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Nov 21, 2023 5 tweets 1 min read
Goa has to be renamed "Gomantak." The word "Gomantak" means "land of gods."
The Sahayadri kaand in Skandapurana talks about this land.

Parasurama stood on the Sahayadri mountains and asked the seas to recede till the point where his arrow touched! (1/5) The arrow landed at "Baan Halli". "Baan" meaning arrow; "Halli" meaning settlement. Baan halli later came to be known as Benaulim!

Parasurama also got Brahmins from banks of river Saraswati to settle here. Hence the name Saraswat Brahmins! (2/5)
Jul 16, 2023 9 tweets 3 min read
I've always wanted to do the Sapta Sivalayam Darshanam in one evening, and I accomplished it today!

I urge everyone to do it when they have the time

It is said that Saptarishis have prayed to Shiva here!

A thread! 1. Karaneeswarar
This temple is the abode of Sri Karaneeswarar and Porkodi Amman. Karana means cause. Karana + Iswara = Karaneeswara, the Lord who is the Cause.
He is the primordial cause of this universe. He teaches us the causality behind all events. Image
Mar 3, 2023 11 tweets 2 min read
The latest Supreme Court judgment on CEC is a classic example of how a government with a simple majority can be relegated to the sidelines by an unbridled judiciary!

I do not know what's on the minds of the govt now, but whatever it is, this doesn't paint a great picture! People who say "trust Modi, to do the right thing" do not seem to understand the seriousness of the issue.

Case 1: Indian parliament passes a legislation to mine lithium or some rare earth that will give us a head start in the EV race. The SC can derail it...
Jan 31, 2023 14 tweets 5 min read
Glanced through the #EconomicSurvey report. A very detailed report covering many parameters, a few of them from chapter 1:
1. Global Economic crises were severe but spaced out but since 2020 we have faced 3 of them. 2000s - Dotcom Bust, Great Recession; 2010s - taper tantrum; Trade tension between China & US; 2020s - COVID 19, Russia-Ukraine conflict, Monetary Tightening & its just 2023 we still have 7 more years! so, interesting times

2. Commodity prices post the pandemic have risen and not gone back to pre pandemic levels so inflation is high
Jan 28, 2023 13 tweets 4 min read
This rebuttal definitely deserves a rebuttal! Here goes!
First tweet
I'll tell you why I have my doubts with the 2-year timeline.

For e.g.
1. Information is already publicly available - there was an "alleged" scheme in 2004-05
2. Downloading & cataloging Mauritius shell entities won't take 2 yrs
Jan 27, 2023 15 tweets 3 min read
I went through the entire #HindenburgReport (comes to 100 pages if you try to save it as a pdf)

My first set of observations:

1. I don't know why this would take 2 years to publish this report unless you had multiple other projects to work on in parallel 2. Timing of the release seems dubious, especially when Adani is looking to raise capital

3. A similar type of research on any conglomerate in the world would yield similar results - so, nothing unique in the findings

4. The phrase "Stock Manipulation" is used frequently..
Nov 28, 2022 5 tweets 2 min read
My conversation with a Chennai Corporation worker responsible for cleaning the roads.

**The background**
This woman had parked the garbage buggy in front or my gate and was at a shop next door and I was taking my bike out to go to work!

Me: who's parked this vehicle here? Woman: I parked it to get something from the shop

Me: why can't you park it in the side & not in front of the gate?

Woman: I pick your garbage only no, will you lose your life in those 5mins that my buggy is parked in front of your house?

Me: will you pick your garbage &
Nov 27, 2022 13 tweets 5 min read
#November26 or the 26/11 will always be a date that I wouldn't forget. I did not experience the terror attack but my extended family did. In fact that family broke!

It was my father's maama living in #Mumbai , he lost his life in the blast that ripped through the train ..and I saw the family suffer quite a lot post that, selling their only property, eldest son & daughter in law passing away and my father's maami having no place to go but to an old age home!
I'm sure many families would've gone through worser times post the #MumbaiTerrorAttack
Oct 18, 2022 19 tweets 3 min read
If one were to search the Globe for a community or sect or clan that for more than 20 centuries has done the same religious, social and cultural activities and is domiciled in the same place throughout the 2000 years (1/18) One would not find such a community until one zeros in on the geographic coordinates 1.399686°N, 79.693622°E, the exact location of the ancient temple town of Chidambaram, Tamil Nadu, in South India.(2/18)
Jul 4, 2022 10 tweets 3 min read
People like Harsh Madhusudan, Raghav Awasthi & the likes think that success in one facet of their lives make them eligible to comment on other things that they understand very little about!

You do not have any eligibility to comment about a Matham/Sampradhaya etc. Being a Hindu doesn't make you eligible. You must follow the Sampradhaya/Matha Guru for some time, immerse yourself, understand, assimilate and only then if you still have the wherewithal, question!

A Matha is not a place for you to play your "Social justice" game.
May 1, 2022 28 tweets 6 min read
Long thread!

Power Crisis or something like it

Everyone would have noticed the power “crisis” that is been brewing in the country over the last 3 to 4 weeks. Many states are resorting to scheduled & unscheduled power cuts to manage the “sudden” rise in demand. But if you look at it closely all of this was waiting to happen because the power “ecosystem” in India has not always functioned smoothly.

As long as the fan & the lights are running no one thinks about how electricity is produced & is delivered to that switch in your house.
Apr 30, 2022 6 tweets 2 min read
This is very common in Chennai... till I came to Chennai in early 2000s I never knew about Brahmin hatred at all!
When I was doing my UG I was subjected to it.
A class of ~70
5 brahmin Hindus, 55 Christians (converts), 10 non Brahmin Hindus(2 got converted) All of us 5 ppl were subjected to casual hatred. In fact the most of the Hindu non-Brahmins hated us more than the Christians (though they were the ones that were fueling it).
To cope with this 3 out of the 5 started hating Brahmins/Hinduism just to gain acceptance.
Apr 28, 2022 8 tweets 2 min read
I haven't seen anyone from ADMK/NTK/PMK condemn that low life U2Brutus. These parties think that if they raise their voice for Hindus it will benefit BJP electorally!

Even these guys sacrifice Hindus to gain political mileage!

BTW I'm waiting for someone to prove me otherwise Prove this otherwise*

Mar 29, 2022 7 tweets 2 min read
First story of my travel:

Took an Auto from KR Puram Railway Station to White Field, auto driver was a single source halfling, the conversation is as below:

Auto driver (AD): will I get return savari from Whitefield?

Me: not sure, don't worry it's late will pay extra 50 AD: it's 10kms
Me: I'll pay 100 extra don't worry I get your problem, I'm tired need to get home that's all

AD: you are from army?
Me: No

AD: you are from North?
Me: No from Chennai

AD: you don't talk like one
Me: **laugh**

AD: my grandfather was a policeman
Me: awesome!
Feb 27, 2022 10 tweets 2 min read
20 years ago, on this date, 59 Hindu pilgrims met their ill-fated destiny in hands of a Muslim mob instigated by Hussain Umarji!

Here are some names! Remember them when you pray to Rama! 1. Nilimaben Prakashbhai Chaudagar, Ramol, Amdavad
2.  Jyotiben Bharatbhai Panchal, Maninagar, Amdavad
3.  Premaben Naranbhai Dabhi,Gita Mandir, Amdavad
4.  Jiviben Parambhai Dabhi,Gita Mandir, Amdavad
5.  Devkalaben Hariprasad Joshi,Chandlodiya, Amdavad
Jan 7, 2022 20 tweets 4 min read
BNPL - Buy Now Pay Later is the "in thing" in the Financial services world. It "Democratizes" lending, how does it do that?

1. Earlier you needed to have a strong credit score to avail loans but now an okayish score is enough to avail these ultra-short term loans 2. Earlier there was considerable amount of paper work that was involved no matter what the term of loan was, Now just a Phone Number, Bank a/c and KYC is enough

In conclusion, earlier formal lending was restricted to a select few, now it been "democratized"!
Jan 6, 2022 5 tweets 2 min read
Do not go by this advice, the entire paradigm has changed what's true in 50s is no longer true now.
Big companies on the whole have performed better than smaller ones in terms of market share growth & margins!
Very few small companies have survived over the last 10 years You can give examples of Bajaj Finance, Bajaj Finserv, JSW Steel,
If you look at the snapshot below, only 1 out of 2680 companies moved from the mini category to the mega! & out of 150 mid sized companies only 12 moved to the Mega category!
Jan 5, 2022 11 tweets 2 min read
The Year gone by 2021
1. The markets performed well (NIFTY - ~27%, Sensex - ~25%)
2. The economy returned to pre-Covid levels at INR 2.18 lakh crores at the end of Sept-21 Vs INR 1.90 lakh crores at the end of Sept-20 3. The policy rates remained low for the whole of the year with RBI announcing VRRR auctions which will reduce the liquidity to a certain extent but no rate changes at all
Jan 5, 2022 7 tweets 2 min read
Global Chemical industry is ~INR 350 lakh crs, China has the largest share at ~INR 140 lakh crs & India at ~INR 12 lakh crs. The scope for the Indian's industry to garner a sizeable market share is huge.

Bulk chemicals ~65%
Specialty chemicals ~25% Examples of bulk chemicals - Caustic Soda, Soda Ash, Ammonia, Sulphuric Acid etc.
- No specialized manufacturing process
- No IPs
- low margins
- Input for specialty chemicals
- Usually integrated with downstream end product
- marginally high import duty
Jan 3, 2022 26 tweets 4 min read
Just as follow up to @thekaipullai 's tweet here is a thread of the Unicorns that might find it hard to survive if the funding dries up:

Index - Company/Sector/Valuation/major investors

Reason: 1. Flipkart/E-Com/$36.7Bn/Accel, Tiger Global, Naspers, SoftBank, Tencent, Walmart

Reason: too many e-com sites eating into each other's market share, too much pricing competition, war of attrition & No clear USP in E-Com except first mover advantage
Jan 2, 2022 5 tweets 2 min read
I don't even know what your first sentence means tbqh!
To say that Brahmins are abused day in & day our isn't victimhood, it's calling out what's happening!? Out*