12
BREAKING: The 30-plus page, approx 9,000-word,document will take a wrecking ball to the newspaper’s publishers own 44-page case which seeks to justify allegations of misuse of #duchessmeghan's private information,breach of Data Protection Rights and infringement of copyright 2/12
The Duchess's filing will accuse Associated Newspapers Ltd (ANL) of trying to “attack and intimidate” her in “the Defence and in print”, adding to distress of it publishing a “deeply private communication” that ANL itself called “a moving letter to her estranged father” 3/12
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The US would never have been asked to pay for #HarryandMeghan’s security. It’s not their responsibility. But this tweet shows what invidious position the couple are are now in, having decided to leave the UK and move to America.
To clarify, when members of the royal family are invited to visit a foreign state on an official working trip, then security is provided by the host nation (at cost to themselves) - just as it is provided by the UK when a foreign dignitary visits.
It’s Harry and Meghan’s decision to base themselves in the US as private citizens permanently that is problematic for the British government. Should the hard-pressed Met Police be forced to protect them at the cost of millions of pounds a year?
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Delighted to attend the #DuchessofSussex #MeghanMarkle ‘s final engagement Friday in Dagenham at the Robert Clack Upper School on Friday March 6th ahead of International Women’s Day (IWD) tomorrow Here the Duchess meets with students learning about female poets #HarryandMeghan
And a lighter moment from Head boy in Dagenham telling Meghan “She really is beautiful, innit”
Meghan told students “ “No matter how small you might feel, how low you may feel on the ladder or the totem pole, no matter what color you are, no matter what gender you are—you have a voice, and you certainly have the right to speak up for what is right."
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“With two of The Firm’s glitteriest global superstars ostensibly opting out, the royal brand finds itself in shambles.”…
“Queen Elizabeth II and company traffic in the presumption of magic and majesty—an assurance that, divinely and by birth, they are superior. Commoners are supposed to clamor at their gates, not marry in and then make a U-turn for Canada.”
“The monarchy already feels drearier w/o #HarryAndMeghan, who infused the whole operation with Big Celebrity Energy. The Sussexes had an estimated 1.9B viewers in their thrall at their royal wedding: Harry bit his bearded lower what became a much-memed moment.”
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At first glance this appears to be about a prince, but the real story of #HarryandMeghan is about our own reactions. Rarcism, sexism, modernity, equality...

We could have told this story a different way, and the outcomes would have been transformative. So why didn't we?

If someone wrote Cinderella’s tale today, her character might not wait around for a prince to come and save her. She would, instead, be given a career and aspire to financial independence.
In the #MeToo era if Sleeping Beauty woke up with a kiss that she did not consent to, we'd call it assault, not a fairytale. We've yet to reframe these stories for a modern era, because it's hard to escape the trap of outdated values if we keep telling ourselves obsolete stories.
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Harry and Meghan 'plan to launch film production company' #Canada #CDNFilm #CDNHistory #HarryandMeghan could make an enormous contribution to Canada if they use their fame to tell the world about the events & personalities that shaped Canada.… via @MetroUK
@MetroUK #MonaParsons, a Nova Scotian woman living in the Netherlands, during Nazi occupation, and she and her Dutch husband were part of the resistance. I believe, with the best writers, director & production quality, this could be your academy award. #CDNHistory
@MetroUK Bishop Macdonell appointed Father O’Grady to St. Paul's. O’Grady's rise to Irish leader, involvement in reform politics drove wedge between #Toronto Irish & Church. Macdonell placed St. Paul’s under an interdict. O’Grady, other leaders were excommunicated.…
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MUST READ: I’ve read a lot of articles. This is the best of them. #BestRoyalReads

#HarryAndMeghan’s decision to quit senior royal life & spend time outside of the UK isn’t a symbol of defeat: It’s an act of self-respect & self-preservation.”…
“It is a tenacious institution. But by not enforcing or understanding the need to protect Meghan from vicious, racist press coverage in a more deliberate way, they are losing her & what she had to offer: a new, modern, more progressive image to associate with the monarchy“
“And Ono has become the namesake of a tired, untrue trope that suggests women are often a (if not the) problem, seducing and bewitching men into misfortune and bad decisions. The so-called Yoko Effect is a fallacy, not an actual phenomenon.”
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There’s been a suggestion that this is #HarryAndMeghan’s Panorama moment or this is the biggest betrayal since the abdication. Like most of the hyperbole that surrounds this couple it’s a mendacious attempt to convince you that they’re breaking the royal rule book. 1/
I can’t speak to what’s gone on behind palace doors. I’m just connecting the dots like all of you. But I can talk abt the public face that H&M have shown throughout their relationship. It’s one of strength,courage, grace, & a generosity that wasn’t returned in kind (publicly). 2/
Blackamoor broach. She said nothing. Terrorist cookbook. Not a word. The degree wife. Silence. Vulgar. Taking the high road. Difficult Duchess. Work through it. Avocado kingpin. Keep it moving. Knife-wielding trailer trash. Change the channel. Danny Baker. O-K. 3/
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A general warning on this day of #HarryandMeghan fuss: take everything you read that comes from the UK national press with a pinch of salt. They are not impartial or honest observers in this; they are determined to break this royal marriage to a woman of colour... (Thread)
We are told that the couple refuses to accept legitimate scrutiny, but what they have faced has not been legitimate. It has been a sustained campaign of vilification routinely relying on innuendo and falsehood and often laced with racism...
We are also led to believe that rough stuff from the UK press is only to be expected, and it's part of the royal job to accept it. Don't believe it. Real journalism isn't about dishing out rough stuff. It's about truth and fairness. No journalist anywhere should be asserting...
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1/ It appears that #HarryandMeghan are forgoing their income from the Sovereign Grant, but will continue to receive income from the Duchy of Cornwall. Although Charles holds the Duchy personally - the phrase "financial independence from the monarchy" is doing a lot of work here.
2/ As #HarryandMeghan say here - the funding from the Sovereign Grant only covered 5% of the costs of their office, the rest comes from the Duchy of Cornwall.
3/ It appears that they are forgoing that 5% to obtain greater freedom to operate as they please and to control more tightly how they work with the media, probably to use social media more, and perhaps more initiatives such as the Duchess's Vogue edition
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Meghan admits she was 'naive' over British tabloids and reveals she was warned 'they will destroy your life'…
'My British friend said to me 'I'm sure he's great but you shouldn't do it''

The Duchess of Sussex reveals she was warned not to marry Prince Harry because 'British tabloids will destroy your life' #HarryAndMeghan…
'I really tried to adopt this British sensibility of a stiff upper lip'

The Duchess of Sussex admits she's tried a coping mechanism to manage the pressures that come with marrying Prince Harry #HarryAndMeghan…
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1/3 This week I attended the opening of the #Mandela centenary exhibition.

In a short speech, Lord Hain thanked one of the sponsors, Moti Group, twice.

According to @mailandguardian Lord Hain is
employed by them "in part to improve their poor reputation"…
2/3 Moti Group is a mining & property
company that's been subject to some controversy. It allegedly has links to
Zimbabwean officials implicated in human rights violations & in 2017,
Interpol issued an international arrest warrant for the company's chair…
3/5 Journalist @simonallison writes:

"There is no suggestion that the royals were aware of or intended to
endorse the Moti Group’s controversial business practises; or the group’s links
to senior Zimbabwean officials that have been implicated in serious human
rights violations."
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Did your invitation to Windsor Castle get lost in the mail?

If so, @JarrieBradshaw has you covered with our #RoyalWedding coverage!
#DYK Colleen Harris, the Former Press Secretary to Princes Charles, William and Harry, was the first black royal press secretary #RoyalWedding
Oprah whipped together a last minute dress because the one she ordered was entirely too white for the #RoyalWedding.

Her and Idris have arrived to celebrate #HarryandMeghan
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