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This is your daily pension announcement! The Pension War Room™️ warns you that the turd 💩 knuckles are out! Just so you remember that Travis is all in on the flawed UCP curriculum and wants an Alberta Pension Plan too! #AbLeg #handsoffmypension
Numbers matter my ass. Travis definitely gets an award for being the "most Kenney like" in this throw down. It is almost like he is JK's muppet. He also supports an Alberta Pension Plan despite the financial lunacy that it is. #AbLeg Sigh.
I'm reminded of a quote from the court case:

"There is no indication in the Record that ATRF was aware, at the time, of the extensive private communications between the Government of Alberta and AIMCo, or that draft versions of... the Ministerial Order had been exchanged."
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#Ableg News 🧵

While it’s officially summer - it’s bad news season for the @UCPCaucus:

✈️ Critics Balk At Kenney’s Trip to DC (Story #1)

🪙 Kenney’s Crypto Bet Falls Flat (#2)

😳 3-Posts on Michelle Rempel’s failed UCP Leadership Run (9-11)

Here’s 12 Bad News UCP Stories! Image
#Ableg News 🧵

1. Kenney left on a trip to the US Congress to discuss energy

Multiple critics are questioning “what’s the point” since Kenney’s resigned as Premier

One critic observed he’s “not a decision-maker…he’s walking in with no credibility”

No costs were released 😳 Image
#Ableg News 🧵

2. Since UCP MLA Doug Schweitzer announced Alberta will be “A Canadian Cryptoland” and part of the UCP “diversification strategy”, crypto market prices collapsed by ~60%.

Kenney tweeted his support for crypto on Sunday, suggesting he still remains Bullish 🤦🏻‍♂️ Image
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This is a day many of us hoped we would never see.

The destruction of basic human rights for hundreds of millions of people in what was once one of the world’s great democracies.

#ableg #yyc #yeg
Only a short drive from where I am standing today, our neighbours are being stripped of the right to make decisions about their own bodies.

Today’s ruling by the Supreme Court of the United States is abhorrent.

#ableg #yyc #yeg
It destroys generations of hard-won progress towards equality for women, girls, and all people who become pregnant.

#ableg #yyc #yeg
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Live tweeting the first UCP leadership panel?

Sounds like a plan!

1/ um… probably a whooooooole bunch.

#abpoli #ableg #cdnpoli
Just jazzy elevator music so far…

The comments are…

They aren’t great. So far, we need more guns, land acknowledgements are terrible, and the MAGA crowd is here in force.

In true UCP fashion tho, definitely not starting on time.
Aaaaaand here we go!

Rob Anderson opens the show up.

He says 7 of the UCP candidates are here, one wasn’t invited because they’ve never been an MLA, that’s Bill Rock.

Introductions are underway and the screens are so TINY!

#abpoli #ableg #cdnpoli
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Prices for the basic necessities of life are climbing every month and wages are not. Albertans are feeling real anxiety at the grocery store as the bill to feed their family gets bigger and bigger … and bigger.

#ableg #abpoli
The price of fresh vegetables are up more than 10 per cent over last year, meat is up nine per cent, fish is up nearly 12 per cent and cooking oil is up 30 per cent. Economists are forecasting that this problem will get worse before it gets better.

#ableg #abpoli
Albertans need help now and Alberta’s NDP is ready to work collaboratively to get it done.

If we took action, and adjusted the tax system and benefits to account for the current rate of inflation, the average family of four would get over $350.

#ableg #abpoli
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Since April, another 6 children receiving child intervention services have died. The govt was the legal guardian of 4 of them. Last year, this was the case for 7 of the 49 children who died.

There is no grace period for new Minister @MattJonesYYC.

This is a crisis. #ableg
The new Minister should be aware that while this is happening, his predecessor @rebeccakschulz quietly ended contracts with agencies who provide kinship care, youth transition support & collaborative service delivery. This is critical frontline work.
Apparently this work will all be done by Ministry staff now. The same staff who are over-worked & burnt out with growing caseloads. Meanwhile, agencies are also facing a staffing crisis - they can’t keep staff to do critical frontline work when wages haven’t gone up in 8 years.
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Congratulations, @MattJonesYYC! Allow me to brief you on your new role:

Your govt promised to create 10,000 new non-profit child care spaces in the next 9 months. So far, municipalities, non-profits, school boards have heard nothing about how this will happen. Tick tock.
Existing child care programs across the province are struggling to find & retain qualified educators because wages are too low. Yet your deal with the w/ feds indicates you have NO plans to increase wages. And remember you need ~1,500 more educators for those 10,000 new spaces.🤔
The model for affordable child care your govt has rolled out benefits the lowest income parents the least. Your inclusive child care model forces parents to go through the onerous FSCD process to get an aide in their child care program. How will you support those most in need?
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In 1974, when the Lougheed Conservatives were debating a budget that was flush with cash from high commodity prices, my Dad — the lone NDPer in the House — rose to speak. 

He said, and I QUOTE:

#ableg #abpoli
“The test will not be on the huge sums of money coming in, but rather how we use it to improve quality of life.

#ableg #abpoli
“Not only to provide opportunities for the haves but for the have nots, because ALL PEOPLE should be able to share in the great prospects that lie ahead for the province of Alberta.”

#ableg #abpoli
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On Saturday alone, our party ran a ranked ballot contest in a riding with more than 1,000 members, and a second contested nomination with 300 members…

… on a weekend when we’re also holding our Provincial Council…
#ableg #abpoli
...topping off a week when we also organized 57 different outreach opportunities.

This kind of momentum is made possible by teamwork...

#ableg #abpoli
To our staff: thank you for growing our party and I promise you will be respected as working people, one of our core values as New Democrats.

To our volunteers: there is no party without you and we will make sure you feel empowered to build this movement together...

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This is your daily pension announcement: The Pension War Room™️again sinks into the pond of liquefied hog manure to find a kernel of truth!

@aimcoinvests Annual Report is coming soon! Guaranteed to be interesting reading combined with some salacious details. #AbLeg
For @MarkDWiseman it is an opportunity for him to justify why the AIMCO Board does not release their expenses to the public like every other board in AB.

(some of their investment professionals are rightfully excluded from expense disclosure-not the Board) #AbLeg
For @ewsiddall, it is an opportunity to further distance the org from the prior CEO Kevin's Dec, 2020 Op Ed where he exhorted Albertans to take pride in AIMCO and concluded with gratitude for the...

“vote of confidence the Alberta government has made in AIMCo.”

Gulp. #AbLeg
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This is your daily pension announcement: The Pension War Room™️is again venturing into the moldy root cellar of UCP pension policy. I will bring you some odds and ends that were triggered by Dr. Bob's fantastic paper "Can AIMCO be fixed". #AbLeg #handsoffmypension
In reality, the question is more can Travis and the UCP be fixed?

According to Joe Ceci, joint sponsorship for pensions would take “the politics out of pensions” (Alberta Hansard, 29th Legislature, 4th Session, 2373).

Then @ToewsforAlberta said "hold my beer". #AbLeg
As my loyal army will remember, Travis procured a bill that destroyed the trust with plan members and employee associations that is essential for pension plans to operate. Not public money.

Making a nearly impossible job for Evan at @aimcoinvests. #clientshateyou
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Erin here has this entirely wrong. As I have said before, contribution rates are going down for teachers and GOA this Sept. ONLY BECAUSE OF THE OUTSTANDING RETURNS OF ATRF OVER THE LAST 7-10 YEARS.
@aimcoinvests only took possession of all of @ATRFPension assets last October. In any sane democracy you would not see a government destroy a top quartile investment manager providing employment in their home jurisdiction. #AbLeg
ATRF did a simulation using asset class returns that showed ATRF outperformed AIMCO by $1.3 billion over a seven year period starting in 2013.

This study, which was made public, was NOT EVER CHALLENGED by AIMCo or the Finance Minister’s office. #AbLeg #handsoffmypension
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“Given the plans are funded by participating employees and employers and the assets held in the plan belong to the members, it follows that employees and employers should be able to make decisions that will impact these plans.” (Alberta Hansard, 29th Legislature, 4th Ses, 2027)
This statement above is from Jessica Littlewood, MLA for Fort Sask at the time. This supported a joint governance bill that would "take the politics out of pensions". Please note that, much like an RRSP, pension plan assets belong to the employee (as is recognized here). #AbLeg
Travis, of course, had a different idea and engaged Kevin in a course of action to bring politics back into pensions. Smart as a rock.

In the process, trust was lost with all plan members and employee associations. #AbLeg
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This is your daily pension announcement: The Pension War Room™️is ramping up activity as we approach D-day: the day that @aimcoinvests releases its Annual Report. We will be looking for several things from this year's tome. #AbLeg #handsoffmypension
We will be looking for Kevin Uebelein's severance "pay" LTIP bonus. He was already paid millions in severance, but apparently (setting a new precedent) he has earned a bonus for this year even though he has not worked. #AbLeg #handsoffmypension
We will be looking for any disinformation and outright lies like this chart from last year. This chart allegedly shows how tragically underpaid @aimcoinvests execs are. Unfortunately, this chart is not normed to assets under management. Misleading at best. Image
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This is your daily pension announcement: The Pension War Room™️reminisces! I just came across my copy of the Nov 30, 2019 Ponoka News Where @RonOrrMLA is busy repeating the UCP line! All the greatest hits like... #AbLeg #handsoffmypension
"...this means that every teacher will get paid a government guaranteed pension until the day they die;"

Well, @RonOrrMLA that just isn't true. The guarantee was removed in 1992. Which makes this decision by Kevin and Travis highly suspect and oppressive. #AbLeg #handsoff
"Their union told them that the ATRF managers had higher returns than AIMCO."

No Ron. Just no. The ATRF WHICH IS A JOINT BODY HALF APPOINTED BY GOA told both the teachers and Travis that ATRF had demonstrably outperformed @aimcoinvests. #AbLeg
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1/🧵 about global oil demand. Alberta, pay attention.

Peak oil demand is determined by electric vehicles. Full stop.

How fast is global transportation electrifying? Really, really fast. Faster than we ever expected.

@colinmckerrache @BloombergNEF #ableg
2/The internal combustion engine has already peaked, according to BNEF.

Next up, peak oil demand. That happens mid to late 2020s...just a few years from now.

The solid line on the first graph is EXISTING POLICIES. If govts do nothing else.
3/This interview with economist Werner Antweiler is one of the most interesting and important I've ever done.

He explains the economic reasons why the global economy (not just energy) will be disrupted during the 2020s.

Rapid change is coming, #alberta.
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Even though I live in Australia now, it has been troubling seeing what has been happening with the @albertaNDP as it has been brought to a more public light thanks to @SharieValentine's brave posts. I wanted to briefly share some of my experiences 1/7
I got more involved with the party in the lead up to the 2019 election. I was part of a great team that help get an amazing MLA elected, someone who I still support and admire today. I became president of the riding's constituency association shortly after. 2/7
I met amazing people during conventions and was able to get more involved in my local community. That being said, I also grew increasingly frustrated with the lack of communication and toxic culture from staffers and key staff within the party. 3/7
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This is your daily pension announcement. The Pension War Room™️emerges from the tailpipe and floats past the truck balls to bring you this commentary.

Here part of a letter sent to Travis. It takes issue with comments from both @jkenney and @JasonCoppingAB that are false.
Your pension, be it ATRF, LAPP, PSPP, or SFPP, is not "indemnified by the Crown". Horse shit.

@JasonCoppingAB seems to believe that plan members are not on the hook at all for unfunded liabilities. That, is just not true. #ABLeg #handsoffmypension
BTW, this letter to Travis was hoping for substantive discussion on these issues. Instead it just received the generic reply. #AbLeg

Good to see the UCP leadership race off to a start. No candidate has mentioned @aimcoinvests yet. Strange. #AbLeg #handsoffmypension
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The Pension War Room™️reports that teachers narrowly (51%) accepted the mediators recommendations! The parallels to @jkenney's leadership vote abound. #AbLeg…
On the surface this avoids, for the time being, a strike or extended lockout. Long term not so much. As much as this vote was about a contract it was about so much more than money. It was about pension, curriculum, respect and a hundred other issues. #AbLeg
It was even about stupid shit like issues managers always referring to our duly elected president, Jason Schilling @schill_dawg by pejorative terms instead of by his name and title. Straight from the @jkenney book of comms. #AbLeg #horseshit
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Today, concerned people across Alberta are demanding transparency around #addiction treatment. Many of these people have undergone treatment or had loved ones who did.

Here is a story I've never told that helped inform my views on treatment. 🧵 1/12
#ableg #abpoli
The first person I ever knew to die of a drug overdose (i.e. known substance, excessive dose) had attended an expensive, faraway addiction treatment facility just a couple months before. I'll call them Terry. 2/12
When the grieving family tried to piece together what had caused Terry's death - Terry had been treated for their addiction, after all - the family was told by the treatment facility, on no evidence, that Terry had likely succumbed to the "kindling effect". 3/12
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From the DM’s…

LONG thread on the current teachers vote and how our province got here…


#abpoli #ableg #cdnpoli #abed
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The 3.25% raise over 4 years isn't my concern. It's:
- denying Covid affects children and spending a pittance on mitigation
- firing thousands of support workers via tweet
- using a rolling average for funding, effectively destroying public ed in growin urban areas #AbEd #AbLeg
- cutting bus funding, adding significantly more to parents plates, espect in rural areas
- not increasing the maintenance budget with skyrocketing energy costs
- stealing the teachers pensions, costing us millions in transfer fees and billions in lost gains #AbLeg #AbEd
- cutting per student funding via the rolling average. In yeg, it's 1600 new students with no funding.
- cutting PUF funding, leaving kids with needs without support until they can get re-tested. That usually takes ~3 years.
#AbEd #AbLeg
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This is your daily pension announcement: Travis is running for the UCP leadership! Without a doubt as @jkenney's preferred candidate. Not a good strategy at all, given the financial mistakes he has made (pensions included). #AbLeg
I am reminded of an interview that I did with a magazine from NY. They asked me why the UCP would be doing this to teachers? I gave a long technical answer. I shouldn't have. The answer was (and is): this was something that they could hurt teachers with. No more motivation req.
After all, the message was to be don't feel too confident about your deferred salary retirement savings. Travis has prevented any pension fund from accessing the highly competitive market for investment managers.#AbLeg #handsoffmypension
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This is your daily pension announcement. The Pension War Room™️sinks into the ocean next to the effluent pipe that dumps dookies into the bay of pension policy. I have had my differences with Don Braid but he gives the best requiem here. #AbLeg…
I have many happy memories of being attacked by GOA staffers for bringing up valid criticism of pension policy. Fun times. In democracies, governments need to take valid criticism and move on. See the curriculum. #AbLeg
Today a thought from Leo de Bever, the first CEO of @aimcoinvests circa 2019: "Alberta exiting the CPP would not make a great deal of sense." He went on to say sometimes politicians say stupid things just to get attention. #Ableg #handsoffmypension
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