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This is your daily pension announcement. The Pension War Room™️ again points out that Travis is a weak and ineffective Minister. I hope he enjoys throwing back drinks at the Sky Palace for now. #AbLeg #handsoffmypension
You can bet that this is how the plan to screw over public sector pensions was born. That and the plan to remove overtime pay incentives from wide swaths of the working public. #AbLeg #handsoffmypension
My concern this week is that there are MLAs still running around saying the GOA guarantees teacher' pensions and is solely responsible for liabilities. #tanyyao A number of these MLAs even claim to have attended briefings with TBF where they "learned" these facts.... #AbLeg
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Really good thread about the #Delta variant (#B1617) which has become the dominant variant in the UK.👇

There are some informative short videos as well for people like myself who are not science experts, but like to have a base level of understanding.
#COVID19 #ableg #abhealth
How is #Alberta handling the #DeltaVariant?

“The Foothills Medical Centre in Calgary is dealing with several COVID-19 outbreaks, including 20 cases of the rapidly spreading delta variant, or B.1.617.2, in two units.”

#abhealth #covid19ab #ableg…
A more infectious, more aggressive new strain taking hold in Alberta is a concern.

“but @calgarystampede will go ahead with #stampede2021🦠” (come hell or high fever.)…
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"The capacity to critically think emerges from a solid foundation of well-sequenced factual background knowledge."

That's... not true.

#ableg #abed…
Dr. Mrazik is making two of statements in that single sentence:
1) critical thinking *is a result of* background knowledge
2) specifically well-sequenced knowledge (and in context he means chronologically sequenced)
#ableg #abed
1) The capacity to critically think is aided by background knowledge, but it doesn't emerge from it. If CT emerged from content knowledge then the banking/blank slate method of education would always lead to CT. We have over a century showing that isn't true.
#ableg #abed
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MEDIA RELEASE: “AHS has never suggested to us that vacations are the problem,” said UNA President Heather Smith. “It’s offensive to suggest nurses are responsible for these problems by taking desperately needed vacations."… #abhealth #ableg
Health Minister Tyler Shandro caused an uproar yesterday when he responded to a question in the Legislature about the closings and diminished access to Emergency Departments by blaming vacations taken by nurses and other front-line health care workers. #ableg #abhealth
Alberta Health Services has indicated clearly that unfilled vacancies for Registered Nurses, Registered Psychiatric Nurses and Licensed Practical Nurses are the cause of bed closings and reduced Emergency Room coverage in rural hospitals. #ableg #abhealth
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🧵 If Kenney can put forward a Referendum on equalization at #ableg, #epsb can request referendum on:

1) education equalization (the weighted moving average) &
2) the draft K-6 curriculum.

Edmonton City Council can add the questions to #yegvote. I'll propose this tomorrow.
We’re not asking for a special deal, just a fair deal. Jason Kenney's equalization program is not fair for Children.

Despite their promise to maintain or increase funding for education, they have instead introduced a new formula that punishes growing Edmonton Schools.
We expect 2700 new students next year without one additional dollar to educate them.

School boards across Alberta have refused to pilot the draft K-6 curriculum, but the Minister remains intent on implementation.

Edmontonians will finally have the opportunity to be heard.
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At the Royal Alex, we have a wonderful unit, the complex medical detox (CMD) unit, where we have had the privilege to treat, support, foster relationships with our patients with complex substance use disorders.
One of the biggest reasons this unit has been a success is because it prioritizes all of the social determinants of health in treating patients, and involved multidisciplinary treatment models, with the phenomenal ARCH team, internists and psychiatry.
This unit was designed to meet patients wherever they were on their journey. With safe, non judgemental access to SCS. This type of unit is sorely needed, and it has been an honor to have access to this unit for our patient population.
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1/ As knives come out in UCP over the Sky Palace Dinner, let's spare a moment to think about how none of these MLAs broke ranks over racism, over moneylaundering, identity theft, election fraud, harassment, homophobia, attacks on the poor, the war on MDs, the

#abpoli #ableg
2/ hijacking of ATRF, the shenanigans to pervert #abpse, the compulsive lying, the widespread incompetence, the abuses of democracy - none of those were enough to make the UCP MLAs take a stand on principle.

But the Sky Palace Dinner does.

Because it's about showing the public
3/ the government's entitlement. It isn't about ideology and policy - which most Albertans seem not to mind - but about character.

Redford was seduced by it. Prentice was seduced by it. Both started with seeming genuine intention of serving Alberta, but seemed to lose their way
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-231 COVID cases in Alberta on 5337 tests (4.3%+)
- 360 in hospital (-13), incl 96 in ICU (-9)
- deaths remain at 2246
- 4884 active cases (-187)

#yeg #yyc #ableg #covid19ab
42745 new vaccines doses administered in Alberta.

66.4% of all eligible Albertans have now received at least their first shot (56.6% of all Albertans)

#yeg #yyc #ableg #covid19ab
344 new variant cases reported in Alberta.

Of those, 28 are B.1.617 and 18 are P1.

#yeg #yyc #ableg #covid19ab
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The Pension War Room™️ notes that Jack Mintz has gone full on Fraser Institute stupid! The "taxation is theft" crowd is tiny but well connected. #AbLeg

How about taxation to provide for the common good? Like hospitals? schools? national defense?…
It seems to me that Jack is waiting around for a heart attack. And, if he has one he will arrive at the hospital not seeing the irony of campaigning against the social structures that could save his ass.
#AbLeg #handsoffmypension
Jack can afford the $100,000 for treatment and a bypass operation but you can't.

This guy has now been appointed to the AHS Board.
Think about that. (BTW, his history is revisionist; I will deal with that in another thread.)
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- 244 new COVID cases in Alberta on 5818 tests (4.2%+)
- 379 in hospital (-32), inc. 108 in ICU (-12)
- 7 new deaths
- 5415 active cases (-416)

#yeG #yyc #ableg #covid19ab Image
61874 new vaccine doses administered in Alberta (third highest daily total)

65.3% of eligible Albertans have had at least their first shot (55.6% of *all* Albertans have)

#yeG #yyc #ableg #covid19ab Image
Every eligible group in Alberta (except 12-14) has more than 50% having received at least a first dose.

Based on daily trends, the 12-1 will surpass 50% this weekend.

#yeG #yyc #ableg #covid19ab Image
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.@jkenney keeps asking NDP MLAs were ever on the Skypalace patio while they were in government.

There wasn't a pandemic when they were in government.

@jkenney Kenney reads the rules allowing outdoor gatherings to 10 people.

He neglects to add the part about needing to socially distance. (which is in the rules).

NDP MLA Thomas Dang asks about the 40-oz of Jamieson's Whiskey on the table..

Health Minister Tyler Shandro says the booze and food was paid for privately (not expensed). #ableg
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🚨🚨A UCP MLA is speaking in favour of an amended proposed by two former UCP MLAs. Will anyone else follow? #ableg
Yes, Stephan may be the only UCP MLA who votes in favour of the Loewen and Barnes amendment.

But this is remarkable in a UCP caucus that is usually very uniform in its votes.

Justice Minister Kaycee Madu thanks Loewen for his amendment but says government is following recommendations from an MLA committee #ableg
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Back on Bill 70-watch tonight (thankfully from my warm and sunny balcony).

The evening sitting starts with debate on Bill 51 in committee of the whole.

(This is bill for citizen-initiated amendments)

Justice Minister Kaycee Madu in introducing an amendment o his bill. #ableg
Just deleted a tweet that had an amusing, unintentional typo, LOL

(that Madu introduced a minister to his bill -- he introduced an amendment) #ableg
Peace River MLA Dan Williams is describing himself as a "gravel worker" before he became an MLA.
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Finance Minister Travis Toews had all the time in the world for linens, booze and rule breaking yesterday, but he wasn’t in Question Period to answer my questions about whether he’s going to barrel through with a deeply unpopular plan to dismantle your CPP savings.

These are the arrogant people asking Albertans to trust them with the CPP that comes off your cheque every month? The only retirement savings lots of folks have? @jkenney spends more on wine and whisky in one night than many people can save in a month for retirement. #ableg
(Provided, of course, he bought his own booze and didn’t stick us with the bill for it. Also wondering who picked up the tab for the meal...) #ableg
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This is an aspect of privilege I hadn’t understood until a few months ago. If you’re a Canadian who can trace your family genealogy back several generations, you’re white. 1/ #ableg #cdnpoli
FN’s persons, Black persons who descended from slaves, some immigrants & most refugees do no have this luxury. Their ancestors were abducted, murdered, driven from their homelands... & those who survived often had their names stolen/anglicized. 2/
For FNs, much of their history was an oral tradition, handed down in stories told by their elders, & other leaders & guides. All of that was stolen from them when colonizers invaded, engaged in genocide, & destroyed FNs culture.

We stole their future AND their history. 3/
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MLAs are continuing their debate on Bill 66 which essentially walks back Bill 10 which was widely criticized as an overreach of government powers.
UCP MLAs Shane Getson: "I don't care what the oppostion is doing. There is one bus driver. That's the premier. He has the keys."

"That's the way the system works." #ableg
Getson is talking about how to not engage in polarization and save it for the fall, all while insulting the opposition.

"Talk about the good things."

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1. Debate is now getting spicy in the legislature tonight over Bill 68 which "clarifies" the rights of cabinet ministers to speak out on referendum issues as MLAs #ableg
2. NDP says the bill could allow ministers to use their budgets for partisan purposes to influence election outcomes.

Justice MInister Kaycee Madu says that isn't the case. The NDP says the bill is silent on that issue so it should be amended. #ableg
Here is background on Bill 68.…

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I only have immense anguish for the #215children whose mass grave was recently uncovered at a former residential school.

Despair is close behind that anguish..

That can only be described as the most representative act of genocide that's taken place over more than a century. 1/?
That genocide continues, in ways big and small.

Again and again we ask: Why is nothing meaningful being done to address this?

That is always the wrong question when injustices like this are uncovered. A mass grave of children has (as it should) immense emotional impact. 2/?
But it is far from the first evidence Canada has seen of injustice against the indigenous.

A better question to ask is this: Why has horrible government policy persisted, given that this failure of justice continues?

Well, my fellow settlers, here's the thing. 3/?
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There are many specific actions that could have been in @lethpolice “action plan,” but they mailed it in.

They still don’t understand their responsibility to repair profound abuses of public trust.

@KayceeMaduYEG is having none of it; accountability is non-partisan.

It’s always been interesting to me that the Police Commission has been silent on their responsibilities. As has Leth East MLA Nathan Neudorf. He hasn’t said a word on this topic. His colleagues have been clear. The local MLA who should be just as concerned as I am? Not so much.
The Commission’s complicity in the whole affair has demonstrated a fundamental misunderstanding of their civilian oversight mandate. Their inaction and learned helplessness has been disappointing, at best. At worst, they contribute to a shocking abrogation of democratic norms.
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At the Alberta Legislature. A sunny day. A solemn vigil. #215children #ableg #yeg #SenCA ImageImage
The vigil begin now with smudge and prayer. #215children #215CanadaDayOfMourning #yeg #ableg #SenCA ImageImage
“We’re feeling this grief, coast to coast on Turtle Island,” says Kookum Kathy. “We’re feeling it in the marrow of our bones.” #215children #215CanadaDayOfMourning #yeg #ableg Image
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This is your daily pension announcement. The Pension War Room™️ takes no pleasure in finding outright misinformation from Treasury Board and Finance. Below is a chart from Travis in a reply to a constituent concerned about the ATRF/ AIMCO situation. #AbLeg #handsoffmypension
Ah Travis you keep on giving.....
Can you spot the error/misinformation? Here is another view:
"ATRF (year ending August 31, 2019)
AIMCo Balanced Fund (year ending December 31, 2019)"

Travis claimed these were 2019 value add returns when in fact they were 2018 returns. #AbLeg
Is it any coincidence that you need to go back to 2018 to find a reasonable return for AIMCO? Was this an accident? #AbLeg #handsoffmypension

This is indicative of this whole issue. No rational discussion with TBF, ever.
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We need an annual National Day of Remembrance where we acknowledge the death of children in the Canadian Residential and Industrial School system. The numbers of those deceased has not been fully accounted for and there will be more grisly discoveries.

#cdnpoli #ableg #yegcc
Some of these children were fetuses due to rape, some were due to starvation, or medical experimentation. Some to straight out murder or to suicide in moments of dark desperation and despair.

No child should feel alone. No child should be forgotten.
We need to acknowledge that we have barely scratched the surface of our history, a history that Indigenous, Métis 7 Inuit families carry with them & that is ongoing in the Child Welfare system.

To acknowledge this slow attempt at genocide.

That is the first step to our healing.
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This is your daily pension announcement: Jim Keohane was appointed to the AIMCO Board! As much as I enjoy pointing out the grift at AIMCO, this is actually a great move. He is the former CEO at the Hospitals of Ontario Pension Plan (HOOPP). #AbLeg #handsoffmypension #aimcofail
I met him once or twice at events in Toronto. He understands derivatives at an expert level and investment risk even more so. So he would be the person with the skills to steer AIMCO away from a repeat of the VOLTS fiasco. #AbLeg #handsoffmypension #volitilitybomb #aimcofail
Even better he has public sector pension plan experience, something that was seriously lacking on the board. And a serious problem as 80% of their business is pensions. So hopefully he will be able to convince Travis to reform the antique governance structure at AIMCO. #AbLeg
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A wee thread about how people in power can subconsciously try to diminish voices of others. Last night when I was sitting with @punchedfaceguy, chatting w the sheriffs who patrol the legislative grounds, one of them used the phrase: “twitter isn’t real life.” 1/

#Ableg #Abpoli
It was in the context of asking Albert "why are you doing this? What’s the point? Who will hear you?” Albert tried to explain: even if few people were ON the grounds to see him all night, there were still plenty of people watching/supporting online & it was important to him. 2/
The sheriff (who was, incidentally, very respectful, and simply doing his his job) was a bit perplexed and said something along the lines of “Edmonton has over a million people. How many people can really be online knowing about you – I mean, twitter isn’t real life.” 3/
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