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25 Jun 20
Last night’s fiasco at the committee: the UCP set up a sub committe to do some work. The sub committee is 4 UCP, 2 NDP. It can meet and make decisions with only 4 members present. The UCP chair calls meetings - so basically it can meet with no opposition.

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Why is this a problem:

1) the sub committee does work of substance - scopes the work of the committee (what sections we can consider) and decides what witnesses can be called.

2) it is off the record - no Hansard present.

3) this not usual for the leg. 2/ #ableg
Normally a subcommittee is small - like 1 gov and 1 oppo. Normally it doesn’t do work of substance - because it is off the record.

Officials said the closest was in the 28th leg, a sub committee with 33% of the committee, this is 50%.

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30 May 20
The death of accountability and Bill 202 - a (not so short) thread.

This week UCP MLAs voted to kill a Bill that would prevent them from firing another legislative officer in the midst of investigating them, like they did with the Elections Commissioner. 1/

The UCP refused to even hear from stake holders (despite their justification being they don’t understand the Bill).

Like all NDP Bills so far they killed it outright.

If they did nothing wrong, why are they scared of stronger accountability?

2/ #ableg
One low-light @michaelaglasgo saying if we expanded conflict of interest to include furthering the interest of relatives besides kids and spouses “women would be scared to go into politics.”

As a woman in politics, I am not the least bit afraid of accountability. 3/
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28 May 20
Tomorrow the UCP will introduce legislation that will take money from the victims of crime fund - money intended to support victims - and allow it to be used for other purposes. In estimates we heard details of millions being taken from the fund.

Thread 1/ #AbLeg
For decades the victim surcharge has been collected in order to fund services for victims. That money has always been reserved for victims and organizations that serve them. It is the fundamental principle of the fund, but the UCP want to change that. 2/ #ableg
Thousands of dedicated volunteers and support workers throughout the province are supported and trained with that money. They turn up at all hours of the day and night to support their neighbours in their darkest hours. 3/ #AbLeg
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16 Apr 20
Today is a bit bittersweet for me. A year ago today I was elected to represent the people of Calgary-Mountain View. I am honoured that you put your faith in me.

But it also represents a day I think the province took a wrong turn. #ableg 1/
I believe that we are stronger together. I believe that by giving each and every person access to the basics like food and shelter, but also education and the supports they may need to access it, we all become stronger. #ableg 2/
I believe that the point of an economy is to distribute things to people - and that if we lose that point- the economy exists to help people - we make bad policy choices. I believe that diversification is the only way forward, and that helping those who have less helps us all. 3/
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21 Dec 19
The UCP wants us to turn on each other.

They spin a narrative that cuts are necessary (they aren’t), that public employees get more than they need (they don’t), and that this could all be implemented without pain, if it weren’t for someone else’s waste.

It’s a lie. 1/7
They want us to believe that even though we know the pain that cuts will create in our own area of expertise, elsewhere else in the system lazy, nefarious actors are what is causing the problem.

They want us to blame our neighbours for a shortage they created. 2/7
The UCP cut primary care and try to rewrite the system to force family doctors to practice 10 minute medicine, leaving complex and vulnerable patients to navigate alone.

When doctors stand up for their patients they call them lazy, greedy, and all manner of names. 3/7
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